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You were searching for the God,but you found your brothers instead,and so you were not able to find the God-Father.

………He went on to say that he no longer experienced himself in that way, that he thought of himself "more like a spot or point of light."...........The very concept of an out-of-body experience suggests that we survive physical death. Couple this with a deep-seated common yearning, a nostalgia for something that seemingly eludes us, a heartfelt longing to return "home" or perhaps to our true identity, and it is easy to imagine the possibility that when we eventually die, each of us will travel out-of-body to our point of origin in a spiritual domain. This is indeed an intriguing notion………

08/06/14    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban   18/01/1978

Essence:  Giving the Return of BapDada's Service.

Today, on the day of remembrance, that is, on the day of power, all the children are remembering Baba (Adam-Brahma) in different forms according to their love for Baba. The remembrance of all forms of the loving, co-operative, powerful souls and those in contact everywhere reached BapDada(combined form of GodFather and Adam-Brahma) in the subtle region. As is the remembrance of each child, so is the return that each one instantly receives from BapDada. In whatever term of the Father the children remember Him, BapDada reveals Himself to the children in that form. Those who are yogi children find the right method of yoga.  Some children, instead of being yogi children, become viyogi (separated from the Father) and, because of this, instead of a meeting, they experience a separation. A yogi soul is always seated on BapDada's heart-throne; such a soul is never far away. Because of their separation, viyogi children try to bring BapDada in front of them. They forget the present and remember the past and, because of this, sometimes BapDada is visible to them and, sometimes, they find that He is hidden behind a curtain. However, BapDada is constantly in front of the children; He can never be hidden from the children. The Father is for the children. For as long as children are playing their parts in the task of establishment, BapDada is with them at every second in their every thought. The Father's promise is that we will return home together. When? When the task is accomplished. So, why do you want to send the Father away before then? Why do you make an imperishable relationship perishable by saying that Baba has gone? It is just that his role has changed. Just as you change your service places, so Adam-Brahma Baba too has just changed his place of service. His form and his service are the same. The role of Brahma's form with a thousand arms is being enacted at this time and this is why there is the praise and memorial of this form in the corporeal world. The arms cannot perform any task without the father. The arms are revealing the Father. All of you are doing this because He is inspiring you to do it. Just as arms cannot do anything without the soul, in the same way, what can BapDada, the soul of the combined form, do without the arms that are the children? In every task, till the last moment, the first share of the work was Father Adam-Brahma's. Brahma means Adi Dev. Adi Dev means the one who starts every auspicious task. How could any task be successful unless BapDada starts that task? There is first of all the Father's co­ operation in every task. You experience this and you also speak of it, but you sometimes then forget it.
What do you become whilst moving along in the waves of love of the Ocean of Love? You have to play in the waves and not become influenced by the waves. Sing praise of them, but do not become unconscious. The Father sees that, although some children are His companions, they still draw a certain of separation, and they then waste time in looking for Baba. Children even hide the Lord who is ever present! If you like the game of hide-and­ seek, then play this game as a game, but do not become an embodiment of it. Baba is not telling you all of this just for entertainment. In order to make the speed of service even faster, Baba has just changed his place. Therefore, you children should also remain busy in making service happen extremely fast, the same as the father. This is the return of love. The Father knows that the children have deep love for the father. However, the father has just as much love for service as he has for the children. The practical form of loving the father is to have love for service. Just as you say, "Baba, Baba", at every moment, so too, only when there is the Father and service at every moment will the task of service be completed and we will return home together.
BapDada is at present seeing each child in the form of a light-and-might-house. The mikes have become powerful, but all three - light, might and mikes - have to be powerful at the same time. You find it easy to come into sound. Now, create such a powerful stage that, through your own might, you are able to give all souls the light of peace, happiness and purity. In the physical world, whatever coloured lamp you light, everything surrounding it appears in that same colour. If you light a green lamp, everything surrounding it looks green. One stationary light can also change the atmosphere. When you use a red light for yoga, the atmosphere automatically becomes that of remembrance. Since physical lights are able to change the surroundings, can you lighthouses, who have the light of purity and happiness, not create the atmosphere? Physical light can be seen with the physical eyes whereas spiritual light can only be experienced. The service of changing the atmosphere through spiritual light now has to be carried out. Did you hear what form service has to take now? Both types of service should take place at the same time. When you have the mike and the might, you will become embodiments of success.

BapDada meeting groups:
1. The unlimited Father too has to do everything through the allocation of numbers. Otherwise, there is no limit to the meeting between the Father and the children throughout day and night. All these limitations exist in your world. There, all are close to the Father; how much space would a dot take? Here, a body needs space, but you are automatically close there. Here, all souls would think about wanting to come close. The closer you are to the Father's virtues and stage, the closer you will be to the Father in the home and the father in the kingdom. Your stage will bring you close to that place. The wonder is that you all consider yourselves to be close and to have an experience of closeness because the Father is unlimited. He is infinite and constant and this is why everyone can be close. To remain content and make others content - this is the slogan of the present moment. To be discontent means to lack attainment. To be content means to have attainment. Those who have all attainments can never be discontent.
2. Do you constantly consider yourselves to be Godly students? The Godly student life is considered to be the best life of all. So, do you constantly experience the best and most elevated life? A student constantly laughs, plays, enjoys himself and studies and nothing blocks his intellect. Similarly, to study, teach, remain free from obstacles and do everything with the Father, to sit and eat with the Father, is the Godly student life. Whilst living at home, you have the Father's company. No matter where your body is, your mind is engaged with the Father and service. There is praise of eating, drinking and doing everything with the Father. It is difficult to let go of something you love. It is not difficult to stay together and have yoga, but it is difficult to break that yoga. Those who experience this are called those who have a Godly student life. Those who find it difficult to let go or break away, who do not find it difficult to stay with the Father, have the best life. Constantly enjoy yourself with laughter and singing and continue to move along with the Father. You will not find such company throughout the whole cycle. Even at the confluence age, if you were to look for someone else like this, would you find anyone? You wouldn't, would you? Did the Father find you or did you find the Father? You were also searching, but you took the wrong path. You were searching for the Father, but you found your brothers instead, and so you were not able to find the Father.
3. What is the easy way to experience constant progress in your efforts and service? The easy way to progress is to do everything starting with amrit vela according to the method. By your observing this, there will be progress in your life. Only when a task is carried out in the right way can it be accomplished successfully. To be a Brahmin means to have a life in which everything is according to the right method. If, due to any reason, there isn't progress in your life or service, then you are definitely not using the right method. Check from amrit vela till night whether your thoughts, words, deeds and connections and relationships were accurate according to the right method; that is, whether there was progress. If not, then find the cause of that and resolve it. You will then not become disheartened. If your life is accurate according to the right methods, there will definitely be progress.

