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At the end, the sins that are committed come in front in a fearful form as the demons of death.

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3rd July  2013

Essence: Sweet children, the Sustainer of the whole world is the one Father. He never takes sustenance from anyone.  He is always incorporeal. Explain and prove this to everyone.

Question: What are the first and foremost signs of Godly students?

Answer: Godly students can never stay without hearing the murli. They would never say: I don’t have time to listen to the murli. Wherever they are, they would ask someone for points and study them. So many points are given. If you don't hear the murli, how can you imbibe knowledge? This is a study. The Supreme Teacher is teaching you children and so you should never miss the murli.

Song: Having found You, we have found the whole world. The earth and sky all belong to us.

Essence for dharna:

1. Become a good, clever salesman and do the business of the imperishable jewels of knowledge. In order to create an imperishable reward, connect your intellect's yoga to the one Father.

2. In order to pass with honours, become a true lover. Constantly stay in remembrance of the one Beloved.

Blessing: May you be free from any thoughts and worries by becoming a companion of the Almighty Authority and having good wishes for all.

Some children have thoughts that So-and-so should recover from his illness, that her child or husband should receive knowledge, that their business should go well. It is good to have this feeling, but these desires of yours will only be fulfilled when you yourself become light and take power from the Father. For this, you need to keep the vessel of your intellect empty. If you want to benefit everyone, you have to become a form of power, a companion of the Almighty Authority and continue to have good wishes. Become free from thoughts and worries; do not become trapped in any bondage.

Slogan: Those who remain beyond questions are the ones who remain constantly happy.


 2rd July  2013

Essence: Sweet children, keep a picture of Shiv Baba (Benefactor GodFather – point of light) in a little room. Go there again and again and sit in front of it and talk to Baba and your remembrance will then remain throughout the whole day.

Question: What new and unique type of love can only be experienced at the confluence age?

Answer: To love the Father who has no image is a new type of love. You understand that incorporeal Baba, the One without an image, has come into the corporeal one. You are sitting in front of Him. At the confluence age, you receive love directly from God. This love is new and unique. You have loved bodily beings throughout the whole cycle. Now love the bodiless Father. Such love can only exist at the confluence age.

Song: Who has come to the door of my heart in the early morning.

Essence for dharna:

1. Stop remembering everyone. Disconnect your intellect’s yoga from everyone and stay in remembrance of the one Father. Make a little room for Shiv Baba and sit in unadulterated remembrance of Him.

2. Tell yourself these sweet things: Previously, we were so beautiful. We have now completed 84 births and are going to return home in happiness. Talk to yourself in this way and spin the discus of self-realisation.

Blessing: May you be flawless and experience a life as precious as a diamond by having pure and positive thoughts for the self (swa chintan) and by having self-realisation (swa darshan).

In order to experience a life as precious as a diamond, constantly have pure and positive thoughts for the self and become a spinner of the discus of self-realisation because there are only two things that make a diamond full of flaws. One is looking at others (par darshan) and the other is thinking about others (par chintan). Being coloured by the company of these two things a clean diamond is made full of flaws. Therefore, finish these main seeds and have pure and positive thoughts for the self and spin the discus of self-realisation and there then cannot be any dust or flaws on you. You will then become a constantly flawless and true diamond, a sparkling and precious diamond.

Slogan: Only those who remember the image (chitra) and the character (charitra) of the Father without an image (Vichitra) are said to be those with a character (charitravan).


1st July  2013

Essence: Sweet children, continue to say "Baba, Baba (GodFather)" from your heart and there will be unlimited happiness. This is not just something to say, but let there be this continual remembrance internally and all your sorrow and suffering will be removed.

Question: When some children say, "Baba, my mind is confused and I have problems", what teaching does Baba give to show them how to stay in happiness?

Answer: Baba says: Children, these words that you say are wrong. It is wrong to say, "My mind is confused." When the intellect's yoga with the Father breaks, the intellect wanders and there is unhappiness. This is why Baba shows you a method: Keep your chart. Continue to say "Baba, Baba" internally. Take shrimat at every step and your confusion will finish.

Song: Dweller of the Forest, your name is the support of my life!

Essence for dharna:

1. Sacrifice your body, mind and wealth in serving Bharat to make it into heaven. Become a full helper of the Father.

2. Remain cheerful here. Don’t wilt in any situation. End all your sorrow and suffering through having remembrance of the Father.

Blessing: May you be a conqueror of sinful actions by being a knower of the deep philosophy of karma and thereby save yourself from punishment in the land of Dharamraj.

The experience of punishment is said to be the land of Dharamraj: it isn’t that the land of Dharamraj is a different place. At the end, the sins that you have committed will come in front of you in a fearful form as the demons of death. That is the moment of repentance and disinterest. Even small sins seem like evil spirits. There is great distress in repentance, therefore, in order to save yourself from that feeling of punishment, become a knower of the deep philosophy of karma and perform elevated actions and become a conqueror of sinful actions.

Slogan: Those who completely surrender themselves (by intellect) to the Father with their bodies, minds and wealth  (being a trustee performing all actions) are the ones who become the garland around His neck.



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