Monday, 13 May 2013

being beyond (unlimited with broad intellect), you will not become trapped in the bondage of the branch of karma.

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GOD SAYS.........
O My sweet, beloved children, stay awake at night and remember the most beloved Father. Become soul conscious. Shrimat says: Become as egoless as the Father.

Question: Why are the directions of Adam - Brahma as well known as the directions of Shiv Baba (Benefactor GodFather)?

Answer: Because Adam - Brahma Baba is the only specially beloved child of Shiv Baba. He has no ego of his own directions. He always says: Always think it is the Father’s shrimat. Only in that is there benefit for you. Look how egoless Baba is! He says to the mothers: Salutations to the mothers. The mothers are the Ganges of Knowledge, the Shakti Army, and they have to be kept at the front and given regard. There mustn’t be body consciousness about this.

Song:   The rain of knowledge is on those who are with the Beloved.

Essence for dharna:
1.         Become soul conscious and definitely conquer Maya-vices. Stay awake at night and remember the most beloved Father.
2.         Become incorporeal and egoless, the same as the Father. You must never even think that you are giving to Shiv Baba (God).

Blessing: May you be an embodiment of experience and give everyone the feeling of belonging by remaining beyond all limitations.
Just as “My Baba” emerges from everyone’s mind, in the same way, it should emerge from everyone, “This one belongs to me, this one is my unlimited brother or sister, didi, dadi”. No matter where you are staying, you are an instrument for unlimited service. While staying beyond all limitations, have unlimited good wishes and elevated pure feelings. This is to follow the Father. Now, experience this practically and give others this experience. Generally, you would call an elderly experienced person, “pitaji” (father) or “kakaji” (uncle). In the same way, everyone should feel experienced in an unlimited way, that is, they should have the feeling of belonging.

Slogan: Continue to fly in the flying stage with your stage of being beyond and you will not become trapped in the bondage of the branch of karma.

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