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knowledge of world cycle which I teach you is in Me from the beginning. This is why I am called God, the Highest on High.

Avyakt Murli dated 12.10.2014 in hindi:
Avyakt Murli dated 12.10.14 in English:

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16/10/14    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban   

Sweet children,

Children, you understand the spiritual pilgrimage very well. There are no pilgrimages of hatha yoga here. This is remembrance. There is no question of difficulty in remembrance. There is no difficulty in remembering the Father. This is a class and so you have to sit in a disciplined way. You have become the children of the Father, and you children are being sustained. Which sustenance are you receiving? You are receiving the treasures of the imperishable jewels of knowledge. There is no difficulty in remembering the Father. It is just that Maya breaks your intellect’s yoga. However, it doesn't matter how you sit, because that is not connected with remembrance. Many children sit for three to four hours like hatha yogis. They even sit there through the whole night. Previously, you were in a bhatthi, but that was something different. There, you had no business etc. and so you were taught that. The Father now says: Live at home with your family. You may also do your business. Whatever work you do, you have to remember the Father. Don't think that you can have constant remembrance now; no. It takes time to reach that stage. If you were to have constant remembrance now, you would reach your karmateet stage. The Father explains: Children, according to the drama plan, there is now little time left. You have the whole account in your intellect. They say that 3000 years before Christ there was just Bharat, and it was called heaven. Their 2000 years are now coming to an end. This makes it an account of 5000 years. It has been seen that your name will be glorified from abroad because their intellects are still sharper than those of the people of Bharat. They also ask Bharat for peace. It is the people of Bharat who speak of hundreds of thousands of years and give the knowledge of omnipresence and spoil their intellects. They have become tamopradhan.
Those people have not become so tamopradhan. Their intellects are very sharp; they will learn a lot from the people of Bharat (about peace). When their sound spreads, the people of Bharat will awaken because the people of Bharat are sleeping in a deep sleep. Those people are sleeping in a light sleep. The sound from them will spread very well. People came from abroad asking for someone to show them how there can be peace. The Father also only comes in Bharat. Only you children can relate these things of how and when there will be peace in the world again. You children know that there truly was Paradise or heaven. When the world was new, Bharat was Paradise. No one else knows that. It is fixed in people's intellects that God is omnipresent and they have said that the duration of the cycle is hundreds of thousands of years. It is these people of Bharat who have become the ones with the most stone intellects. The Gita and the scriptures all belong to the path of devotion. They will be written again in the same way. Even though you know the drama, the Father will enable you to make effort. You children know that destruction will definitely take place. The Father has come to establish the new world. This is a matter of happiness. When someone passes a difficult examination, he feels happy inside. We feel we have passed all of this and will then go and become deities.
Everything depends on the study. You children know that the Father truly does teach you and make you that (deities). Truly there was Paradise, heaven. The poor helpless people have become completely confused. The unlimited Father is giving you children the knowledge that He has. You praise the Father: Baba is knowledge-full and He is also blissful. He is full of all treasures. Who makes you so wealthy? Why have you come here? To claim your inheritance. If someone is very healthy but has no money, what would happen without money? You have wealth in Paradise. Those who are wealthy here have the intoxication of having so much wealth and factories etc. However, when they leave their bodies, everything is finished. You know that Baba is giving you so many treasures for 21 births.
The Father Himself doesn't become the Master of the treasures. He makes you children the masters. You also know that no one, except God, the Father, can establish peace in the world. The Trimurti and the cycle (together) is a first-class picture. All the knowledge is contained in this cycle. When they see that you have something so wonderful, they will understand that there is definitely some significance in this. Some children make small pictures like toys which Baba doesn't like. Baba says: Make very large pictures which people can read from a distance and understand. People’s attention is drawn to big things. It is very clearly shown in this (the cycle) that it is the iron age on this side and the golden age on that side. When there are big pictures, people's attention can be drawn. Tourists will also see them and very clearly understand them. You know that 3000 years before Christ, there was heaven. People outside do not know that. You clearly explain the account of 5000 years. Therefore, you should make such big pictures that people can see them from far away and also be able to read them. Through this they will be able to understand that this is definitely the end of the world. Bombs continue to be prepared. There will also be natural calamities. When you hear the word “destruction” there should be a lot of internal happiness. However, if you have no knowledge, there cannot be happiness.
