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God is the Father of all.Break away from everyone else (including own body) and connect yourself to only the One.

Connection between Hinduism and Christianism:

It is only the Power of God that Heals:

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13/08/14    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban   

Sweet children,

Each and every spiritual child of the spiritual Father knows that Baba is our Father, Teacher and Satguru. You children know this but, even while knowing it, you repeatedly forget it. Those who are sitting here know this, but they forget it. People of the world don't know it at all. The Father says: Simply remember these three words and you can do a lot of service. Many people come to you at the exhibitions and museums. Many friends and relatives also come to your homes. When anyone comes, you should explain: The One who is called God is Baba. He is also the Teacher and the Satguru. If you remember this, that too is good. You should not remember anyone else. You cannot say this of anyone else. You children know that our Baba is the Father, the Teacher and also the Satguru. It is so easy! However, some people have such stone intellects that their intellects are unable to imbibe these three words; they forget them. Baba is changing us from human beings into deities, because He is the unlimited Father. He is the unlimited Father and so He would definitely give you an unlimited inheritance. Deities have an unlimited inheritance. If you remember just this much, you can do a lot of service at home too. However, because of forgetting even this much, you are unable to tell anyone anything. You repeatedly forget this, because you forgot it for the whole cycle.
The Father now sits here and explains to you: In fact, this knowledge is very simple, but it requires effort to become complete through the pilgrimage of remembrance. Baba is our Father, He gives us teachings and also gives us an inheritance and makes us pure because the Father is the Purifier. He simply says: Tell everyone: Remember Me! If you don't take any steps in Baba's service, how would you receive multimillions? Only by doing service can you become multimillionaires. It is only service that brings multimillions at every step. Children come running from everywhere to do service. They continue to take so many steps. Only they are the ones who will receive multimillions. The intellect also says: Shudras first have to be made into Brahmins. If you don't make them into Brahmins, what would they become? Service is needed. Children are told service news so that they become tempted. It is through service that you have received multimillions. Tell them just the one thing that no one else in the world knows. The unlimited Father is the Father but no one knows Him. They simply continue to say, "God the Father". It is not in anyone's intellect that He is also the Teacher. The teacher is always remembered by the students. Those who don't study well are said to be uneducated. Baba says: It doesn't matter. Even if you haven't studied anything, you can at least understand that you are brothers. Our Father is the unlimited One. The Father comes to establish the one religion and He does that through Adam-Brahma. However, people don't understand anything.
If God had never come, why would they call out to Him: “O Liberator, come! O Purifier, come!” Since they remember the Purifier, why do they study the scriptures? Why do they go on pilgrimages? Is He sitting there? No one understands, since God is the Purifier, how anyone could become pure by bathing in the Ganges. How could anyone go to heaven? They have to take birth here. There is a difference between the new world and the old world. This world cannot be called the golden age. It is now the iron age. Human beings have completely stone intellects. When they see a little happiness, they think that this is heaven. Only the Father explains this. He is not insulting you. The Father gives you teachings and also grants salvation to everyone. God is the Father and so you should definitely receive something from God. The word "Baba" is such that you definitely receive the fragrance of an inheritance. No matter how many maternal and paternal uncles etc. you have, you don't receive the fragrance of an inheritance from them. You have to become introverted and realize that what the Father is saying is right. A guru doesn’t have property. He has renounced his home and family, whereas you have renounced the vices. They say that they have renounced their homes and families, whereas you say that you have renounced the vices of the whole world. It is so easy to go to the new world! We renounce the whole of the old world, the tamopradhan world. The golden age is the new world. You know that there definitely was the new world. Everyone remembers it. The new world is called heaven but those people simply say that for the sake of saying it; they don't understand anything.
The Father tells you children: First think about this. Baba is our Father, our Teacher and also our Satguru. He will take everyone back home. There are just two words: Man manabhav! Everything is included in that. However, you even forget that. One can never tell what you continue to remember with your intellects! Otherwise, you can give it in writing every day what stage you were sitting in and for how long. You are sitting in front of the Father, Teacher and Satguru and so you should only remember Him. A student would only remember his teacher. However, Maya is here too. She completely scalps your head. She takes away your fortune of the whole kingdom and you are not even aware of it! You came to claim your inheritance, but you didn't receive anything. This is what you would say. Even though you would go to heaven, that is not such a big thing. Even if you come here, but don't study, you will go to heaven. You are sitting here. You understand that you have to go to heaven, and so you think that it doesn’t matter what you become. That is not studying. Even if someone hears just a little, he definitely receives the fruit of that. You receive a scholarship through studying. You have to claim the highest-on-high status from the Father and so you definitely do have to make effort. If you remember the study you would also remember the cycle of 84 births. Everything should be remembered while sitting here, but even that is not remembered. If you remembered that, you would also then tell others about it. Everyone has the pictures. If you explain the picture of Shiva to others, they will never get angry. Tell them: Come and we will tell you how Shiva(Benefactor) is our unlimited Father. What is your relationship with Him? They would not be useless pictures. It would definitely be said of Shiva that He is God and that God can only be the incorporeal One. He is called the Father. He also gives us teachings.
You souls are receiving teachings. It is the soul that does everything. It is the soul that becomes a teacher. The Father enters this chariot and also teaches us. He carries out establishment of the golden age. There is no name or trace of the iron age there. Where would human beings come from? Serviceable children think of these things throughout the whole day. If some don’t do service, it is understood that their intellects do not work at all. It is as though there are buddhus sitting here; they cannot understand the Father. It is only by remembering the Purifier Father that you receive an inheritance. If you die while remembering the Father, you will receive all His property. The property of the unlimited Father is heaven. You children have your badges with you. Many friends and relatives come to visit you at home. When someone dies, many people go and visit that person's home. You can serve all of them very well. Shiv Baba's picture is very good. Even if you keep a big picture, no one would say anything. They would not say that that is Brahma. This one is incognito. You can also explain to them in an incognito way. Simply keep a picture of Shiva and remove all the other pictures. This is Shiv Baba, the Father, Teacher and Satguru. He comes to establish the new world and He only comes at the confluence age. You have this knowledge in your intellects. Tell them: Remember Shiv Baba. Do not remember anyone else. Shiv Baba is the Purifier.
He says: Remember Me and you will meet Me. You can do incognito service. Lakshmi and Narayan became that through this knowledge. They ask: Shiv Baba is incorporeal, so how does He come? Ah, but you souls too are incorporeal, so how do you come? Souls also come down from up above to play their parts. The Father comes here and explains this to you. He cannot enter a bull. How would He then speak? He enters an ordinary old body. A very good method is needed to explain this. Some people ask you whether you still do devotion. Tell them: We do everything. You have to conduct yourself tactfully. You should think about what method to use to uplift others. You mustn't upset anyone. While living at home with your family, simply remain pure. You say: Baba, I don't get any service to do. Oh! you can do a lot of service. Go and sit by the River Ganges. Ask them: What will happen by bathing in the Ganges? Will you become pure? You say to God: O Purifier, come! Come and purify us! So, is He the Purifier or is the Ganges? There are many such rivers. The Father, the Purifier, is only One. Those rivers of water exist all the time. The Father has to come here to make you pure. He comes at the most auspicious confluence age and makes you pure. There is no one impure there; the very name is heaven, the new world. It is now the old world. Only you know about this most auspicious confluence age. No one else can understand it.
The Father explains to you many types of methods for service. Do not become buddhus. They say that there are pigeons at Amarnath who carry messages. It isn't that pigeons will bring God's message from up above. Pigeons are trained to carry messages which are tied to their feet. By doing that the pigeons easily get seeds to eat so that they don't need to wander around. You too receive seeds here; you have the sovereignty of the world in your intellects and you receive that here. They think that they will get seeds there and so they get used to that. You are living beings; you receive the seeds of the imperishable jewels of knowledge. It is mentioned in the scriptures that sparrows drank the ocean dry. They have written many such stories. People would say: That is true! They are then told that deities emerged from the ocean and that they brought platefuls of jewels with them! They would say: That is true! How can deities emerge from an ocean? Do human beings or deities reside in an ocean? They don't understand anything. For birth after birth, everything they have been reading and hearing has been false. This is why it is said: Maya is false.... There is the difference of day and night between the truth and falsehood in the world. By speaking lies, they have become insolvent. You explain with such tact, but, in spite of that, it sits in the intellects of only a handful out of many.
This is very easy knowledge and easy yoga. When you remember the Father, Teacher and Satguru, their specialities will enter your intellects. You should check yourselves. Do I remember Baba all the time or does my intellect go in other directions? Your intellects now receive understanding. The Father explains such sweet things to you. He shows you methods. If you sit and explain to others, they won't become your enemies. Shiv Baba alone is your Father, Teacher and Satguru. Remember Him. Methods to explain have to be created. People constantly ask you about the picture of Brahma. They would never have disregard for the picture of Shiva. Oh! but He is the Father of souls. So remember the Father. Many people can benefit from that. By remembering that One, you will become pure from impure. He is the Father of all. There shouldn't be remembrance of anyone except the One. Break away from everyone else and connect yourself to only the One. These are methods to benefit others. If you are unable to remember the Father, how would you become pure? You can do a lot of service at home. You will find many friends and relatives. Create many different methods. You can benefit many. There is only the one shop. There are no other shops, so where else would they go? Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Good morning and Namaste to the spiritual GodFather.

