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Like the sun,the moon and the stars remain up there,Souls too remain in the element of light without any support.

………He went on to say that he no longer experienced himself in that way, that he thought of himself "more like a spot or point of light."...........The very concept of an out-of-body experience suggests that we survive physical death. Couple this with a deep-seated common yearning, a nostalgia for something that seemingly eludes us, a heartfelt longing to return "home" or perhaps to our true identity, and it is easy to imagine the possibility that when we eventually die, each of us will travel out-of-body to our point of origin in a spiritual domain. This is indeed an intriguing notion………

05/06/14    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban   

Sweet children,

The spiritual Father sits here and explains to you spiritual children. You spiritual children listen through your ears. The unlimited Father says to the children: Consider yourselves to be souls. By listening to this repeatedly, your intellects will stop wandering and become stable. You will sit here considering yourselves to be souls. You children understand that you have come here in order to become deities. You are adopted children. You Brahmins (descendants of Adam-Brahma) are studying. What are you studying? How to change from Brahmins into deities(virtuous human beings). When children go to college, they understand that they will study and become an engineer or a doctor etc. They will be aware of this immediately on admission. Similarly, you children of Brahma(Adam) become Brahmins and you also understand that, from Brahmins, you will become deities. It has been remembered that human beings change into deities. However, which ones? Not all Hindus become deities. In fact, there is no such religion as Hinduism. The original eternal religion was not the Hindu religion. If you ask anyone: "Who established the Hindu religion?", they become confused. This name has been given out of ignorance. Those who live in Hindustan call themselves Hindus. In fact, its name is Bharat not Hindustan. It is called the land of Bharat, not the land of Hindustan. It is Bharat, and yet they don't even know which land this is. Because of being impure, they cannot consider themselves to be deities.
Deities were pure. At present that religion does not exist. All the other religions have come into existence. The religion of Buddha is Buddhism, the religion of Abraham is Islam and that of Christ is Christianity. However, there is no such religion as Hinduism. It was the foreigners who gave this name of Hindustan. Because of being impure, they do not consider themselves to belong to the deity religion. The Father has explained that the original, eternal religion is the deity religion and it is the most ancient. Which religion was there in the beginning? It was the deity religion. It cannot be called the Hindu religion. You are now Brahmins, the adopted children of Adam-Brahma. You are studying in order to become deities from Brahmins. It is not that you are studying to become deities from Hindus. You change from Brahmins into deities. You have to imbibe this very well. Look, there are now innumerable religions and more keep being added. Wherever you give lectures, it is good to explain this. It is now the iron age and all the religions have become tamopradhan. If you explain with the pictures, their arrogance of "I am so-and-so", "I am this", will finish. They will realize that they are tamopradhan.
First of all, give them the introduction of the Father and then show them that this old world is going to change. Day by day, the pictures will become more beautiful. Just as children in schools keep maps in their intellects, in the same way, all of this should remain in your intellects. The number one map is this which shows the Trimurti and both the globes of the golden and silver ages. You are now at the auspicious confluence age. This old world is to be destroyed and the one original, deity religion is being established. You belong to the original deity religion. There is no Hindu religion. Just as sannyasis consider the brahm element, the place of residence, to be God, in the same way those who live in Hindustan consider themselves to belong to the Hindu religion. Theirs is different from yours. Deities are very elevated. People say: This one is like a deity. When someone has good qualities they say of him: This one has divine virtues. You understand that after Radha and Krishna are married, they become Lakshmi and Narayan. They are called Vishnu. All the images exist but no one knows them.
The Father now sits here and explains to you. It is the Father whom everyone remembers. There are no human beings who do not have God on their lips. God is known as the incorporeal One. They don't even understand the meaning of the word "incorporeal". You now understand everything. You have changed from those with stone intellects into those with divine intellects. This knowledge is only for the people of Bharat, not for those of other religions. However, you can explain how so much expansion takes place and how other lands come into existence. There will be no lands remaining except Bharat. That one religion does not now exist; all the rest exist. The example of the banyan tree is accurate. The foundation of the original, eternal deity religion does not exist; the rest of the tree is still standing. So it would be said that the original, eternal deity religion, not the Hindu religion, existed. You have now become Brahmins in order to become deities. Therefore, you definitely first have to become Brahmins. It is said: The shudra caste and the Brahmin caste. It is not called the shudra dynasty even though there are kings and queens. At first, the deities were emperors and empresses. Here, there are Hindu emperors and empresses. There is only one Bharat, and so how did they become separated? Every trace of them has disappeared; only the images exist.
The sun dynasty is number one. Rama cannot be said to belong to the sun dynasty. You have now come here in order to belong to the sun dynasty, not the moon dynasty. This is Raja Yoga. It is in your intellects that you will become Lakshmi and Narayan. There is happiness in your hearts that the Father is teaching you in order to make you into emperors and empresses. This is the true story of becoming the true Narayan. Previously, for birth after birth, you used to listen to the story of becoming the true Narayan, but that was not a true story. You can never become a deity from a human being on the path of devotion; you cannot attain liberation or liberation-in-life. However, all human beings definitely do attain liberation and liberation-in-life. All are now in bondage. Even today, when a soul comes from up above, he comes into a life of liberation, not into a life of bondage. For half the time, there is liberation-in-life and for the other half, there is a life of bondage. This play is fixed. You are all actors in this unlimited play. You come here to play your parts. You souls are not residents of this place.
