Monday, 16 September 2013

You children are actors and God is the Important Actor, Creator and Director of this world drama.

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In devotion, you did not know about the GodFather but were worshipping different deities at various places.
God’s birthday is celebrated only in Bharat-India – the memorial of God appeared in Bharat – India.
The whole world is created by God-Father through Adam-Brahma.
The real peace – rest, you will experience only in the soul world – the world of liberation. Not in physical world.
Souls take rest whilst sleeping, being detached from the body.
Supreme GodFather remains in Soul world but He takes rest in soul world only when He does not play any role in golden and silver ages.
In golden age and silver ages, you children perform actions, never take rest but you never become unrest.
No one understands about the Highest on High GodFather.
God says, Hey soul, I am your GodFather. I create human beings of golden age by knowledge through Adam-Brahma.
Now, there is complete darkness of ignorance. GodFather brings light of knowledge.
The complete destruction by water never happens, as shown in scriptures.
Sinful actions never take place in golden age. You remain a charitable soul – performing akarma (experiencing the reward of confluence age actions) for 2500 years – in golden and silver ages. You rule for 21births but keep falling down in your status since there is no knowledge there.
God is the living seed of the world human tree. He knows about every soul.
God is known as the Truth. He is not affected by death since He is the Death of all deaths.
The more you imbibe divine nature, that much elevated status you would attain.

No one other than the GodFather explains about the true nature of soul and Supreme Soul.By not knowing about soul and Supreme Soul, the whole world experiences sorrow.
The world cycle is of 5000 years.
God is a living seed of the world human tree. He is the image of truth, conscious and Bliss.
Only you children of confluence age know about the world cycle not the deities of golden age.
You children are actors of this world drama and God is the Important Actor, Creator and Director of this world drama.
God is known as knowledge-full, world Almighty Authority. Only GodFather has the knowledge of complete Vedas, Scriptures and world cycle not any saints and rishis.
The impure soul has to transform from tamopradhan to satopradhan reaching karmateet stage.
You move from the world of death to the eternal world of golden age.
God is known  as the Boatman, Gardener and Bhagwan (Bha for bhoomi - earth, ag for aag-fire, w for vaayu-air,a  for aakaash-ether and n for neer-water).
God takes you to liberation(soul world) and liberation in life (heaven).
You are the spiritual children of the spiritual GodFather. God-Father teaches you through Adam-Brahma.
I never come into the cycle of birth and death but you children do. I appear on earth only once in confluence age, every 5000years.
Before leaving the body, renounce the vices. You attain elevated status in your next birth according to the deeds you perform.
God teaches you the secrets of karma, akarma and vikarma.
The spiritual Father creates the creations through Adam-Brahma.

You light the lamp (soul) by the oil of knowledge and remembrance of the GodFather.

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