The Father says: Renounce everything including your body and consider yourself to be a soul. Let the yoga of you, the soul, be connected to Me, the Father. This is something that requires effort. Only after becoming pure do you have to go to the pure world. You understand that we claim our sovereignty and then lose it. This is very easy. While you are walking, sitting and moving around, the knowledge should trickle inside you. Baba has knowledge. The Father has come to teach you and to make you into deities. So, you children should have an abundance of happiness. Ask yourself: Do I have such an abundance of happiness? Do I remember the Father that much? You also have all the knowledge of the cycle, and so there should be that much happiness. The Father says: Remember Me and remain in total happiness. Look who is teaching you! When they all become aware of this, their faces will then go pale. However, there is still a little time for them to understand. There are so many members of the deity religion that have not yet been created. The whole kingdom has not yet been established. You have to give the Father's message to so many people. The unlimited Father is once again giving us the sovereignty of heaven. You too can remember that Father. The unlimited Father would definitely give you unlimited happiness. You children should have an abundance of the happiness of knowledge inside you. To the extent that you continue to remember the Father, accordingly the soul will continue to become pure. According to the drama plan, the more service you children do to create subjects, the more blessings you will receive from those who are benefitted. You serve the poor. Continue to give invitations. You can also do a lot of service on trains. There is so much knowledge contained in such a tiny badge. The essence of the whole study is in this. You should make many very good badges that you can also give to others as a gift. It is very easy to explain to others: Simply remember Shiva Baba(Benefactor GodFather). Only from Shiva Baba do you receive this inheritance. Therefore, remember the Father, the Father's inheritance, the sovereignty of heaven and the land of Krishna.
People's directions are so confusing! They don't understand anything. They harass others so much for vice. They almost die for lust. They don't understand anything. Everyone's intellect is totally finished. They don't even know the Father. This is also fixed in the drama. Everyone's mental ability has been totally destroyed. The Father says: Children, become pure and you will become the masters of such a heaven. However, they don't understand at all. All the power of the soul is finished. So much is explained to you, but, nevertheless, you do have to make effort and also inspire others. You must not become tired of making effort. You mustn't have heart failure either. You made so much effort and yet not a single one emerged from that lecture. However, whoever heard the things you related were imprinted with that. At the end, everyone will definitely know about this. You BKs will be praised a lot in the future. Nevertheless, when people see the activity of some, then it is of total senselessness. There is no regard for anyone, there isn't that full recognition. Their intellects continue to wander outside. If they were to remember the Father, they would also be able to receive help. If they don't remember the Father, it means they are impure. You are becoming pure.
The intellects of those who don't remember the Father are definitely wandering somewhere or other. So, you must not sit close to such persons, touching them. Because of not staying in remembrance, those people spoil the atmosphere. Pure and impure ones cannot stay together. This is why the Father destroys the old world. Day by day, the laws will also continue to become stricter. If you don't remember the Father, then, instead of profit, you bring greater loss. Everything for purity depends on remembrance. It is not a question of sitting down in one place. Rather than sitting together here, it is better to sit in solitude in the mountains. Those who don't have remembrance are impure. You mustn't even keep their company. You can tell everything from their activity. No one can become pure without having remembrance. There is a big burden of the sin of many births on each one. How could that be removed without the pilgrimage of remembrance? It means they are still impure.
The Father says: I finish the whole of the impure world for you children. You must not even keep their company. However, some don't have enough wisdom to know whose company they should keep. You should have pure love for the pure One. You need to have that much wisdom. Do not remember anyone except the sweet Father and the sweet kingdom. To renounce all of that is not like going to your aunty's home! The Father has a lot of love for you children. You children become pure and will become the masters of the pure world. I am establishing the pure world for you. He has this impure world totally destroyed. Everything in this impure world here causes you sorrow. Your lifespan also continues to decrease. This is called, “Not worth a penny”. There is a difference between diamonds and shells. So, you children should have so much happiness. It is remembered: Where there is truth, the soul dances. In the golden age, you dance in happiness. Do not attach your hearts to anything here. Whilst seeing everything, you must not see it. It should not be that while having your eyes open, you are asleep. However, you need to have that courage and that stage. You have the faith that the old world will no longer exist. The mercury of happiness should remain so high. You should pinch yourself: If I remember Shiv Baba, I will receive the sovereignty of the world. You mustn't sit here like a hatha yogi. While eating, drinking and doing your work, remember the Father.
You know that a kingdom is being established. The Father does not say that you have to become a maid. The Father says: Make effort to become pure. The Father inspires you to make effort to become pure. You then become impure. You tell so many lies and commit sin. Always remember Shiv Baba and all your sins will be sacrificed. This is Baba's sacrificial fire. It is a very important sacrificial fire. Those people create sacrificial fires and spend hundreds of thousands of rupees. You know that the whole world is to be sacrificed in this fire here. There will be the sound from abroad and it will spread in Bharat. First of all, if your intellect’s yoga is connected to the Father, your sins can be cut away and you can also receive a high status. The Father's duty is to inspire children to make effort. A physical father serves his children and also takes service from them. This Father says: I give you children an inheritance for 21 births and so you must definitely remember such a Father so that your sins can be cut away. However, sins cannot be cut away with water. Water flows everywhere. There are rivers abroad too. So, is it that the rivers here purify everyone, whereas the rivers abroad make everyone impure? People don't have any understanding at all. The Father feels mercy. The Father explains: Children, do not be careless! The Father makes you so beautiful and so you should make effort. You have to have mercy for yourself. Achcha.

