Monday, 22 July 2013

May you experience the blessing of “tat-twam” (may you also be the same) and become equal to the God-Father.

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22nd July 2013


Sweet children, promise that you will not sleep peacefully until the golden-aged self-sovereignty is established, that you will become pure and enable others to become pure.

Question: Which death in the drama is the system of the confluence age?

Answer: Very good children who make effort to become part of the rosary of victory are amazed by the knowledge. They listen to it, they speak about it and then run away, that is, they die. It is as though this type of death has become a system of the confluence age. When you don’t follow shrimat (Directions from God), Maya (Vices) defeats you. After belonging to the Father, if you let go of His hand, it means you have died. Your fortune is then crossed out.

Song: I have come to Your doorstep having taken an oath.

Essence for dharna:

1. Have total love for the Father and become real children. Give your complete news to the Father. Never become unworthy.

2. Keep the accurate meaning of Raksha Bandhan in your intellect and definitely become pure. Never be defeated by Maya. With the power of purity, promise to claim your self-sovereignty.

Blessing:  May you constantly swing in the swing of a meeting and experience the blessing of “tat-twam” (may you also be the same) and become equal to the Father.

Just as BapDada obeys the orders of you masters and comes here to celebrate a meeting and becomes present with the lesson of “Yes, I am present”, the same applies to you. From amrit vela until the end of the day, become equal to the Father in your religion and actions and you will constantly continue to swing in the swing of a meeting. By your staying in the swing of this meeting, both matter and Maya will become your servants to push your swing. All the treasures will then become the decoration of your elevated swing.

Slogan:                 Remain constantly merged in the arms of Father Adam-Brahma and you will experience safety.

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