Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Gita spoken by GodFather (not by sage Vyas) is known as the mother of all scriptures.

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You sweet sweet children are studying in Godly university cum College to become a deity - virtuous human being.
You remain in the company of God, the Truth (Satsang), the Ocean of knowledge, Gyan Manasarovar.
By God’s teaching you transform from a thorn to a beautiful flower.
You attain karmateet stage – complete soul conscious, only at the end.
GodFather is your mother and father at this time of confluence age. He makes you do spiritual effort.
You have to sacrifice the body and all the bodily relations from your intellect (being soul conscious).
Belong to Me alone and remember Me alone. If you remember body and bodily beings, you will be affected by Maya – body consciousness.
GodFather comes and liberates you from maya –obstacles. You have to forget your dress (body).
The world drama is about to end. You souls have to return home now.
This life of confluence age is most worthy and valuable (because God Himself is teaching you,….).
Gita, Bhagwad and all other scriptures will repeat in every world cycle at their own time. Gita spoken by GodFather (not by sage Vyas)  is known as the mother of all scriptures.
In golden and silver ages, the body and soul both remain pure unlike in copper and iron ages.
Now, you receive the nectar of knowledge, being free from the poison of vices.
You learn Rajayoga from GodFather to receive kingdom of heaven, like in every world cycle.
Every soul on earth has to leave the body and go back home.
Maya Ravan locks the intellect and the GodFather who is the Intellect of all the intellects transforms the stone-like intellect to elixir-like (divine like philosopher’s stone).
You have to become a stick for the blind to show the right path. Listen to the knowledge and teach others.

According to the world drama, you become holy in golden and silver ages and become unholy in copper and iron ages.

Blessing: May you be seated on BapDada's heart-throne by being surrendered while living at home with your family and having the concern of doing service.

The tree of service becomes fruitful with the co-operation of the children who are surrendered while living at home with their families. Their co-operation becomes water for the tree. Just as a tree bears very good fruit when it receives water, in the same way, the tree of service becomes fruitful with the co-operation of elevated co-operative souls.    The children who constantly have such concern for service and who move along being surrendered while living at home are able to be seated on BapDada's heart-throne.

Slogan:  Learn the art of steering your thoughts and applying a brake in the shortest time possible and the power of your intellect will not be wasted.

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