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God,The Father is bodiless, and so experience your bodiless angelic stage. Do not keep thinking or talking about what has passed.

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17/03/15      Morning Murli     BapDada      Madhuban

Sweet children,

You children are now being showered with the rain of  knowledge.  All  of  you  are  now confluence aged. All other humans are iron aged. At present, people in the world have many different ideas and opinions. You children only have one direction.  You receive the one direction from God alone.  People on the path of devotion chant, do penance and go on pilgrimages etc; they think that those are the ways to attain God. They say that only after performing devotion can one attain God, but they do not know when devotion begins or how long it lasts. They simply say that they attain God by performing devotion. This is why they do many types of devotion. They believe that they have been continuing to do devotion from the beginning of time. They think that they will definitely attain God one day, that they will attain God in one form or another. What will He do? He will definitely grant salvation because He is the Bestower of Salvation for all. They do not know who God is or when He comes even though they sing various praise of Him, that He is the Purifier, the Ocean of Knowledge. Only through knowledge is there salvation. They know that God is incorporeal, just as we souls are incorporeal. Then we take bodies. We souls reside with the Father in the supreme abode. We are not residents of this place.  They are not able to tell you accurately of the place where you originally reside. Some think that they will go to heaven but no one is able to go directly to heaven from here. Some say that they will merge into the eternal light. That too is wrong That would make souls perishable. There cannot be eternal liberation (moksh). Since they speak of the eternally predestined drama, it indicates that the cycle continues to turn.

History and geography continue to repeat. However, they do not know how the cycle turns. They neither know the cycle nor God. They wander around so much on the path of devotion. You know who God is. You call God "Father". Therefore, because we each have a physical father and yet we still remember that One, it should enter the intellect that there are two fathers - lokik (of this world) and the Parlokik (beyond this world). People do so much devotion in order to attain that parlokik Father. He resides in Parlok (the world beyond). There is definitely the incorporeal world. You know very well that everything that people do belongs to the path of devotion. Devotion and only devotion has continued in the kingdom of Ravan. There cannot be any knowledge. There can never be salvation through devotion. People remember the Father who grants  salvation. Therefore, He must surely have come at some time and granted salvation. You know that this world is totally tamopradhan. It was once satopradhan; it is now tamopradhan. So many upheavals continue to take place. There is so much chaos and robbers continue to loot everything. They beat people up and loot their money. They make them inhale all sorts of drugs to make them unconscious. This is the kingdom of Ravan.

This is a huge unlimited play. It takes 5000 years to go around the cycle. A play is like a drama (film); this wouldn't be called a play. If an actor in a play falls ill, he can be replaced but that is not possible in this drama. This drama is eternal. For instance, if someone is ill, it would be said that it is fixed in the drama for him to become ill. This drama is eternally predestined. When you explain to others about this drama they become confused. You know that this drama is unlimited. The same actors will be there after a cycle. Just as it is raining now, so it will be raining again after a cycle. In the same way, there will also be the same upheavals. You children know that this rain of knowledge doesn't fall on everyone. However, the sound that God, the Ocean of Knowledge, has come will definitely reach everyone. Your main subject is yoga. Only you listen to this rain of knowledge, but that rain rains over the whole world. Through your yoga there is constant peace. You tell everyone that God has come in order to establish heaven. However, many call themselves God, so who would believe you? This is why the Father says that only a few out of many will emerge. Amongst you, you also understand, numberwise, that God, the Father, has come. You have to take your inheritance from the Father. The Father has also explained how you should remember Him. Consider yourself to be a soul. People have become body conscious. The Father says: Only when all human souls have become impure do I come. You have become so tamopradhan! I have now come to make you satopradhan. In the previous cycle too, I explained how you can become satopradhan from tamopradhan: Simply remember Me! I have come to give you My own introduction and that of creation. Everyone in the kingdom of Ravan remembers the Father.   Souls remember their Father.  

