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The public at large is tired of all problems. Now, you children remove everyone’s tiredness.

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08/03/15       Avyakt BapDada      Madhuban      12/11/79

Essence:  “At Amrit vela, the time of blessings, hear the call of those who are calling out and uplift them.”

Today, at amrit vela, BapDada was hearing the melody of love being sung by His lovely children everywhere. That love is returned by Bap, the One who resides in the far-away land, and Dada who resides in the subtle region, by becoming a resident of the corporeal world like you children. The way you can prove your love is to become equal to the Father. So, BapDada is giving the return of your love by becoming equal to you. Therefore, how should you children give a return? Since the Father can become equal to His children, His children also have to become equal to their Father. This is the way to give the return of the love.

What special equality will you reveal this year? The speed of time is very fast. All the souls of the whole world are making a special request to BapDada in different forms through their thoughts and to you supremely worthy of worship souls. Since you are the ones who will fulfil their request, are you able to hear them making that request?

Amrit vela is the time for the stage of being beyond the environment of the tamoguni atmosphere and vibrations everywhere, that is, the influence of the tamoguni vibrations is submerged. At such a time, you are easily able to hear their calls and benefit them. It is easy to hear their calls at that time and it is also easy to uplift them. It is easy to take blessings and easy to donate them, because the atmosphere at that time is such that it can transform one’s attitude. At that time, because of the special canopy of the Father’s blessings, the stage of all of you blessed souls is equal to the Father’s stage, which is that of a bestower who is completely full. The Father, who is the Resident of Brahmlok, especially gives the light and might of the Sun of Knowledge to His special children as a blessing. This is why that time is called the time of auspicious omens (brahm muhurat). At that time, you should be able to fix the auspicious omens of your elevated stage and deeds for the whole day ahead. You can choose whatever omens you want. As well as this, Father Brahma, who resides in the subtle region, becomes a bestower of fortune and distributes fortune, that is, nectar at amrit vela. You can take as much nectar of fortune from Father Brahma as you want. However, the urn of your intellect should be capable of holding this nectar. Let there be no obstacle or obstruction of any kind. At such a time, receiving and giving take place simultaneously; the part of receiving blessings and the part of a great donor are enacted simultaneously. Souls who have such a stage would be able to hear the calls of all other souls very clearly and also be able to uplift them. They would be able to hear them as clearly as if they were being spoken directly into their ears.

So, do you know what everyone is calling out for at present? Religious leaders, political leaders, great scientists and the public at large are all calling out for one thing: that there has to be some change very soon. Souls from all of those backgrounds are now experiencing themselves to have failed and are realising that the power of the Supreme is now needed. The lamp of this desire and the lamp of the thought of the realisation of this need have now been ignited. Now, in order to make this light even more intense, the oil of the thoughts of all you souls is needed through which, on hearing the calls of all of those souls, you are able to uplift them. (The light was repeatedly going out.) Look, even this electricity is teaching you something. Just as this light comes and goes within a second, so within a second you should be able to become those who uplift and reach the ones who are calling out. You should have this practice of coming and going. As soon as you hear their calls, you should reach them. Everyone is now calling out to be freed from having to labour and to experience attainment easily. Scientists have become tired from having worked so hard. Religious-minded souls have become tired of making spiritual endeavours. All political leaders have become tired of politicians who constantly keep moving from one party to another. The public at large is tired of all problems. Now, who is going to remove everyone’s tiredness?

The memorial of the previous cycle is written in the scriptures. It is said that God massaged the feet of Draupadi. You merciful children must now become equal to the Father and remove the tiredness of all souls. The feet of everyone’s intellects are now tired. Therefore, now switch on this awareness in each one’s intellect. This is what it means to massage the feet of their intellects.

Did you hear what you have to do this year? In a second, show a glimpse and sparkle of being an angel. This is how you can give the return of the Father’s love. By becoming an embodiment of resolution for the problems of other souls, your own problems will automatically be resolved. Therefore, now become an embodiment of resolution. Have you transformed your form to this extent in one year? Have you world transformers become self-transformers? Or, do you still have to become this? Do you have to become this, or are you now going to serve the world? It is now the time to serve everyone. As well as being the time of receiving, it is also the time of giving. Your receiving and giving should both take place in one thought. Your speed needs to be this fast.

