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The more you remember the Father now, the more light you will continue to receive.

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Sweet Children,
The spiritual Father sits here and explains to you children. The Father Himself says: No one knows when I come because I am incognito. No one can tell when a soul enters a womb. There cannot be a time or date for that. The time and date are given for the moment it comes out of the womb. Similarly, you cannot tell the time or date when Baba (GodFather) entered. You can't tell when He entered the chariot (Adam-Brahma).
When Baba used to look at some, they would become intoxicated and be lost in that stage. They would think that there was someone who had entered or that there was some power that had come. Where did the power come from? I didn't do any special chanting or tapasya. That is called incognito.
You are the ones who became separated from Me first. So, you should think about how you have taken 84 births and how you will have to take them again, identically. That is, how you will have to play your roles of happiness and sorrow.
Everything is at first new and it then becomes old. You children now think about this. No one else can even understand these things.
You know that this is the most auspicious, beneficial confluence age of the old world and the new world. Change now has to take place and you will then go to the land of peace.
The Father says: Lust is the greatest enemy. It is because of this that there are assaults. There is the example of Draupadi. All the conflict is because of celibacy. You definitely had to become tamopradhan from satopradhan. You had to come down the ladder and the world definitely had to become old.
It is definitely because you have knowledge in your intellects that you study and then become teachers. Then the Government passes those who study with the Teacher and become clever.
The more you remember the Father now, the more light you will continue to receive. People will continue to have visions. Only through remembrance will you souls become pure and it will then be possible for others to have a vision. The Father, the Helper, is also here. The Father always helps the children.
You understand that, eventually, you will win. You will become whatever you became in the previous cycle. You children have to make effort.
You children should never try to interpret the meaning of the scriptures. You have to go and give the Father's introduction. The Bestower of Liberation and Liberation­ in-Life is only One. You have to praise Him. He says: Consider yourself to be a soul and remember Me alone. However, 'Manmanabhav' doesn't mean that you have to go and bathe in the Ganges. 'Mamekam' means: Remember Me alone. I promise you that I will liberate you from all your sins. Sin began at the time Ravan-vices came. So you have to make a lot of effort to claim a high status.
Your 84 births have ended and you souls now have to return home. Souls that have become impure definitely have to be made pure again. Continue to tell everyone to remember the one Father constantly.
The Father says: Children, you cannot attain Me by reading the scriptures or by chanting or doing tapasya. What benefit is there in that? You still continue to come down the ladder.
The Father now says: Remember the unlimited Father. He alone is the Purifier. You don't need to go anywhere.
In fact, God, the Husband of all husbands, is only the One. The One whom your husband, maternal and paternal uncles remember is God, the Husband of All, and God, the Father of All. He says to you: Constantly remember Me alone and your sins will be absolved. Your light is now being ignited, and so people are able to see light in you. So, the names of you children should also be glorified.
The one deity religion is being established through knowledge. This is the confluence age. The world is now changing. It is the one Father who inspires establishment, sustenance and destruction. This is very easy, but when they don't have complete dharna, they remember everything else, and they forget knowledge and yoga.
You are the children of God, the Highest on High. Day by day, you are becoming solvent. You receive wealth. The expenses are also paid for. Baba says: The pot will continue to become full. You will incur expense as you did in the previous cycle. The drama will not allow you to spend any more or less. Baba has unshakeable faith in the drama. Whatever has passed is the drama. You shouldn't say, "If it had been like this, I wouldn't have done that." That stage has not yet been developed.
Baba says: Do not think about the past. Make effort in future not to make such mistakes again. This is why Baba says: Write your chart. There is a lot of benefit in that.
Baba gives you orders and so you children should follow those orders. Achcha.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Blessing:  May you be a great soul who reveals closeness to the Father through your sweetness!   
Children who have sweetness in their thoughts, words and actions are close to the Father. Therefore, the Father says to them every day: Sweet, sweet children. The children respond: Sweet, sweet Baba. These daily sweet words make you full of sweetness. Only such elevated souls who reveal sweetness are great souls. Sweetness is greatness. If there isn't sweetness, there cannot be the experience of greatness.

Slogan:  Perform every task while double light and you will experience it to be entertainment. 

