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Before beginning any task,take everyone’s good wishes and pure feelings,only then will powerful fruit emerge.

At the University of London, Cattell worked with Charles Spearman who was developing factor analysis to aid in his quest to discover the basic factors of human ability. Cattell thought that could also be applied to the area of personality. He reasoned that human personality must have basic, underlying, universal dimensions just as the physical world had basic building blocks (like oxygen and hydrogen). He felt that if the basic building blocks of personality were discovered and measured, then human behavior (e.g., creativity, leadership, altruism, or aggression) could become increasingly understandable and predictable.
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22/06/14    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban   14/02/1978

Essence:  The signs of souls who are close.

Do you constantly experience yourself to be with BapDada, that is, do you experience yourself to be close to Him? What would be the sign of close souls? According to how close you are, so you will be equal to the Father in your stage, your task and your virtues; you would be constantly full; you would be a bestower. Just as the Father is the World Benefactor at every second and in every thought, so you too would be a world benefactor, the same as the Father. Every thought of a world benefactor for every soul and also for nature, would be filled with good wishes; not a single thought would be without good wishes. A seed is full of its fruit, that is, the essence of the whole tree is contained in the seed. Similarly, your seed of thought is filled with good wishes, benevolent feelings, the feeling of making everyone equal to the Father, of making weak souls powerful and of making souls who are peaceless and sorrowful experience peace and happiness through the powers you have received. Every thought is filled with all of this sweetness and strength. No seed of thought would be empty of this strength, that is, would be wasteful. It would be powerful, with benevolent feelings. Just as physical music makes souls temporarily enthusiastic; they unconsciously start tapping their feet and their minds start dancing, so too, every word of a world benefactor, would be like spiritual music, and bring about zeal and enthusiasm. An unhappy soul would experience meeting the Father and would start dancing in happiness. Every act of a karma yogi, of a world benefactor, would be praiseworthy, like a divine activity. Every act would be worthy of songs of praise. Devotees sing praise and say, “The way of seeing and moving is alokik”; they sing limitless praise of every sense organ. Similarly, every act of a world benefactor is great, that is, worthy of praise. Such souls are called close souls, equal to the Father. Through each second's contact with world benefactor souls, other souls experience having all their desires fulfilled.
Contact at every second with great world benefactor souls would give some souls power, some souls peace; it would enable other souls to make difficult things easy, make dependent souls into those who have all rights and make sad souls happy and cheerful. In this way, they would give zeal and enthusiasm to everyone. They give the experience of transformation. They give the experience of being under the canopy of protection. Those who become such world benefactor, close souls are called souls who are deeply absorbed in love. You are becoming this, are you not? All of you are lucky that the Father has made you belong to Him. The Father accepted the children, that is, He made you into those who have all rights. All of you have received this right. However, you only receive the right to become a master of the world on the basis of becoming a world benefactor. Now, each of you should ask yourself: Have I become one with all rights? Have I received the right to the kingdom of the world? Have I received the right to be seated on the throne? Or, have I only claimed the right to become part of the royal family? What do the souls from abroad consider themselves to be? Would all of you rule or will you just come into the kingdom? Are you ready to accept whatever you receive? Out of the souls from the foreign lands, who has the hope of claiming the throne of the eight dynasties of the golden age? Out of the eight dynasties, will you come within Lakshmi and Narayan the first, or the second etc.? What would you have to do to come into one of the eight dynasties? Have you thought about why there are only eight? It is a very simple matter. Just see whether you are able to make all the eight powers emerge simultaneously at every moment and in every situation. If you have two or four powers but one power is missing, you would then not come among one of the eight dynasties. All the eight powers should become apparent equally at the same time. It should not be that you have the power to tolerate 100% and only 50% or 60% of the power to discriminate. Only when there is equality in both, that is, when there is the full percentage would you claim the perfect throne of the kingdom.
Now, tell Baba, what will you become? Will you claim a right to the kingdom or the throne of the eight dynasties of Lakshmi and Narayan? Souls from the foreign lands have good enthusiasm and courage. When you have courage, the Father helps. You can become a sample of one who has taken a high jump. However, you will have to pay attention to all these things. You are special souls and this is why BapDada knows that there are such souls who race ahead and claim number one, who have zeal and enthusiasm and who experience closeness even though they may be physically far away. Now, play your part on the stage in a practical way. You have to move ahead in effort. Make effort according to the speciality of number one souls. Let there be the ascending stage in every action.
Africa party: All of you are intense effort-makers, are you not? Intense effort means to do something practically the moment you think about it. There should be no difference in your thinking and acting. You make many plans for different things, but there is then a difference in what is practically carried out. An intense effort-maker would put the plans he has made into practice. You are such intense effort-makers, are you not? Due to being under a foreign government, many adverse situations come to you, but for those who are constantly in the Father’s company, the adverse situations are transformed on the basis of the stage of the self. Even a mountain becomes like a mustard seed. You would experience that you have overcome all of those situations many times, and that they are nothing new. Something new would confuse you, but all these are nothing new. Those who have this experience would constantly be like a lotus. Just as the water is down below and the lotus is above the water, similarly, the situations are below and you are up above. The things below would remain down there.
