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The mischief of your attitude spoils your register with many stains. Therefore, be constantly celibate even in your attitude.

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24/08/14    Madhuban     Avyakt     BapDada     07/12/78

Essence: “Signs of becoming as perfect as the Father”

Are you easily and constantly able to use your power of awareness to stabilise in your three worlds or three stages: the incorporeal, angelic and corporeal? Do you experience it to be just as easy to stabilise in your eternal incorporeal stage as you do in your original corporeal stage? Is there equality in the experience of the eternal stage one moment and the original stage the next when you use your power of awareness? Do you experience that? Just as you experience it to be very natural to stabilise in your corporeal form, so it should be just as natural to stabilise in your original, eternal, incorporeal form. To be able to stabilise in that form as soon as you have that thought is known as having the stage of perfection, equal to the Father, the final karmateet stage. So, ask yourself: How close have I come to my final stage? The closer you come to your perfect stage, that is, the closer you come to the Father, the closer you will become in claiming a right to the kingdom in the future as your reward. As well as that, in your first life as a devotee, you will be in close relationship. In both lives, worthy of being worshipped and worshipper, you will be close to the corporeal father. This means that, throughout the whole cycle, you will be closely related to the first soul. You souls will also play special parts in different names and forms with the hero actor. The closeness of your perfect stage now, that is, your closeness to BapDada now, is the basis of your closeness throughout the whole cycle. This is why you can create as much reward for yourself for the whole cycle as you want. The basis of your closeness is your greatness; and, with regard to your greatness, you especially have to check two things in your birth in which you have died alive. Firstly, do you constantly uplift others? Secondly, have you always been celibate from birth, from the beginning until now? From the beginning of your dying alive birth, that is, from your childhood, to now, have you always been celibate? A celibate life means a life as pure as Brahma Baba's life. This can be called "brahmchari" (celibate) or "Brahma-achari" (following the footsteps of Brahma). Have you been constant in this from the beginning until the end? If you have repeatedly broken this discipline, you cannot then be called a constantly celibate soul or a "Brahma-achari". If you break the discipline of purity and cleanliness, you cannot then become supremely worthy of worship. Because of not being equal to the Father, you are not able to come into a close relationship with him. This is why the basis of becoming elevated and the basis of being close is to be celibate from birth, that is, to be a constant "Brahmachari". This is called following the father. So, check yourself to see whether you are constant. Those who remain constant also experience all attainments. Any attainments of an effort-maker who constantly breaks this practice would be short lived. So, check your register to see whether it is always clean and pure or whether you have spoilt your register by staining it in some way. To be constantly celibate means that no type of impurity in your thoughts allows your attitude to cause mischief. The first defeat is the mischief of attitude, and then there is mischief of your vision and behaviour. The mischief of your attitude spoils your register with many stains. Therefore, be constantly celibate even in your attitude.
Today, BapDada was examining this register of the children to see which children are constantly celibate and which children are just celibate. Importance is given to those who have been celibate from birth. Those who have been celibate from birth are worthy of being worshipped even at the present time; even now, they are still elevated. BapDada sees such children as the children who are worthy of being worshipped. Even now, at the end, you will be revealed to the world as souls who are worthy of being worshipped. Those who are seen by the Father as souls who are worthy of being worshipped will constantly have a close relationship with the father. So, examine your register in this way. Secondly, the meaning of being one who uplifts others is also very deep. You must think about this meaning yourself. Are you constantly merciful towards all souls of the world and also Brahmin souls, or are you sometimes only merciful towards yourself in only bringing benefit to yourself alone, and only sometimes uplifting others? In fact, those who uplift others also benefit themselves. So, examine your register while keeping this aspect in your mind. Later, BapDada will tell you more. Do you understand? Achcha.

