Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Since physical Father cannot be called omnipresent, the Supreme Father also cannot be called as omnipresent.

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People never remember GodFather considering themselves as souls.
You have to become soul conscious to introduce GodFather to others.
Even very good children fall down due to the storm of maya (body conscious).
GodFather explains to you everyday, remember Me to get rid of your sinful actions.
You have to do a lot of yoga to settle karmic accounts of so many births until you reach the karmateet stage (beyond all bondages)
People never know that they are vicious in nature.
GodFather teaches you the essence of vedas and scriptures, at this time.
Perform all your actions considering yourself as a soul.
At this time souls have completed 84births cycle and is about to return back home to soul world.
If you remember GodFather during early morning hours, you will remain intoxicated throughout the day.
GodFather is very sweet, very loving and wonderful in nature. I make you the master of the physical world and the soul world (Brahmand).
You imbibe divinity being in soul conscious.
GodFather never comes into the cycle of birth and death but appears on earth.
You souls have to go beyond sound free from body conscious.
Your aim is to remember the GodFather (who is Mother as well as Father) constantly.
You imbibe divine nature by imbibing purity.
Yours is Rajayog and Karma Yog but not the Hatha yog of sanyasis. They practice limited renunciation and you practice unlimited renunciation.
GodFather is the greatest Guest in this whole world. He comes from the Supreme abode to transform the vicious into virtuous.

Blessing: May you be free from all bondages and, by remaining above all corporeal feelings, be an angel and fly.
The ground of the body is corporeal, so once you have become an angel, how can you come down to the ground of the body? Angels do not set foot on the ground. Angels means those who fly. They cannot be attracted by anything down below. If they remained down below, they would become prey for hunters, but if they remain flying up above, no can do anything to them. Therefore, no matter how beautiful a golden cage may be, do not become trapped in that. Only those who are constantly independent and free from bondage can go into the flying stage.

Slogan: Only those who make the impossible possible and experience success are stars of success.

You are the lucky knowledgeful souls because you receive knowledge from the GodFather.
People are poor at this time because of the lack of knowledge.
Everyone has two fathers. One is the physical father and other is the Supreme GodFather.
In golden age, people never remember the GodFather.
Like souls do not have a body, the Supreme Soul also does not have a body.
Since physical Father cannot be called omnipresent, the Supreme Father also cannot be called as omnipresent.
Bharat was liberated in life, now it is in bondages. God is liberating now.
GodFather comes and serves you a lot, fulfills all your desires.
GodFather is your Father as well as your child. God is also a Magician not the deities.
You win over the world by becoming victorious over maya (body conscious actions).
The great battle will destroy everything in the world not the water.
GodFather transforms you within a second, to become master of heaven.
You children have to become merciful, everyone should be given the introduction of GodFather.

May you be a fast effort-maker who experiences newness in every second of this new confluence age.
At the confluence age, everything is new and it is therefore called the new age. Here, your waking up is new, your way of speaking is new and your way of walking is new. New means alokik. There is newness also in your awareness. All situations are new, your meeting is new and your way of seeing everything is new. You only look at the soul and not the body. You come into contact with one another with a vision of brotherhood and not with a physical relationship. Experience newness in yourself at every second in this way. Whatever your stage was a second ago, that is not your stage the next second, you are ahead of that. This is known as fast effort-maker.

Slogan: To experience constant supersensuous joy and bliss in your life through God’s love is to experience easy yoga.

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