Saturday, 7 September 2013

GodFather never stops children from getting married or building houses

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People don’t realize that  God is also Death of all deaths. When people request Him to take them away from world and when God responds to their request, they want to hold on to their life.
Because of attachment to the body, they don’t want to leave the body. They have attachment to the bodily relations. If you remember children and others at the end, you have to take birth certainly.
You have to leave the body in remembrance of GodFather.
Until you become virtuous, I cannot take you back home.
I come once in every 5000years to take all the souls back home, souls had to leave their body either in happiness or in anger.
You become pure-virtuous when you remain detached from body. By remembering Me, your sins will be removed.
You have to make effort to remain soul conscious constantly.
Every soul has to undergo the stages of sato, rajo and tamo according to the fixed destiny of world drama.
God has come now to take all the souls back home.
Lot of manures are required for earth to create good fruits in golden age. All human beings and animals will leave the body and the body will become a very good manure for earth.
Now, God is establishing golden age in an incognito way.
There is unlimited day (golden and silver ages) and unlimited night (copper and iron ages)
You have to get rid of body conscious knowing yourself as a soul.
By knowledge and yog, GodFather  transforms human beings into deities
Do all your actions being a trustee and keep taking guidance from GodFather.
GodFather never stops children from getting married or building houses. Everyone has their roles to play. Parents have to settle their accounts with their children being far sighted, to become light (free from bondages).
GodFather is very sweet, makes you do thing being light, you must have lot of love for such a GodFather. God is the most Beloved, He makes you elevated.
Do all your actions being a karma yogi, everyday spend 8 hours on self effort.
Remove attachment from your own body and bodily relations to attain elevated status.

Blessing: May you be a flying bird who overcomes all obstacles by making your eternal sanskars emerge.

In your eternal form, all of you are those who fly, but, because of some burden, instead of being flying birds, you have become caged birds. Now, once again, make your eternal sanskars emerge, that is, remain stable in your angelic form; this is called easy effort.When you become a flying bird, the situations will remain down below and you will go up above. This is the solution to all problems.

Slogan: To consider there to be benefit at every step and to donate the power of silence to every soul is true service.

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