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With just one tidal wave of the ocean,everything will be destroyed.Only those who are yogyukt will remain in pleasure.

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Sweet Children,

The spiritual God-Father sits here and has a heart-to-heart conversation and explains to you spirits because you spirits have been remembering Him a great deal on the path of devotion. All are lovers of the one Beloved.

Everyone has now reached their last birth. Baba (GodFather) says: It is now the stage of retirement of all of you, young and old. I take all of you back home. You call out to Me to come into the impure world. They have so much regard for Him. "Come into the impure world and the foreign kingdom." They must definitely be unhappy; that is why they are calling Him. It is remembered that He is the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness. Therefore, He surely has to come into the dirty old world, in an old body; and, that too, in a tamopradhan body. In the satopradhan world, no one even remembers Me.

According to the drama, I make everyone happy.

This is the old world and there are so many human beings. In the golden-aged, new world, there was just the one undivided religion, and then there are the divided religions. There is conflict among the many religions; there is conflict between every one. According to the drama, their policy is like that. If they separate anyone, there is war. A partition is made. Because of not knowing the Father, people have become those with stone intellects. Now the Father explains: The deity religion has disappeared.

I will come again at the most auspicious confluence age of every cycle after 5000 years. l come and serve you children. You call Me the Resident of the faraway land.

 The Father comes and tells you the essence of all the Vedas and scriptures. He removes you children from the extreme depths of hell and takes you to heaven. That is called the Garden of Allah. This is a forest of thorns whereas the golden age is a garden of flowers. You will remain constantly happy there; you become ever healthy and ever wealthy. For half the cycle, there is happiness and for the other half cycle there is sorrow. The cycle continues to turn; there is no end to it.

The greatest Father of all comes and takes everyone to the land of peace and the land of happiness. When you go to the land of happiness, all the rest remain in the land of peace. Half the cycle is happiness and half the cycle is sorrow.

The Father explains how wealthy Bharat was; it was Paradise. Look how poor it is now!

It is only the people of Bharat who take 84 births.

The Father says: You were satopradhan and you have now become tamopradhan. You have taken 84 births and you now have to return home. You have to receive your inheritance from the Father.

At this time, all the actors are present. There is no difference in this. Souls are imperishable. There are so many souls; they are never destroyed. First of all, all the millions of souls have to return home. All the bodies will be destroyed and this is why people perform Holika.

Those who are yogyukt and follow shrimat will witness how everything is destroyed in the earthquakes. It is also printed in the newspapers how villages are destroyed. Bombay wasn't so big previously. They drained the ocean, and that will become the ocean again. None of those buildings etc. will remain. In the golden age, there will be palaces by the sweet waters; they won't exist by salt water. So, none of this will remain. With just one tidal wave of the ocean, everything will be destroyed. There will be many calamities. Millions of people will die. Where will grain come from? Those people also understand that there will be calamities. People will be dying. Only those who are yogyukt will remain in pleasure. It will be happiness for the hunter and death for the prey.

When there is snowfall, so many people die. There will be many natural calamities. All of this will be destroyed. Those are called natural calamities; they cannot be called Godly calamities. How can you blame God for those? It isn't that Shankar opened his eye and destruction took place. All of those stories belong to the path of devotion.

Missiles too are mentioned in the scriptures. You know that they will destroy everything with those missiles. You can see how there will be fire, gas, poisons used in that. The Father explains: At the end, everyone will die suddenly so that no one is saved to suffer. Therefore, they will die quickly through natural calamities. All of this is the predestined drama.

Souls are imperishable. They are never destroyed and can never become smaller or larger. All the bodies will be destroyed here. All the souls will go to the sweet home. The Father comes every cycle at the confluence age. You too become the highest on high at this most auspicious confluence age.

In fact, only Shiv Baba (Benefactor GodFather) can be called Shri Shri and the deities called Shri.

Father now says to you sweetest children: Remember Me and your alloy will be removed. While living at home with your family, live as pure as a lotus.

You children are given directions: Renounce your body and all bodily religions and constantly remember Me alone. The Father is incorporeal. He doesn't have a body of His own. He has to come into this one in his age of retirement when he is 60 years old. Gurus are only adopted in one's stage of retirement. I am the Satguru, but I am incognito. Those people are gurus of devotion whereas I am of the path of knowledge. Look how Adam-Prajapita Brahma has so many children. Your intellects have left the limited and gone into the unlimited.

People go into liberation and then come into liberation-in-life. You come first and others come later. Each one of you has to experience happiness first and then sorrow. This is the world drama and this is why it is said: Oh God! This is Your divine game.

