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This gyan and vigyan (silence) is Holi and Dhuriya is being coloured by God’s company.You children gain victory through silence.

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06/03/15      Morning Murli          BapDada      Madhuban

Sweet children,

It has been explained to you children that the scripture of the original eternal deity religion of Bharat is the Gita. However, no one knows who spoke the Gita. These are aspects of knowledge, whereas none of those festivals, such as Holi etc. belong here. They are all the festivals of the path of devotion. The only festival we celebrate is Trimurti Shiv Jayanti, that’s all. Never say simply “Shiv Jayanti”. If you don’t say the word “Trimurti” people don’t understand. “The deity sovereignty is your birthright” should be written at the bottom of the picture of the Trimurti. God Shiva is the Father. He definitely comes and makes us into the masters of heaven. You became the masters of heaven by studying Raja Yoga. There is a great deal of knowledge in the pictures. You should make such pictures that people become amazed just seeing them. Those who have done a lot of devotion will take knowledge very well, whereas those who have done less devotion will take less knowledge and also claim a lower status. Maids and servants are also numberwise. Everything depends on this study. There are very few of you who are able to speak on all of this very well and wisely. The activity of the good children would be good. They would also have beautiful virtues. To the extent that you stay in remembrance of the Father, you will accordingly continue to become pure and your behaviour will be royal. In some cases, the behaviour of shudras is very good, whereas the behaviour of some Brahmins is such, don't even ask! Your behaviour should not be such that people ask: Is God really teaching them? You must remain very sweet, like milk and sugar. Whatever you do, you will receive the reward of that. Those who do nothing will receive nothing. The Father continues to explain very well. First of all, continue to give the introduction of the unlimited Father. The picture of the Trimurti is very good. The two sides, heaven and hell, are clearly shown in the picture of the cycle. You can explain to people of any religion using the picture of the cycle or the tree that, according to this, they cannot enter heaven, the new world.

Those who were the wealthiest, who belonged to the highest religion, have now become the poorest. Those who have existed from the beginning should have the largest population, but many Hindus have been converted into other religions. Because they didn’t know their own religion, they were converted into other religions. Or, they simply say that they belong to the Hindu religion. They do not even understand their own religion. People call out to God, "O Bestower of Peace!”, but they do not understand the meaning of peace. People continue to receive peace prizes. Here, the Father gives the prize of the kingdom of the world to you children who have become the instruments to establish world peace. You receive this prize, numberwise, according to the effort you make. The One who gives this prize is God, the Father. The prize is so great! It is the sun-dynasty kingdom of the world. The history and geography of the world, all the clans etc. are now in the intellects of you children. If you want to claim the kingdom of the world you do have to make some effort! These points are very easy. You have to do whatever work the Teacher gives you. Then, Baba sees which children have the full knowledge. Some children do not even pay attention to the murli; they do not study the murli regularly. How can those who do not study the murli benefit others? There are many children who do not benefit others; they do not benefit themselves or others. This is why they are called the cavalry and the infantry. Some are maharathis. You can understand for yourselves who the maharathis are. Because some children are cavalry, they say: Baba, send Gulzar, Kumarka or Manohar because they are maharathis. The Father knows all the children very well.

 There are bad omens over some of them. Sometimes, such storms of Maya come to good children that they go crazy and become like aimless wanderers. They no longer pay attention to knowledge. Baba can understand from the service each one does. Those who do service continue to give all their news to Baba. You children know that the God of the Gita is making you into the masters of the world. There are many who earn thousands of rupees from reciting the Gita. You are the Brahmin community who then become the divine community. Everyone considers himself to be a child of God. However, they say, “I am God.” They continue to say whatever enters their minds. What a state people on the path of devotion have reached! This world is iron aged and impure. You can explain very well with this picture. Together with this knowledge, you also need divine virtues. There should be honesty inside and out. Souls have become false and the true Father is making them true. Only the Father comes and makes you into the masters of heaven. He inspires you to imbibe divine virtues. You children know that you are becoming as virtuous as Lakshmi and Narayan. Continue to check yourself to see whether there are any devilish traits in you. Whilst moving along, Maya slaps you in such a way that you fall right down.

For you, this gyan and vigyan is Holi (burning of the demon) and Dhuriya (being coloured by God’s company). Those people celebrate Holi and Dhuriya but no one knows their meaning. In fact, it is gyan and vigyan (beyond sound) through which you make yourselves elevated. Just look what they continue to do! Because this world is extreme hell, they throw dust (powder). The task of establishing the new world and destroying the old world is now taking place. Maya punches God’s children in such a way that they fall into the bog. It then becomes very difficult to remove them from that. There is no question of blessings in this. It is difficult for them to walk on this path again. This is why you have to be very cautious. In order to be protected from any attack of Maya, never become trapped in body consciousness; always remain cautious. All of you are brothers and sisters. Sisters teach you what Baba has taught them. Therefore, it is the Father’s greatness, not the sisters. It isn't even Brahma’s greatness. He too learnt this by making effort. He made effort well. He benefited himself and he now teaches you so that you can benefit yourselves. Today, it is Holi, and so you are now being given the knowledge of Holi. There is gyan and vigyan. Study is called knowledge. What is vigyan? No one knows this. Vigyan is beyond gyan. It is here that you receive the knowledge through which you attain a reward. That is the land of silence. Having played your parts here, you have become tired. Therefore, you want to go into silence. The knowledge of the cycle is now in your intellects. You are now to go to heaven. Then, whilst you are taking your 84 births, you will enter hell. You will then reach the same state again. This continues to happen. No one can be liberated from this. Some ask: Why was the drama created? Ah! but this play about the old world and the new world is eternally predestined. It is very easy to explain this by using the picture of the tree.

The main thing is to remember the Father and become pure. As you continue to make progress, you will come to know which ones belong to this clan. Those who have been converted to other religions will also emerge. When they come here people will be wonderstruck. Tell everyone to renounce body consciousness and become soul conscious. This study is a great festival through which you earn a great income. Those people waste a lot of money etc. celebrating those festivals. There is so much fighting too. There is so much fighting within local government. They even try to bribe others to kill someone. There are many such examples. You children know that there are no upheavals in the golden age, whereas there are many upheavals in the kingdom of Ravan. At present, everyone is tamopradhan. There is so much fighting because of their different opinions. Therefore, the Father explains: Continue to forget this old world, go into solitude and remember the home. Remember your land of happiness. Don’t talk to others too much. Otherwise, you will incur a loss. It is much better to speak sweetly and quietly with a lot of love. It is not good to speak a lot. It is best to remain in silence. You children gain victory through silence. You must love no one but the one Father. Take as much property as you want from the Father. There is so much fighting over the property of a physical father. There is no conflict here. You can take as much as you want by studying. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Blessing: May you be a constant and easy yogi by experiencing of the co-operation of all relationships with the Father.  

To take co-operation of the different relationships with the Father at every moment means to experience them and this is easy yoga. The Father is bound to fulfil the responsibility of the relationship at any time. Throughout the whole cycle, it is only now that you attain the mine of all experiences and this is why you have to take the co-operation of all relationships and be a constant and easy yogi because those who remain lost in the experience and attainment of all relationships easily remain beyond the atmosphere of the old world.

Slogan: To remain full of all the powers is the speciality of the Brahmin form.  


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