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Do not make just yourself content. Remain content and make everyone else content.

15/06/14  Morning Murli  Avyakt BapDada  Madhuban  Revised:24/01/78

Essence: A Constant Server.

BapDada is happy to see the sparkling star or diamond on the forehead of each child. Each one's sparkle is lovely and unique. The lines of fortune of every soul are very clearly visible from the sparkling stars. BapDada is very proud to see how the children who were previously separated are now making effort in incognito and visible ways to create their fortune. On seeing the intoxication and intense efforts of the children, BapDada sacrifices Himself, that is, BapDada becomes the garland around the children's neck. Just as a garland is always put around someone's neck, similarly, the Father is merged in the children's lips, in their eyes and in their intellects. That is, they have made the Father the garland around their necks. Today, BapDada was singing songs of the children. What song did He sing today? That of the children's praise. BapDada saw in each child the enthusiasm to reveal the Father. In fact, without the children, the Father cannot be revealed. So, how great they are who reveal the Father! Let there always be this much intoxication and awareness of service. Just as the Father is imperishable, souls are imperishable and the attainments of the confluence age are imperishable, so, is your awareness and intoxication just as imperishable? There should be no difference. To have a difference means that you have forgotten the mantra. If you remember the mantra, there cannot be any difference in your intoxication.
Today, BapDada has come to meet you. Baba has related a lot of knowledge, so He has specially come today to see the form of what He has told you. What did Baba see in the practical form? You did very good service and made many souls aware, that is, you awoke many souls who had no knowledge from their sleep of Ignorance. The land of Delhi has brought all Brahmin (descendant of Adam-Brahma) souls into upheaval. (Baba was referring to the first international Conference held in Delhi by the BKs. They are now asking the question: Who are these people and what is their task? When a sleeping person is awakened, the drowsiness of sleep initially makes him ask questions such as who all the people are and what is it they are doing. In the same way, the souls without knowledge who are living in Delhi definitely have questions as to what all of this is about and who you are. They experienced a difference between hearing about you and seeing you. Seeing so many Brahmins, they definitely felt it to be a wonder that ordinary mothers and kumaris have prepared such a large army in an incognito way. They had never thought or realised that this could happen. Everyone's divine face and behaviour has definitely revealed BapDada's linage to all the people. At the moment, you have just created this upheaval. When a field is being prepared, they first plough the field and then sow the seeds. In the same way, you have just ploughed your future kingdom, in your original land, with upheaval. They feel that there is some Power, some Strength, and that you are not ordinary Shaktis; along with the upheaval, this seed has been sown. Even though they have not seen anything face-to-face, there is the sound everywhere as to who you are and what you are doing. This sound has also reached the Government. You now have to make this seed bear fruit through words and the power of remembrance. Nevertheless, what you have done up to now has been very good.
BapDada is pleased to see the children who have come from abroad and from Bharat and who have given their fingers of co-operation, that is, those who have laid the foundation for their kingdom. This conference was the ceremony of laying the foundation stone of all the Brahmins to be able to claim their own kingdom. This is why none of the souls from the centres abroad or from any zone of Bharat were left out; the incognito service that you carried out will, in a short time, reveal the practical fruit. You have now laid your foundation stone in an incognito way, that is, you have just sown the seed. However, all of you will see the fruit of this seed according to the time. All the people of the world will invoke you and welcome you.
 (There was the sound of a lot of coughing.) Have you worked very hard? Nature has influenced you a great deal, but you will also receive the fruit of this. It is very essential for souls from the foreign lands to be able to conduct themselves according to the season. This experience is also needed. Everyone, young and old, was of great importance in this service. You worked very hard for this. The first foundation is that they have this question. Next time, they will find the answer to their question.
Today, BapDada is having his heart-to-heart conversation with the children. Just as you have previously received the blessing of being constant yogis from the Father, so in the future too, remain constant servers. Even whilst you sleep, let service take place. Anyone who sees you when you are sleeping should experience vibrations of peace and bliss. This is why it is said: It was a very sweet sleep. There are various forms of sleep. Let service be merged in every thought and every act. This is known as being a constant server: Just the Father and service. Just as you love the Father so much that you find that there is no life without the Father, so too, life is nothing without service. Those who are constant yogis and constant servers are destroyers of obstacles. The double lock of remembrance of the Father and service is applied. Therefore, Maya cannot come to you. Check that the double lock is constantly applied. If a single lock is applied, there is a margin for Maya to come. Therefore, constantly pay attention that you are engaged in remembrance of the Father and service. Always remember that you have to do the service of reminding others of the Father through your every sense organ. Through your every thought, you have to be a world benefactor and perform the task of a lighthouse. With a powerful attitude at every second, you have to spread powerful vibrations everywhere, that is, you have to transform the atmosphere. Through every act, give every soul the blessing of a karma yogi. At every step, accumulate an income of multimillions for the self. Therefore, use all four, your thoughts, time, attitude and activity for service: this is known as being a constant server or being serviceable. Achcha.
Just as you have this mela in Madhuban, similarly, at the end, there will be the mela of all souls. Do you like Madhuban or the foreign lands? What is known as Madhuban? Wherever there is a gathering of Brahmins, there is Madhuban. So, make every foreign place Madhuban. When you make your place into Madhuban, BapDada will come there too because the Father has promised that He will come in Madhuban. As you progress further, you will see many wonders. Just as the numbers in Bharat are increasing, so too, in a short time, also increase the numbers in the foreign lands. Wherever you are living, let the sound spread in all directions. Everyone should have the question as to who you are and what you are doing. When you prepare such a gathering, BapDada will then be ever present at such a gathering.