The Father comes in Bharat. They celebrate the birthday of Shiva in Bharat, but no one knows when that was. They don't have the time or the date because He doesn't take birth through a womb. The Father says: Consider yourself to be a soul. You came here bodiless, you were pure and you now have to go back bodiless. Constantly continue to remember Me alone and your sins will be cut away. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Blessing:  May you be an image of tapasya by having love for God and make yourself and the world free from obstacles!   

To stay in love with God is tapasya. The power of this tapasya can make the self and the world constantly free from all obstacles. To remain free from obstacles and to make others free from obstacles is your real service for it liberates all souls from many types of obstacles. On the basis of their tapasya, such serviceable children receive blessings from the Father for liberation-in-life and they become instruments to enable others to receive the same.

Slogan:  Gather together the scattered love and have love for the one Father and you will be liberated from having to make effort.     

12/01/14   (Avyakt BapDada   Madhuban Murli dated  02/06/77)

Essence: “The images of support, the images of upliftment and the ancestors of all souls are the children who are to become deities”.

Today, BapDada (GodFather) is seeing two special forms of the children everywhere. The two forms are 1. the ancestors of all souls and

2. those who are worthy of worship by all.

Children who are to become deities are the souls of the original, eternal deity religion, the trunk that emerges directly from the Seed, the Father. The ancestors, the children who become deities, are the main support. The ancestors are the first creation of Adam- Adi Dev. Everyone has love and regard for their ancestors. The ancestors are the foundation of every action, all maryadas (principles) and customs and systems of the clan. You ancestors are the images of support and the images of upliftment for all souls. Are you stable in your elevated self­ respect?

Because of having respect for the ancestors, there is also respect for the place of the ancestors. Souls of any religion, even unknowingly, look at the land of Bharat, that is, the place of the ancestors, with a vision of importance. People also believe Bharat to be the centre of the greatest attainments, of easy yoga or other types of yoga and of spiritual power. I n the memorials of Bharat, out of all scriptures, the Gita is believed to be the scripture with most elevated regard. The Gita is believed to be the scripture that inspires both science and silence.

Everyone in this world has a lot of love for the land, pictures and possessions of their ancestors. So, too, souls of other religions, knowingly or unknowingly, very much value the old pictures and old things of Bharat.

Do the instrument souls who are ancestors always remember this great mantra: "Whatever thoughts, that is, thoughts, words or deeds I perform at this time, they reach all souls"? It is from the trunk that all the branches receive their strength. So, too, all souls automatically attain the power of elevated thoughts and all powers through you souls.

When you are satopradhan, the golden-aged matter and atmosphere of the whole world are satopradhan. So, time, the stage and matter are all dependent upon you ancestors. Do not think that the actions you perform are simply for the sake of the reward of those actions. However, the reward of the deeds performed by ancestor souls is not just connected with the self, but with all souls and the world cycle.

By having this awareness, you will constantly pay attention; there will not be any type of carelessness; there won't be any ordinary or waste thoughts or deeds. Constantly maintain this elevated position, and then Maya will not create any opposition. She will also bow down to your position. The five vices and the five elements will become your servants. When you order the five vices to bid you farewell for half a cycle, they will take leave from you and matter will become satopradhan and a giver of happiness. When you are in your position of an ancestor, it is not possible for the vices not to accept the orders you give them through your thoughts. It is not possible that matter would not change or that the five vices would not bid you farewell. Do you understand? Baba is reminding all of you mahavir children everywhere of such elevated self-respect. Of course, each one is numberwise. Achcha.

To those who are images of support for all souls, to those who are free from the bondage of Maya and matter, to those who constantly have all rights and are constantly stable in their position of ancestors, to those who consider themselves to be instruments to make other souls elevated and powerful through their own thoughts and deeds, to the master creators, to the master almighty authorities, to the knowledge-full souls, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.

All of you consider yourselves to be co-operative souls, do you not? Only one soul may become an instrument, but would the visions that people have be of one person or the whole Shakti Army? Children are revealed through their father and the father is revealed through his children. So, too, all the co-operative souls will be revealed through one instrumental soul. If all of you were to go there, whom would they come to see here? When people hear that there are also others here like her, they will be attracted to come here. Not all are revealed at once, at the same time. Would a businessman show all his wares to his customers at once? He takes things out, one by one, showing you their importance.

According to the drama, the value of every jewel is revealed at its own time and on its own stage. This is why temples are built everywhere as memorials. Are there temples just in one place? Otherwise, everyone's temple should be built at the same place. There are temples everywhere because of the importance of the different types of service carried out at each place by every jewel. There are memorials everywhere, are there not? Even in the villages there would be memorials. There wouldn't be any place where there isn't a memorial of you ancestors. Is there such a village?