You have been waiting a long time for this time, but, whilst waiting, have you also been preparing yourselves? You have been waiting for the Father to come, and so what would the Father look at when He does come? The preparations you have made. Have you made any special preparations? You make all the physical preparations for the season to come. You arrange all the sevadharis and you also order all the things that you are going to need so that no one will have to face any difficulty; so that no time will be wasted and no one will have to wait or queue up for anything. You find many ways to accomplish this. This is the Madhuban season for you Brahmins, but what will be the final season that is going to come? The season for granting liberation and salvation to all souls is going to come. Have you found the means to accomplish this? You mustn’t distress desperate souls by making them stand in a queue. They should simply be able to come to you and take what they want. Desperate souls cannot wait for even a second. They would cry out in distress. You prepared everything for this season, did you not? You maharathis should not have to stand in a queue, and so how can you make crippled and handicapped souls stand in a queue? Will those in London also have to queue up? Will the foreigners have to queue up? So, what are you going to do? You have to become ever ready. Neither those from Bharat nor those from abroad can become master bestowers of liberation and salvation unless they first become ever ready. Instead of staying in the effort-making life for long, you now have to remain in the stage of a bestower. Move along as bestowers at every second and all of you will be able to take a high jump in a second. When Maya sees that you are busy bestowing, she won’t attack you, but instead will salute you. Do you understand what you now have to do? As a return for your remembrance, BapDada is blessing all of you close and loving children everywhere, even if you are physically far away, in love you are close, with the blessing of becoming equal. (The light went out again.) Instead of being mischievous, you now have to become unshakeable. This is nothing. At the time of the final season, you won’t have facilities of any kind. At this moment, you have many facilities. You should practise maintaining an unshakeable attitude and awareness even in an atmosphere of upheaval. Let there not be the slightest fluctuation as to “What happened?” You are practising this. In this drama, you would of course show BapDada one or another scene of the old world would you not? Achcha.

To those who constantly uplift others, to those who are master bestowers of liberation and salvation at every second, to those whose treasure-store of all powers is always full because of being bestowers of unlimited treasures, to the tireless servers who remove everyone’s tiredness, to the children who are close and equal to the Father, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting double foreigners:

While having a constantly stable stage, do all of you keep yourselves busy in enabling all souls to have a relationship with the one Father and thus receive all attainments? Do you naturally and constantly have a stage of belonging to the one Father and none other, or do you still have to create this stage? Do you have to practise having this stage, or do you automatically have this stage? How far have you come? Since you have received the Father’s introduction and the knowledge of yourself, is there any need for your attention to be drawn again and again?

Does Maya trouble you? It is now the time for her to salute you, not to attack you. Does Maya still attack you even now? As your stage progresses with time, Maya should not attack you. Even if Maya does come, look at her while considering it to be a game. Experience it as though you are watching a limited drama as a detached observer. When you observe the drama of Maya’s games in this way, you will enjoy yourself very much and not be afraid. You should now have such a stage. No matter how fearsome the form is in which Maya comes, when you consider her to be a toy, it will then all become like a game. It is just as when a hunter can sometimes be under attack, and instead of being afraid, he becomes happy because he considers it to be hunting. All of you are Maya’s hunters. A hunter is never afraid, he is never confused, but always very happy. This time, when you leave Madhuban, go with the determined thought that you will be a player and just observe the game so that, instead of Maya attacking you abroad, she begins to salute you. Do you double foreigners agree with this? Attacks by Maya from all directions should now finish.

BapDada meeting teachers:

Teachers are those who teach. The Father also plays His part as the Teacher. Therefore, you teachers are equal to the Father; you are master world teachers. Just as the Father is the World Teacher, not just for those of Bharat, or those from abroad, but for the whole world, so you master teachers are unlimited teachers. What intoxication would unlimited teachers have? They would have unlimited intoxication, happiness, attainment and reward. Are you such teachers ? You have received the same title as the Father, and so, because you have this title, you should also have the same duties and the same virtues. So, do you always maintain an unlimited awareness? Your stage should also be unlimited. To have body consciousness is to have a limited stage, whereas to become soul conscious is to have an unlimited stage. When you become body conscious, there are many types of limitations, for example: “I am female’'. This too is a limitation. Because you have to work through your body, you also see all the many types of limitations of karmic bondages you have. When you become soul conscious, all of those bondages will end. So, let your stage also remain unlimited, that is, always remain soul conscious.

