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God-Father has only a desire that children study and attain elevated status.

05/01/14   (Avyakt Murli dated  31/05/77)
Essence: The easy way to bring about world benefit and to have stability in elevated thoughts.
Sweet Children,
Do you get influenced by the creations (thoughts)? do you have the practice that you can stabilise in any stage (of mind) within a second? Or do you need to battle to stabilize in the stage? If you battle, you may have to come in silver age instead of golden age.
The souls of whole world want to get rid of thoughts, if you don’t stabilize in stable stage - in remembrance of One alone, then how can you stabilize others?
To practice this:
1. Transform waste thoughts into positive thoughts
2. become free from obstacles, the main reason for obstacles is that you forget the awareness that God-Father had warned you about obstacles.
Why do waste thoughts come? Why does intellect wander? Why do relationships not cooperate? Why does obstacle come? These questions never free you from obstacles. You were told earlier, the more you move forward, you will be faced with more obstacles, you lose time and energy thinking about problems instead of thinking about solutions. When you know that all these have to come, you will remain stable.
You get into queue of waste thoughts, you are not able to become free from obstacles being in knowledge-full stage.
You forget that you transform the situations being in powerful stage, you world transformers have to transform the vicious situation.
In iron age, the situation has to be vicious but you have to transform being in that situation.
By being in the stage of Creator, you will not come under the influence of the situation. Instead of  transforming the situation, you come under the influence of situation thinking that if situation changes, I will transform.
When you come under the influence, you say relationship is not cooperating. Since there are varieties of souls, they have different roles to play. Some souls have to play the role of vicious souls, then, you have to give that soul the power and peace.
You have to remain stable and donate peace remaining in – playing the role of pure soul. You come under the influence of vicious souls because you never remain in the company of most elevated GodFather.
You also make request to GodFather that you wanted to open the lock of the intellect of souls, but you have been given the key for this. Instead of you open the lock, you wanted GodFather to do it. Do you think GodFather forgets His role like you children do often?
GodFather never forgets His role but every soul has its time to play different roles. So, never worry about opening the lock of the intellect of others but you can do it yourself by your own transformation, by transforming situations.
If your lock of the intellect opens up, then, others lock will be opened automatically.
When you fear the maya, it fights with more force. If you don’t have an enemy of maya, how can you win over the battle. So, consider yourself as Maya-jeet, challenge maya and win over the maya and therefore win over the world.
To those who win over Maya, become free from obstacles, to those who are victorious jewels, GodFather’s Namaste and remembrance.
The great treasure of confluence age is the supersensous happiness, this supersensuous happiness you receive only at this time of confluence age. Do you experience this? If you experience this supersensuous happiness, you cannot be influenced by the happiness of sense organs. Those who never remain in constant supersensuous happiness, they come under the influence of limited happiness of sense organs which ultimately gives sorrow.
Those who play special role, plays every role in a special way. Let every action be unique being in soul conscious. Ordinary souls perform all actions being in body conscious. Doing action being in soul conscious, your selves and others also remain content.
Being content, make others content; this can happen only when you play your roles being in soul conscious.
You have to remain in the self respect of being master almighty authority, the greatest self-respect of all. When you remain in the seat of self-respect, maya surrenders to you seeing yourself set in the seat, like it happens in the world.
When you have this one thought of “I belong to GodFather”, “I am a master almighty authority”, you receive reward for so many births, you become victorious over maya-obstacles. Making effort like this is the seed, by which you receive multimillion fold rewards.
In this confluence age, the GodFather Himself is meeting you in person and you receive all rewards through Him.

Blessing: May you be a conqueror of attachment and an embodiment of remembrance and learn and teach others the lesson of the Gita.
The first lesson of the knowledge of the Gita is: Become a bodiless soul. The last lesson is: Become a conqueror of attachment and an embodiment of remembrance. The first lesson is the method and the last lesson is the result through the method. At every moment, first of all, learn this lesson yourself and then teach it to others. Demonstrate this by performing such elevated deeds that when other souls see your elevated deeds, they perform elevated deeds and are able to make the line of their fortune elevated.

Slogan: Remain merged in God’s love and you will become free from labouring.

Sweet Children,
GodFather teaches you without any selfish motive. He never takes anything in return from you children.
Only you children know about God who never eats, drinks, nor takes anything.
Even amongst you, only few understand as God is.
What God will do with things of the world. God does not need anything but People need food, dress.
I just appear in the body of Adam-Brahma, and it is the soul of Adam-Brahma who eats, drinks, not Me.
I just come, teach you and give directions, I don’t take anything from you.
God does not have a body , what He would take from you, but makes you beautiful by this knowledge.
God does not have any desire but serves you children.
Adam-Brahma has surrendered everything for God. God just have an aim of giving direction to you children and explain about world cycle free of cost.
GodFather does not have any type of wish like you children want to become elevated. You children have to become elevated, you have to teach others.
GodFather sees every action of you children being a detached observer. Even you children have to see every action of others being a detached observer.
God takes loan, the body of Adam-Brahma to share knowledge. God understands that He teaches you according to the role fixed in the drama.
Even this Adam-Brahma is studying with GodFather.
It is you children who offer what you have and take it in return, in future.
Even if you remember that you are learning for future, it is also known as manmanabhav.
There are children who fight against each other and waste time, those who have to pass the exam never waste the time.
Maya catch hold of and win over even good children spoiling the name of GodFather.
You have to use your intellect for your own benefit, you have to show spiritual path to many others.
You have been calling out for Me, now I have come, remember Me to get rid of sins.
Just by remembering Me alone, all your desires will be fulfilled. Whatever way maya tries to divert you, still you have to win over maya-vices.
In golden age, maya never gives any suffering. Here you have to battle against maya-vices.
You have received a very sweet GodFather and Adam-Brahma. Both remain together.
No.1 child is Adam-Brahma who follows God's direction.
When you learn to keep regard here, you will have respect in golden age, where you rule the unlimited kingdom.
When there is love for God, your intellect becomes golden and features become beautiful.
God explains, children, you must not get angry. Keep doing service to attain elevated status. You must have interest to benefit yourself.
When you do a very good service, even GodFather becomes happy, and you attain elevated status.
You also have to transform your sanskars-nature.
Everything depends upon service and study.
You spoil your income in every world cycle, if you dont make effort now.
Those who help by wealth but by not studying and making effort, they never attain elevated status.
Children who do physical service receive lot of blessings from others.
Those who have greed will be troubled by it.
There are children who cannot remain without service, there are others who get into bondages.
At the end, everyone will see the vision of their future status and will get transformed to golden age.
God has only a desire that children study and attain elevated status. No other desire He has.
You children have to remain introverted, make spiritual effort to transform yourselves.

Blessing:  May you have pure and positive thoughts for the self and others and thoughts of knowledge by remaining free from thoughts of the illness of the body!  
One thing is for the body to have an illness and it is another thing to be shaken by that illness. It is destined for the illness to come, but for you to be shaken from your elevated stage is a sign of being tied in bondage. Those who remain free from thoughts of the illness of the body and who maintain thoughts of the original self and thoughts of knowledge are those who have pure and positive thoughts for others. By your thinking a lot about matter (the body), it becomes a form of worry. To be free from this bondage is known as the karmateet stage.

Slogan:  The power of love makes a problem as big as a mountain into something as light as water.      

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