When any situation arises, think that BapDada is with you. No matter how big a situation may be, in front of the Almighty, it is like an ant. No matter what the situation may be, for those who belong to the Father, the Father is responsible for them. Do not think: Where will I live? How will I live? What will I eat? The Father is the Companion of one with an honest heart. Whilst the Father is with you, you cannot go hungry. If the devotees have many different experiences; they are beggars and yet their stomachs are filled; how can you, who have all rights, go hungry? This is why you must not be even slightly afraid or confused about what will happen. Whatever happens will be good. It would just be a small test paper to test the extent of your faith. A test paper would not last your entire life; it would only last for one or two hours. If BapDada is constantly with you and you have one Strength and one Support at the time of taking that test, you will overcome the situation as though it is nothing. It would be just as in a dream where the situation finishes as soon as you wake up. Even though this seems like a big thing, it is in fact nothing. Do you have such faith in the intellect? The tilak of victory is applied on each one’s forehead and, therefore, souls who have the tilak of victory cannot be defeated. You have come having made effort.
You have come having overcome adverse situations and BapDada is therefore congratulating you. This is also fixed in the drama. When a steamer breaks down, people are scattered all over the place. Similarly, here, too, the Father is bringing together all the souls who were separated in the copper age, whether they stayed here or went abroad. Now, become carefree. Whatever happens, it will first come to Baba. You are mahavirs. You have heard the story of the kittens saved in the furnace. No matter what happens, you are safe. It is just that you should be wearing the dress of being Maya-proof You always have your Maya-proof dress with you, do you not? In aeroplanes, they give you emergency life jackets to wear in case something happens. So, you have received a very easy facility. Each jewel is valuable. If you were not a valuable jewel, how would you then become one out of multimillions? The One whom the world is desperate to make their own has made you belong to Him. The people of the world are desperate for even a second’s glimpse and you have become His children. Therefore, you should experience so much intoxication and happiness! Your mind should constantly dance in happiness.
The dance of happiness of the present time is portrayed in the images of the future. Krishna is always shown in a dancing pose. Just as there is no one else like the Father, so too, no one is as fortunate as you are. Achcha. Give lots and lots of remembrance to all those who have not been able to come. BapDada’s love definitely brings you close. Awaken at amrit vela and have a heart-to-heart conversation with the Father and you will very clearly be able to see a solution to every problem. You will receive the response for any situation in your heart-to-heart conversation. Go from Madhuban, the land of blessings, with this special blessing and you will receive a further lift. Since the Father is willing to carry the burden, why are you carrying it yourself? The lighter you are, the higher you will fly. You will experience how you can have an elevated stage by being light. There is no fortune greater than knowing and attaining the Father. You have found the Father whilst sitting at home. The Father came and awakened you: Children, wake up! No matter which country you are in, your stage should always be that of being in the Father’s company. You may be far away in terms of your country, but you are the closest in terms of being with the Father. Why are the kumaris free from bondage? For service. This is a lift within the drama. You should take the benefit of this lift. As you give more time to Godly service; so you will continue to receive co-operation from your lokik service', it will not be a burden. The Father has deep love for the kumaris because they are free from bondage, the same as He is. So, you are equal to the Father, are you not? Achcha.
Trinidad & Guyana:
Having come to the land of blessings, you have made yourself full of many blessings. Madhuban is the place to fill your aprons through earning an income. To come to Madhuban means to apply a stamp of giving yourself the rights of the present and the future. The method to become one with all rights is to let go of the dependency on Maya. So, you are those with all rights, are you not? Achcha.
How many jewels have emerged from those of Canada? Even if there isn’t quantity, there is at least quality. Since a garland of lamps can be created from one lamp, at least there are this many of you. Therefore, each one of you should feel that you have to give Baba’s message to many and prepare a rosary. Give anyone who comes into contact with you the Father’s message and someone or other will emerge. Do not lose courage thinking that no one is emerging; someone will emerge. Some lands give fruit a little late, whereas other lands give fruit early. Therefore, according to the drama, wherever you are an instrument for service, there is definitely a jewel there and this is why you have become an instrument there. Have the powerful aim of now having to give the proof of service. Then, with this effort, you will definitely achieve success.
You constantly swing in the swing of supersensuous joy, do you not? With the awareness of, “Having found the Father, you have found everything”, you automatically experience swinging in supersensuous joy. There is total ignorance of sorrow; there is no name or trace of sorrow. Just as in the future, you will be ignorant of sorrow and peacelessness, so, even now, you experience the world of sorrow and peacelessness to be another world. Those people belong to the iron age whereas you belong to the confluence age. One who belongs to the confluence age cannot have any name or trace of sorrow or peacelessness. One feels mercy on seeing someone unhappy. You have experienced sorrow for a long period of time. Now, the confluence age is the time to stay in supersensuous joy. You will not have this experience in the golden age. Take benefit according to the time. It is the season for experiencing supersensuous joy. So, if you don’t experience this in the season, then when would you experience it? Remembrance of the Father is the swing; continue to swing in this swing. Do not come down from it. Leicester’s number is ahead in service. Leicester is also praised very well in the U.K. You are merciful in that you also are making your equals move forward. Kumars, kumaris, couples are all increasing in number. The result is good, but now increase it further. Increase the number to such an extent that wherever you look, you only see Brahmins(children of God-Father).

Blessing: May you be an embodiment of success who receives powerful fruit by putting the addition of good wishes into service.    
Whatever service you do, let there be the feeling of co-operation of all souls in that. When there are feelings of happiness and good wishes, all tasks will easily be successful. Just as in the olden days, when someone used to go to perform a particular task, he would go having taken blessings from the whole family so this addition is required in service at present. Before beginning any task, take everyone’s good wishes and pure feelings. Fill service with the power of everyone’s contentment for only then will powerful fruit emerge.

Slogan: Just as the Father says “Ji Hazir”(I am present), in the same way, when you say “Ji hazir, ji Hazoor” (present, my Lord) for service, you will accumulate charity.  

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