To the sweetest spiritual children who always stay in the intoxication of this awareness, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Spiritual children say Namaste and good morning to the spiritual GodFather.

Blessing:  May you be soul conscious instead of illness conscious and settle your karmic accounts happily.   
Everyone’s body is old anyway and each one has some small or big illness. However, if the body affects the mind, you then become doubly ill and you become illness conscious. Therefore, no thoughts of illness should enter your mind and you would then be said to be soul conscious. Do not ever be afraid of your illness. Just take your medicine, considering it to be fruit, and bid farewell to the illness. Settle your karmic accounts happily.

Slogan:  To experience every virtue and every power means to be an image of experience.

15/10/14    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban   

Sweet children,

The spiritual Father makes you into spinners of the discus of self-realization, that is, you come to know this cycle of 84 births. You did not know it previously; you have now come to know this from the Father. You definitely enter the cycle of 84 births. I give you children the knowledge of the cycle of 84 births. I am Swadarshanchakradhari, but I do not come practically into the cycle of 84 births. From this, you can understand that Shiva, the Father, has all the knowledge. You Brahmins know that you are now becoming spinners of the discus of self-realization. Baba does not become this. So, how does He gain experience? It is we who become experienced. From where does Baba gain experience so that He is able to tell us about it? He should have practical experience. The Father says: I am called the Ocean of Knowledge, but I do not enter the cycle of 84 births. So, from where do I obtain this knowledge? When a teacher teaches, he must surely have studied from someone what he teaches. How did Shiv Baba study? How does He know about the cycle of 84 births when He Himself does not take 84 births? It is because the Father is the Seed that He knows. He Himself does not enter the cycle of 84 births, but He can explain everything to you. This too is a wonder. It is not that the Father has studied any scriptures etc. It is said that this knowledge is fixed within Him according to the drama, and so He relates it to you. Therefore, He is a wonderful Teacher. You should be amazed. This is why He has been given great names: Ishwar, Prabhu, the Knower of all Secrets etc. You are wonder-struck at how God is filled with all the knowledge. Where did He get it from that He is able to explain it to you?
He does not have a father who gave Him birth and explained it to Him. You are all brothers and He alone is your Father, the Seed. He sits here and gives you children so much knowledge. He says: I do not take 84 births, you do. So the question would surely arise: Baba, how did you come to know all of this? Baba says: Children, according to the eternal drama, this knowledge which I teach you is in Me from the beginning. This is why I am called God, the Highest on High. He Himself does not enter the cycle, but He has all the knowledge of the beginning, middle and end of the whole world. Therefore, you children should experience so much happiness. From where did He acquire the knowledge of the cycle of 84 births? You receive it from the Father. The Father has the original knowledge. He is called knowledge-full. He did not study with anyone, yet He is called knowledge-full because He has the original knowledge. This is a wonder. That is why this study is remembered as the most elevated study. Children are amazed by the Father. Why is He called knowledge-full? This is the first thing to understand and then, what is the second aspect? When you show this picture to people, they say to you: “This Brahma must have his own soul in him and when he becomes Narayan, he must also have his own soul. Therefore, there are two souls: One of Brahma and the other of Narayan.” However, if you think about it, there are not two separate souls; there is only the one soul. That is only a sample of a deity that is shown. This Brahma becomes Vishnu, that is, he becomes Narayan. These are called deep matters. The Father gives you very deep knowledge which no one except the Father can teach. Therefore, Brahma and Vishnu are not two souls. So, are there two souls of Saraswati and Lakshmi or is it one? There is only one soul but two bodies. This Saraswati later becomes Lakshmi. Therefore, there is only one soul. The same soul takes 84 births. This is something to be understood. Brahmins become deities and then deities become warriors. Souls shed their bodies and take others. It is the same soul, but this sample is to show how Brahmins become deities. The meaning of “Hum so” is very good. These are called deep aspects.
