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If there is any consciousness of “mine”,you become caged. “What can I do?”“How can I do this?”This too is bondage of your mind.

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17/08/14    Madhuban     Avyakt     BapDada     05/12/78

Essence:  “The original sanskars of your birth in which you have died alive are your first awareness and first promise.”

Today, BapDada is happy to see the most elevated souls of the world. Out of all souls, only you few souls have this elevated fortune. Just as you children are happy to see the Father, the Bestower of Fortune, so the Father too, because of having found you fortunate children, becomes even happier. Out of many children, only you children have been separated from the Father for such a long time, and so, why wouldn't He be happy on finding you? The speciality of each child and the sparkle of each star, the splendour of each spirit (soul) or the Godly sparkle of spirituality - to the extent that the Father knows this, sometimes, you children even forget this. In order to gain victory over all obstacles, all types of adverse situations and calamities of impure nature in a second, you simply have to have faith in and intoxication of one thing. What is this one aspect? You are reminded of this again and again; your mind is also aware of this in the form of thought, but you are not able to have this sanskar. You think about it, you understand it, you hear about it, but nevertheless, you sometimes forget it! What is it? You have been told about this a long time ago. It is, "Wah re myself!" (The wonder of I!). When you hear this, you become happy, but then you forget it. The sanskar of this life in which you have died alive is, “Wah re mai”. So, you even forget the original sanskar of your birth, the first awareness of your birth, and first words of this birth, which are, “I am an elevated Brahmin soul (Child of God)”. You enjoy playing the game of forgetting. You have been playing the game of forgetting for half a cycle. Do you still enjoy playing this game?
To become a Brahmin(descendant of Adam-Brahma) means to become an embodiment of power. What would you call yourself if you forgot your form? BapDada feels compassion for you children when He sees you playing this game, but, at the same time, He is also amused: Such great souls and yet look at what they do! You play an even more wonderful game! What is that? You know very well what you do; you can tell Baba what it is that you do. Some of you play hide and seek! Sometimes, you say, "wah", and sometimes you say "hai" (Oh!). Achcha. You all know that you do this, but what even more wonderful game do you play? When you became a child of the Father, when you died alive, what was your first promise? You know this very well too. You know what promise you made. The Father made you promise and you accepted. What do you do after accepting? The Father said: Let go of the vicious sanskars of a shudra, and so you removed the costume of vicious sanskars of the soul and put on the divine costume of Godly sanskars. You transformed all impure vision and attitude, the indications of a shudra, and you adopted the special signs of a pure attitude and vision, and thereby claimed a right to the most elevated of all relationships and prosperity. Although you remember all of this very clearly, what do you still do? Elevated souls would never think of taking back something they have dropped or renounced, just as royal children never pick up anything that has been dropped or thrown away. All of you had the thought to discard the vices from your intellect. You considered vice to be useless and something that is spoilt, and so you made a promise and renounced it. You made a pledge never to indulge in that poison again. What do you do then? Why do you pick up and use again something that has been thrown away, that is dirty, useless, burnt and decayed? Do you understand what games you have been playing? You have been playing games of ignorance. On seeing these games, Baba feels mercy for you, but He is also amused. You have become janijananhar (knowers of all secrets), but you now have to become karanhar (one who does something himself). So, what are you now going to do? Arrange a special programme and reveal yourselves as those who are karanhar. Do not even think of taking back whatever useless things you have discarded from your mind. Think about this and then ask yourself: Who am I and what am I doing? What did I promise and what am I now doing? What did you promise and what are you fulfilling? With your own self-respect and elevated awareness, become an embodiment of power of the elevated life.
What did you say you would do and what are you doing? Now stop playing all of those wonderful games! Become an elevated being; become an elevated actor and play the game of being elevated. Only when you have the determination to offer such a final offering will the transformation ceremony take place. Now, fix a date for this ceremony in the gathering. Achcha.
To those who have determination in their minds, to those whose thoughts are equal to their forms; to those who are janijananhar and karanhar, to all the elevated souls who reveal their own greatness and who also glorify the Father through every act they perform, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting Dadis:
The Father comes when His children call Him. You children make a request to Baba and He accepts. However, this time, He is also going to take something back with Him. You children are with Him anyway, so what else is He is going to take back with Him? Baba will take the final sacrifice of the determined thoughts of every child. When there is a sacrificial fire (yagya), the final offering is the prasad (holy offering). This yagya was created in the corporeal world through a corporeal being. Adam-Brahma played his part and gave you Brahmins the responsibility of maintaining this yagya. BapDada will also accept the special prasad of this yagya. Whenever someone comes to meet you, you give them some prasad. BapDada too will take some prasad back with Him. To give this prasad means that world transformation is going to take place. This year, at Shiva Ratri, together with serving - you will of course do something through which many souls will receive Baba’s introduction, but, together with this, have such a thought that, as well as giving them the Father's introduction, you will also enable them to experience the prasad of having a glimpse or an experience of the Father. When you hold a function, everyone is attracted to the spot where the prasad is being distributed. Because of the attraction of prasad, people automatically go there even against their wish. So, keep the aim of creating such an atmosphere. On the basis of your power and especially with the attraction of your merciful thoughts, distribute to weak souls the prasad of attainment and experience. As well as this, create a special group of mahavirs whose minds have the determination to reveal themselves as practical embodiments of janijananhar and karanhar. It is said, "Even if I have to die, I will not renounce my religion". You should have such dharna. No matter what circumstances arise, even if a mahavir form of Maya comes in front of you, you must not let go of your dharna. In the beginning, you created different groups of effort-makers. You had a group called, "the divine unity group". So, what group will you create now?
For this Shiva Ratri, special groups of the Pandavas and Shaktis, who are destroyers of obstacles, should be created. BapDada will take this prasad back with Him. The fragrance of the final offering into the yagya spreads very far. So, BapDada too will carry to the subtle region the good news of the special fragrance of the yagya in the corporeal world. Prepare this type of prasad. Baba will definitely take something back with Him. This offering will open the gates of returning home. The number of you is now increasing so quickly that the gates of returning home should open. So, who is going to open the gates? The Father will not do anything on His own. Has He ever done anything on His own? Even now, He is not alone. (Children had talked amongst themselves of Baba having left by himself.) Firstly, Bap and Dada are one another’s companions, and so they cannot be alone. Then, there are also you children. Do you not stay with Baba? What did you promise? That you will live with Baba, return home with Baba, eat and drink with Baba. This is what you had promised, is it not? Have you now changed your promise? The promise you made is still the same; your promise has not altered. It is not that Baba went away. In the sakar form, you had the company of sakar Baba for a short time, and that too was for only a few children in the sakar form. However, Baba is now able to be with everyone. In the sakar form, there were some types of bondages, but Baba is now free from bondage. Now, the speed is intense. You called the Father and the Lord became present in front of you.
You now have to go beyond attachment and have a state of surrender. When you have surrendered yourself, attachment becomes like a trace. So, you will now stay together and return home together. Why should it be that you only stay together today? You must remain together constantly. Achcha, so now prepare this prasad. What will the Pandavas do? (It was the time of Eid). No matter what you do, definitely demonstrate something. We shall see who races ahead, the Pandavas or the Shaktis. Whatever Eid you celebrate, to renounce the consciousness of “I” means to celebrate Eid. Now, we shall see what prasad you prepare. Is it the Pandavas who will prepare something? Or, will the Shaktis prepare something? Or, will both of you prepare something? Achcha.

