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Become such easy yogis that others are able to have yoga (remember GodFather) as soon as they see you.

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13th July 2013


Sweet children, when you die, the world is dead for you. To belong to the Father means to break the consciousness of the body. No one except the one Father should be remembered.

Question: What slogan should you always remember as you see the final moments coming closer?

Answer: The wealth of some will remain buried, kings will take the wealth of some and the wealth of others will be looted. Always remember this slogan because mountains of sorrow are now about to fall and everyone will die. You children now sacrifice yourselves completely to the Father. Everything of yours is being used in a worthwhile way. You sacrifice yourselves for one birth and the Father sacrifices Himself to you for 21 births. For 21 births you will not need any inheritance from your physical mothers and fathers. Then, from the copper age onwards, you receive a reward according to your actions.

Song: I am just a small child and You are the Almighty.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

1. In order to claim self-sovereignty, sacrifice yourself to the Father. Constantly keep your aim and objective in front of you. Make effort to become part of the sun dynasty.

2. Constantly keep open your third eye of knowledge which you have received from the Father. Pay total attention so that Maya doesn't enter you. Become a conqueror of sinful actions with the fire of yoga.

Blessing: May you be a master almighty authority and overcome all adverse situations by considering them to be side-scenes and thereby move forward.

Constantly maintain the awareness of your form of a master almighty authority and all adverse situations will be experienced to be side-scenes. By considering it to be an adverse situation you become afraid, but, by considering it to be a side-scene, that is, a scene on the path, you will easily be able to overcome it because when you see scenes you experience happiness and don't become afraid. The obstacle is not an obstacle but a means to move forward. By taking an exam, you move ahead in your class. Therefore, whenever any situation arises, do not stop. With the constant awareness of being a master almighty authority continue to experience the flying stage.

Slogan: Become such easy yogis that others are able to have yoga as soon as they see you.


12th July  2013


Sweet children, give the Father news of your stage with an open heart. Remembrance of the Father can only stay in a true and open heart.

Question: Although all, young and old, are at this time in their stage of retirement, what words can you not say?

Answer: Baba, now hurry up! Let’s go home! There is a lot of sorrow here. Baba says: You children can never say this because you are now sitting in front of God in person. You have now received the lap of coolness. At this time you have become the highest on high. In the golden age, the degrees will have been reduced. You will become deity children, not God's children. This is why you cannot say “Hurry up!”

Song: The heart desires to call out to You.

Essence for dharna:

1. In order to claim a scholarship, study very well. Race to be seated on the throne. While performing actions, stay in remembrance.

2. We are on a spiritual pilgrimage. Therefore, remove the remembrance of everyone else from your intellect and constantly stay in remembrance of the Father. Keep your register of remembrance good.

Blessing: May you be a satisfied and contented soul who experiences all attainments with the companionship of the Almighty Authority.

Where there is the Almighty Authority, you automatically experience all attainments. Just as when you have a seed, the whole tree is merged in it, in the same way, when you have the companionship of the Almighty Authority Father, you are constantly full of all treasures, constantly satisfied and content and constantly full. You would never be weak in any situation, you would never complain about anything and always be complete. You would not have the complaint “What can I do? How can I do this?” The queue of “Why?” has now finished. Those who remain constantly with the Father will also go back with Him.

Slogan: Just as light is merged in the eyes, in the same way, remembrance of Father Shiva (Benefactor God-Father) should be merged in your intellect.


11th July 2013

GOD SAYS........

Sweet children, this birth of yours is very precious because the Father Himself serves you at this time. He washes your clothes with Lux (Laksh-aim) soap.

Question: What question should you ask those who call Allah the Creator of the world?

Answer: Ask them: When Allah created the world, He would have needed a female too. So, who was the female for Allah? Since you say, "God, the Father" a mother is also needed. You children know this deep secret very well. The female for Allah is this Adam-Brahma. He is your senior mother. Human beings cannot understand this.

Song: Who created this play and hid Himself away?

Essence for dharna:

1. In order to become a true heir seated on the throne, promise to become pure and become a real child. Break away from everyone else and connect yourself to the One.

2. Serve to make others similar to yourselves. Become a bud from a thorn and a flower from a bud and make others into flowers. Plant the sapling of the new tree.

Blessing: May you be a gyani soul who transforms any worldly attitude and vision and who experiences being alokik.

While living in the midst of lokik relatives, do not look at the limited relationships, but look at the soul. By looking at the soul, there will either be happiness or mercy. “This poor soul is under an influence; he is ignorant of knowledge and doesn’t know anything, whereas I am a knowledgeable soul and so I will have mercy on that ignorant soul and definitely transform him with my good wishes. To transform my attitude and vision is to live a truly alokik life. You gyani souls cannot do anything that people who are not following gyan do. They should be coloured by your company.

Slogan: To glorify the name of the World Father through your elevated actions is to be a world benefactor.

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