Teachers are those who maintain an unlimited awareness. Teachers are those who are free from bondage. You all say that to be free from bondage is to experience liberation-in-life. So, those who maintain an unlimited stage would be free from bondage and living a life of liberation. It isn’t a future life of liberation, but a life of liberation at the present time. Whilst you live in this confluence-aged Brahmin life, to become free from any tamoguni atmosphere, vibrations, attitude and attack of Maya is known as experiencing liberation in life. A teacher means one who experiences liberation in life at this time. Are you like this? This is the definition of a teacher. The title of “teacher” is no small thing!

To be a teacher means to be equal to the Father. To be a teacher means to sit on the Father’s gaddi. When you sit on someone’s gaddi, chair or seat, you have to put into practice the qualifications of that position. So, teachers are very important. Together with having this title, you also have to do the work. Are you like this? What do you think? When the Father sees the teachers, He experiences special happiness because teachers are the Father’s friends. When two friends meet, they are so happy! Therefore, teachers are the closest friends of all. So, you would also experience that happiness, would you not? It is only when you are equal that you can become friends. So, are you equal? Those who become equal at this time play their parts with Father Brahma in the special parts of life in the future. Just as friends are always together in every task, so, those who are equal teachers would be studying together from the beginning, they would play together and also rule together. Are you such equal teachers? You have promised that you will live together and die together and come into your kingdom together. You have made this promise. Are you such equal teachers?

What would indicate your being such equal teachers at the present time? Souls who are constantly equal (saman) at this time would constantly maintain their self-respect (swa-man). You would be able to see practically the self-respect of being equal. Just as the Father is constantly stable in His self-respect, so too, you souls who are equal would also constantly maintain your self-respect. You would never come down. Every step you take would be with self-respect. Seeing your self-respect, everyone would say that you are souls who have maintained your self-respect and are equal to the Father. Self-respect is your throne. Before being seated on your future throne, you would constantly be seated on the throne of your self-respect. You would not get off the throne. Are you like this? The Father sees each one of you with this elevated vision. Achcha. Are all of you content? Are you content wherever you are? To remain constantly content is also a special qualification of a teacher. The main virtue of a teacher is to remain constantly content and to make others content. If someone says that they themselves are content, but that they are unable to make others content, this would not be a qualification of a teacher. A teacher’s duty is to make others content. If you are not able to make others content yourself, you should definitely make them content with the help of someone else.

A teacher has been made an instrument to be a constant destroyer of obstacles and to destroy the obstacles of others. Anyone who comes to you with a problem should return with a solution to it. Are you such teachers?

Question: You Brahmin souls are in the list of special souls; who is able to come in this list?

Answer: Those who have one or another speciality come in the list of special souls. There isn’t a single Brahmin child who doesn’t have any speciality. The foremost speciality is that you know the Father and have attained the Father. A few out of multimillions and a handful out of those few know the Father. The Father also looks at you with the vision that you are special souls. Special souls should always be swinging in the swing of happiness. Beloved children never put their feet in the mud. You beloved children always stay in the lap of the Father’s remembrance. While doing everything, stay in the Father’s lap, do not get down. Achcha.

Blessing: May you become introverted and bring the expansion of thoughts and words into their essence.  

Pack up the expansion of waste thoughts and stabilise yourself in the form of their essence. Pack up all the wasteful sounds from your mouth and have a powerful form, that is, the form of the essence; this is introversion. Only such introverted children with the power of silence are able to show the right destination to wandering souls. This power of silence shows many types of spiritual games. With the power of silence, the sound in the mind of every soul is heard as closely as though they are speaking personally in front of you.

Slogan: To remain light in your nature, sanskars, relationships and connections means to be an angel.    

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