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Be an embodiment of knowledge,light,peace and happiness in every deed.Do not think too much!Think,do and finish.

At the University of London, Cattell worked with Charles Spearman who was developing factor analysis to aid in his quest to discover the basic factors of human ability. Cattell thought that could also be applied to the area of personality. He reasoned that human personality must have basic, underlying, universal dimensions just as the physical world had basic building blocks (like oxygen and hydrogen). He felt that if the basic building blocks of personality were discovered and measured, then human behavior (e.g., creativity, leadership, altruism, or aggression) could become increasingly understandable and predictable.

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29/06/14    Madhuban     Avyakt     BapDada        16/02/78

Essence:  “Be one who has a right to the world and so respect from all”

Today, BapDada was seeing something special in the children’s eyes and the lines on their foreheads. Do you know what that was? It is that which you tell others as part of the introduction, about what you are attaining from the Father for 21 births. You issue this challenge, do you not? You receive the three attainments of being ever healthy, wealthy and happy for 21 births on the basis of the attainments you receive at the present time. Today, BapDada was seeing the line of attainment of each child on their foreheads and in their eyes. Until now, according to the challenge, how much have you put into practical form the word “constantly”? In your challenge, you do not just say, “Healthy and wealthy’, but you say, “Ever healthy and wealthy”. First is the present and then, on the basis of the present, is the future. BapDada is underlining the word, “constantly” and seeing the result. What would the result be? Are these words of the present or of the future? Do you need such a stage for service at the present time or for some time in the future? By using your body, mind and wealth, thoughts, words and deeds in every type of service simultaneously, you easily achieve success. Do you experience such a stage?
Just as there is physical illness due to the influences of the weather, the environment and your diet, similarly, this affects the state of your mind. Instead of being ever healthy, you become diseased. However, one who is ever healthy remains safe in all these aspects because of being knowledge-full. Similarly, one who is ever wealthy will be constantly full of the treasures of all powers, all virtues and complete knowledge. Such a soul would never use words or create thoughts which show a lack in terms of the powers, such as, “What can I do? How can I do this? I wish to do this but am unable to do it.” Such a soul would constantly experience being an image of fullness. All other poor souls, seeing one who is full and whilst under the canopy of that one’s fullness, would experience being filled with zeal and enthusiasm. Similarly, one who is ever happy is always happy. Even if there is an atmosphere causing waves of great sorrow, an atmosphere without any enjoyment or an atmosphere where there is the experience of a lack of attainment, such souls will remain constantly happy even in those circumstances. They will transform the atmosphere of sorrow and unhappiness with the sparkle of their happiness just as the sun transforms darkness. To bring light into the midst of darkness, to bring peace into the midst of peacelessness and to bring a sparkle of happiness into an atmosphere without any enjoyment means to be ever happy. Such service is needed at this time, not in the future.
Today, BapDada was seeing whether each one’s line of attainment was constant and clear. People look at their lifelines on their hands, as to whether they have a long life free from illness. BapDada too was looking at the lines. Have you had all three attainments constantly from the moment of birth or have those lines of attainment broken from time to time? Have they remained for a long period or for a short time? As a result, BapDada saw that there was a great deal lacking in the constancy and clarity of the lines. There were very few whose lines were unbroken; and even those unbroken lines were not that clear; they were almost invisible. However, past is past. According to the present time whilst you are playing hero or heroine parts on the stage of world service, these three attainments should be constantly and clearly visible on your forehead and in your eyes. You can only play the part of a world benefactor on the basis of these three attainments. Today, all souls need these three attainments. Let those souls who lack these attainments experience these attainments and put your challenge into a practical form. Sorrowful, peaceless souls, diseased and weak souls, are very thirsty for a second’s attainment of just one drop. They will have the courage, zeal and enthusiasm to know how to live a human life when they see your fortune of happiness and your constantly smiling face.
At present, while alive, they are sitting on the pyre of hopelessness. Enable such souls to die alive. Give them the donation of a new life, that is, make them full of these three attainments. Always be aware of all three attainments as your birthright. Doubly underline all three for imbibing practically. Become those who create an impact on others. Do not be influenced by nature, the atmosphere or the circumstances, in the same way as a lotus is not influenced by the water or the mud around it. “This happens all the time”, “at least this much should happen”, “no one has become this yet”. Do not be influenced by these words. Even if no one else has become this yet, it doesn’t matter, you can become this and show everyone. Just as you have the pure thought of claiming the number one position and becoming the world emperor, so too, at the present time, think: I will become this first. I will follow the father and demonstrate it by becoming the number one example. Keep this aim. Continue to imbibe the qualifications of the aim. Have the determined thought to be the first one in this. Do not look at others in this; simply look at the self and see the father. Only then would it be said that your practice is the same as the challenge you issued.
Achcha, Baba has spoken a great deal and you have also heard a great deal. This time, BapDada has not come just to speak to you, but also to see and He is relating what He has seen. The Father knows that whoever is to become this are amongst these souls. You are the ones with all rights, but you still have to be reminded time and again. Achcha.
To the souls who have a right to the fortune of the kingdom of the world, to those who have a right to all attainments from the Father, to those who have a right to receive respect from Maya and matter, to such most elevated souls, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.
BapDada meeting groups
Meeting the Australian group:
