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The Father of all souls is One.Consider yourselves to be brothers and that criminal vision will end.

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30/08/14    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban   

Sweet children,

The spiritual Father asks you children. He cannot ask everyone. He asks daughter Nalini: What are you doing here? In remembrance of whom are you sitting here? The Father? Are you sitting in remembrance of just the Father or are you also remembering something else? Your sins will be absolved by having remembrance of the Father. What else are you remembering? This is the work of the intellect. We souls have to go to our home and so we have to remember the home. Achcha, what else do you have to do? Will you go home and just sit there? They have shown Vishnu with a discus of self-realisation. The Father has now explained to you the meaning of that. The self, that is, the soul, had a vision of his cycle of 84 births. So, that discus also has to be turned. You know that we go around the cycle of 84 births and return home. Then, from there, we will go into the golden age to play our parts. We will then go around the cycle of 84 births. Vishnu does not have a discus etc. He is a deity of the golden age. Call it the land of Vishnu or the land of Lakshmi and Narayan or call it heaven; there used to be the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan in heaven. If you call it the kingdom of Radhe and Krishna, you are making a mistake. There is no kingdom of Radhe and Krishna because they are a prince and princess from separate kingdoms. They become the masters of the kingdom after their marriage. So, they have shown Vishnu with a discus, but that is in fact your cycle. Therefore, when you sit here, you mustn't just sit in silence. You also have to remember your inheritance and this is why there is this cycle.
The Father says: You are lighthouses. You are walking and talking lighthouses. You have the land of peace in one eye and the land of happiness in the other eye. You have to remember both. Your sins are cut away by having remembrance. By remembering your home, you will go home. Then, you also have to remember the cycle. Only you have the knowledge of this whole cycle. You have been around the cycle of 84 births and this is now the final birth in the land of death. The new world is called the land of immortality. “Immortal” means that you are constantly alive, that you never die. Here, people die suddenly while just sitting somewhere because there are illnesses. There, there is no fear of dying because that is the land of immortality. Even when you become old, you have the knowledge that you will go and enter the palace of a womb. Now you go into the jail of a womb. There, a womb is like a palace. There, no sins are committed that anyone would have to have punishment. Here, people commit sins due to which they experience punishment. Then, when they come out of the womb, they begin to commit sin again. This is the world of sinful souls. Here, there is nothing but sorrow. The name “sorrow” doesn’t exist there. So, keep the land of peace in one eye and the land of happiness in the other eye. Although you have been doing tapasya and chanting mantras for birth after birth, you did not have this knowledge. That is devotion. You are not shown the method there for becoming satopradhan. No one knows this. They have just heard that God Krishna says: Renounce everything including your body... These are words from the Gita which they read and relate to everyone. You are not asked to become like that. They simply read it, saying that this is what God said, before He departed, when He came to purify the impure. It is just that they have inserted Krishna’s name in the Gita instead of that of the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. Krishna is the charioteer. Does he need a chariot? He himself is a bodily being. Who gave him the name, “Krishna”? On the sixth day after a baby is born, they have a naming ceremony.
The God-Father is just called Shiva(Benefactor). You souls come into birth and rebirth and so the names of the bodies change. Shiv Baba does not come into birth and death. He is always Shiva. When people apply a zero, they say, "Shiva". A soul is an extremely subtle point. When someone has a vision of a soul, he is unable to understand it. Seeing a vision of a goddess, they would become happy. Achcha, what then? There was no attainment, no meaning. They just performed intense devotion, had a vision and thereby became happy with that. However, there is no question of them receiving liberation or liberation-in-life. All of that is the path of devotion. This, here, is the path of knowledge. Here, people generally have a vision of Brahma and then of Shri Krishna. They would be told (in their vision): Go to this Brahma and you will go to the land of Krishna or to Paradise. They can also have visions of Lakshmi and Narayan. It isn't that just because they received a vision, they are in salvation. They just receive a signal: Go there. As you progress further, many will have visions and they will receive directions. The picture of your Trimurti and also the name of the Brahma Kumaris are printed in the newspapers. So they would have a vision of Brahma: By going to that one you will receive knowledge of how to become a prince of Paradise, just as Arjuna had a vision of Vishnu and of destruction.
The Father tells you how you have to become like a lotus, but you don't remain constant and this is why the ornaments have been given to Vishnu. Why would deities need the conch shell etc? Speaking knowledge through your lips is called blowing the conch shell. The Father also explains the significance of the lotus to you. You Brahmins have to become like a lotus at this time. The mace is for conquering Maya, the five vices. The Father shows you the method: Constantly remember Me alone and your sins will be absolved. Follow shrimat and remember the Purifier Father. No one, apart from the Father, is the Purifier. The Father says: You all call out to Me to come and liberate all of you from your bodies and take you to the pure world. So, the Father comes and makes all souls pure from impure because impure souls cannot go home or to heaven. The Father says: If you want to become pure, remember Me. Only by having remembrance will your sins be cut away. I guarantee this. People call out: O Purifier, come! Purify us and take us to the new world. So, how will they go? The Father tells you something so straightforward. This is the Father's easy knowledge and easy matters. He says: While doing your work, remember Me! You may do your job etc. and prepare food, but do that while in remembrance and the food will be purified. This is why it is remembered that even the deities had a desire for Brahma bhojan. Even these daughters go with bhog to the subtle region and a meeting takes place there. A gathering of Brahmins and deities takes place there. They come to accept the food. Before brahmin priests take their meals, they chant a mantra. Brahma bhojan is praised a lot.
