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Always keep yourself empty and light. If you have anything of any kind in your heart,then,awareness of God will not be there.

Connection between Hinduism and Christianism:

It is only the Power of God that Heals:

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03/08/14    Madhuban     Avyakt     BapDada     01/12/78

Essence: “The key to all treasures is constantly to belong to and remember the One (Eknami).”
BapDada is constantly happy to see the fortune of all the children. Wah fortune! Wah! Your fortune of having a loving relationship with the Father is so great that you are able to make the incorporeal One become corporeal. You bring the Father, who is beyond sound, into sound. You make God, Himself, take the form you want; you make the Master your Server. You children have the key of total rights to the Father's treasures. You have the key to make the Father surrender to you. Who can be greater than those who hold this key in their hands? Have you become knowledge-full and sensible in looking after this key? The Father has already given you the key through which you can attain whatever you want in a second. When the Creator Himself becomes your Server, then the entire creation is bound to serve you elevated souls. Since devilish Ravan is keeping nature and the elements under his control even today with the power of science, then, can these elements and circumstances not become the servants of you Godly children, you master creators, you master almighty authorities? Do you know your power of silence very well? Or, do you forget its importance because you have received many other powers? Since atomic power is able to carry out elevated tasks through science, then what can the power of the soul (atma), the power of God, not do? Up to now, however, you have experienced very little of this and that, too, only sometimes. Since you can make God's power your own and also make Him transform His form, then can you not change the form and quality of the elements and the circumstances? Can you not transform the tamoguni (impure) elements through your satoguni (pure) stage? Can you not gain victory over adverse circumstances with your own original stage? Have you become that powerful and master creators? When BapDada sees the elevated attainment of all you children, He says: Each of you children is such an elevated soul that each one of you can perform many wonders. So, what will all of you do?
You have received a very powerful key, and you should be using it, but you don't. Everyone has received this key; it isn’t that only some have received this key. New, young and old all have a right to this key. In today’s world, when they have a special welcome or reception for a guest, that one is given the key to the city. As soon as you children came, BapDada gave each of you at your reception the key to Himself and all His treasures. It is such a magic key that you can become an embodiment of whatever power you want as soon as you invoke that power. With this magic key, you can become a resident of whatever land you want within a second. You can become a spiritual astrologer and know about any aspect of time you want. You can direct the power of your thoughts at the speed you want onto the path that you want and claim a right to the power of thought. So, why do you not use this key? Have you not understood its importance? You allow the sanskars of putting things aside to emerge. Good things are usually kept aside carefully so that they can be useful for a time of need. Use this key at all times. Use this key and take all the treasures. Do not be economical in this, but be one who belongs to One and remembers One. To belong to One and remember that One is the method to use the key. So, do you not know how to do this? Nowadays, it is a fashion is to keep your keys with you. Key chains are given as gifts. Do you find it difficult to look after these?
Before you begin any task, use this key to invoke whatever power is needed for the task. In this way, every power will become a server of you master creators and serve you. You don’t invoke them, but, instead, you come into the upheaval of action and so get into the cycle of coming and going. You come into the cycle of fluctuation - good and bad, success and failure. To invoke, means to be the master and to give an order. All of these powers are like your arms. Your arms cannot do anything without your orders. Order your power to tolerate to make a task successful and then see how success is already guaranteed! However, instead of ordering it, what do you do? Do you know what you do? Instead of ordering it, you become afraid of it. "How will I be able to tolerate this? How will I be able to face this? Will I be able to do this or not?" When you have this type of fear, you are unable to order this power. What will you do now? Be afraid or give orders? If even the children of the Great Death are afraid, then who would be fearless? Become fearless in every aspect! Do not become fearless of being careless or lazy. Become fearless of being a conqueror of Maya. So, did you hear about the magic key? Learn how to look after your gift and constantly use it for every task. Achcha.

To such master creators who have the most elevated fortune and are embodiments of spiritual power, to the constantly victorious children who have the right to gain victory over nature and circumstances, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting the Dadis:
Do you have visions of the kings of the confluence age? The royal clans begin here. The sanskars of the kings as well as the subjects are seen at this time in a visible form here. To be part of the subjects means constantly to have the sanskars of dependence in every aspect. No matter how much such souls are given the throne of having all rights, they are unable to sit on that throne. They are constantly visible as weak and powerless souls. They would not have the courage to do any task by themselves but would only be successful with the courage and co-operation of others. General co-operation is something different, for co-operation given to increase courage is something else. Only when you encourage them will they be able to do something. This is not a sign of one with a total right. By having courage, you automatically become worthy of receiving co-operation. This is why BapDada asked if you are able to see the royal clans. Only when the royal clans are revealed at this time will revelation take place. How many have been revealed up to now? How many kings and queens have been created so far? There is also a difference amongst the kings and queens. There is a difference of one or two. Now, discuss amongst yourselves what the signs of kings are and what the qualifications of the children are. Children of a royal clan will also have the sanskars of that clan. Now, discuss this amongst yourselves. Achcha.

BapDada meeting the kumars:
The kumars have been portrayed as being constantly with the Father. "I play with You, I eat with You." This has been portrayed in the picture, "God the Friend". A friend means someone who is constantly with you. Kumars have been shown as friends and companions; they have been portrayed as young cowherds. Do all of you kumars move along whilst constantly considering yourselves to be the Father’s companions, and constantly experience, “I eat with You, I sit with You”? Do you kumars consider yourselves to be combined with the Father? Are you combined or alone? Never think that you are alone. Constantly keep your Companion with you and you will remain constantly happy; you will dance in happiness day and night whilst creating your own future and that of others. Never consider yourself to be alone. When you consider yourself to be alone, Maya comes to you. Kumars always complain that they are alone. That company is the companion of both sorrow and happiness. That companionship spoils your head. So, you are combined, are you not? You are not householders, and so what else would you need once you have the household of happiness? No one else can find such a Companion as the One you have found. Keep your Companion with you. When you keep Him with you, your mind will constantly experience entertainment.

