Sunday, 8 September 2013

feelings of mercy finishes karmic accounts of angry or opposing souls in a second.

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Father shows son and Son shows Father(God)
The most beloved for all the souls is not Sri Krishna but the GodFather.
All souls are brothers amongst each other.
People see themselves as body (not soul) due to body consciousness.
Soul loves another soul not the body. In golden age, love exists without any vice-lust.
You attain elevated status by study, service and spiritual effort.
You must study this Godly direction even if you are not well.
The more you churn knowledge, that much you will rule the world.
God feeds you souls everyday and hence you souls have to serve the GodFather through thoughts, words and actions.
Remember God, become pure - virtuous.
By saying omnipresent, you cannot remember God to remove your past sins of actions.
Those who show the path (for liberation and liberation in life) to others attain elevated status.
Remember GodFather with lot of love even by sacrificing your sleep.
At the end, you will have visions of your actions, in front of Supreme Judge.
The more elevated you become, you have to face more difficult test papers.

Blessing: May you be a master bestower and finish everyone’s problems by imbibing feelings of mercy.
Whatever souls you come into contact with, whether they have strong sanskars, whether they create opposition or they have conflicting natures, are angry or go against everything, your feelings of mercy will finish their strong karmic accounts of many births in a second. You simply have to make your original and eternal sanskars of a bestower emerge and adopt feelings of mercy and all problems of the spiritual family will finish.

Slogan: To transform every soul with your merciful form and vision is to be a charitable soul.

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