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The God-Father resides in the supreme abode.That is the residence of souls. Souls (human beings) come from there.

Avyakt Murli dated 12.10.2014 in hindi:

Avyakt Murli dated 12.10.14 in English:

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18/10/14    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban   

Sweet children,

Children are sitting in front. When you are living at the centres from where you come here, you don't think that you are personally sitting in front of Baba, the Highest on High. He is our Teacher, He is the One who will take our boats across. He is also called the Guru. Here, you understand that you are personally sitting in front of Him. He is removing us from this ocean of poison and taking us to the ocean of milk. The Father who takes you across is sitting personally in front of you. Only the soul of Father Shiva (Benefactor) is called the Supreme and God, the Highest on High. You children understand that you are now sitting in front of Shiv Baba, God, the Highest on High. He is sitting in this one (the body of Adam-Brahma). He takes you across. He also definitely needs a chariot. How else could He give you shrimat? You children now have the faith that Baba is your Father, Teacher and the One who takes you across. We souls are now going to go back to our home, the land of peace. That Baba is showing us the path. There is the difference of day and night between sitting there, at a centre, and sitting here, personally, in front of Baba. There, you would not think that you are sitting personally in front of Baba. Here, you feel that you are now making effort. The One who is inspiring you to make effort will be pleased. We are now becoming pure and going back home.
Actors in a play understand when the play has ended. The Father has now come to take us souls back. He also explains how you can go back home. He is the Father and also the Boatman who takes the boat across. Although those people sing this, they don’t understand what they refer to when they say “boat”. Will He take the body? You now know that He takes us souls across. The soul, along with this body, is now lying in the brothel, in the river of poison. We were originally residents of the land of peace. We have found the Father who will take us across, that is, take us back home. It used to be your kingdom. Then, Maya, Ravan, snatched that away. That kingdom definitely has to be claimed back. The unlimited Father says: Children, now remember your home. You have to go there and then go back to the ocean of milk. Here, it is the ocean of poison and there, it is the ocean of milk. The incorporeal world is the ocean of peace. There are three lands. This is the land of sorrow.
The Father explains: Sweetest children, consider yourselves to be souls and remember the Father. Who is telling you this and through whom does He tell you? Throughout the day, He continues to say to you: Sweet children, sweet children! Souls are now impure and they receive bodies accordingly. You now understand that you were ornaments of real gold and that, after alloy was mixed into you, you became false. Now, how can that falsehood be removed? This is called the furnace of the pilgrimage of remembrance. It becomes real gold in the fire. The Father repeatedly explains to you: I give you the explanation that I have been giving to you every cycle. My part is to come after 5000 years and tell you: Children, become pure! You souls were pure in the golden age. Souls remain pure in the land of peace. That is our home. That is such a sweet home. People beat their heads so much in order to go there. The Father explains: Everyone now has to go back and then they have to come back here to play their roles. You children have understood that when you are unhappy, you say: O God, call us to You! Why have you left us here in sorrow? You know that the Father resides in the supreme abode, and so you say: O God, call us to the supreme abode! You would not say this in the golden age. There, there is nothing but happiness. Here, there are so many types of sorrow and this is why people call out: Oh God! Souls have remembrance, but they don't know God at all. You children have now received the Father's introduction.
The Father resides in the supreme abode. People have been remembering the home. They would never say: Call us to the kingdom. They would never ask for the kingdom. The Father doesn’t even reside in the kingdom. He only resides in the land of peace. Everyone asks for peace. There would definitely be peace with God in the supreme abode. That is also called the land of liberation. That is the residence of souls. Souls come from there. The golden age is not called the home; it is the kingdom. You have now come here from so many different places. You have come and are sitting here personally. The Father talks to you, saying: "Children, children!" As the Father, He calls you "Children, children", and then, as the Teacher, He explains to you the secrets of the beginning, middle and end of the world, that is, He explains to you the history and geography. These things are not mentioned in any of the scriptures. You children know that the incorporeal world is the home of you souls. The subtle region is a matter of divine visions. However, the golden, silver, copper and iron ages only exist here. It is here that you play your roles. There are no roles played in the subtle region. That is just a matter of visions.
You should have today and tomorrow in your intellects very clearly. Yesterday, we were in the golden age, and, having taken 84 births, we have come into hell today. You call the Father into hell. In the golden age, there is an abundance of happiness and so no one calls Him there. Here, you are in bodies and that is why you are able to speak to Him. The Father says: I am also Janijananhar (The One who knows everything), that is, I know the beginning, middle and end of the world but, how can I relate that to you? This is something to think about. This is why it is written that the Father adopts a chariot. He says: My birth is not like yours. I enter this one. He also gives you the introduction of the chariot. This soul has become tamopradhan whilst adopting names and forms. At this time, all are orphans. Because they do not know the Father, they are all orphans. When children fight amongst themselves, it is said: Girls and boys, why are you fighting amongst yourselves? The Father says: Everyone has forgotten Me. It is the soul that says: Girls and boys. The physical father says this and the unlimited Father also says: Orphans, why has your condition become like this? Do you not have someone to whom you belong? You say of the unlimited Father, who makes you into the masters of heaven, the One you have been calling out to for half the cycle, that He is in the pebbles and stones!