There is a viman(aeroplane) of science and yours is of silence. Silence is the creator of science. Science has emerged through the power of silence. The creator is always more powerful. At every moment, be stable in the position of an ancestor, consider yourself to be the trunk and give the water of powers to all the branches. Refresh the branches that have dried up. Achcha.

Does each of you consider yourself to be a world benefactor? Do you create every thought and perform every deed with the awareness that there is benefit for the world through this? Only when every thought is elevated, will there then be benefit for the self and the world. You should constantly keep your duty in your awareness: "lam in charge of benefit for the world." Someone in charge would never forget his or her duty. What happens in this world when someone does not fulfil his or her duty well? (They are asked to leave.) No one here is made to leave, but they leave of their own accord. There, they may reduce someone's salary or give him a warning of being dismissed. However, if you do not fulfil your duty properly, then, according to the drama, you reduce your salary of attainment and your happiness and power decrease. You will naturally wonder why your happiness has decreased. What is the reason for this? In one way or another, you are not fulfilling your duty very well. You definitely miss something out. So, are you properly engaged in your duty? It is not possible for you to have any thoughts about anything other than world benefit. If you do have other thoughts, has your duty been fulfilled? Do you constantly remain on duty? Or, while fulfilling your limited responsibilities, do you forget your spiritual responsibilities? Al ways have the faith that you are a world benefactor. Let there be as much intoxication as there is faith. If you have Jess intoxication, you will do less service. Therefore, always be accurate in your duty.

Others see those who are accurate in their duty as honest and faithful. The Father also considers those who are accurate in their service to be faithful to Baba. It is one thing to have full faith in the Father but, together with having faith in the Father, you also have to be faithful to service. This is also a subject. Just as you have the subject of knowledge, there is also the subject of service. Only those who are faithful can claim a number ahead of others. The number is based on the total number of marks. However, while serving others you also have to serve yourself. It should not be that while serving yourself you forget others, or while serving others you forget yourself. A balance of both is needed. Such souls are called world benefactors.

You children have knowledge of the self, the soul, but it is only through the Father that you become instruments for world benefit. So, do you mothers and the Shakti Army remain on service in your form of a Shakti? If there is weakness in the self, there would be weakness in service. Therefore, serve with your form of the Shakti and there will be success. Do not consider yourself to be an ordinary mother, but a world mother. A world mother is a world benefactor.

Are the Pandavas engaged in service considering themselves to be mahavirs? A mahavir makes something difficult easy. You have seen the memorial. It was so difficult to fetch the life-giving herb, yet he brought the whole mountain! A mahavir is one who makes a mountain into a mustard seed. Come onto the stage of service as such mahavirs. You will receive a response according to your stage. When an actor performs on a good stage, his act is given greater value. So, check how your stage is while performing every act. Do you have a powerful stage or do you simply continue to act? Perform every act while stable in your stage and then see how much success you attain.

Are all of you free from obstacles? Are you constant (akhand) yogis? The link of your yoga never breaks, does it? Constant yogis are those who fulfil the responsibility of love to the One they Jove. Nowadays, the mahatmas even have names such as "Akhandanand" (one constantly in a state of bliss), but, in reality, you are those who are embodiments of being constant in every aspect. Your bliss is constant and undisturbed and your happiness is constant and undisturbed. Are you constant in every aspect? It is easy for you Madhuban residents because you have the co-operation of the atmosphere, the vibrations and also the land. Just make sure you don't become influenced by bad company. Secondly, have an attitude of "don't care" when you see or hear of other people's weaknesses. With this speciality you can become constant yogis. When you are influenced by someone's company or you see someone's weakness, your yoga is disturbed.

Those who are not constant yogis cannot become worthy of worship. If your yoga breaks, then you would be worthy of worship only for a short time. However, you have to be worthy of worship for all time. For half a cycle you yourselves would be living forms of those who are worthy of worship, and for half a cycle your non-living images would be worshipped. Is it like this? Achcha.

Blessing:  May you become worthy of being praised and enable everyone to claim a right to be worshipped through your spiritual personality of happiness!   

Those who claim the certificate of making everyone content remain constantly happy and, because of this spiritual personality of happiness, they become well known, that is, they become worthy of being praised and worshipped. The attainment of the wings of happiness, support, courage and zeal and enthusiasm that everyone receives through you souls who have pure and positive thoughts for others and who remain constantly happy, enables some souls to claim a right and makes some souls into devotee souls.

Slogan:  The easy way to claim a blessing from the Father is to have love from the heart.     

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