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Religious founders never appear in the womb of the mother for the first time.

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Now, you children have received the divine sight, third eye of knowledge to check yourself for the vices within.
Soul knows whether it has done good or bad deed through the body.
Check yourself how much pure you have become , how many divine virtues you have imbibed within.
The complete virtuous Supreme Soul is teaching you Children to imbibe divine virtues.
You have to become 100% completely virtuous to go to the golden age.
Most important is to give the introduction of GodFather who is worshipped as the Mother and the Father in devotion.
The Unlimited GodFather gives you the unlimited inheritance of heaven at this time. He appears in Bharat-India at this time of deep ignorance of darkness.
You remain completely vice-less in golden age and hence you never worship GodFather or the deities there.
GodFather transforms the impure ones into pure ones at this time and hence He is worshipped a lot from copper age.
GodFather says, forget the body and bodily relations and rest your mind on Me knowing yourself as a soul. This is not told by the child Sri Krishna.
This confluence age is your leap birth, where GodFather comes only once after 4 ages of world cycle.
The sacrificial fire of knowledge will continue till the end of the world and you study till the end.
Souls experience punishment in the mother’s womb at this time but not in golden age.
GodFather makes you the King and Queen of golden age but He Himself never becomes one.  I never appear in the womb of the mother but appear in the body of Adam-Brahma.
People of Bharat-India were peaceful, happy and wealthy during golden age unlike in iron age. Only one religion, one kingdom and one language exist in golden age.
There is no religious founders for Hindu religion. ( People who lived in Sindustan are known as Hindus since Sindustan was known as Hindustan by the sindis who pronounced “sa” as “ha”).
Religious founders infact never appear in the womb of the mother for the first time, they appear in the body of a man and establish the religion by their power of purity. Later they become vicious by taking birth. When the religious founders come, they also bring down their followers from the soul world.
You will have obstacles from Maya (body conscious or vices or by relations or by situations or by karma) but you can win over them by the remembrance of GodFather.
By constant remembrance of the GodFather, you will leave the body in His remembrance to attain elevated status.

Blessing:  May you be an image of success who, with your clear intellect, discerns every situation and takes an accurate decision.

The clearer your intellect is the more power of discernment you have. Instead of thinking about too many things, stay in remembrance of the one Father. Remain clear with the Father and you will easily be able to discern every situation and take an accurate decision. Whatever the situation is at any time, whatever the mood is of anyone in connection or relationship with you, to be able to move along according to that at that time, to discern that and to take a decision is also a great power which makes you an embodiment of success.

Slogan:   Along with the Sun of Knowledge, the lucky stars are those who dispel the darkness (of body consciousness) in the world and not those who come into darkness (of ego) themselves.

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