Thursday, 12 September 2013

God-Father remains the most beautiful of all, all the time.

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The Ocean of Love, Purifier is praised only for One GodFather, not for any Saints.
The great mistake is to say soul is the Supreme Soul. Souls experience punishment in the womb. It is the soul who feels pain and discomforts of the body.
By body consciousness, you remember the bodily relations. If you are in soul conscious you will remember the Supreme God-Father.
You know that the Ocean of knowledge, God of Knowledge, the Creator is teaching you. Practice remembrance of God-Father whilst doing all actions.
Now, receive the unlimited inheritance from the God-Father.
You have bondages of karma in your head. Only by yoga, your sins of actions will be removed.
Christ, Buddha and other religious founders are in their final birth at this time.
At this time, even the five elements are impure. In golden age: five elements remain pure, even in old age, the teeth will remain intact. There will not be any bodily deformations. All buildings will be built by golden bricks.
Souls are travelers, souls become ugly by playing different roles.
God-Father remains the most beautiful of all, all the time.
God keeps the one safe who becomes His helper.
God-Father removes sorrows and gives happiness.
The more you remain in remembrance of God-Father, that much you will donate peace to others.
Finish the words (while talking with others) of body consciousness.
God loves you sweet sweet children, the more you do service, that much you receive love in return, from God-Father.
Finish body consciousness. There should be none but One in your awareness.
The whole world of souls will go to soul world (liberation) and very few come in golden age (liberation in life).

Blessing: May you be a Godly helper and by being in the combined form, experience God’s magic in service.
Do not consider yourself to be just a server, but serve while considering yourself to be a Godly server. With this awareness, remembrance and service will automatically be combined. When you separate Khuda (God) from khidmat (service), then, because you become alone, the destination of success seems far away. Therefore, do not consider yourself to just be a helper, but that you are a helper of God. Constantly remember this name and service will be filled with God’s magic and the impossible will become possible.

Slogan: In order to be a karma yogi, be seated on the lotus-seat (be loving and detached).

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