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Do you remember which specially loved deity you are? In the form of which goddess are you worshipped?

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05/10/14    Madhuban     Avyakt     BapDada     26/12/78

Essence: “The specialities of the specially loved deities”

Today, BapDada was seeing the four forms of the dynasties of all the children at the same time. First, each child is part of the dynasty of Shiva; second, part of the dynasty of Brahma; third, part of the dynasty of the deities and fourth, part of the dynasty of the special beloved deities. The form of all four dynasties of each child is very clearly in front of BapDada. On the path of devotion, you elevated souls in your different forms become the specially loved deities of the devotees. Even at this time, your devotees are calling out to you goddesses, their specially loved deities. As the time of revelation is becoming very clear and close, so too, the dynasties of the deities, that is, the royal family and the specially loved deities will be clearly revealed. Do you feel that you will become the specially loved deities who will fulfil the desires of your many devotee souls? Just as souls are numberwise in a royal family, so too, you become the specially loved deities who are worthy of worship numberwise. Do you remember which specially loved deity you are? In the form of which goddess are you worshipped? Do you know the rosary of your devotees? Out of all those who are your co-operative companions in service at this time, some become part of the royal family and others become part of the subjects. Therefore, those of you who are  close and co-operative service companions at this time will become part of the royal family in the future. Then, on the path of devotion, they will be worshipped as specially loved deities. The dynasty of the special deities has also been shown. So, ask yourself: Am I to become part of the royal family and later part of the dynasty who are worshipped as specially loved deities? What number am I in the list of special deities? Some special deities are worshipped daily, whereas others are only worshipped sometimes. Some are worshipped accurately according to discipline whereas others are worshipped according to convenience. Some are constantly worshipped with great pomp and splendour with many various things whereas others are only sometimes worshipped with splendour. The rosary of devotees of some of the deities is huge; they have countless number of devotees, whereas others only have a few devotees. However, those of the Brahmin dynasty will definitely become part of the royal dynasty; you will definitely become either an important special deity or a less important special deity; but all of you will become the special deities of the devotees.
Today, BapDada was seeing all of you in the form of specially loved deities and thinking how greatly worshipped His children are! So, always keep your worthy of worship form in front of you. You must always remember the eight specialities of those who are to become the elevated deities. You remember the eight powers; so you also have to have eight specialities in order to become the special deities. You know them very well, do you not? You can actually experience those specialities when you look at your images in the memorials.
1) The first speciality of especially loved deities is of being constantly merciful. Which type of mercy? That of saving every soul from stumbling and wandering around as a beggar. They would have mercy for each and every one. They would have altruistic mercy. They would not have mercy for some and not for others; they would be merciful in an unlimited way and, because of their merciful thoughts, many souls would be made aware of their spiritual form and destination within a second. A beggar would be able to have a glimpse of all treasures from their merciful thoughts and wandering souls would be able to see very clearly the shores of their destination of liberation and liberation-in-life. They would be merciful to this extent.
2) Specially loved deity souls would always play the parts of removers of sorrow and bestowers of happiness for all souls. They would not be able to bear anyone's sorrow because they would consider it to be their own sorrow. They would constantly have a magic key in the form of a particular method to help souls forget their sorrow and make unhappy souls happy.
3) You would constantly see the personality of purity in their thoughts, words and deeds.
4) They would appear very simple and yet very elevated in their nature, sanskars and behaviour.
5) Just as your non-living images are always adorned, so too, such souls will always be seen with the ornaments of all virtues. Not a single ornament in the form of a virtue would be missing.
6) The features of such specially loved souls would be like a lotus, and they would also make others become as loving and detached as a lotus.
7) The stage of such special souls would always be unshakeable and immovable. Just as an idol is established (placed) in a temple, so too, the stage of these living idols would also be constantly stable.
8) Their thoughts and words for everyone would always be filled with blessings. They would even give blessings to those who defame them or complain about them. They would shower flowers of praise on those who defame them. In return for this, they are worshipped with flowers as specially loved deities to a much greater extent. It is common to praise those who praise you. However, to put a garland of praise around those who defame you means to fix them as your devotees for birth after birth; it is then also guaranteed that they will co-operate with you a lot more than at the present time. What do you special souls do nowadays after you have been welcomed with a garland? You then garland the person who has garlanded you in return. So, when you also garland with virtues those who defame you, they will in return automatically garland you with the garland of your virtues. Just as the Father's praise is sung for His every action and His every virtue, so they will also constantly sing praise of you special deity souls, you great souls. Giving in this way becomes a form of taking many times over. Now, do you understand the speciality of the beloved deity souls? All of you should now check yourselves. To what extent are you special deity souls ready? When the idol is ready, the curtain opens. So, are all of you ready? Or, are some of you still making preparations? Your devotees will not be satisfied with an incomplete vision. Therefore, always keep the image of your special deity form adorned. Do you understand what you have to do now?