1) You are serviceable, are you not? To be serviceable means that every thought, word and deed are simultaneously engaged in service. You are the children of the Trimurti Father, so all three types of service should take place simultaneously. You would receive instant fruit if you carried out all three types of service at the same time. So, are you carrying out all three types of service simultaneously? Through your mind, you have to serve and enable souls to connect the yoga of their intellects to the Father; through your words, you have to serve and give the Father’s introduction and, through your deeds, you have to serve and make souls embodiments of divine virtues. So, all the main subjects of knowledge, yoga and divine virtues should continue at the same time. If you are those who are doing powerful service at every second, then, as they say “a motor-a minute”, so too, in one second, you can imprint souls with the stamp of dying alive. This is the form of the final service. People now say in words that this is very good, but they themselves do not become good. When you serve through thoughts, words and deeds simultaneously, people will not just say that this is very good, but they will have this experience “I have to become this practically.” So, become serviceable in this way. This is known as the stage of a bestower of blessings and a great donor. You have good zeal and enthusiasm for service. The Father is also happy to see worthy children. Now, you have to decorate yourself with divine virtues even more. Whilst staying within the line of the code of conduct, you should pay attention to claiming the title of being “One who is the most elevated being by following the highest code of conduct”. So, pay attention and adopt this throne and tilak.
2) Do you constantly perform every action as an actor? Check, as a detached observer, whether you enacted your part accurately and whether it was a divine activity worthy of praise. Always, it is the actions that are elevated which are praised. Act as an actor and then check as a detached observer whether it was an elevated or an ordinary action. Your birth is alokik and so your actions should also be alokik, not ordinary. You need to check your thoughts because thoughts are put into action. If you check and change your thoughts, your actions will then be elevated. In a practical way, you are the elevated souls throughout the cycle. So, you need to check and change your thoughts. Transform anything ordinary into something great. Achcha.
Meeting the Guyana group:
BapDada sees each one as being seated on the heart throne. When a child is very much loved or is a specially beloved long-lost and now-found child, he is not allowed to place his feet on the ground or in the mud. So, too, BapDada does not allow the beloved children to come down from the throne and keeps them seated there. Is there any place more elevated than this? So, you constantly stay there, do you not? You do not come down, do you? Since there is no other place, then can the feet of your intellect remain anywhere else? Remembrance means to be seated on the heart throne. BapDada sees the constantly yogi children as those who are constantly with Him. You are easy yogis, are you not? You do not find anything difficult, do you? No matter what situation comes, even if it is one of upheaval, as soon as you say, “Baba”, you become unshakeable. So, how much time does it take to say, “Baba”? You begin to have thoughts about the situation and so, for the duration of time that you have thoughts of that situation, you find it difficult. If, instead of thinking of the reason, you begin to think of the solution, the reason will become the solution.
There are no adverse situations in front of Brahmins(descendants of Adam-Brahma) because you are master almighty authorities. Those situations are not even like ants in front of them. What simply happens is that when any such situations come in front of you, at that time you spend your time going into the reason for that situation. Why did it happen? How did it happen? Instead of this, think that there is benefit in whatever happened, service is merged in it and it will change. It may have the form of a circumstance, but, by thinking that service is merged within it, and looking at it in this way, you will remain constantly unshakeable. So, what transformation will you bring about in Madhuban before you go back? To be constantly complete and to have no complaints. The result so far is good. Now, very quickly try and spread the sound everywhere because there is now still time, but, later, you will have the desire but the circumstances will be such that you will not be able to do it. Therefore, as quickly as possible, be one who tours around and continue to give the message and sow the seeds. You are lucky that, according to the drama, you are able to be an instrument to do service through your life, your words and your deeds, in all ways and you can be that in the future too. Everyone should be able to see you as an embodiment of knowledge in every deed. Keep this special aim because actions automatically draw everyone’s attention. Practical actions work like a board. As soon as they see an action, everyone’s attention is drawn as to who it was who taught such actions. So, what newness will you now bring about? Will you become a lighthouse? While in one place, spread light everywhere so that no one complains that there was a lighthouse so close to them and yet they didn’t receive any light. Achcha.
Meeting the German group:
BapDada likes quality. If the quality is good, the quantity will be created. Continue to make effort, success is your birthright. Some special karma (action) definitely has to take place in the land of Germany. There are special persons in the land of Germany out of which even one can glorify the name a lot. There are hidden jewels in Germany. Spread the sound everywhere and they will emerge. You have worked very well so far, so now spread the sound everywhere even more. Keep the aim that, next year, you definitely have to bring a group of heir quality souls with you. If you have the aim, there will definitely be success. Achcha. Put aside all other thoughts and just have the one thought: I am victorious every cycle; victory is my birthright. Then, there will be success after success. You have the thought and you achieve success. Therefore, do not think too much! Make plans but remain as light as a lotus. Think, do and finish. The more you just stay with one thought, the better the touchings you will continue to have. When you have too many thoughts, the original help that you were to receive from the Father becomes mixed up, and so, just have the one thought: I am Baba’s and Baba is mine. I am an instrument. With this thought you will definitely achieve success. Be one who tours around and a very beautiful bouquet will be prepared. It does not matter if there isn’t the quantity, but the land of Germany is such that if even one such soul emerges, the name will be glorified. Achcha.
Farewell message:
Just as you are dancing in happiness now, so constantly continue to dance in happiness. When any adverse situation comes, continue to dance over it. They have portrayed in a picture people dancing on a snake. That non-living image is the memorial of all of you. When any adverse situation arises, remember this image and you will become those who dance on the snake of the adverse situation. This snake will garland you with the garland of success around your neck. Achcha.

Blessing: May you become a multimillionaire by paying attention to your treasure of time and thoughts and thereby continuing to increase your savings account.  
You actually have many treasures, but pay special attention to the treasures of time and thoughts. At every moment, let your thoughts be elevated and pure and your savings account will increase. By saving one-fold at this time, you will receive multimillion-fold: this is the calculation. This is the bank that gives you a multimillion-fold return of one. Therefore, no matter what, even if you have to renounce something, if you have to do tapasya or become humble, no matter what happens, pay attention to these two things and you will become a multimillionaire.

Slogan:  Serve with the power of your mind and you will receive a multi-fold reward.

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