Gos, the Father is bodiless. He is a point. He is given a name.  You are called saligrams and the Father is called Shiva.  It is the bodies of you children that are given names, whereas the Father is the Supreme Soul; He does not have to take a body. He has entered this one. This is the body of Brahma; it is not this one who is called Shiva. Your name is soul and you enter a body. The Supreme Soul is the Father of all souls. Therefore, everyone has two fathers: one is incorporeal and the other is corporeal. This one is then called the alokik wonderful father. There are so many children. Since there are so many Prajapita Brahma Kumars and Kumaris, people are unable to understand this. They are not able to understand what type of religion this is. You know that the words "kumars and kumaris" belong to the family path. There are parents and sons and daughters. On the path of devotion, they remember Him: You are the Mother; You are the Father. You have now found the Mother and Father and He has adopted you. No one is adopted in the golden age; there is no mention of adoption there. This word exists here. Other fathers are limited whereas that One is the unlimited Father. This is an unlimited adoption. This is a very deep secret and worth understanding. You do not fully explain anything to anyone. Whenever someone first comes here and says that he wants to have a glimpse of our guru, say to him: This is not a temple. Just look at what is written on the board. There are so many Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. All of them are the children of Prajapita. You too are one of the people.

God creates the world and He creates us too through the lotus lips of Brahma. We belong to the new world, whereas you belong to the old world.  It is during the confluence age that we are made to belong to the new world.  This is the age for becoming the most elevated human beings. You are standing at the confluence age whereas everyone else is in the iron age. It is as though there is a partition. Just look how many partitions there are now! The head of each religion wants to look after his own people and keep their equals and everyone in their own religion happy so that no one leaves their state. Previously, a king had a right over all his people. The king was considered to be the parent, the provider of food. There are no longer any kings or queens. Everything has been split into pieces. There is so much upheaval and chaos. There are sudden floods and earthquakes. All of this is death through sorrow. Only you Brahmins now understand that you are all brothers. Therefore, you should live with one another with a lot of love, like milk and sugar. You are the children of the one Father. Therefore, there should be a lot of love amongst you. The lamb and the lion are very firm enemies and yet they drink water from the same pool in the kingdom of Rama. Here, there is fighting in every home. There are wars between nations. Because of their many different opinions, they even fight amongst themselves. You now know that you have taken your inheritance from the Father many times, and that you then lost it. That is, you conquer Ravan and you are then defeated by him.

We become the masters of the world by following the shrimat of the one Father. This is why He is called God, the Highest on High. He is called the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness for all. He is now showing you the path to happiness. You children should be like milk and sugar with one another. People of the world are all like salt water; they do not take long to kill one another. You are the children of God, and so you should be like milk and sugar. You children of God are even higher than the deities. You become the Father's helpers so much. You help Him to make people elevated. Therefore, you should know in your hearts that you too are elevated human beings. Do you have divine virtues? Someone who has devilish traits wouldn't be considered to be a child of the Father. This is why it is said that one who defames the Satguru cannot reach the destination. Iron-aged gurus say this of themselves and make  people  afraid. Therefore, the Father explains to you children: Worthy children are those who glorify the Father's name and live together like milk and sugar. The Father always says: Remain like milk and sugar. Do not fight and become like salt water. It is here that you have to become like milk and sugar. You must have a lot of love for one another because you are all God's children. It is because God is the most lovely One that everyone remembers Him. Therefore,  you should have a lot of love for one another. Otherwise, you cause the Father's honour to be lost. How can the children of God be like salt water with one another? How could they then claim a status? The Father says: Live like milk and sugar with one another.  If you are like salt water, you will not be able to imbibe virtues. So how would you claim a high status if you do not follow the Father's directions?

By becoming body conscious, you fight with one another. If you are soul conscious, there cannot be any conflict. You have found God, the Father, and so you have to imbibe divine virtues. You souls have to become like the Father.  Just as the Father has purity, happiness and love etc., so you have to become like Him.  Otherwise, you will not be able to claim a high status.  Study with the Father and claim a high status. Those who bring benefit to many are able to become kings and queens. All the rest become maids and servants. Any of you can understand what you will become. Someone who is studying can understand for himself how, according to that, he is going to glorify Baba's name.   The children of God should be most lovely, so that anyone who sees them becomes very happy. Baba too should find them very sweet. First of all, one's own home has to be reformed - first the family and then others. Whilst living in your households, stay as pure as a lotus and live like milk and sugar. Anyone who sees you should say: Oho, this is heaven! Prior to knowledge, Baba had seen such families, six or seven married sons living in the same family, all waking up early in the morning and performing devotion. There was absolute peace in the house. You belong to God's family. Swans and storks cannot live together. You have to become swans. Baba would not be pleased if you became like salt water. The Father would say: You defame My name so much! If you  do not live like milk and  sugar you  will not claim a high status in heaven.  You will experience a lot of punishment. If, after belonging to the Father, you become like salt water, you will experience one hundred-fold punishment and will continue to have visions of the status you will claim. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Blessing: May you be a soul who is lost in love and full of love and attainment who makes others unconscious with the arrow of love.  