The Father sits here and explains how you come down. Souls continue to take rebirth here. The history and geography of the whole world, from the beginning up until now, is in the intellects of you children. People don't know what the unlimited Father does up above. Therefore, they are called ones with degraded intellects. Previously, you were also ones with impure intellects. The Father has now explained the secrets of the Creator and the beginning, the middle and the end of creation. You poor and ordinary ones know everything. You are the ones with clean intellects. That which is clean is called pure. Those with degraded intellects are called impure. Just look what you are now becoming! In schools, too, students can claim a high status through their studies. Your study is the highest of all through which you claim a kingly status. Those people take birth to a king by giving donations and performing charity. They later become kings, whereas you become kings through this study. The Father says: I teach you children Raja Yoga. No one, except the Father, can teach you Raja Yoga. It is the Father who teaches you the knowledge of Raja Yoga which you then explain to others.
The Father teaches you Raja Yoga so that you can become pure from impure. Consider yourself to be a soul and remember the incorporeal Father and you will become pure. Then, by knowing the cycle, you will become rulers of the globe in the golden age. It is very easy to explain this. At present, no one belongs to the deity religion. Everyone has been converted into other religions. When you explain to anyone, first give them the Father's introduction. The Father explains that many have gone into other religions. There are countless Buddhists and Muslims etc. Some have been forced to become Muslims. Many also became Buddhists. Someone gave a speech and thousands were converted into Buddhists. Christians also came and gave a speech in that way. They are the ones who now have the largest population.
The whole cycle of the world now turns around in your intellects which is why the Father says: You are spinners of the discus of self-realization. Vishnu too is shown with the discus of self-realization. People don't understand why Vishnu has been shown with that. Krishna and Narayan are called spinners of the discus of self-realization. You should also explain what connection there is between the two. All these three are the same. In fact, the discus of self-realisation is for you Brahmins. You become spinners of the discus of self-realisation through knowledge. The discus of self-realisation is not something for killing or cutting off; it is an aspect of knowledge. Your sins will be burnt away to the extent that you spin the cycle of knowledge. It is not a question of cutting off anyone's head; this is not a discus of violence. This discus makes you non-violent. They have completely changed the meaning of this. No one, except the Father, can explain this.
You sweetest children should have a great deal of happiness. You now understand that you are souls. Previously, you had forgotten that you were souls and you had also forgotten your home. A soul is still called a soul. They have said that the Supreme Soul is in the pebbles and stones. They have defamed the Father of souls a great deal. The Father comes again and gives you souls knowledge. It can never be said of souls that they are in the pebbles and stones and in every particle. The aspect of animals is separate. It is human beings who study. You now understand what you become and for how many births. You have completed your 84 births. There is no question of 8.4 million births. Human beings are in the immense darkness of ignorance. This is why it is said: When the sun of knowledge rises, the darkness of ignorance is dispelled. For half a cycle, in the copper and iron ages, there is darkness; for half a cycle, in the golden and silver ages, there is light. This is the knowledge of the day and the night, of light and dark. These are unlimited aspects. For half a cycle, you stumbled a great deal in the dark; there was a great deal of wandering. When you are studying at school, that is not called wandering. People wander a great deal in those satsangs. There is no income from them, there is only loss, which is why it is known as wandering. While wandering, people have finished all their wealth and property and become poverty-stricken. Now, in this study, the more you imbibe and the more you inspire others to imbibe, the more there will be benefit and only benefit. Once you become a Brahmin, there is nothing but benefit. You understand that it is you Brahmins who become residents of heaven. All (Brahmins) will become residents of heaven. However you are making effort to claim a high status there.
It is now the stage of retirement for all of you. You yourselves say: Baba, take us in to retirement, into the pure world. That is the world of souls. The incorporeal world is very tiny, whereas there is a huge amount of land to walk and move around on here. These things do not exist there. There is no body, no part. Souls remain there like stars. This is a wonder of nature. Just see how the sun, the moon and the stars remain up there. Souls too remain there in the element of light naturally without any support. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.
Good morning and Namaste to the spiritual GodFather.

Blessing:  May you serve yourself and become complete and perfect by paying attention and checking yourself.   
Service of the self means to pay constant attention to the self to becoming complete and perfect and to make yourself pass with honours in the main subject of the study. Let there constantly be service of the self in your intellect to becoming an embodiment of knowledge, an embodiment of remembrance and an embodiment of dharna. This service will automatically continue to enable you to serve others through your perfect form. However, the method for this is paying attention and checking; checking yourself, not others.

Slogan:  By speaking too much, your intellectual energy reduces. Therefore, be short and sweet.  

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