Do you experience happiness there or in coming here? No matter how much you say, the big is big and the small is small. After all, there is the special Importance of this place being the birthplace and the place of performing karma through the corporeal body; this is the land of that divine activity. This is why, on the path of devotion too, there is importance of the place. Although there may only be an old idol in the temple, whereas in their home they have a very beautiful idol, devotees would still give importance to that place. Certainly, the place has its importance, but you must now make your flower garden grow. Create a place like Madhuban. When there is also a mini Madhuban, everyone will be attracted to see it. Achcha.
BapDada is thanking you for the service you have done recently and is reminding you of the service you have to carry out in the future. BapDada has great love and pure attachment for the children. A mother has loving attachment for her children. There isn't desperation but they become merged. Baba doesn't become unhappy, but makes the children emerge in front of Him and then merges them in the Ocean of Love. It is because the Father has love for you that you also have love. It is because of His love that He becomes corporeal from avyakt.
To those who tie the Father in the bondage of love, to those who reveal the Father through their love, to those who have become instruments for world benefit through service, to those who are constantly great donors and bestowers of blessings, to such constant yogi and serviceable children, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.
BapDada meeting a group from Maharashtra:
Do you constantly consider yourselves to be the most elevated great souls? Great souls are those with such awareness, that every thought and every action automatically become great, that is, most elevated. In today's world, souls who have a temporary position stay in the intoxication of that day and night by maintaining the awareness of their position. In fact, it is easy and natural to keep in your awareness the position you have received from the Father. As is your position, so are your actions; as is your name, so your actions are elevated. Therefore, at present, you would be called easy yogis and also karma yogis. A karma yogi means all souls would have a vision of your love and relationship with the Father through your every action. When you look at a soul who is in love with worldly souls you can see that that soul is lost in love from that one's face and sparkle. Similarly, ask yourself: Does your every action give the experience of being a loving soul to the Father? This is known as being a karma yogi. The definition of a karma yogi or an easy Rajyogi is very deep. Every thought of a karma yogi or an easy Rajyogi soul would spread vibrations of the Father's love. Just as non-living images are even today carrying out the task of giving souls vibrations of peace and temporary happiness, so, definitely, in the living form, you must have carried out the task of spreading the vibrations of constant happiness and peace and the Father's love into the world through your thoughts, words and deeds. This is why there is peace in the non-living Images. When Instruments of science are able to create vibrations and an atmosphere of heat or cold, then you master almighty authorities with your silence, that is, with the power of your remembrance and your stage of love can create whatever atmosphere or vibrations you want. Practise this. You can create an atmosphere of happiness, peace or form of power even right now. Whatever atmosphere souls are in, they should experience that they have come here into an atmosphere of happiness from an atmosphere of sorrow. They should realise that they are attaining a lot of happiness here. Just as you experience heat or cold in an air-conditioned room, that you have truly come into a place of cool air from a place of heat, or you have come to a warm place from a cool place, so too, from your face and behaviour and from the power of your thoughts, they should experience happiness, peace and power, just as you experience coming into light from darkness in a second, do you not. People of today will not be able to experience this with their power, but all of you will have to make them experienced on the basis of your attainments and your remembrance. This is the real definition of easy Rajyoga and karma yoga. To experience peace and power for your own self is not a big deal, but now, through your power of remembrance, create an atmosphere in the world with these vibrations and you will then be said to be numberwise easy Rajyogis. Do not make just yourself content. Remain content and make everyone else content. This is the task of a yogi. Achcha.
You have received the facility from the Father with which to remain constantly happy, have you not? No matter what the situation is like, when you have the facilities, you can remain constantly happy. The facility to simply remember the Father is very big. Happiness is received as soon as you say "Baba". Continue to constantly use this facility. To remember the word "Baba" means to switch on. Just as darkness is dispelled the second you put on the switch, similarly, to say "Baba" means sorrow, peacelessness, confusion, sadness, tension all finish in a second. The Father has given you such a mantra. It is a mantra of one word -just "Baba". No matter what period or situation you are passing through, this mantra will enable you to overcome that in a second. Simply use this mantra in the right way at the right time. This mantra of one word performs wonderful magic. With this mantra of one word you can take whatever you want. Whether it is happiness, peace, power or bliss, this mantra will enable you to attain whatever you want and this is why it is called a magic mantra. The Father always has this desire for the children: Become unlimited servers the same as the Father. All of those are limited responsibilities, but the Father's responsibilities are unlimited. So, He has to give unlimited power to it. You definitely have to fulfil this pure desire of the Father. Now become Raj yogis. Rajyogis will become the princes. So, the first stage is of a Rajyogi. It is not difficult to become a Rajyogi. It is difficult to become a yogi who leaves his home and family. Achcha.

Blessing: May you remain beyond the questions of "Why?" and "what?" and by becoming an embodiment of attainment remain constantly happy.    
Souls who are embodiments of all attainment will not have any questions in any situation. The personality of happiness will be visible on their faces and in their behaviour. This is known as contentment. If there is little happiness, the reason for that is a lack of attainment and the reason for a lack of attainment is one or another desire. Having many subtle desires pulls you towards a lack of attainment. Therefore, let go of temporary desires and become an embodiment of attainment and you will always remain happy.

Slogan: Remain absorbed In God's love and Maya's attraction will finish.  

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