Sannyasis only remember the brahm element; their religion is separate. Those are limited sannyasis. They say that they have renounced their home, family, wealth etc., that they have renounced everything. They have now pushed their way in (the cities). Yours is unlimited renunciation. You even forget this old world. You then have to go to the new world. While living at home with your families, it is in your intellects that you have to go the land of happiness via the land of peace. You also have to remember the land of peace. You remember the Father and the lands of peace and happiness. This is the final birth of our many births. Our 84 births are now complete. From the sun dynasty, we became the moon dynasty then we became merchants and then shudras. Those people then say that the soul is the Supreme Soul, and that the soul is not affected by anything because the soul is the Supreme Soul. The Father says: That meaning of theirs is wrong. The Father sits here and explains the meaning of "hum so" to you. I, the soul, am a child of the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. First of all, I was a deity, a resident of heaven, and then I became a moon-dynasty warrior. After 2500 years were completed, we became merchants and then shudras, vicious ones. We have now become Brahmins, the topknot. We are sitting here and it is as though we are doing a somersault of 84 births. We have knowledge of this somersault. Previously, when people went on pilgrimages, they would make marks along the way as they somersaulted. Your true pilgrimage is to the land of peace and the land of happiness. You are spiritual pilgrims who give this advice to everyone: Remember the Father and you will go to the land of peace. Sages and holy men all make effort to go to the land of peace but no one can go there. Everyone, the whole lot, will go there together.
The Father has explained that there are very few in the golden age and then growth takes place. You are spinners of the discus of self-realization; the deities are not that. However, at this time, you have a war with Maya. In that war, too, they go and seek refuge with the side they consider to be powerful. Whom are you now taking refuge with at this time? Both husband and wife say: I seek refuge with You. Mine is one Shiv Baba and none other. The Father of all souls is One. You are the children of that One. Sages and holy men are not that One. In that case, there would be many Gods! Whoever sulks with his home and family becomes God! Many wealthy millionaires go and become their followers. Then they celebrate with impure food. They are tamopradhan human beings. Hindus don't even know about their own religion. The Father explains: In fact, you belong to the original, eternal, deity religion but you have now become impure and so you cannot call yourselves deities. That religion has now disappeared. People are so vicious and they have a criminal eye. A minister who came to Baba said: My vision becomes criminal. The Father now explains: Children, become those with a civil eye. For as long as you have a criminal eye, you are impure. Consider yourselves to be brothers and that criminal vision will end. We souls are brothers and we are claiming our inheritance from the one Father. The throne of the soul is this forehead. This is called the immortal throne. The immortal soul is sitting on this throne. This body is a puppet of clay. The whole part is recorded in the soul.
The Father says: I come after 5000 years to give you children the inheritance. You know that you have come here to claim your inheritance of health, wealth and happiness. In the golden age, you receive a lot of wealth. You become deities for 21 generations. None of them die until they reach old age. Here, people die suddenly while just sitting somewhere. Sometimes, they even die in the womb. There, there is no mention of sorrow. That is called the land of happiness, the kingdom of Rama, whereas this is the land of sorrow, the kingdom of Ravan. Ravan does not exist in the golden age. So, you will also keep this cycle of 84 births in your intellects and remain very happy. You know that you are going to become the masters of the new world, that is, the masters of the golden age. It says in the Gita: God speaks: O child, renounce your body and all bodily relations. Consider yourself to be a soul and constantly remember Me alone. That one God is your true Friend. All the plays of Allah-avaldin (the first religion) and of hatam-tai (bead in your mouth) are of this time. People now beat their heads so much in order for fewer children to be born. The unlimited Father reduces this population so much. In the golden age, there is a population of just 900,000 in the whole world. There aren't this many millions of people there. All will go to the land of liberation, the land of peace. This is a miracle. He lays the foundation of the one deity religion and destroys all the other religions.
You have to make the world cycle of 84births sit in your intellects very well. This is the discus of self-realization. It is not a discus for cutting anyone’s throat. In the scriptures, they have said violent things about Krishna. They say that he killed everyone with a discus of self-realization. So, that too is defamation. They have made him so violent! You become doubly non-violent. To use the sword of lust is also violence. Deities are said to be pure. When you can become the masters of the world with the power of yoga, why can children not be born through the power of yoga? They would have a vision that they are going to have a child. Baba understands that he will shed this old body and then have a golden spoon in the mouth. You also understand that when you take birth in the land of immortality, you will have a golden spoon in your mouth. Poor subjects are also needed. There is no question of any type of sorrow there. The subjects do not have as much wealth or prosperity, but they do have happiness and a long lifespan. Kings, queens, wealthy subjects are all needed. Achcha.