Sweet Children,
Deities exist in the new age. They too are human beings, but their qualities are divine. They are doubly non-violent. Human beings now are doubly violent: they fight and battle a lot and also use the sword of lust.
You children also know that the Father is God, the Highest on High, and that we, His children, reside in the land of peace.
Consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Father. This doesn't enter anyone's intellect. Only when the Father comes and explains would it enter their intellects. At this time, you are becoming deities from human beings. There are human beings here whereas deities are in the golden age. You are now truly changing from human beings into deities. This is your Godly mission.
Human beings do not understand about the incorporeal Supreme Soul.
 Whatever status each one claimed in the previous cycle, whatever result was announced then, that will emerge now. It isn't that those who come here towards the end cannot become beads of the rosary. They too will become that. Those who do intense devotion remain engaged in their devotion day and night, and only then do they have visions. Such ones will also emerge here; they will make effort day and night and become pure from impure. Everyone has a chance. It isn't that those at the end would be deprived. The drama is created in such a way that no one can be deprived.
In the golden age even all the elements remain in order. Here, even the five elements are tamopradhan. There, everything is satopradhan and so happiness is received from each of the elements; there is no mention of sorrow. That is called heaven.
You churn everything and then explain it to others. Some don't churn at all. They just remember the old world. GodFather says: Forget the old world completely. the kingdom is being established, numberwise, according to the effort you make. The Father says: I come and establish the kingdom and then take everyone back home.
God is now teaching you. There, deities would teach deities. Here, human beings teach human beings whereas the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is teaching you souls. There is a difference, is there not?
The more you follow shrimat, the higher the status you will claim.
There in golden age, marriages are so royal. You have had visions of it all. As you continue to make further progress, you will have visions of everything.
The lifespan of very good, first-class yogi children will continue to increase. The Father says: Increase your lifespan with yoga. You children understand that you lack yoga. You beat your heads to stay in remembrance, but you are unable to have remembrance; you repeatedly forget. In fact, the chart of those who stay here should be very good. Those outside are involved in mundane business. You have to become satopradhan here by remembering the Father. Remember Me for at least eight hours while preparing food and doing all your work because only then will you reach the karmateet stage at the end.
To listen to the murli is not remembrance. That is earning an income. When in remembrance, you stop listening. Some children write that they heard the murli in remembrance. However, that is not remembrance. Baba (Adam-Brahma) himself says: l repeatedly forget Baba (GodFather).
The main thing is the pilgrimage of remembrance. The subject of the murli is completely separate. You become pure through remembrance and your lifespan also increases. However, it isn't that when you were listening to the murli, Baba was with you in that. Your sins aren't absolved when listening to the murli-study. That requires effort.
Baba knows that some children are unable to have any remembrance at all. The stage, behaviour and way of speaking of the children who stay in remembrance would be completely different. Only through remembrance will you become satopradhan.
However, Maya is such that she makes you a complete buddhu. This illness strikes many. The attachment that wasn't there emerges suddenly and they become trapped. This is something that requires a lot of effort. Listening to the murli is a different subject. That is a matter of earning an income. Your lifespan does not increase through that. You won't become pure and your sins won't be absolved. Many listen to the murli and then also continue to fall into vice.
 You children understand whose gathering this is. We are sitting with God, lshwar, Somnath, Babulnath. He is the One who makes us pure.
Deities exist in the golden age. Here, all are Hindus. In fact, there is no Hindu religion. Hindustan is the name of a country.
The stage of the deities is the .final stage. You will reach the .final stage when you reach the karmateet stage.
You have to become very sweet. Instead of using bad words, it is better not to speak at all. There is an example of a couple who were quarrelling and a sannyasi told one of them to put a bead in his mouth and never take it out for a response couldn't then be received.
If you are unable to do spiritual service, there is also physical service to do. If you stay in remembrance of Baba and do service, that is also great fortune. Continue to remind one another. You will receive a lot of power through remembrance. Those who stay in remembrance also have to keep their charts.
Many people ask for peace in the world. There definitely was peace in the world at some point. In the golden age, there is nothing that would cause peacelessness. Here, there is the sweet Father and the sweet children who are making the whole world sweet. It is not sweet now. There is nothing but death everywhere. This play has taken place many times and will continue to take place. There is no end to it. The cycle continues to turn. Achcha.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

May you be loving and detached and consider yourself to be a sample by keeping the symbol of the lotus in your intellect!   
The lotus flower is a symbol of those who live in households. So, become a lotus and put everything into practice. If you don't put everything into practice, you cannot become a lotus. So, keep the symbol of the lotus in your intellect and move along considering yourself to be a sample. While doing service, be detached and loving. Do not just be loving, but be loving while also being detached because love can sometimes change into attachment. Therefore, while doing any service, be detached and loving.

Slogan:  Maya cannot come under the canopy of love. 

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