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When a soul is detached from his body,he forgets all his relations.By remembrance of the Father,you become free from all disease.

25/03/15   Morning Murli  BapDada   Madhuban

Sweet children,

The spiritual Father is once again explaining to the sweetest, spiritual children. He gives this explanation every day. You children understand that you are truly studying the knowledge of the Gita as you did a cycle ago. However, it is not Krishna who is teaching you; it is the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, who is teaching you. He is now, once again, teaching you Raja Yoga. You are now listening to God directly. Everything for the people of Bharat depends on the Gita. It is written in that Gita that the sacrificial fire of the knowledge of Rudra was created. This is a sacrificial fire as well as a pathshala (place of study). When the Father comes and tells us the true Gita, we attain salvation. People do not understand this. You have to remember the Father who is the Bestower of Salvation for All. Although you have been studying the Gita, due to not knowing the Creator or creation, you have been saying, "neti, neti" (He is neither this nor that). Only the true Father comes and speaks the true Gita. These are matters that have to be churned. The attention of those who are engaged in service will be drawn to this very well. Baba has said that the words, "The Ocean of Knowledge, the Purifier, the Bestower of the Knowledge of the Gita, the Supreme Beloved, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Teacher, the Supreme Satguru, God Shiva speaks", should definitely be written on each picture. You must definitely write these words so that people are able to understand that only Trimurti Shiva, the Supreme Soul, and not Shri Krishna, is the God of the Gita. You take people's opinions on this subject. The Gita is the main one for us. The Father continues to give new points every day. You should not think: Why did Baba not tell us this before? It was not in the drama. You should select new points from Baba's murlis.

People write of the "rise and fall". In Hindi, you say "The rise and fall of Bharat". Rise means the construction of the deity dynasty; there is establishment of one hundred per cent purity, peace and prosperity. Then, after half a cycle, there is the fall, the fall into the devil dynasty. There is the rise and construction of the deity dynasty. You have to write the word "destruction" with fall. Everything for you depends on the Gita. Only the Father comes and tells you the true Gita. The Father explains this every day. You children are souls anyway. The Father says: Forget the expansion of those bodies and consider yourselves to be souls. When a soul becomes detached from his body, he forgets all his relations. Therefore, the Father also says: Forget all your bodily relations, consider yourself to be a soul, and remember Me, the Father. You now have to return home. For half a cycle, you have been performing so much devotion etc. just in order to return home. In the golden age, no one makes effort to return home. There, there is nothing but happiness.

People say: Everyone remembers God at the time of sorrow but no one remembers Him at the time of happiness. However, they do not understand when there is happiness and when there is sorrow. All of our aspects are incognito. We are also the spiritual military. We are Shiv Baba's Shakti Army. No one can understand the meaning of this. They worship the deities so much, but none of them knows anyone's biography. They should at least know the biography of the one they worship. The highest worship of all is that of Shiva. There are temples to Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar, then to Lakshmi and Narayan and then to Radhe and Krishna. There isn't anyone else. They have given so many different names to the one Shiv Baba and built so many temples. The entire cycle is now in your intellects. There are principal actors in a drama, but those are limited dramas, whereas this is the unlimited drama. You know who the principal ones are in this drama. People say: O Rama, the world was never even created. A scripture has been created about this too, but they don’t understand the meaning of it. The Father has taught you children how to make very easy effort.

The easiest effort is for you to remain in complete silence. Only by remaining in silence can you claim your inheritance from Baba. You have to remember the Father. You also have to remember the world cycle. Your sins will be absolved by having remembrance of the Father, and you will become free from all disease; your lifespan will increase. By knowing the cycle, you become rulers of the globe. At present, you are the masters of hell; then you will become the masters of heaven. Every one of you becomes a master of heaven, but within that, there is then a status. To the extent that you make others become like you, so you will claim a high status. If you do not donate the imperishable jewels of knowledge, what could you receive in return? When someone is wealthy, it is said that he gave good donations and performed charity in his past birth. You children now know that everyone commits sin in the kingdom of Ravan. The most charitable souls are Lakshmi and Narayan. Yes, even Brahmins are put on a high pedestal because they make everyone elevated. That is the fruition. You mouth-born creation of Brahma, the decoration of the Brahmin clan, are performing this elevated task on the basis of shrimat. Brahma's name is the main one. People speak of Trimurti Brahma. You now have to say, “Trimurti Shiva” in every case. People speak of establishment through Brahma, destruction through Shankar. They even create a variety-form image but they neither show Shiva nor the Brahmins in that. You children have to explain this too. It is with great difficulty that this sits accurately in the intellects of some of you children as well. There are many points which you also call topics. You receive so many topics.