To those who easily stabilise in their eternal and original form, to the souls who are worthy of being worshipped by remaining constantly clean and clear, to the souls who have a close relationship with the father throughout the entire cycle, to the children who are constantly celibate, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting the teachers:
Teachers are given a special lift because a teacher's duty is to show all souls the right path. So, you are those who remain merged in the love of One day and night. You are those who remember the One and remain engaged in the one task, and are thereby able to have a constant and stable stage. By remaining absorbed in the love of One, you are easily able to experience reaching your destination. There is just the One, and so the path has become easy, has it not? You put the switch on and reach your destination within a second. You become an embodiment of whatever you think about at that moment - this is your lift. When teachers see their own fortune, they should constantly sing praise of the Father. "Wah Baba! Wah drama\" Let this song be constantly playing. When you have this happiness, whether there is some bondage of your body, or bondage of your mind, it will feel as though it is nothing. When you remain constantly busy, Maya will not be able to attack you in any way. Maya will be defeated; she will be unable to attack you.
For close souls, making effort becomes a means of entertainment.
Brahma Baba's first speciality was of being a destroyer of attachment. On the basis of this, he also became an embodiment of constant remembrance. Are you following the father in the same way? Through this speciality, you will become a soul who is very close. You yourself will become a conqueror of attachment to the self and others; this is why souls who are close experience all attainments very easily. They will also experience effort to be like a game and not anything difficult. To make effort is also a form of entertainment. If, on the one hand, you were to think of something in an ordinary way, and, on the other hand, think of it as entertainment, there would be a difference. So, souls who are close would experience effort to be a form of entertainment. The main sign of a soul who is close is that he would not experience anything to be difficult from the beginning to the end.

The basis of success is to experience being a detached observer and a companion.
Do you constantly move along whilst considering yourself to be a companion of the Father? If you experience being a companion, then you would also experience being a detached observer. Because you have the Father’s company, and since He plays His part as the detached Observer, then because you are a companion of His, you will also play your part as a detached observer. So, do you experience both these things? You are not alone, but you constantly have the company of the Almighty Authority. When you have His company, success is already guaranteed. On the path of devotion too, devotees call out: Give us the experience of Your company for a short time; give us a glimpse of Yourself! However, what is happening now? You have become His companion in all relationships. A glimpse or a vision is just for a short time, whereas a relationship is for all time. So, now, do you have a close relationship with the Father, or are you still a seeker? When you don't have any attainment, you have the feeling of seeking. You are no longer a seeker, but one who has all rights. You have His company at every second. Because of having a close relationship with Him, you are close to Him at every second. Everyone looks for a companion in his or her life. People spend their lives with the support of their companions. What type of companion have you now found? The eternal Companion! No other companion can constantly reach you at a time of need. BapDada can always reach you within a second. This company lasts for birth after birth. In the future too, you will have the father's company, will you not? Shiv Baba will become the detached Observer and Father Brahma will become a companion of yours. At present, both are your companions. Those who experience this remain constantly happy. When you have attained whatever you were searching for, you would be very happy, would you not? You have attained everything. However, you now have to make yourself equal to the Father. It is numberwise in this.

Why does BapDada especially give the Shakti Army the co-operation of the stage of ascent? Because everyone has been putting the Shaktis and mothers down. Now, the Father comes and uplifts you. He even puts the Shaktis ahead of Himself. Therefore, Shaktis should have special happiness. The faces of you Shaktis should be constantly sparkling because the Father has especially put you at the front. The sparkle of those who have even some temporary attainment is visible on their faces. This is such a huge attainment! Do you mothers ever cry? Do you sometimes have tears in your eyes? You now have spirituality in your eyes, and where there is spirituality, there can be no tears. Do the Pandavas cry physically or in their minds? When you are those who merge into the Ocean of Happiness, how can you cry? Crying is an indication of sorrow. So, how can those who are merged in the Ocean of Happiness cry? There should be no wave of sorrow even in your dreams. Even your dreams should be of happiness because you now have a close relationship with the Ocean of Happiness. So, constantly remain merged in happiness and joy and don't ever cry. Will your subjects in the golden age cry? So, why should someone who is to become a king in the future cry? Shaktis are a sample. If the sample cries, how could you make any other deals? Therefore, never cry; neither physically nor in your mind. Understand?

Blessing:May you be a conqueror of Maya who experiences safety by having zeal and enthusiasm for service.   
For the children who run for and remain ever ready for physical as well as spiritual service, this zeal and enthusiasm for service becomes a means of safety. Those who remain engaged in service are protected from Maya. Maya also sees that you don’t have time for her and so she goes away. Children who have love for the Father and service receive the help of extra courage due to which they easily become conquerors of Maya.

Slogan:Make knowledge and yoga the nature of your life and any old nature will be transformed.  

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