Blessing:  May you be a karma yogi who sits on the immortal throne and the heart-throne and who constantly performs elevated actions.   
At this time, you children receive two thrones. One is the immortal throne and the other is the heart-throne. However, only those whose kingdom it is can sit on the throne. When you are seated on the immortal throne, you have a right to self-sovereignty and when you are seated on the Father’s heart-throne, you have a right to the Father’s inheritance in which the fortune of the kingdom is included. A karma yogi means to be one seated on both thrones. Every action of such souls seated on the thrones is elevated because all their physical organs maintain law and order.

Slogan:  Those who are constantly set on their seat of self-respect are virtuous and great.  

"I and Him" - Combined but only One:

The one who lost in Him become Him and his awareness- consciousness is only of Him and he sees, behaves, like I am Him. 

When he has lost himself in Him, only He is left out and not he.

Because I am Him since I lost myself in Him, in His love, I am no more me but Him.

I am Him because I have dead alive,

I am no more and so, I am none else but that One.

And there is constant remembrance of Him all the time because I that diverts from Him has lost the identity of mine.

When I am He, I constantly remain embodiment of Him doing all actions and only His remembrance remains with me all the time.

And since I am He now, my every action is Divine.

Because He never thinks (think only that is necessary), I too never think but act.

Because He never eats, I too never eat but only for the sake of body,

Because He is ever Bliss, I am also blissful for ever.

Because He is loving and detached, I also remain loving and detached.

Because He remains unaffected by everyone and every action, I also remain unaffected by people and actions,

Because His consciousness is unlimited not limited to physical awareness, I also remain beyond in all my interactions not coming into limiting physical awareness.

Because He is stable and composed all the time, I also remain concentrated all the time,

Because He is content, I remain content all the time.

Because He is satisfied with Him and remain in His own awareness all the time without any necessity of thinking about others, I too remain in His(My) awareness all the time.

Because I never exist anymore, I  is He and I am Him.

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