To the sweetest spiritual children who always stay in the intoxication of this awareness, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.
Good morning and Namaste to the spiritual GodFather.

Blessing:  May you be a master and a child and control your mind by keeping the reins of shrimat tight.   
People of the world say that the mind is a horse which runs very fast, but your mind cannot run around here and there because the reins of shrimat are very strong. When your mind and intellect become engaged in looking at side scenes, then, because the reins are loose, the mind becomes mischievous. Therefore, when any situation arises or the mind becomes mischievous, tighten the reins of shrimat and you will reach your destination. I am a child and a master: by having this awareness, you will become one who has all rights and be able to control your mind.

Slogan:  Constantly have the faith that whatever is happening is good and that whatever is to happen will be even better and you will remain unshakeable and immovable.   

Consciousness of real "me"
Soul has taken the body to experience different types of feelings. Although soul has the natural qualities of peace, love, happiness, bliss, purity, it is also the soul that experiences the pain, sorrow, unhappiness. As long as there is the detached awareness of soul being different-separate from the body, the actions, situations, feelings, pain, happiness,never bind the soul irrespective of experiencing them. The effort is to constantly maintain not just the thought that I am a soul but feel and experience myself as a point of light while performing all actions and while experiencing different feelings-emotions either good or bad, mental or physical.

The benefits of actions with the awareness of soul-self located at the centre of forehead:
1.peace, contentment, bliss is experienced being in awareness of self-soul, because they are the natural qualities of self.
2. The physical pain, desires are experienced by the soul through the body and hence the physical reactions of body becomes minimized. If the person thinks that the body experiences pain - desires, it disturbs the body and mind.
3. When the situation becomes stressful, the soul maintain its coolness because it is not aware of the body to activate the sympathetic nervous system, to enable fight or flight response.
4. When situation becomes more demanding, because it is the soul that feels the pressure, it never reacts unlike being in the conscious of body.
5.When there is situation of hurt or anger, the soul never gets hurt because it does not have an image of its own to get hurt. So, the soul conscious mind can respond with logical sense to any situation or person instead of reacting with anger, which is a physical reaction.
6. The natural bodily needs, sensations, feelings like thirst, hunger are experienced by soul and hence being detached it can bear them or experience them graciously without any physical reactions unlike in body consciousness. All the sensations are directed towards the soul not directed towards the sense organs.Since all the sensations are directed to the blissful and contented soul, there is no craving or greed for those desires or sense experience once it gets fulfilled. Even if it is not fulfilled, the soul can bear it with patience because it is detached from the conscious of body.

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