Saturday, 27 July 2013

Conquer sleep and remember the God-Father in every breath.

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27th July  2013


Sweet children, forget everything including your bodies and become complete beggars. Connect your intellects in yoga to the land of Shiva (destroy the vices within) and the land of Vishnu (experience light and happiness).

Question: In which aspect do you children have to become generous hearted like the Father?

Answer: Just as Baba (GodFather) becomes generous hearted and takes everything worth straws from you and gives you the sovereignty of the world, in the same way, you too have to become generous hearted. Open Godly universities everywhere. If even three or four people claim a good status, that is great fortune. Become worthy and reveal the Satguru. Never ask anyone for money.

Song:Do not forget the days of your childhood.

Essence for dharna:

1.Don’t be attracted to anything. Remain soul conscious. Always wear the armour of remembrance.

2.Conquer sleep and remember the Father in every breath. Churn knowledge and accumulate an income. Use the churning stick of the intellect.

Blessing: May you be an image that grants blessings and become equal to the Father and give everyone a blessing through your perfect form.

In Bharat, goddesses are specially remembered as the goddesses that grant blessings. However, only those who become equal to the Father and remain close become such images that grant blessings. If you are sometimes equal to the Father and not equal to the Father at other times, then, because you are still an effort-maker for yourself, you cannot become an image that grants blessings because the Father does not make effort. He is constantly a perfect image. So, when you become equal, that is, when you stay in your perfect form, you will then be said to be an image that grants blessings.

Slogan: Run fast in the race of remembrance and you will become a garland around the Father’s neck and a bead of the rosary of victory.  

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