In a general way, when people are lost in love for another, from their faces, eyes and words you experience them to be lost in love, as though they are lovers. Similarly, when you go on to a stage, the more that the love for the Father has emerged, the more the arrow of love will make others unconscious with love. Let there not be any form of having to think of a link in your lectures or of repeating points, but let there be the form of being full of love and attainment and of your being an embodiment of one who is absorbed in love.  When you speak as an authority, it will have an impact.

Slogan: Bring the time of completion close through perfection.

16/03/15      Morning Murli          BapDada      Madhuban

Sweet children,

Song: Salutations to Shiva.

You are sitting directly in front of the One whom the devotees praise.  Therefore, you should have so much happiness. You say to Him: Salutations to Shiva. However, you don't have to pay homage. Children remember their father; they don't pay homage to him. That One is also the Father; you receive an inheritance from Him. You don't pay homage to Him, you remember Him.  The soul in the body remembers Him. The Father has taken this body on loan. He shows us the way to claim our unlimited inheritance from the Father. You also know very well that the golden age is the land of happiness and that the place where souls reside is called the land of peace.  It is in your intellects: We are residents of the land of peace. This iron age is definitely called the land of sorrow.  You know that we souls are now studying to go to heaven, to become deities from human beings. Lakshmi and Narayan are deities. You have to become deities from human beings for the new world. You are studying with the Father. Each one studies to a different extent. The efforts some of you make are very intense whereas the efforts of others are slack. Those who are satopradhan effort-makers enable others to make effort numberwise, in order to make them equal to themselves. They bring benefit to many. To the extent that you fill your aprons with wealth and donate it, so there will accordingly be that much benefit. Human beings donate. Then, in the next birth, they receive the return of that for a short time. In that, too, there is a little happiness and the rest is sorrow and only sorrow. You, however, receive the happiness of heaven for 21 births. Look how different the happiness of heaven is from this sorrow. You receive unlimited happiness in heaven from the unlimited Father.

People donate and perform acts of charity in the name of God. That is indirect. You are now directly in front of Him. The Father now sits here and explains: On the path of devotion, if donations and charity are carried out in the name of God, people then receive the return of that in their next birth. If someone does something good, he receives a good return; if someone does something bad or commits sin, etc., he receives the return of that accordingly.  Here, in the iron age, sins continue to be committed; charity is not performed at all. At the most, happiness is received temporarily. However, you become constantly happy for your future 21 births in the golden age. Its name is the land of happiness. You can write in the exhibitions that this is the path to the land of peace and the land of happiness. This is the easy path to go to the land of peace and the land of happiness. It is now the iron age. This is the easy road for going from the iron age to the golden age, from the impure world to the pure world without spending a shell. Human beings will then understand. Because they have stone intellects, the Father makes it very easy to explain to them. Its name, after all, is easy Raja Yoga, easy knowledge.  The Father makes you children so sensible. Lakshmi and Narayan are sensible Many things have been written about Krishna, but they are false allegations. Krishna said: "Ma, I didn't eat the butter." They don't even understand the meaning of: "I didn't eat the butter." Then, who did? A child is fed milk. Would a child eat butter or would he drink milk? All of those things that they have portrayed, such as breaking the butter pot etc., didn't happen.  He is, after all, the first prince of heaven. Praise is only of one Shiv Baba.  No one else in the world is praised. At this time, everyone is impure but there is also praise of the path of devotion.

