Thursday, 19 September 2013

Compare the knowledge given by GodFather with the knowledge of scriptures and decide yourself what is Truth.

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You children have received the third eye of knowledge.
There are important actor (GodFather), Hero , Heroine and other actors in this world drama.
Deities, people of golden age receive power from the One GodFather.
God is known as the SatShriakaal, the Truth and One whom death cannot approach.
Every part in this world drama is being repeated in every 5000years.
You don’t have enmity towards anyone. You benefit every soul.
You play the role of 84births and hence you have the knowledge of beginning, middle and end of this 5000years world cycle.
The most important vice is body consciousness and other vices follow.
Your divine intellect reaches up to the soul world and subtle world.
Everyone has to leave the body at the end.
Compare the knowledge given by GodFather with other knowledge and scriptures, and decide yourself what is Truth.
You, the unlimited children sit in the lap of the GodFather.
You have to become free from fear. No one can hurt the soul.
You children are the Lucky stars. (Adam-Brahma is the moon and the GodFather is the Sun)

GodFather is the Knowledge-full and He is the only Purifier and the One who liberates you from sorrows and give happiness, not any saints or gurus.
Deities cannot be called as the Purifier but only One Almighty GodFather.
GodFather does not have a body but deities.
GodFather is your Father, the Teacher and the Satguru. He teaches you every day. God is not omnipresent (but His powers).
When people remember GodFather, they don’t see  image of any deities.
GodFather is the seed form of the world human tree.
God is the Father of all Fathers and Husband of all husbands, Guru of all gurus.
5000 years ago, in golden age, there were purity, peace, happiness and prosperity.
You must remember the GodFather to receive inheritance of heaven.
Like GodFather (Supreme Soul) is a point of light, Soul is also a point of light. Every human beings and deities also have a subtle body of light.
Before appearing on earth, souls rest in the soul world, the world of silence.
Bharat – India plays an important role in the world cycle.
Supreme soul appears in the body of Adam-Brahma like pure soul and sinful soul appear in the body of human beings to fulfill their desires.
When the soul of the religious founder appears, all the follower souls also appear after them.
There is Supreme soul, charitable soul and sinful soul.
The subtle world is a movie world, the soul world is the world of silence where the Supreme soul and the souls reside and the physical world is talkie.
After destruction, the gateway of heaven will open.
You win over the vices by the power of yoga – remembrance of GodFather.
Vices-lust, anger,…never exist in heaven and there is no untimely death or sorrow in heaven-golden age unlike iron age.
I make you Trikaldarshi (knower of past, present and future), Trinetri (third eye of knowledge) and Trilokinath (knower-Master of three worlds).
God makes you knowledge-full like Him.
You become pure for 21 births and I remain ever pure.
The Creator of Heaven, the One who teaches Rajayoga has come now on earth with the gift of heaven-golden age for you children.
Why do you forget the GodFather? Remember Me every moment. You  children have to return home now.
Remove body conscious and remember the GodFather. Always make effort to remain in soul conscious.

Become double non-violent – pure in thoughts and free from vices. 

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