BapDada meeting the mothers:
You are free from attachment! You are destroyers of attachment, are you not? Mothers especially experience the obstacle of attachment. To be a destroyer of attachment means to make intense effort. If there is the slightest attachment to your bodily relations, then, instead of being an intense effort-maker, you become just an effort-maker. Those who are intense effort-makers are in the first number whereas those who are just effort-makers are in the second number. No matter what happens, constantly dance in happiness. The meaning of, “Death for the prey and joy for the hunter”, is to become a destroyer of attachment. Only those who are destroyers of attachment can become the beads of the rosary of victory. If you gain victory over attachment, you remain constantly victorious. Have you just passed or have you fully passed? Many test papers will come; when you have a test paper, it means you move forward to the next class. How could the class change if you don’t have exams? Therefore, you have to pass fully and not just pass. Achcha.

BapDada meeting couples:
With your awareness, cancel your old contract and become single and then become combined again. Finish all the old accounts and begin afresh. You have divorced the relationships of Maya and have struck a contract of having a relationship with the Father. It is through this that you become a conqueror of Maya, a conqueror of attachment and victorious. You may co-operate with one another, but may not become companions. You have only the one Companion. The moment you have any awareness of companionship, everything finishes.
The Father’s hand is constantly over those who stay in remembrance of the Father. All of you are most lucky. Having found God whilst sitting at home, what better luck would you need? What else do you need when something you never even dreamt of becomes a reality? The Father came to you first; you came afterwards. Remain constantly happy by speaking about your fortune: I have made God belong to me. No matter where you live, constantly experience the Father’s company in everything you do throughout the whole day's timetable. Achcha.

Avyakt BapDada meeting Madhuban resident brothers:
Pandavas means those who are constantly victorious. The name of the Pandavas is well known because of their victory. The Pandava Army is the special army that stays on the shores of the Ocean in elevated company. So, are you such a Pandava Army that is always victorious? Is it always the game of victory or is there victory and defeat? Now, according to the time, co-operation, the drama and the fortune that you have received, there should be the game of being constantly victorious. When you constantly use the speciality that you have received according to the drama you will also be able to see the speciality of others. It is because you do not look at the speciality, but look at other things, that there is defeat. Keep each one’s speciality in your awareness. Be faithful with one another and the motives and intentions of others will change. When there are two friends and a third person comes and defames them, then the friends change the intention of that person. For instance, if someone says something to you about Brahma Baba, saying: What is this? This is like an insult. You would then explain to that one with faith that that is not an insult, but a clarification. Where there is faith, the motive of the words changes and becomes an ordinary thing. Look at each one’s speciality and you will all be seen as one although there are many of you, there will be a united gathering of one direction. When someone is saying something defamatory, then, instead of supporting that one, transform the form of the one who is saying something defamatory. Transform the motive behind the meaning of the words. This practice is needed, otherwise, when one hears something about someone from another, the third person hears something from the second person, then those wasteful things spread into the atmosphere due to which the atmosphere is not able to be powerful. You are then not even able to become an image that grants visions. Therefore, always have good wishes and benevolent feelings for everyone. To listen to defamatory things from one another is a waste of time and it deprives you from earning. If you are able to transform whatever they say, then listen to it. Otherwise, hear it but do not listen.
Speak about each one’s specialities. Even if someone says that he has seen something, you should not speak any negative words through your lips. Just relate the speciality of the person who is being defamed and change the situation. Let only “Wah wah!” emerge from everyone’s lips for everyone. Only then will there be “Wah wah!” for the Father. When you see or hear something not right about another person, do not keep that in your heart. Relate it to those higher up and finish it. Always keep yourself empty and light. If you have anything of any kind in your heart, then, where you have any of those situations (baat), the Father (Baap) will not be there.
You should not speak of anyone’s defects in front of anyone because to speak about that means to spread the germs of an illness. When there are such germs around, you have to use some powerful medicine at that time to finish them. When someone asks how So-and-so is, let it emerge from your heart, “He is very well!” Many souls come with many different intentions, but they should go back with only pure feelings from you. Remain free from obstacles with just pure feelings, one feeling, one wish and being lost in the love of One. Finish the stock of wasteful matters and accumulate a stock of things of happiness. Let everyone just see souls swinging in happiness. Let there be spirituality in every word. Spiritual words are very sweet. According to the time, your stage should also be very elevated. The meaning of the ascending stage is to go beyond what you were like before and continue to move ahead. Your stage should be such that you are seen to be an image that grants visions. Then see how many crowds come. Your stage should always be concentrated and stable and then the name will be glorified. Everyone will come to check out your attitude, your vision and your nature, but let them have an introduction to the real knowledge. Achcha.

Blessing:May you be filled with determination and with the speciality of contentment, be successful in even the most difficult paper.   
Contentment is the special qualification of Brahmins (descendants of Adam-Brahma). To remain content with whatever part you have received is to move forward. No matter what fluctuation there is, even if someone insults you, children of the Bestower can never be discontent in any situation. They would be content with themselves and content with others. For this, have the determined thought that, no matter how difficult a paper comes in front of you is, you definitely have to remain content and you will continue to be successful in that.

Slogan:Those who constantly have the Sun of Happiness rising in their hearts have the fortune of happiness.  

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