The rosary of devotees is remembered. Among the females, Meera is famous; among the males, mainly Narad has been remembered. You know that that one is the rosary of devotees and that the other is the rosary of knowledge. From the rosary of devotees, they become part of the rosary of Rudra. Then the rosary of Vishnu is created from the rosary of Rudra. The rosary of Rudra is of the confluence age. This secret is in the intellects of you children. The Father sits directly in front of you and explains all of these things. When you sit directly in front of Baba, you should have goose pimples. Oho, my hundred fold fortune! From being one hundred per cent unfortunate we become one hundred times fortunate. Kumaris have not experienced the sword of lust. The Father says: That is the sword of lust.  Knowledge is also called a sword.  The Father has said: Weapons of knowledge have been shown on the goddesses as physical weapons. Those are violent things. Human beings don't know what the discus of self-realisation is. By portraying Krishna in the scriptures with the discus of self-realisation,   they have shown violence and  only  violence.  In fact, that is a matter of knowledge. You have now become spinners of the discus of self-realisation. They have shown that as a thing of violence. You children have now received knowledge of the self and the cycle. Baba says: You are the mouth-born children of Brahma, the decoration of the Brahmin clan and spinners of the discus of self- realisation. Only you understand the meaning of this. You have the knowledge of 84 births and the world cycle. Initially, in the golden age, there is the sun-dynasty religion, then the moon dynasty. Both of them together are called heaven. Amongst you, all of these things are numberwise in each one's intellect. Baba has taught you, and you have studied and become clever. In the same way, you now have to bring benefit to others.

You have to become spinners of the discus of self-realisation. Until you become the mouth-born progeny of Brahma, how can you claim your inheritance from Shiv Baba? You have now become Brahmins. You shouldn't forget that you are claiming your inheritance from Shiv Baba. You should note down the points. This ladder is of 84 births. It is easy to come down a ladder. When they are climbing stairs, look how they climb with one hand pressed on the back of their waist! However, there is also a lift. Baba now comes to give you a lift. The ascending stage is attained in a second. You children should now have the happiness that it is our ascending stage. We have found our most beloved Baba. There can be nothing as lovely as He is. Sages and sannyasis, etc., whoever they are, all remember the one Beloved. All are His lovers, but who is He? They understand nothing of this.  They just say: He is omnipresent.  You now know that Shiv Baba is teaching us through this one. Shiv Baba doesn't have a body of His own. He is the Supreme Soul. The Supreme Soul means God, whose name is Shiva. Each soul has a separate name for his body. There is only the one Supreme Soul who is called Shiva. Human beings have given Him many different names. They have built a variety of temples. You now understand the meaning of that. In Bombay, there is a temple to Babulnath (Baburinath), Lord of Thorns. At this time, He changes you into flowers from thorns. He makes you into the masters of the world. So, the first main thing is: The Father of souls is One. It is only from Him that the people of Bharat receive this inheritance. Lakshmi and Narayan are the masters of Bharat. They are not from China. If they were from China, their features would be different. They belong to Bharat.

Initially, souls are beautiful and then they become ugly. Alloy is mixed into souls; they become ugly. The example is about them. A buzzing moth changes an ant and makes it equal to itself. What do sannyasis change? They make those who wear white clothes wear saffron clothes and shave their heads. You, however, take this knowledge. You will become as beautiful as Lakshmi and Narayan. Even nature is now tamopradhan; this earth is also tamopradhan. It causes damage. There are storms in the sky; they cause so much damage. Calamities and upheavals continue to take place. In this world now, there is supreme sorrow. There, there will be supreme happiness. The Father takes you from supreme sorrow to supreme happiness. Destruction of this world takes place and then everything is satopradhan. Now make effort and claim as much of the inheritance as you want to claim from the Father. Otherwise, you will have to repent at the end. "Baba came, but we didn't do anything". It is written: When the haystack is set ablaze, they will wake up from the sleep of Kumbhakarna. Then they will cry out in despair and die. After the cries of despair, there will be cries of victory. There is despair in the iron age, is there not? They continue to kill each other. Many will die. After the iron age, it will then definitely be the golden age. Between them is the confluence age. This is called the auspicious confluence age. The Father shows a good method to become satopradhan from tamopradhan.  He says: Just remember Me!  You are not to do anything else. You children don't even need to bow your heads etc. now. If someone puts his palms together in front of Baba, Baba says: Neither you, the soul, have hands, nor does the Father. So, to whom are you putting your palms together?

