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Your lifespan became shorter when you entered the rajo stage. It became even shorter when you entered the tamo stage.

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Sweet Children,

The spiritual Father explains to the sweetest, long-lost and now-found children. He explains to them and also teaches them. He teaches you the secrets of the Creator and the beginning, the middle and the end of creation. He also says: Become full of all virtues and imbibe divine qualities.      By staying in remembrance, you will become satopradhan. You know that the world is tamopradhan at this time.
The world was satopradhan and, after 5000 years, it has now become tamopradhan. This is an old world. The God-Father sits here and explains to you spirits: O spiritual children, you definitely have to become satopradhan. You definitely have to claim your inheritance from the Father. You definitely have to remember Me, your Father.
You have to make your intellects unlimited. This old world is now about to change. Those who are now tamopradhan will become satopradhan.
The number one aspect is to belong to the Father and glorify the Father's name and become completely pure. You also have to become totally sweet. This is Godly knowledge. God sits here and teaches us.
You souls understand that you are residents of the land of peace and that you then come down here to play your parts. Souls continue to take birth and rebirth. We have now completed our parts of 84 births, numberwise.
The old world changes when you complete your 84 births. You know this unlimited drama, the 84 births and also this study. Having taken 84 births, you have now reached the end. You are now studying and will then go to the new world.
Baba has explained: The more you stay in remembrance, accordingly you souls will continue to become pure.
You remember many things. When this remembrance (of God, soul world and golden age) becomes firm, you will then not remember anything. You souls came bodiless and you have to return bodiless.
While taking birth and rebirth, the sects and cults of the different branches have grown and the tree has become very big. The original eternal deity religion has now disappeared.
The more you study and teach others, the more benefit there will be for them. You should explain with a lot of love. You have to drop leaflets from aeroplanes. You have to explain in these leaflets that they have been doing devotion for birth after birth. To study the Gita is also devotion.
According to the drama, it is only when the Father comes that He shows you the way to become satopradhan. Then you receive a satopradhan status. You understand that you are to become that through this study. This is God's pathshala. God teaches you and makes you into Narayan from an ordinary man. There was heaven when we were satopradhan. Then, we became tamopradhan, there is hell. The cycle has to turn. The Father comes and inspires you to make effort to become deities and masters of the world from human beings.
You have to remember the Father and imbibe divine virtues. You should not fight or quarrel. Deities never fight or quarrel. You have to become like them. You were the ones who were full of all virtues and you have to become that again on the basis of shrimat. You have to ask yourself: To what extent am I happy? To what extent do I have faith? This should be remembered throughout the whole day. However, Maya is such that she makes you forget.
You understand that, together with the father, you are God's helpers in serving the world. Previously, you used to study limited studies whereas you are now studying the unlimited study with the unlimited Father. This is an old body which will be shed at its own time; it cannot be shed in an untimely death; we have to shed these bodies in happiness. We will shed these dirty bodies and also renounce this old world and go back.
This is a play of happiness and sorrow. There is happiness in the golden age and sorrow in the iron age.
The new world is called the golden age. This old world is now the iron age.
Those who are in the iron age are impure residents of hell and they have to become pure again. That is why they call out: O Purifier come! Come and make us pure!
What I am, who I am, what I teach - only a few understand and follow this.
This cycle continues to turn through the golden, silver, copper and iron ages. The whole cycle is in your intellects. You are again becoming the masters of the land of happiness and the land of peace. There is no mention of sorrow in the golden age. If you do not study fully, you will receive a low status. This is a common thing. Therefore, study this unlimited study and claim an unlimited inheritance.
Simply consider yourself to be a soul and remember the unlimited Father. Baba is very sweet. His directions are: Finish all the bondages of the body, including that of your own body. The soul is imperishable. One moment, you adopt a body, the next moment, you shed it; it doesn't take long.
At this time, day by day, everyone continues to become tamopradhan. When we were satopradhan, we had a longer lifespan and there were very few of us. There was no other religion. Your lifespan increase on the basis of the effort you make now. The more remembrance you have, the more your lifespan will increase. When you were satopradhan, your lifespan was very long. Then, as you continued to descend, your lifespan became shorter. Your lifespan became shorter when you entered the rajo stage. It became even shorter when you entered the tamo stage.
There is the example of a waterwheel where the buckets are filled and emptied. So, this is an unlimited waterwheel. You are now being filled. When you have become completely full, you will then gradually begin to empty. This is also compared to a battery.
Having become satopradhan we will then go back and then take 84 births. The kingdom of Ravan begins after half a cycle. In the kingdom of Ravan, all are called residents of hell. Those who come later will come in hell. Firstly, you go to heaven. You receive the fruit of devotion from the Father. It is understood: This one has performed a lot of devotion and this is why he is taking knowledge.
The Father has explained all of these secrets to you. You then have to explain them to others. Human beings have committed many different types of sin. The Father has now come and is giving you knowledge. It is only when the Father comes that He teaches you. For all of that time you did not know this; you continued to become sinful souls. How do you souls become pure and charitable and how do you then become sinful souls? Who are the residents of the golden age and who are the residents of the iron age? You did not know any of this. The Father has now explained.
The Father is also called the Flame. He has light as well as might. When you have light, that is, when you awaken, you receive might. Your life also becomes longer. Untimely death cannot come to you there. You shed a body and take another in happiness. There is no question of sorrow. It is like a game. (There is the example of a snake.) You have played your parts from the golden age through to the iron age. This is now fixed in your intellects.
Baba(GodFather) is your Father, Teacher and Satguru. Only you children know this, numberwise, according your efforts. You have also understood rebirth and how many births you take.
You now belong to the Father. You are the children of God and you are also the children of Adam-Prajapita Brahma. You don't have any other relationships. It is not a small matter to belong to the unlimited Father. You become the masters of the land of happiness. You have simply recognised the Great Father and so your boat will go across. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Blessing:  May you be a master of the self who has self-sovereignty and is a Raj Rishi who is victorious over the subtle powers!   
It is easy to become a conqueror of the senses, but it requires subtle practice to be victorious over the subtle powers of the mind, intellect and sanskars. To be able to adopt any thought or sanskar at any time you want is known as being victorious over your subtle powers, that is, the Raj Rishi stage. If you order your power of thoughts to be concentrated right now, then, for the king's orders to be obeyed at that very moment and in that way is the sign of one who has self¬ sovereignty. With this practice you will pass the final paper.

Slogan:  The blessing you receive from doing service is the greatest of all gifts. 

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