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Let there be no attachment to anyone or anything.

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Sweet Child,
BapDada has the thought that He should get you children to write down in a second whose remembrance you are sitting in. It doesn't take time to write this down. Each one of you can write it in a second and come and show it to Baba. (Everyone wrote it and showed it to Baba. Then Baba also wrote it down. No one had written what Baba wrote.) Baba (Adam-Brahma) wrote: Alpha and beta.
It is so easy! Alpha means Baba(GodFather) and beta means the kingdom. Baba(GodFather) is teaching you and you are attaining your kingdom.
Sannyasis only remember Alpha. You also remember your sovereignty. You have to instil the habit of remembrance. When this sits in your intellect, your mercury of happiness remains high. The meaning of Alpha is that He is the highest peak. There is nothing higher than that. The place of residence (Soul world) is also the highest of all. No one knows the meaning of liberation or liberation-in-life in a second. That too must definitely have a meaning.
When a child is born, they write: He was born at this hour, minute and second. The hand continues to tick away. In one tick, you can say: Alpha and beta. It doesn’t take even a second. There is even no need to say it; you remember it anyway. You children should have a very good stage. However, that can only happen when you have remembrance. While sitting here, you should remember the Father and the kingdom.
While sitting and moving around, consider yourself to be a soul and remember Me, your Father, and your inheritance. The place where you reside is so high. The world doesn't know this.
When a soul sheds his body, he goes so far away in a second. A soul sheds one body and goes and enters another one. So, you have to consider yourself to be a soul. You are going to the very highest peak. People want peace. The highest peak of peace is the incorporeal world and the highest peak of happiness is heaven.
Lakshmi and Narayan exist in the tower of happiness; there is no greed or temptation there. Their food, drink and way of speaking etc. are all very royal and they experience the highest happiness. Look how much they are praised through having made a lot of effort. They are not the only ones; a whole rosary was created. In fact, nine jewels are remembered. Surely, they must have made incognito effort.
Only when you remember the God-Father and the inheritance will your sins be absolved. However, Maya doesn't allow you to stay in remembrance. Sometimes lust and sometimes anger bring many storms. As you make further progress, you will have that stage. You have to practice being bodiless. You now have to return home. Baba said: Remember Me. If you don't remember Me, there will have to be a lot of punishment and the status will also be reduced. These matters are very subtle.
Those people go so deep into science. Look at what they continue to create! Those sanskars are also needed so that they can go there and create those things. It is just that this world has to change. They will all go from here and take birth according to their sanskars of the present time. Those who fight in an army have sanskars of battling in their intellects. So, they carry those sanskars with them; they cannot stay without fighting.
An officer would always have a queue in front of him. At the time of registering everyone, they check that they don't have any illness. They check that their eyes, ears etc. all function well. They have to function well to be in an army. Here, too, it is seen which ones will become the beads of the rosary of victory. You have to make effort and attain your karmateet stage.
Souls came here bodiless and have to return home bodiless. There is no relationship with the body there. You now have to become bodiless. Souls come from there and enter a body here. So many souls continue to come. Each one of you has received your own part. New pure souls definitely receive happiness at first. This is why they are praised.
You have to become pure and go back in your karmateet stage. You have to examine your own behaviour: Do I cause anyone sorrow? The Father is so sweet. He is the most beloved. So, you children have to become the same. You children know that the Father is here. People don't know that the Father is carrying out establishment here. Nevertheless, they continue to remember Him for birth after birth. They go to a Shiva Temple and worship Him so much. They go to such a high peak, to the temple of Badrinath. There are so many melas that take place (in His name) because He is very sweet. They sing: God is the Highest on High. They would only keep the incorporeal One in their intellect.
There is always the incorporeal One and then there are Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar. They cannot be called God. You children now understand that you too were satopradhan deities. When you were the masters of the world, there weren't so many human beings.
So many people die in battle every day, and so they must also take birth somewhere. It is remembered: You cannot reach the end of God. God is just a point. What end could you reach? The Father says: No one knows the beginning, middle or end of this creation. Sages and holy men cannot reach the end of the Creator or creation.
Among you too, there are many who listen to this but are unable to imbibe it. Dharna can only take place when your intellect becomes golden aged. If there is no dharna, you cannot experience happiness. There are those who study at the highest level and there are also those who study at the lowest level; there is a difference in how they study.
You will never be able to become pure without having remembrance. The Father Himself is like a magnet. He is the One with the highest power. He can never become rusty. All others are covered in rust. You have to remove that and become satopradhan once again. The Father says: Constantly remember Me alone. Let there be no attachment to anyone else.
Wealthy ones keep seeing their wealth in front of them throughout the day. Poor ones don't have anything, but if they are sensible they can imbibe. How can the rubbish be removed without having remembrance? How can we become pure? You have come here to go to the highest peak. You know that by following the Father's teachings, you will go to the highest peak of happiness. This requires effort.
As you make further progress, many will continue to have visions. There were so many visions given in the beginning. Baba showed so much splendour. You used to be wearing crowns etc.
Those who study well and teach others cannot remain hidden. They would instantly say: Baba, I am going to go to such-and-such a place to do service. There is a lot of service to be done. You have to change this jungle into a temple. Whether you have eaten a piece of bread or not, just run and do service. This is what businessmen do. When a good customer comes, they run, whether they have finished eating or not. They have an interest in earning money. Here, you receive limitless wealth from the unlimited Father.
Even though there is still a little time, there is no guarantee about anything because you might leave your body tomorrow. Destruction has to take place. It is of you that it is said: Death for the prey and happiness for the hunter. There is no limit to your happiness. You should have limitless happiness. You have to benefit many others. At the end, you will reach your karmateet stage. By having remembrance, you will suddenly fly when you become bodiless. This requires a lot of effort.
Some do a lot of service. They stand at the museum explaining all day long. They remain engaged in service day and night. Hundreds of museums will open. Hundreds of thousands of people will come and you won't even have time. You will have the maximum number of shops of these imperishable jewels of knowledge. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Blessing:  May you be an example the same as Father Adam-Brahma, and experience closeness to perfection while engaged in service!   

Father Adam-Brahma used to be engaged in service and would go into solitude while listening to news from the children. He would understand the essence of one hour's news in five minutes and make the children happy and give them the experience of his stage of introversion and solitude. Follow the father in the same way. Father Brahma never said that he was very busy, but he became an example in front of you children. Now, according to the time, there is a need for this practice. If you have love for this in your heart, you will find time and become an example for many others.

Slogan: To experience karma and yoga in every action is to have karma yoga.      

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