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When your mind is free from disease, you remain constantly healthy.

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GOD SAYS.......
Sweet children, in order to become heirs, surrender yourselves, that is, become destroyers of attachment to everyone. Follow the sakar father fully.

Question: What is the way to be saved from sin and to attain blessings from many souls?
Answer: In order to be saved from sin, surrender your body, mind, and wealth, everything, to the Father (by intellect). Then look after everything as a trustee. Continue to take shrimat at every step. Shrimat says: You children cannot use your money for any sinful act. To donate to sinful souls is also to become an instrument for sin being committed. Therefore, if you have wealth, open a spiritual hospital and you will receive blessings from many.

Song:     Our pilgrimage is unique.

Essence for dharna:
1.            Even if you have sinful thoughts, you must not perform any sinful actions through your physical senses. In order to attain the kingdom, you must definitely make a promise of purity.
2.            Die alive and consider yourself to be a small child. Listen to the one Father alone and study from Him alone. Forget everything else.

Blessing: May you be a double server and a trustee who has faith in the intellect and alokik feelings for the lokik.
Some children become tired while doing service and think that so-and-so is never going to change. Do not become disheartened in this way. Have faith in the intellect and continue to move along while being detached from the consciousness of “mine”. It takes some time for some souls to finish their account of devotion. So have patience, become stable in the stage of a detached observer and continue to give souls the co-operation of peace and power. Have alokik feelings for the lokik. Be a double server and a trustee.

Slogan: To make the atmosphere elevated through your elevated attitude is real service.

GOD SAYS........
Sweet children, make effort using the force of 20 nails and claim your full inheritance from the Father.  Imbibe and inspire others to imbibe.

Question: By knowing the value of which aspect can you children become instruments to benefit many?
Answer: The Father has had many beautiful medals (badges) made for you. You children should value them a lot. This badge is your true Gita. By using the badge, you can explain to anyone the beginning, the middle and the end of the world. You should always have this sign with you. Baba has had these things made with a lot of thought. They will be praised a great deal.

Song:     Mother o mother, you are the bestower of fortune!

Essence for dharna:
1.            Baba (GodFather) has come to give us our inheritance. Therefore, apply the full force of 20 nails and definitely claim your full inheritance from the Father.
2.            By having remembrance of Shiv Baba (Benefactor GodFather), become a fragrant flower and also make others that. Be far-sighted and have a broad intellect and do very good service using the locket.

Blessing: May you be an unlimited server who brings about transformation by having benevolent feelings for all.
The majority of children keep their desire in front of BapDada that such-and-such a relative of theirs should be transformed or that their family members should become their companions. However, when you have that desire simply considering those souls to be yours, then, because of that limiting wall, your pure, benevolent feelings do not reach those souls. Unlimited servers have good wishes with soul-conscious feelings, unlimited soul-conscious vision and an attitude of brotherhood and so they definitely receive the fruit of that. This is the accurate method of serving through the mind.

Slogan: Those who fill the quivers of their intellects with the arrows of knowledge and challenge Maya – vices are mahavirs.

GOD SAYS.......

Sweet children, in order to receive help from the Father and claim your full inheritance from Him, become real children. ‘Real’ means to have total renunciation and promising to remain pure.

Question: In what way is the Father full of mercy? What mercy does He constantly have for the children?
Answer: No matter how many obstacles some children create, no matter how many bad deeds they perform under the influence of Maya, if they realize their mistakes, the Father gives them refuge and says: OK, try again. Remove your defects and become virtuous. The Father is full of mercy, because He knows that the children have nowhere else to go. The Father only wants the children to remain constantly happy.

Song:     The heart desires to call You.

Essence for dharna:
1. Sacrifice yourself fully to the Father and become a real child of the Father and claim your full inheritance from Him. Become completely pure.
2. Look at yourself in the mirror and remove any evil spirits and become virtuous. Listen to the Father’s murli and imbibe it and enable others to imbibe it.

Blessing: May you be a victorious jewel and gains victory over the suffering of karma with your stage of karma yoga.
By becoming a karma yogi you will not experience any suffering of karma through the body. If you have any disease in your mind, you would be said to be diseased. When your mind is free from disease, you are constantly healthy. Simply remain cheerful while lying on a bed of snakes like Vishnu and churn knowledge. With churning power, you will have a chance to go deeper into the ocean. Only such karma yogis are able to gain victory over the suffering of karma and become victorious jewels.

Slogan: Make courage your companion and you will continue to receive success in every action.

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