Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Peace is not found in the forests, but the original nature of the soul is peace.

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GOD SAYS........Sweet children, first of all, have mercy on yourselves. Then it is your duty to show your family the true way to go to heaven. Therefore, make full effort to make them worthy too.

Question: On the basis of which race will you become the masters of Shivalaya (Kingdom of God)?
Answer: Run the race of following the Mother and Father. Make a promise of purity for just one birth. Remove your heart from hell. Shiv Baba (Godfather) is establishing Shivalaya for you where you will rule in the living form. By remembering the Father and heaven while at your business you will receive the tilak of sovereignty, that is, you will become the masters of Shivalaya.

Song:     You are the Mother and Father.

Essence for dharna:
1.            Forget your body and all bodily relations (by looking at them as a soul) and practise becoming a bodiless soul. Take shrimat from the Father and follow it at every step.
2.            Pay full attention to the study. Have the determined thought: I will remember Baba alone day and night and I will definitely do that which Baba tells me to do. Hear no evil, see no evil.

Blessing: May you have faith in the intellect and remain carefree by finishing all worries in the fire of love.

Those children who have faith in the intellect remain carefree in all situations. All their worries have finished. The Father lifted you off the pyre of worry and seated you on His heart-throne. You had love for the Father and, on the basis of that love, all your worries finished in the fire of love as though they had never existed. There is neither any worry of the body nor any waste in the mind. There is no worry about what will happen to your money. With the power of knowledge, you now know everything and so your life has become carefree, beyond all worries.

Slogan: Become so unshakeable and immovable that no problem of any type is able to move the foot of your intellect.


GOD SAYS.........Sweet children, you are spiritual social workers. You have to serve to make Bharat into heaven and make the land of sorrow into the land of happiness.

Question: In which aspect do you spiritual children become experts at the confluence age?
Answer: You have now become experts at fulfilling the desires of all human souls. Human beings desire to attain liberation or liberation-in-life and you have to fulfil that desire. You show everyone the path to peace. Peace is not found in the forests, but the original religion of the soul is peace. Become detached from your body and remember the Father and you will receive the inheritance of peace and happiness.

Song:     Look at your face in the mirror of your heart, o man!

Essence for dharna:
1.            Renounce the old world in this one birth and become the Father’s complete helpers. Give your finger of purity and remain manmanabhav.
2.            Do the service of taking Bharat into supreme peace. Detach yourself from that body, stay in remembrance of the Father and take power from Him. Give the donation of peace.

Blessing: May you be knowledge-full and cure yourself by taking the pill or injection of happiness.

Spiritual children can cure themselves of their own illness. The nourishment of happiness is such that it begins to take effect in a second. When doctors give you a powerful injection, it brings about a change. In the same way, when you children give themselves a pill of happiness or an injection of happiness, the form of their illness changes. The light and might of knowledge helps a lot in making the body function. When an illness comes, that is a means of giving rest to the intellect.

Slogan: Those who attain total success with concentration of the mind become embodiments of success.

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