There shouldn't be a single sign of the path of devotion or the iron age here. O soul, why do you put your palms together? Just remember Me, the Father. Remembrance does not mean putting your palms together. Human beings will even put their palms together to the sun; some will also put their palms together to a mahatma. You don't need to put your palms together.  This is the body that I have taken on loan. If someone puts his palms together to you, you have to put your palms together to him in return. You have to understand this: I am a soul. I have to become free from the bondage of the body. We are now to return home. It is as though there is distaste for this body. This old body has to be discarded, just like the example of a snake. Even a buzzing moth has enough sense to make ants into buzzing moths. You children have to remove those who are floundering in the ocean of vices and take them into the ocean of milk. The Father now says: Let's go to the land of peace.  Human beings beat their heads so much for peace. Sannyasis don't receive the liberation-in-life of heaven. Yes, they do receive liberation; they are freed from sorrow and go and sit in the land of peace. Souls initially come down into liberation-in- life.  Then, later on, they enter lives of bondage.  Souls are satopradhan and then they come down the ladder.

At first, they experience happiness; then, while descending, they have to become tamopradhan. Now, once again the Father has come to take everyone back home. The Father says: Remember Me and you will become pure. The Father has explained: When human beings leave their bodies, they suffer a great deal of difficulty because they have to experience punishment.  For example, they sacrifice themselves on the sword at Kashi because they have heard that by sacrificing oneself to Shiva, one receives liberation. You sacrifice yourselves now. So, these aspects then also continue on the path of devotion. They go and sacrifice themselves to Shiva. The Father now explains: No one can return to the home.  Yes, they sacrifice themselves so much that their sins are cut away. Then the accounts begin again, anew. You now know this world cycle. At this time, it is everyone's descending stage.  The Father says: I come and bestow salvation on everyone. I take everyone home. However, I wouldn't take anyone impure with Me. Therefore, you become pure, so that your flame can be ignited. At the time of a wedding, they light a flame in a pot and place it on the head of the bride. This custom only exists in Bharat. It is not lit and placed on the head of the groom because it is said of the husband that he is God. How would you then ignite a light on God? The Father explains: My flame is already ignited. I ignite your flame.

The Father is also called the Flame. The people of the Brahm-Samajis believe in the flame; the flame is kept constantly lit. They only remember that; they only consider that to be God. Others then think that the little flame (the soul) will merge into the big flame (the Supreme Soul).  There are so many opinions.  The Father says: Your religion is one that gives so much happiness. In heaven, you see a lot of happiness. In the new world, you become deities. Your study is definitely for the new world. All other studies are for here. Here, you have to study and attain a status in the future. In the Gita, too, Raja Yoga was taught. Then, at the end, there was a war and nothing was left. A dog is shown with the Pandavas. Now, the Father says: I make you into gods and goddesses. Here, there are human beings who cause many different types of sorrow. By using the sword of lust, one experiences so much sorrow! So, you children should now have the happiness that the unlimited Father, the Ocean of Knowledge, is teaching us. He is the most beloved of all beloveds. We lovers remember Him for half a cycle. You have continued to remember Him. The Father says: Now that I have come, follow My directions. Consider yourself to be a soul and remember Me, the Father, and no one else. Without you having remembrance of Me, your sins will not be burnt away. Continue to ask the Surgeon for advice about everything. Baba will advise you: Fulfil your responsibilities in this way. If you follow advice, you will receive multi-millions at every step.  If advice is taken, your responsibility is finished.  Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Blessing: May you be a special server who reveals the Father with a balance of humility and authority.  

Wonders are seen where there is a balance. When you give anyone the Father's introduction with a balance of humility and the authority of truth, you will see wonders. The Father has to be revealed in this way. Your words have to be clear and filled with love, humility, sweetness, greatness and truth and then revelation will take place. While speaking, give them an experience every now and again through which they will experience your being an image that is lost in love.  Those who serve with this form are special servers.

Slogan: Even if there are no facilities available at a time of need, let there be no obstacles in your spiritual endeavour.  

15/03/15        Avyakt BapDada      Madhuban      13/03/98

Essence:  “To stabilize in the meaning of the word “Holi” means to become equal to the Father.”