BapDada meeting the U.P. Zone:
The U.P. zone is specially fortunate. The speciality of U.P. is that the land there is very loving and devout; they have a lot of devotional feeling. You have become instruments to give the fruit of devotion to the devout land. Out of all the zones, the most memorials are in U.P. So, now especially remind the land of U.P. about the memorials. There is a lot of expansion in U.P. Sow the seed of knowledge in this expansion and prepare the Father’s garden of the flowers from the previous cycle. In any case, the land of U.P. is very fruitful, and you can therefore increase the garden of flowers even more. Let the Ganges of knowledge flow from every place. The importance of the rivers is also especially remembered in U.P. The importance of bathing in the Ganges is also remembered in U.P. Just as it is important to bathe one’s body, so too, increase the importance of bathing in knowledge. The importance of U.P. is that it is great. According to the system the pilgrimage place of knowledge began in U.P. According to the system, the souls of Kanpur and Lucknow became the instruments. In Delhi, it was just the mothers who sent the invitation. The invitation according to the system came from Kanpur and Lucknow. The praise of U.P. is separate from the praise of Delhi. It is very great. Now, to the extent that praise has been remembered, you must accordingly reveal yourselves by performing just as great a task. Perform such a special task that has not as yet been performed by other zones. Each zone now has to invent something new. You had melas and also conferences. Now invent something so new that when people see it, they will feel that they have never heard or seen anything like it before.