First of all, you have to understand that you are all children of the one Father. All souls are originally residents of the supreme abode. They come here to play their parts. This is a play. The Father sits here and gives you the news of this play. The Father knows this originally, no one taught Him. It is He who knows this cycle of 84 births that He now tells you. Then, later, you forget. So, how could a scripture of it be created? The Father has not studied any scriptures. He comes and speaks of new things. For half the cycle, there is the path of devotion. This aspect too is not in the scriptures. Those scriptures are created on the path of devotion according to the drama. Your intellects have a great deal of knowledge from the beginning of this drama to the end. Shiv Baba definitely has to take the support of a human body. He sits here in the body of Adam-Brahma and gives you the knowledge of the world cycle. By telling tall stories, human beings have made the duration of the cycle very long. The new world becomes old. The new world is called heaven and the old world is called hell. There is only the one world. Deities live in the new world where there is limitless happiness. The whole world is new at that time. It is now called the old world. The very name is the iron- aged world. It is the same as saying Old Delhi and New Delhi.
The Father explains: Sweetest children, in the new world there will be New Delhi. They call it New Delhi here in this old world! How can this be called new? The Father explains that there will be New Delhi in the new world in which Lakshmi and Narayan will rule. That will be called the golden age. You will rule over the whole of Bharat. Your throne will be on the banks of the Jamuna. At the end, the throne of Ravan’s kingdom will also be there. The throne of Rama’s kingdom will too be there, but it will not be called Delhi. It is called Paristhan (land of angels). After that, a name is given to the kingdom according to whichever king rules. At this time, all of you are in the old world. You are studying to go to the new world. You are once again becoming deities from human beings. The Father is the One who is teaching you. You know that the highest-on-high Father has come down here in order to teach you Raja Yoga. You are now at the confluence age and this old, iron- aged world is about to end. The Father has given you the account of this. I enter the body of Adam-Brahma. Human beings don’t know which Brahma this is. They have heard of Brahma, the Father of the People. You are the people of Adam-Brahma. This is why you call yourselves Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. In fact, you incorporeal souls are the children of Shiv Baba. You belong to the clan of Shiva.
In this corporeal world, you are brothers and sisters, the children of Adam-Prajapita Brahma; there is no other relationship. At this time, you forget all your iron-aged relationships because there is bondage in them. You are going to the new world. Brahmins have topknots. The topknot is the symbol of you Brahmins. This is the clan of you Brahmins. Those brahmins belong to the iron age. Brahmins are usually guides. One set of brahmins accepts the offerings of food and the other set of brahmins narrates the Gita. You Brahmins now relate this Gita. They relate the Gita and you too relate the Gita, but just look how much difference there is! You say that Krishna cannot be called God. Krishna is called a deity. He has divine virtues; he can be seen with the physical eyes. You can see in the Shiva Temple that Shiva does not have a body of His own. He is the Supreme Soul, that is, He is God. There is no meaning in the names Ishwar, Prabhu, Bhagawan etc. God is the Supreme Soul whereas you are “non-supreme”. Just look! There is so much difference between you souls and that soul! You souls are now learning from the Supreme Soul. He has not learnt anything from anyone. He is the Father. You call the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul “Father”. You also call Him “Teacher” and “Guru”. He is One. No other soul can become the Father, Teacher and Guru. There is only the one Supreme Soul (Paramatma) who is called the Supreme. Everyone first needs a father, then a teacher and lastly a guru.