Today, BapDada is seeing His children everywhere who are the holiest, highest and richest in the world. No matter whether the children are personally in front of Him or are sitting far away and are close in their hearts, BapDada is happy to see the children everywhere. Every child becomes the holiest to such an extent that no pure mahatma (pure, great soul) has ever become that or could become that throughout the entire cycle. From time to time, religious souls and great souls have remained pure, but there is a difference between their purity and your purity. You become pure at this time and you receive the attainment and reward of the purity of this time in your many future births: your bodies, minds, wealth, relations, connections and you, the souls, all remain pure. You souls and your bodies both become pure. You souls attain such purity. By becoming pure in your thoughts, words and deeds, you attain such a great reward. So you are such holiest souls. Do you consider yourselves to be such holiest souls? Have you become such souls or are you still becoming this? Is it easy to become this or a little difficult? However, you did become like this in the previous cycle and you now have to become like this again. Is this firm within you or is it that you will make do even if it is not that firm for you? No; even in your dreams impurity has to finish. You have the faith, do you not, that today, you are becoming this and that you will have become this tomorrow? So, you are the holiest and the highest.

The children of the highest-on-high Father are the highest on high. It is when you become the highest that you are worshipped. None of the highest souls of today, none of the kings that used to exist, but no longer exist, no President or Prime Minister, ever becomes worthy of being worshipped. They become worshippers and bow down in front of you souls who are becoming worthy of being worshipped and worship you. At this time, you become the masters of the world, and in the future you become the kings of kings. So, you attain the highest status. As well as this, you are also the richest in the world. Your title is “multi-multimillionaires”. Your treasures are such that the millionaires and billionaires of today even with their millions and billions, are not able to attain such treasures. The fortune of you elevated souls is being created by the Father in such a way that you experience and even speak of having multimillions with every step you take. Are there multimillions in your every step or is it a one hundred-fold or a thousand-fold? Not even the greatest millionaire can earn such an income! How much time does it take to take a step? When you take a step, how long does it take time? A second! OK, it may take two seconds. Even if you say it takes two seconds to take a step, you earn multimillions in every two seconds! So, how many multimillions would that be at the end of a whole day? Just calculate this! Are there any such millionaires who are able to earn such an income in one day? Would there be anyone like that? So, you are the richest in the world, are you not? And your treasures are such that no fire can burn them, no water can flood them, no thieves can steal them and no rulers can snatch them away from you. It is only at this most auspicious confluence age that you are able to attain such treasures. Do you have such self-respect in your awareness? Yes or no? Those who are sitting at the back are waving their hands! All of you at the back are sitting comfortably, are you not? You are the richest in the world and so you have nothing but comfort! Even at the greatest universities, students do not sit on couches to study. However, you are the beggars who are becoming princes. You are beggars as well as princes.

To renounce everything means to become a beggar, and to have all attainments means to become a prince. Without renouncing something, you cannot receive such a huge fortune. You have received your fortune through your renunciation. You have renounced your bodies, minds, money and relations, that is, you have transformed them all. Instead of saying, “The body is mine”, you say, “The body is Yours”. By changing just the one word “mine” to “Yours”, in terms of your body, mind, money and relations, by renouncing the consciousness of “mine” in this way, you claim your right to such a fortune through this renunciation! So, what is this renunciation compared to the fortune you receive? It’s only a small thing or is this a big thing?  It sometimes feels like something big.  To say, “Yours”, means to make a big thing small, and to say “mine”, means to make a small thing big. No matter what happens, even if you have a problem a hundred times bigger than the Himalayas, when you say, “Yours”, it means you make a mountain into cotton wool - not even a mustard seed, but cotton wool within a second. Do not just say, “Yours”. Even more, don’t just accept it as “Yours”, but also act accordingly! It is easy to transform everything through transforming just one word, is it not? You experience nothing but benefit; there can be no loss in this. By saying, “Yours”, you give all of your burdens to the Father. You say to Baba: “You know that everything is Yours; I am just an instrument”. So there is benefit in this, is there not?

You became detached and you became loved. You are loved by God, and those who are loved by God are loved by everyone in the world. You don’t just have attainment in the future, but you also have the attainment of the present time. You have already experienced this in a second; you can even try it for a second and see. When anything happens, simply say, “Yours!” Accept it, and act accordingly and see whether your burden becomes light or not. You have experienced this, have you not? All of you sitting here are experienced, are you not? What happens is that because you have had the habit of saying, “mine, mine” over a period of 63 births, you start off saying, “Yours, Yours”, but you then begin to say, “mine”; and when you say, “mine”, everything stops. Although that situation might last for an hour or two hours, or even a day, by your changing “Yours” into “mine”, the fruit of that lasts much longer. The situation may have lasted for just half-an-hour, but, whether in the form of repentance or in the form of trying to change the situation, you continue to remember that situation again and again. Therefore, the Father says to all the children: If you have love for the word, “mine”, if you have this habit or this sanskar, and feel compelled to say it, then say, “My Baba”. Many are compelled by their habits. Whenever you have the feeling of the consciousness of “mine”, then say, “My Baba”, and put an end to it there and then. Merge all the different types of “mine” into “My Baba”.