You become deities from human beings, the masters of the world, by listening to the true Gita from God. The topics are very good, but you also need the wisdom to be able to explain them. You should write these things clearly so that people can understand them and ask about them. This is so easy! Each point of knowledge is worth hundreds of thousands of rupees, and you become so great through them. There are multimillions (padam) in your every step. This is why they show deities with a lotus (padam). They have lost the name of you Brahmins, the mouth-born creation of Brahma. Those brahmin priests keep a Gita under their arms. Whereas they have the scriptures under their arms, you are true Brahmins and you keep the truth in your intellects. Therefore, you should have the intoxication that you are creating heaven on the basis of shrimat and that the Father is teaching you Raja Yoga. You do not have any books, but this simple badge is your true Gita. There is also the picture of the Trimurti on it, and so the whole Gita is included in that; the whole Gita is explained in a second. You can explain to anyone in a second with this badge: This is your Father and your sins will be absolved by remembering Him. When travelling by train, or when walking, continue to explain this very well to whomever you meet: Everyone has the desire to go to the land of Krishna. You can achieve that through this study. The kingdom is established through this study. None of the other founders of religions establish a kingdom. You know that you study Raja Yoga now for your future 21 births. It is such a good study. You simply have to study it for one hour every day; that is all. Other studies are for four to five hours, but one hour is enough for this; and the morning time is such that everyone is free at that time. However, those who are in bondage and cannot come at that time may come at another time. You should always have a badge. Wherever you go, continue to give this message. You cannot put a badge in the newspapers. You can print one side of it in them.

People are such that they will not be able to understand without your explaining it to them. It is very easy. Anyone can do this business. Achcha, even if you do not remember Baba, to remind others of Him is also good. Some tell others to become soul conscious, whereas they themselves remain in body consciousness, and so there is one sinful action or another performed. First, there are storms in the mind, and then they are put into action. Many storms will come into the mind, and so you have to use the intellect for that. You must never perform any bad actions. You must only perform good actions. There are good thoughts and bad thoughts, and so you should stop bad thoughts. The Father has given you that intellect. No one else can understand this. They continue to perform wrong actions. By making good effort you perform right actions. The Father continues to explain everything very clearly. Achcha.

Questions and answers from avyakt murlis:

Question: What dharna do you especially need in order to be successful with your contacts and also in service?

Answer: You will be successful when you always have the qualification to be able to mould yourself. If you are unable to mould yourself, you will not be able to reach the golden-aged stage. In order to reveal your dharna according to the time and circumstances, you have to mould yourself. Only those who mould themselves are real gold. If you do not mould yourself, you are not real gold. You saw this speciality in sakar Baba: whatever the time and the person in front of him, so was his form. So, in order to be a constant embodiment of success, you especially need this qualification.

Question: When will the world with one religion, one kingdom and one language be established?

Answer: When the stage of all Brahmins becomes constant and stable. A constant and stable stage means that all of us are one, the children of the one Father, the most elevated souls. Although the physical countries are all different - those are countries of the body - the country of the soul is just the one. When everyone makes their stage constant and stable, the world of one kingdom and one language will very quickly be established. From the time that you have become Brahmins, you have had the one thought: We will only stop after we have established such a kingdom, where everyone will be united. In order to establish this, you need to have a stage that is constant and stable.

Question: What is the easy way to become a constant yogi?

Answer: By constantly being seated on the heart-throne, you automatically become a constant yogi. Constantly keep with you the crown and throne that you have received from the Father at the present time. The crown and throne of the present time enable you to attain a crown and throne for many births. To forget the responsibility of world benevolence means to take off your crown. Your crown doesn’t come off, does it? The throne is the Father’s heart-throne. Those who are constantly seated on the Father’s heart-throne are constant and natural yogis. For them, there is no question of making any effort because, firstly, they have a very close relationship and so why would they need to work hard? Secondly, their attainment is unending. Where there is attainment, there is natural remembrance. You are such natural and easy yogis that you do not have to make any effort. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Blessing: May you be obedient and be constantly seated on the heart-throne and attain the tilak of success from the Father.  

Every day at amrit vela, the Father, the Bestower of Fortune, gives His obedient children a tilak of success. Let alone speaking the words “hard work” and “difficult”, obedient Brahmin children cannot even have these words in their thoughts. Such souls become easy yogis; therefore, never be disheartened, but always be seated on the heart-throne and be merciful. Finish the consciousness of “I” and any feeling of doubt.

Slogan: Do not think about the date of world transformation, but fix the moment of your own transformation.  

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