The Father now personally sits here and explains to you. You children now understand that you have come to Baba. That Baba is the One who teaches us and takes the boats across because these boats have become very old. People say: Take this boat across and give us a new boat. An old boat is dangerous. It might break up on the way or have an accident. So, you say that your boat has become old and you ask for a new one. It (body) is called a costume or a boat. Children say: Baba, we want a costume like that (of Lakshmi and Narayan). The Father says: Sweetest children, do you want to become residents of heaven? Every 5000 years, these clothes of yours become old and I then give you new ones. This is a devilish costume. The soul is also devilish. When people are poor, they wear cheap clothes. If they are wealthy, they wear very expensive clothes. You know these things at this time. Here, you are intoxicated knowing in front of whom you are sitting. When you are sitting there at your centres, you don't have this feeling.
Here, when you listen to the Father personally, you feel happy because the Father is explaining to you directly. When someone explains to you there, your intellect’s yoga continually wanders. It is said: People remain trapped in mundane business; they don't have any time. I am explaining to you. You too understand that Baba is explaining to you through this mouth. There is so much praise of this mouth. People stumble from so far away to drink the nectar from the Gaumukh. They come with so much difficulty. People don't even understand what this Gaumukh is. So many sensible people go there, but what is the benefit of it? Even more time is wasted. Baba says: What do you see in the sunset? There is no benefit in it. There is benefit in studying. There is study in the Gita. There is no mention of hatha yoga in the Gita. Only Raja Yoga is mentioned in it. You come here to claim a kingdom. You know how much fighting and quarrelling etc. there is in this devilish world. Baba is purifying us with the power of yoga and making us into the masters of the world. People have shown goddesses with weapons etc., but, in fact, there is no question of weapons in this. Look how fearsome they have made the image of Kali! They have made all of those images from their own imagination. There wouldn't be such goddesses with four or eight arms. All of that is the path of devotion. Therefore, the Father explains: This is an unlimited play. There is no question of defaming anyone in this. The eternal drama is predestined. It cannot be any different.
The Father explains what is called knowledge and what is called devotion. You still have to pass through the path of devotion. Whilst going around the cycle of 84 in this way, you come down. This is the very good eternally created drama which the Father explains to you. By understanding the secrets of this drama, you become the masters of the world. It is a wonder, How devotion continues and how knowledge continues is all predestined in the play. There cannot be any change in that. They say that so-and-so merged into the brahm element, or merged into the light, that this is a world of thoughts. People continue to say whatever enters their minds. This play is predestined. People go to watch movies. Would you call that a play of thoughts? The Father sits here and explains: Children, this play is unlimited and it will repeat identically. Only the Father comes and gives this knowledge because He is knowledge-full. He is the Seed of the human world tree. He is living. He has all the knowledge. People have shown the duration to be hundreds of thousands of years. The Father says: The duration cannot be that long. If a film were hundreds of thousands of years long, it would not sit in anyone's intellect. You speak about everything. How could you speak of something that is hundreds of thousands of years long? Therefore, all of that is the path of devotion.
You are the ones who played roles on the path of devotion. After experiencing sorrow in that way, everyone has reached the end. The whole tree has reached a state of total decay. You now have to go back there. Make yourself light. This one too has made himself light. All bondages will then break. Otherwise, you will remember your children, wealth, factories, customers, kings and their property etc. If you have left your business, why would you remember all of that? Here, you have to forget everything. Forget all of that and remember your home and the kingdom. Remember the land of peace and the land of happiness. We will then have to come down here from the land of peace. The Father says: Remember Me. This is called the fire of yoga. This is Raja Yoga. You are Raj Rishis. Pure ones are called Rishis. You become pure in order to attain a kingdom. Only the Father tells you the whole truth. You also understand that this is a play. All the actors definitely have to be here. Then the Father will take everyone back. This is God's bridal procession. The Father and the children reside there, and then the children come down here to play their roles. The Father always resides there. People only remember Me at times of sorrow. What would I do there (in the golden age)? I sent you to the land of peace and the land of happiness, so what else is needed? When you were in the land of happiness, all the rest of the souls were in the land of peace, and then they continued to come down, number-wise. The play has now come to an end. The Father says: Children, do not be careless now. You definitely do have to become pure. The Father says: This part is being played according to the same drama. According to the drama, I come for you every cycle. You now have to go to the new world. Achcha.

To the sweetest spiritual children who always stay in the intoxication of this awareness, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Spiritual children say Namaste and good morning to the spiritual GodFather.

Blessing:  May you be a true server who serves while detached from any selfish motives and is loving in relationships.   

Any service you do that disturbs yourself or others is not service, but selfishness. It is when there is any type of selfish motive that there is fluctuation. When your own selfish motive or the selfish motives of others are not fulfilled, there is then disturbance in service. Therefore, serve while detached from any selfish motives and are loving in all your relationships and you will be said to be a true server. Do service with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm, but the burden of service should never make your stage fluctuate. Pay attention to this.

Slogan:  With your pure and elevated vibrations, change a negative scene into a positive one. 

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