Sunday, 28 July 2013

to experience sweetness of the mind,remember God-Father,whenever you are free from worldly thoughts.

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Essence: Sweet children, remember that all three, your Father, Teacher and Satguru, are combined and your mercury of happiness will rise and you will continue to follow His shrimat.

Question: What is the first qualification of spiritual children? In which quality do you children have to become experts?

Answer: The first qualification of you children  is to study and teach others. Become expert in colouring others with knowledge. Even if someone insults or defames you, just keep trying to give them knowledge and you will see that they are definitely affected by it. Donate to those who are worthy of it. Be very cautious that the imperishable wealth doesn't go to waste.

Song: The rain of knowledge is on those who are with the Beloved.

Song: Jo piya ke saath hai.... जो पिया के साथ है ...

Essence for dharna:

 1. Before you can belong to the most beloved Father, you have to become a complete destroyer of attachment. When your stage becomes strong, become engaged in service.

 2. Let your heart have disinterest in this world. Be courageous in becoming pure. Be cautious and give donations to those who are worthy.

Blessing: May you be a conqueror of matter and by staying in the stage of a master wear the rosary of co-operation from matter.

Matter is now invoking you masters. The elements of nature will create upheaval everywhere but, wherever you masters of matter are, nature will become your servant and serve you. You simply have to become conquerors of matter, and matter will then garland you with the garland of co-operation. Wherever you conqueror of matter you children place your feet and wherever your places are, no damage can be caused there. Storms will come, there will be tremors, but, whereas everything outside will be like a crucifix, here, it will be like a thorn. Everyone will come running to you for physical and spiritual support.

Slogan: In order to experience alokik-spiritual happiness and sweetness of the mind, stay in the stage of manmanabhav.

July 28, 2013 (Revised 5-2-1977)

Essence: The basis of greatness and The portrait of elevated fortune.

Praise of Baba:

The Ocean of Knowledge, the Incorporeal Purifier, the Supreme Father, and the Supreme Soul Shiv Baba (Benefactor GodFather) is.... My Baba...Sweet Baba...Lovely  Baba...Kind-hearted Baba...Compassionate Baba...the True Father...the True Teacher...the Unlimited Father... the Almighty Authority...the Truth, the Living Being, the Blissful One and the Seed... the Bestower of Salvation...  Knowledge-full...

Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study:

1.   In our original form, we, the souls, are full of all virtues, 16 celestial degrees full, completely vice less, the most elevated beings who follow the highest code of conduct and are completely non-violent angels who become deities... in the eternal form we are master almighty authorities, master knowledge-full,

2.   In the present form, we, the souls,  are Godly students who study and teach others, and claim the final degree from the Godly University...we are elevated children  who have knowledge of God, who are world servers and who are easy Raja Yogis with divine virtues... we make our qualifications (lakshan) the same as our aim (lakshya), become great with the praise of all the three forms, have a life like a lotus, and make our praise of the present time into our original dharma and karma for all time....

3.    Knowledge of God: By having the stage of liberation and liberation in life in our every thought, word, deed and connection, we, the knowledge-full souls, become loving and detached, and free from bondage while performing actions... by being sensible, we experience ourselves to be constantly free from bondage and keep ourselves free from all attractions....

4.    We, the souls, are yogyukt, yuktiyukt easy Raja Yogis who are the embodiments of success by having our deeds equal to our thinking... by having divine virtues, by remaining content and making everyone content, we attain blessings of contentment from everyone, and a certificate of the Godly University.... we are constantly ignited lights who have awareness, are the conquerors of sleep and the conquerors of all obstacles and who are humble and tireless world servers and world benefactors...

Blessing: May you be a master Adam-Brahma and clearly reveal Father Adam-Brahma through your actions and stage.

Father Adam-Brahma’s original sanskar was “You first”. In any place, it was the children first. In every situation, he placed the children ahead of himself. However, it was not just for the sake of saying it, but it was with true feelings of having pure and positive thoughts for everyone. Whenever someone did something, it was for the Father’s service and whenever he did anything, it was still the Father’s service. It was never with the feeling that he should move ahead. You move forward by making others move ahead. When everyone has this feeling in themselves they can then be called master Adams-Brahmas. Then, none of you would say that you didn’t see Father Adam-Brahma. Your actions and your stage clearly revealed Father Adam-Brahma.

Slogan: Go to the bottom of the ocean with determined thoughts of concentration and you will attain diamonds and pearls of experience.

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