The people of Delhi have to be ready because the flag of full perfection and the flag of the kingdom will both be hoisted in Delhi. So, the people of Delhi should fix a date for the flag hoisting ceremony. You have to begin to make preparations intensely from this moment. The foreigners will carry out the first task. With this powerful sound from abroad, the foreigners will lay the foundation of the flag of victory. The foundation will be laid on the basis of the co-operation of the special souls from the different foreign lands. Nowadays, people collect soil from different lands in one place; similarly, through the sound of every special person from different countries, the foundation of the flag of victory in Bharat will become strong. So, the foreigners are the founders of this task. Before you can hoist a flag, you need to have the foundation. First of all, the foreigners will present to BapDada and the whole family a bouquet of the flowers of special souls that have emerged in each of the foreign countries. A bouquet is being prepared, is it not? There should be such special fragrance of speciality that it continues to reach Bharat from the foreign lands. A bouquet of such fragrant spiritual roses, of the eternal roses, is being prepared. Some types of fragrance are so beautiful  that they attract your mind. Your attention is drawn to that fragrance, even against your conscious wish, and you wonder where that fragrance is coming from. Similarly, when the fragrance of the spiritual roses reaches Bharat, everyone's attention will be drawn here. Everyone will wonder where this fragrance has come from.  They will wonder where the source of the fragrance is. Achcha.
To the constantly adorned idols who are the souls of the royal family and the specially loved deities, to all the souls who bless other souls with their elevated thoughts, to those who have the compassion to show the destination to all souls, to such great donor and specially beloved deity souls, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.
BapDada meeting Dadis:
BapDada has a question for you. Some maharathis have sanskars that are similar to Brahma's, whereas others have sanskars similar to those of Vishnu. In the horoscope of some, there are the sanskars of being an instrument for establishment from the beginning to the end, whereas others have the sanskars of giving sustenance. What is the significance of this? Discuss this amongst yourselves. Both types of soul are special, and even the difference is special. So, who are foremost in each type and how is this related to the future? What are the present special attainments of both types of soul and what is the difference in the way they are worshipped? Discuss this too, because this is an important topic. Through this topic, you will be able to understand your worthy of worship form. You will have the feeling of what your form will be like. You will have a very clear feeling about this, just as when someone calls you by your name, you instantly feel that someone is calling you. Achcha.
Today, it is Delhi's turn.
Everyone has to win Delhi; everyone definitely has to salute the land of Delhi. Delhi has a special part in the establishment and Bombay has a special part in destruction. The part of Calcutta is to remain co-operative in spreading the sound. Achcha, now what will those from Delhi do?
Delhi (dil = heart) is said to be the heart, and so what is the heartbeat like? BapDada's heart means the heart of the creation, and so what is the condition of the heart of the creation? Is the speed fast or slow? When those from Delhi serve the various different professions and prepare a special bouquet, it will be said that the speed of creation is fast. As yet, you haven't tied a connecting thread.
Everyone's eyes are on Delhi. Baba's eyes and the eyes of everyone else are on Delhi because that is the centre point of the establishment and also the centre point of the kingdom. So, everyone's vision should be drawn to that point.  Delhi has a huge Mahavir Pandava Army. All of you Pandavas should get together every month and give this evidence because the especially worthy ones of Delhi are very well known. Worthy ones (saput) are those who now give the proof (sabut). Delhi should inspire others to serve. Just as all the states receive directions from the central Government, so too, there should be a parliament for creating plans  of service and bringing about newness. This Pandava  Bhavan is the parliament of the Pandava Government. New rules are prepared in Parliament with everyone's opinion. So, too, special plans should be made in Delhi every month. Only then will the time of completion come close. There will then be victory in Parliament House. Did the Pandavas listen to this with attention? Pandavas cannot do anything without the Shaktis. When the Shaktis place the Pandavas in front and the Pandavas place the Shaktis in front, then the land of Vishnu will have been established. The roles of both are combined in creating the land of Vishnu. So, only when they do everything together in a combined form will there be success in the task of establishment.
Those from Delhi have planning intellects, but it is incognito at the moment. Everyone now has to give the finger of their speciality. The task of establishment will only be accomplished with the finger of everyone's speciality. Do not keep your speciality incognito. Use it, but in an altruistic way. So, just as Delhi is foremost in establishment, so you also have to become foremost in preparing a bouquet of specialities. Delhi has all the maharathi hands of co-operation. The land of Delhi has the water of co-operation of all the maharathis. No maharathi has been left out in doing this for the foundation of Delhi; everyone has given some water to Delhi. Now, only the sunshine of yoga is needed. Then see how much instant fruit you receive of the special souls emerging. They will all automatically come to you to take something.  The land of Delhi has many specialities. First of all, plan something in which there can be a gathering of the maharathis and Shaktis from everywhere. When the maharathis come together on a land, their attitude and atmosphere does the task of bringing establishment closer. Just as Madhuban is the land of divine activity, the land of meeting and the land of giving the experience  of sakar Baba, so the land of Delhi is also instrumental in giving service a visible and practical form. Only then will the sound spread from Delhi. At the moment, everyone's intellect thinks that nothing is going to be achieved by whatever is happening at present because all the supports have now begun to break. Therefore, at such a time, they will quickly look for the right support; they will ask for it. They are waiting for someone to tell them something new. Eventually, after wandering everywhere, they will come and bow down and seek refuge with the Father. Do those of you from Delhi now understand what you have to do? Achcha.

Blessing: May you be an embodiment of success and, instead of becoming afraid on seeing the clouds of situations, go across them in a second.   

Some children are very clever in making up stories, just as those who relate the scriptures. They make up such stories that, as soon as the Father hears them, He is amused. However, others become impressed by them. All of those many types of wasteful stories create a roll of a wasteful register. Therefore, fly fast ahead from that and become innocent. See the Father and not the situations; these situations are the clouds. Become an embodiment of success by using the method of crossing them in a second.

Slogan: To put a question mark in any situation means to begin an account of waste.   

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