The Father also says: I become your Father, then your Teacher and then I also become the Satguru who grants salvation. There are many gurus but there is only the one Guru who can grant salvation. The Father says: I grant salvation to all of you. When you are in the golden age, all the rest will be in the land of peace, which is called the supreme abode. In the golden age there was the original eternal deity religion. There were no other religions at that time because all the other souls had returned to the land of liberation. The golden age is called salvation. Whilst playing your parts, you come into degradation. You are the ones who come into degradation after being in salvation. You are the ones who take the full 84 births. At that time, as are the king and queen, so the subjects. 900,000 will come at first. The calculation is that 900,000 will take 84 births. Then, others will continue to come later on. The Father explains that not everyone takes 84 births. Only those who come at the beginning will take 84 births. Then, those who come later will take fewer births. The maximum is 84. No other human beings know these matters. Only the Father sits here and explains this. It is written in the Gita: God speaks. You have now come to know that Krishna did not create the original eternal deity religion. It was the Father who established it. The Krishna soul heard this knowledge at the end of his 84th birth and so he became the first one again. These things have to be understood.
You have to study every day. You are God’s students. God speaks: I make you into the king of kings. This is the old world. The new world means the golden age. It is now the iron age. The Father comes and changes impure humans of the iron age into pure deities of the golden age. This is why iron-aged human beings call out: Baba come and purify us! Change us from iron-aged, impure human beings into pure, golden-aged deities. Look how great the difference is! There is limitless sorrow in the iron age. If a child is born they are happy. Tomorrow, if he dies, they are unhappy. They experience sorrow throughout their lives. This is the world of sorrow. The Father is now establishing the world of happiness. He is making you into the deities of heaven. You are now at the most auspicious confluence age. You are becoming the most elevated men and women. You come here in order to become Lakshmi or Narayan. Students have yoga with their teacher because they understand that they will become so-and-so by studying with him. Here, you have yoga with the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, Shiva, who makes you into deities. He says: Saligram children, remember Me, your Father! Consider yourselves to be souls and remember Me, your Father! He alone is knowledge-full. The Father speaks the true Gita to you, even though He Himself has not studied it. He says: Neither am I anyone’s child, nor have I studied with anyone. I do not have a guru, yet I become the Father, the Teacher and the Guru of you children. He is called the Supreme Soul. He knows the entire world from its beginning, through the middle to the end. You cannot know the beginning, middle and end until He comes and explains it all.
By understanding this world cycle, you become rulers of the globe. This Baba is not teaching you. Shiv Baba enters this one and teaches you souls. This is a new aspect and it only takes place at the confluence age. This old world will end. The wealth of some will be buried underground and the wealth of others will be looted. Baba tells the children to open schools and museums to bring benefit to many and make them into deities once again. So many can go there and claim their inheritance of happiness. It is now the kingdom of Ravan. There was happiness in the kingdom of Rama. There is sorrow in the kingdom of Ravan because everyone has become vicious. That is the viceless world. Lakshmi and Narayan also have children. However, there is the power of yoga there. The Father is teaching you the power of yoga. You become the masters of the world through the power of yoga. No one can become the master of the world through physical power: the law does not allow that. You children are claiming your sovereignty of the whole world through the power of yoga. This is such an elevated study! The Father says: First of all, make a promise of purity. By becoming pure, you will become the masters of the pure world. Achcha.

To the sweetest spiritual children who always stay in the intoxication of this awareness, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Blessing:  May you be a most elevated and auspicious soul who gains victory over the adverse situations that arise through matter.   
Brahmin souls are the most elevated and auspicious souls. Matter is the servant of the most elevated and auspicious souls. Matter cannot influence the most elevated and auspicious souls. So, check. Does any upheaval of matter attract you to itself? Does matter influence you in the form of facilities and salvation? Facilities automatically come in front of the spiritual endeavour of yogi souls who experiment. Facilities are not the basis of spiritual endeavour, but your spiritual endeavour makes the facilities your support.

Slogan:  Knowledge means to experience something and to make others experienced.   

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