BapDada meeting Madhuban resident brothers and sisters:
All of you Madhuban residents remain constantly lost in love in remembrance of the Father, do you not? Like the Father, you remain constantly stable in a tireless and double-light stage, do you not? You remain tireless to the extent that you remain light. Any type of burden would tire you. Anyone who is physically heavy would become tired; anyone who is light would not become tired. So, too, any type of burden of the mind or in connections or relations would tire you. Madhuban residents have received the blessing of being tireless. So, you are tireless, are you not? Should there be even more melas? The further you progress, the bigger these melas are going to become; they are not going to get any smaller. The more melas you have, the more you will need to have. No matter how many more plans you make, the bigger these melas will become, because it is only at the confluence age that the Godly family grows. The less time there is, the greater the increase will be. You do not think that you will be left out if many others come, do you? Those who have become embodiments of renunciation are automatically thought of by others. All of you are selfless, are you not? The more detached you remain from all desires, the more your desires will easily be fulfilled. There is no tiredness when there is happiness and attainment.
Madhuban residents should find new ways of making effort so that everyone else can follow. Now that the New Year has begun, you have to find something new. Invent a new way to make easy effort and share your practical experience with others. All souls look at you with great regard. Just as they look at the spark ling stars in the sky with an elevated vision, so, everyone also regards you as being the most elevated, the luckiest and closest souls. So, remain stable in the stage in which you are regarded by others. They regard your way of walking, eating and speaking as a divine activity. Every act of the Father was also regarded by you as a divine activity. So, you have to be those with an elevated character, not ordinary, as you perform every act. Madhuban is a stage in front of the world. Every actor pays so much attention to his every act when he is on a stage. Even if he raises his hand, it would be with great attention because he knows that everyone is watching him. Every act of yours has great importance. BapDada looks at all of you with the same importance as is given to the souls of Madhuban. Achcha.
Make new plans for becoming easy, natural yogis, because, this year, everyone has this aim of the final stage of experiencing easy and natural yoga. On what basis are you able to have easy yoga and with which method can you become a natural yogi? Make this plan and experience it and then share that experience with others and everyone will sing your praise. Create new methods of effort whereby you have to make less effort but achieve greater success. Make such plans that, when everyone sees them, they will all give thanks to the Madhuban residents. Achcha.

Meeting a group from Rajasthan:
In Madhuban, you easily experience earning an income at every step. Madhuban is called the land of blessings. Something that you attain easily is said to be a blessing. As soon as you come to Madhuban, all labour finishes and you start experiencing easy attainment. How much did you earn in this short time? To come to Madhuban means to accumulate in your mine of wealth. You accumulated a treasure-store in a short time because you know the importance of this place. Madhuban is BapDada's direct place of karma; it is the land of His divine activity, the land of service and the land of tapasya. Here, you have the atmosphere and vibrations of tapasya. By coming to this land, you are easily able to experience all these things. Just as during the season for especially earning something, you cannot stay without earning, you even renounce sleep, so, in Madhuban too, you have an extra lottery for earning an income. You are the tapaswi kumars. A tapaswi does not just do tapasya whilst sitting down, but tapasya means to have deep love, and to experience that deep love whilst walking, moving around and eating. To be in the remembrance of One and to take your meals in the remembrance of One is tapasya. Whatever chance you get, take that chance, make yourself full and also make others full.
Do you children of the Ocean of Knowledge constantly play with the jewels of knowledge? The greatest, imperishable jewels are the jewels of knowledge. The children of the Ocean of Knowledge would play with jewels of knowledge. For half a cycle, you had stone intellects and played with stones, and therefore experienced sorrow and peacelessness. What do you play with now? Jewels of knowledge. A king's child would play with golden and silver toys. Similarly, the children of the Ocean of Knowledge would constantly play with jewels of knowledge. You will not experience waves of sorrow or peacelessness when you play with jewels of knowledge. Gyan are jewels and also knowledge. On the basis of knowledge, you cannot experience any waves of sorrow or peacelessness. You are now leading a new life. You will feel that that life of sorrow and peacelessness was not your life, that it was someone else's life. You will then laugh at your past life.

Blessing: May you be constantly carefree and remain a trustee and change a crucifix into a thorn with the Father's help.   
Past karmic accounts are like a crucifix, but, with the Father's help, they become like a thorn. Adverse situations will definitely come because everything has to be settled here. However, the Father's help makes them into a thorn; it makes a big thing into something small because the Senior Father is with you. On the basis of this faith, remain constantly carefree and by being a trustee, change the consciousness of "mine" into "Yours". You will then become light and all burdens will finish in a second.

Slogan: With the stock of good wishes, change the negative into positive.  

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