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To experience a constant and stable stage, experience all forms of sweetness through the one God-Father.

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16th August 2013
God Says....

Sweet children, you have now become like diamonds from shells. To attain God’s lap means to become like a diamond. Shrimat makes you become like diamonds.

Question: What is the reason that some receive a royal status in the golden age whereas others receive the status of a servant or a subject?
Answer: Those who study the knowledge of the Ocean of Knowledge very well and imbibe it, those who donate the jewels of knowledge to others and make them similar to themselves at the confluence age receive a royal status in the golden age. Those who are careless or create conflict by coming into body consciousness claim the status of a subject. Those who do not pay attention to this study become servants.

Essence for dharna:
1. Definitely have regard for the Father, the Teacher and the Satguru, who gives you happiness. To follow His instructions means to have regard for Him.
2. While doing your housework consider yourself to be a student of God, the Father. Pay full attention to this study. Never miss a murli. Earn a true income for the land of truth.

Blessing: May you be a knower of all secrets and remain constantly happy by pleasing the Father with your honest heart.
Children who please the Father with their honest hearts receive from BapDada the blessing of remaining constantly happy with their own sanskars and in the gathering. That is, they become knowers of all secrets. To know the secrets of your own sanskars and the sanskars of others, to know the adverse situations is the stage of being a knower of all secrets. By giving your chart to the Father with an honest heart and by having loving heart-to-heart  conversations, you experience constant closeness and the past accounts finish.

Slogan: Those who please the Bestower, the Bestower of Fortune and the Bestower of Blessings with their honest hearts remain in spiritual pleasure.

15th August 2013
GOD SAYS......
Sweet children, while paying attention to the philosophy of action, neutral action and sinful action, don't perform any sinful actions with your physical sense organs. Make a donation and the bad omens of the eclipse will be removed.

Question: By following Father Adam-Brahma in which aspect do you children become seated on the throne in the future?
Answer: Father Brahma surrendered everything he had including his body and gave everything to serve the children in the name of God. He insured himself directly and thereby received the kingdom of the world. Follow the father in the same way. You have to claim the certificate of being worthy. Become real children and serve with your bodies, minds and wealth. Become the Father's true helpers. By insuring everything, you can claim a right to a kingdom for 21 births.

Song:     Do not forget the days of your childhood

Essence for dharna:
1. After taking a Godly birth don’t perform any wrong actions. Become a worthy child. Remove the defects and imbibe divine virtues.
2.            Become Godly helpers and make others equal to yourselves by doing spiritual service. Take three feet of land and open a spiritual hospital cum college. Become a full helper with your body, mind and wealth.

Blessing: May you be a carefree emperor who makes the self valuable with all specialities.
The Father Himself offers you children: Children, become worthy right hands. Become worthy servers. Those who become worthy are carefree emperors. Whether they are physical specialities or specialities of knowledge, they make human beings valuable. If there are no specialities, there is no value. The speciality of spiritual service is the greatest speciality. Nothing can stop such special and worthy souls. To be worthy means to have the awareness “Mine is one Baba (GodFather)” and not to have anything else in your intellect.

Slogan: In order to experience a constant and stable stage, experience all forms of sweetness through the one God-Father.

14th July 2013
God says....

Sweet children, become victorious by having faith in the intellect. Only on the basis of faith can you become worthy of the kingdom of heaven. The first faith you need to have is that God has become the Teacher and is teaching you.

Question: Although the Father is the Almighty Authority, why does He not do everything through inspiration?
Answer: Baba says: I am the Ocean of Knowledge. I have to come to speak knowledge. If a professor were to sit at home, how would he be able to teach? I have to educate you children and make you worthy and give you the inheritance of heaven. This is why I come and take the support of a body. You children should not have the slightest doubt about this.

Song:     The rain of knowledge is for those who are with the Beloved

Essence for dharna:
1.            Don’t be influenced by any old habits and thereby perform wrong actions. Renounce the habit of body consciousness and complete the course of remaining soul conscious.
2.            Never fluctuate in your faith. For as long as you live, you have to study and teach others.

Blessing: May you be a true server who does subtle service at a fast speed by paying attention to being in solitude and having concentration.
In order to serve the unlimited souls of the world while sitting far away, your mind and intellect have to remain constantly free. Do not keep your mind and intellect busy in trivial ordinary matters. In order to do subtle service at a fast speed, pay attention to solitude and concentration. Even while being busy, find a few moments every now and again and experience solitude. Even though the external situations may be of upheaval, let your mind and intellect become concentrated in the depths of One whenever you want in a second, for only then will you be a true server who is able to become an instrument for unlimited service.

Slogan: A gyani soul is one who understands every secret of knowledge and performs every action while being raazyukt, yuktiyukt and yogyukt.

13th August 2013
God says......
Sweet children, you have to accumulate your account of charity for 21 births and burn your account of sin with the power of yoga. Therefore, become introverted.

Question: By following which shrimat will you easily be able to make the effort of going beyond sound?
Answer: Shrimat says: Children, become introverted; do not say anything. When you follow this shrimat, you will easily be able to go beyond sound. The more you stay in remembrance and spin the discus of self-realisation, the more income you will accumulate. The time of amrit vela is very good for remembrance. Wake up at that time, sit down, become introverted and stabilise yourself in your original religion.

Song:     You spent the night in sleeping and the day in eating.

Essence for dharna:
1. Wake up early in the morning and definitely sit in remembrance. Don't be careless about this. Accumulate your account of charity.
2.            While keeping your aim and objective in your intellect, imbibe good manners. Definitely study the spiritual study and become introverted.

Blessing: May you be a world benefactor who transforms the world with your pure and powerful feelings.
You children constantly have the pure feeling in your minds to benefit everyone, that every soul should become happy for many births and become full of attainments. The fruit of these pure and powerful feelings of yours is the transformation of the souls of the world. As you make progress, transformation of everything, including the elements, will take place because, according to thedrama, you confluence-aged, elevated souls have received the blessing of receiving instant fruit. Therefore, all the souls who come into your relationship and connection with you will experience the fruit of peace and love at that time.

Slogan: Make decisions while stable in the trikaldarshi stage and you will have success in every action. 

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