The people from Russia have dolls with many other dolls inside; each one inside the next. In the same way, you have to merge all the different types of “mine” into “My Baba” and put an end to them all. Are you able to do this? You do this, but you sometimes also go into the expansion of “mine”. At the moment, this only happens sometimes. However, it is numberwise in your changing “mine” into “Yours” for all time. There are those who are A1, those who are number one, and then those who have a number after that. You have come to celebrate Holi, haven’t you? Therefore, remember this mantra: I have now become the Father’s. I now belong to Baba. I have now become part of the Godly family, that is, I now belong here. So, did you celebrate Holi in this way? What are you going to do now? Is there still something that you have to burn or have you already burnt everything? You are not saying “yes” to this: are you still thinking about it?

Whatever festivals people celebrate on the path of devotion are just memorials, but there is some significance in their creation. First, you have to burn everything and then you celebrate. It isn’t that you celebrate first and then burn something. First incinerate away the impurity, weaknesses and defects and then celebrate. So, all of you burnt everything a long time ago, or is a small part of the scarves around your necks still to be burnt?  Or, do the Pandavas still have a small part of their bush shirts to burn?  Or is it part of the costume they are wearing that still has to be burnt? A little piece of saree isn’t still waiting to be burnt, is it? In fact, you can only the experience of the power and supersensuous joy of this spiritual and physical celebration when you have first burnt everything. To celebrate as entertainment is a different matter. For that, the confluence age is the age of experiencing pleasure. This is why people celebrate it as entertainment and you can also do that; you can celebrate in this way a great deal. However, to be coloured by God’s colour means to become equal to the Father. This is what it means to be coloured by the colour.

The Father is bodiless and avyakt, and so to experience the bodiless stage and the avyakt angelic stage is to be coloured by His colour. Perform actions, but do so as an avyakt angel. Experience the bodiless stage when you want. Your mind and intellect should be controlled by you in this way. When you order yourself to become bodiless, you should be able to become that as soon as you give that order. You become an angel. You should be able to stabilise your mind within a second in any stage you want. Don’t think that it didn’t take a long time, that it only took five seconds or that it only took two seconds. You were unable to fulfil the order, so your mind did not remain under your control.  No matter what the situation may be, even if there is some sort of fluctuation, you have to become stable amidst any fluctuation. Do you have such controlling power? Or, is it that, whilst you are thinking about becoming bodiless, time passes by and you just think about it? The Father continues to see how many children keep changing their poses. They think: I want to become bodiless. Then, they think: To become bodiless means to stabilise in the form of the soul. Then, they think: Yes, I am a soul; I am not a body, I am a soul. I came as a soul, I have to become a soul.” So, did you become bodiless whilst thinking this? Or, did you just battle to become bodiless? You ordered your mind to become bodiless in a second; you did not tell your mind to think about what it means to become bodiless or when or how you can become bodiless. So your mind didn’t obey your order! Therefore, you do not have the power to control, do you? According to the time, you need to practise. If you don’t have the power to control, many situations could cause you upheaval.  Therefore, even if you just remember the one word “Holi” that is enough. Holi means “the past is the past”, and Holi means “I now belong to the Father”. What else have you become? Holi means you have become a pure soul.  Remember the one word “Holi” and use it with its three meanings. Do not just speak about it, because Holi means that the past is the past. Yes, the past is the past. Do not keep thinking or talking about what has passed. No; stabilise in the meaning of it. Become that as soon as you think about it. It shouldn’t be that when you think about it, you remain lost in just thinking about it; no. As soon as you think about it, become that. Stabilise yourself in that.

