Sunday, 20 October 2013

Check,if someone comes to you,they forget body and feel soul? It is a wonder that children forget the GodFather,the most Beloved.

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Sweet Children,

GodFather asks souls with mind and intellect to have patience, no one can say this. People at this time are unhappy. GodFather has come to give you happiness.

Infact God’s elevated versions are for the whole world. It is only One GodFather who gives liberation in life, happiness to all souls. None other.

Children must have faith that you reach the days of happiness if you follow the directions of GodFather.

You must not get disturbed by the situations. There is limited renunciation and yours is unlimited renunciation.

It is not that you believe only when you have visions but by intellect.

You receive the gift of heaven for 21 births, there is also the study of world cycle.

You children have to make elevated spiritual effort to attain elevated status.

There is Father of souls - GodFather and there is the father of humankind – Adam,Brahma.

There is also Eve-Saraswathi, the daughter of Adam-Brahma at this confluence age.

You only benefit at this time through all actions because God is only Benefactor.

If you don’t remember GodFather but take rest during this time of spiritual pilgrimage, you never get rid of the sins. You never get rid of sins during sleep.

To get rid of sins of various births, you have to remember GodFather.

Check yourself, if someone comes to you, they forget the body and feel the soul?

You have to make the complete world virtuous-pure by the power of yog. The more you remember GodFather, that much you will benefit the world by the power of purity.

You children receive more happiness at the same time more sorrow unlike the souls who follow the religious founders. The souls who come at the end experience short period of happiness and sorrow. Yours is the period of 84births unlike others who take very few births.

This knowledge is only for you children who play the roles from the beginning till end of the world cycle.

You must share with everyone that the days of happiness is about to come.

You are in the battlefield, have to battle against the Maya in various forms. There will be victory even for maya, otherwise everyone will attain elevated status.

It is a wonder that children forget the GodFather, the most Beloved.

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