Sunday, 22 September 2013

You are becoming like a diamond imbibing divine virtues, by this knowledge.

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God is known as the Supreme Father. Physical Father cannot be called as the Supreme Father. Every physical Father has the same Supreme GodFather.
You receive 84 physical Fathers and mothers in 84 different births.
5 vices emerge in every human being from copper age, in every world cycle.
This Rajayog is not a common satsang, here you have the true company of Truth (God), all other are false company.
5vices (Ravan-Maya) makes you vicious and GodFather makes you virtuous in nature.
God gives the reward of devotion. At the end of devotion, you receive knowledge.
You are becoming like a diamond imbibing divine virtues, by this knowledge.
God is known as the Liberator, He is called the Death of all deaths.
In golden and silver ages, vices never exist and in copper and iron ages virtues never exist within human-beings.
Every soul belongs to the GodFather. Adam-Brahma is the father of all humankind.
God remains beyond birth and death, but you souls come into the cycle of birth and death.
Now, it is the time for destruction / transformation.
Bharat – India is known as the greatest pilgrimage for the people of the world (since God appears only in Bharat – India).
GodFather is known as the Ocean of knowledge not deities.
Soul is a point of light located at the centre of forehead. God comes to take all souls back home liberating from all types of sorrows.
Every soul has its role recorded in it and the roles repeat in every world cycle. This world cycle never comes to an end.
I make you worship-worthy. Human beings have lot of anger within them.
I liberate you from old body and take home (soul world of silence) with Me.

Blessing: May you be a beloved of the Comforter of Hearts and with the wonder of the intellect experience the corporeal one through the subtle form.

Although some children have come later, they experience the corporeal one through the subtle form. They speak with such experience of having taken sustenance from the corporeal form and are even now receiving that sustenance. To experience the corporeal form in the subtle form is the practical form of the love of the intellect. This is also proof of the wonder of the intellect. Such children are the beloved children who are close to the Father, the Comforter of Hearts, and who constantly have the song playing in their hearts “Wah my Baba! Wah!”

Slogan: Success is merged in every action and every step of a renunciate soul.

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