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Those who surrender themselves to the Flame (God) become equal to the Flame (God-like in character).

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Essence: Qualifications of souls who are bestowers of blessings, great donors and donors.

Bestowers of blessings (vardaani): Those who give their co-operation; those who have made themselves full of all treasures. Through the treasures they have accumulated, that is, through their own power, virtues and the treasures of knowledge, they make weak souls powerful by giving them courage, the power of enthusiasm, the treasures of happiness and the power of their co-operation through their blessings.
Great donors (mahadaani) : Those who guide you along the path; those who haven't made themselves full of all treasures, but who have accumulated a little something, according to their capacity. The great donors become instruments to inspire weak souls to make effort by showing them methods to make effort and to have zeal and enthusiasm. While making them aware, they become instruments to make them powerful. These souls are not able to co-operate by giving their own power, but become instruments to show the clear path. They become guides on the path and show how something should be done; Do it like this, move along in this way.
Donors (daani): Those who show you the path. Those who haven't accumulated anything at all, but who were given something, who took that something and gave it away to others as soon as they received it. The children who are donors become instruments to attract other souls to the Father by speaking of whatever they heard, liked and experienced.
Just as the Father is the Liberator, so too, children are master liberators. However, only when you first become self-liberators will you be able to liberate others and stabilise them in the stage of the self-respect of their original form and original land. Become merciful. Become master creators. Do not just be self-benefactors, but also become world benefactors.
Become a master sun of knowledge and, through the powers you have accumulated, through your treasures of knowledge, your attitude, vision and awareness, that is, through the elevated thoughts of your good wishes and pure feelings, and through the virtues you have imbibed in your practical life, through the rays of all these spiritual endeavours, finish peacelessness.
Have a balance between the self and service. You are the children of the Master of the World, and so become masters and go around the world. The more you tour around as rulers of the globe, the more the sound will spread in all directions. "We have seen the light, we have seen angels walking here." Become an image of perfection and use your time and powers for service.
The easy way to remove weaknesses is to surrender to the Father whatever enters your thoughts. Whatever comes in front of you, put that in front of the Father and give Him the responsibility and you will become free. Simply have the determined thought: I belong to the Father and the Father belongs to me.
A child is a master. I am a master almighty authority who, like the Father, has all rights over all powers. Repeatedly revise and realise this awareness, and you will then constantly experience yourself to be a master almighty authority. By your having the one faith and the one support that you have to reach your destination, it is guaranteed that you will definitely reach your destination. It is the children's duty to have this thought with determination and the Father's duty to make sure you reach there. Be constantly victorious. With knowledge, you have the constant company of the Father, and so those who are constant companions of the Father are constantly free from obstacles.
If you have the habit of hearing but not listening (at the same time), you will then not fluctuate but will pass.
The easy aspect is always to give your responsibility to the Father. When you have given all your responsibilities to the Father, you become angels. Do angels ever get tired? When "mine" finishes, you become a conqueror of attachment. When all attachment is finished, you become an embodiment of constant awareness. Be generous-hearted in giving to the Father. If you continue to hold on to old rubbish, you will become ill.
The sign of having faith in the intellect is to remain constantly carefree. Those who are carefree will be constant and stable. They will never fluctuate. They will remain unshakeable. Do not get caught up with "Why?, What?" etc. Be trikaldarshi and remain carefree. There is benefit in every step. Even something in which only loss is visible, benefit is also merged in that. You simply have to look deeply by being introverted. There can never be any loss or harm for you children, because you are holding the hand of the Benevolent Father.
Only those who are constantly content are able to remain close to the Father. No matter what happens, let the past be the past and continue to move along after discerning with the power of discernment and you will remain constantly content.
Time is the greatest treasure of all. Knowledge is a treasure, powers and divine virtues are also treasures. Only when you have accumulated all the treasures will you be said to be complete.
Those who remain constantly busy in remembrance and service become free from all other types of spinning. Souls who are like iron become gold in the company of those who have become true alchemists.(sachche paaras)

Blessing:   May you be a true moth and surrender yourself to the Flame by finishing all spinning with remembrance and service.
Children who remain constantly busy in remembrance and service become free from all other types of spinning. If any type of spinning is left, you will end up continually spinning - sometimes the spinning of your relationships and sometimes the spinning of your nature and sanskars. All this wasteful spinning will only finish when you have nothing except the Flame in your intellect. Those who surrender themselves to the Flame become equal to the Flame. Only those who surrender themselves in this way, that is, only those who surrender themselves to the Flame are true moths.

Slogan:     Souls who are like iron become gold in the company of those who have become true alchemists.

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