An honouring ceremony for the double foreigners who have been in knowledge for 10 years or more was celebrated:

All of you who celebrated ceremony in this way, did you not? Did you celebrate Holi? BapDada is very happy to see every unique and lovely scene. The whole family is also happy to see such scenes. Did you see your photo very clearly? Did you like it? Did you just see your face or did you also see the stage of your mind? You saw your face in this mirror and that was very good. You did very well. However, did you also see your stage in the mirror of knowledge? It is good. BapDada does not see whether you have been continuing on this path for 10 years or 15 years, but that you have remained eternal and immortal whilst continuing for so long. Baba is happy to see this. You have performed great wonders. You changed the culture, country, customs and systems and sanskars that you had of double foreigners and became residents of Bharat.  What would you call yourselves now?  Are you residents of Madhuban or residents of America or London? Where are you from? Are you from Madhuban? (We are residents of Madhuban.) Do you not remember America or Russia? Madhuban is your permanent address whereas America, Russia, Africa, Australia, Japan and everywhere else are all your service stations. Your permanent residential address is Madhuban; you have taken different names and forms and adopted different languages and different cultures just for service. Otherwise, if you hadn’t taken birth there, how many languages would the sisters from Bharat have had to learn? How many languages would they have to learn? So, all of you went there for service. BapDada has seen that double foreigners are very keen to open centres. As soon as they have a flat, they open a centre. That too is good! That is why there are so many centres in so many countries.

BapDada is giving many, many, many congratulations to the double foreigners for their zeal and enthusiasm. You have spread service very well in a short time. So, you are fast! How many years has it been since service began in the foreign lands? How many years has it been since service began in London? (In 1998, it was 27 years). It has been 62 years in Bharat and 27 years abroad. So BapDada is happy to see how much service has expanded.  Now, only one type of service remains.  BapDada would not let you be just like that! It isn’t that service has already finished. No; there is still more to be done!

BapDada is signalling all the double foreigners about your future service.  You now have to serve the media to a greater extent. The newspapers from abroad will serve Bharat. This has now started to happen a little due to one reason or another. However, just as when establishment started, the news of that was published abroad in the newspapers, so now too, let such things be mentioned in the papers abroad that the eyes of the people of Bharat open. Things have started to be written in the newspapers of Bharat, but it is the newspapers abroad that will awaken Bharat. Just as you have mentioned the Brahma Kumaris on the website on the computer, so your name should now also be mentioned on the world radio. Anyone who wants to get information about the Brahma Kumaris can do so from their computer. You have put very good information on it, but no one knows about it. The people of Bharat would be able to take benefit, but it hasn’t as yet been advertised. You have created a good invention. Double foreigners are able to receive benefit very well through these material facilities. Everyone in Bharat listens to the BBC News. So, there should be something mentioned in that news. Then see how much the sound of you will spread everywhere. Now perform this wonder! Now introduce yourselves in this way. Your name appears on local TV and radio all the time, but the sound of your name should now spread in such a way that even those who have never heard of you before will come to hear about you. You do something new every year. You make plans for something new. You also hold many meetings. Do a lot more like that! When you children maintain courage, the Father helps. Someone just has to become the instrument for this. Because it is fixed in the drama for every task to happen, someone or other becomes an instrument for that; someone becomes an instrument at the right time. So, someone has to become the instrument for this task too. Achcha.

To the holiest souls in all directions, to the highest souls who remain constantly stable in the highest stage, to the richest souls who are full of all treasures, to those who accumulate multimillions with their every step, to the elevated souls who are to become equal to the Father, to the souls who are the masters, the children of the Ocean of Forgiveness, and so have mercy and forgive everyone, to the souls who give all the unhappy souls of the world a drop of peace and happiness by giving them a powerful current of light and might, to the deep intense effort-makers who constantly keep their account of accumulation full at every moment, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

Blessing: May you be a master comforter of hearts and give comfort to each one’s heart by being an image that grants blessings, the same as the Father.  

Children who are images that grant blessings, the same as the Father, never see anyone’s weaknesses and are merciful towards everyone. Just as the Father doesn’t keep anyone’s weakness in His heart, similarly, children who are images that grant blessings never allow anyone’s weaknesses to enter their hearts. They are master comforters of hearts who give comfort to each one’s heart and this is why, whether someone is a companion or a subject, they all sing praise of one such as this. Blessings emerge from within each one that that one is always loving and co-operative with them.

Slogan: At the confluence age, elevated souls are those who are always carefree emperors.

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