BapDada meeting those from Agra:
Do you remain constantly happy whilst remembering your fortune? “Wah my fortune!” Do you constantly sing this song in your mind?: “Wah Baba, wah drama and wah my role” Do you experience yourself to be performing every action while having this awareness, just as when you do something you remain free from the bondage of that work and in a stage of liberation in life? Of course, you will receive the inheritance of liberation in life in the golden age anyway, but the experience at this time of the liberation-in-life stage, of being free from bondage in life, is even greater. So, even now, do you experience the liberation-in-life stage with your power of knowledge and yoga? Or, do you have some bondage even now? All bondages have finished and you have become liberated in life. No matter what happens, because of your being liberated in life, everything feels like a game for you. Everything is not a test, but a game. Even if your body falls ill or you are attacked by Maya in any of its many different ways, you should experience all of it to be a game. You can never become unhappy whilst playing a game. A game is played for entertainment, not for becoming unhappy. So, by considering everything to be a game, you will experience the stage of liberation in life.
Are you liberated in life or are you experiencing bondage in life? Let there be no bondage of the body or bodily relations. You are just fulfilling your responsibilities as though it is a game. You are just playing a game of fulfilling your responsibilities. Souls who are free from bondage are able to experience an elevated stage. Those who are in bondage remain bound down here, whereas those who are free from bondage can fly high above. Have all of you broken free from your cages? Any bondage is a cage. So, you have broken free from the cage of bondage. You also have to fulfil your responsibilities in name, not with attachment. Only then will you be called free from bondage. When you consider yourself to be a trustee, you are free from bondage. If there is any consciousness of “mine”, you become caged. You are no longer caged birds, but birds of heaven. In the beginning, you used to sing a song about not being a caged bird. Now, you have become the angels of heaven. All of you are going to fly to heaven. From caged birds, you have become angels. There should no longer be the slightest bondage anywhere. There should be no bondage in your mind. “What can I do?” “How can I do this?” “I want to do this, but am unable to do it”. This too is bondage of your mind. If you are unable to do something when you want to, then you are weak. Therefore, become free from this bondage too. This is known as being free from bondage. You have now become the Father’s children, and so children are those who are free. This is why it is said, “Student life is the best life". So, who are you? Are you children or elderly? Children means those who are free from bondage. If you still consider yourself to be in your past life, then that is a bondage. If you have died alive, then you are free from bondage. No matter whether you are a kumar or in your age of retirement, you are all children. Simply remember the one task that the Father has given you of staying in remembrance and remain engaged in serving. Remain constantly busy in this.
According to the drama, the souls who have been co-operative in the task of establishment from the beginning definitely attain one or another form of special co-operation. This is guaranteed. Not only does BapDada give you the return at this time of everything you do here, but you also accumulate for the future. Achcha.

Blessing: May you be constantly carefree with the happiness and intoxication of your imperishable and unlimited rights.   
People in the world claim a right after making a lot of effort, whereas you have received a right without making any effort. To become a child means to claim a right. “Wah, I the elevated soul with all rights.” Maintain the intoxication and happiness of this unlimited right and you will be constantly carefree. This imperishable right is guaranteed. Where something is guaranteed, you are able to remain carefree. Hand over all your responsibilities to the Father and you will become free from all worries.

Slogan:Those who are generous hearted and have big and unlimited hearts are the foundation of unity.

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