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The gross aspects are now finished,but the subtle attachments are very subtle;Check,check very deeply.

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12/10/14    Madhuban     Avyakt     BapDada     18/01/98

Essence:  “In order to serve others by giving them a current of light and might (sakaash), become free from attachment and have unlimited disinterest.”

This day is a special day of love. Since amrit vela, children from all directions have been offering love from their hearts to BapDada. The garlands of all the children's pearls of love were continually being put around BapDada's neck. On this day, on one side, there were garlands of the pearls of love, and, on the other side, there were garlands of sweet complaints too. However, this year Baba saw that the complaints were different. Previously, the complaints were: “You should have taken us with you!” “We didn't receive sustenance from the sakar form.” This year, the majority of complaints came from those who wanted to become equal to the father and go to Baba. The majority had very good zeal and enthusiasm to become equal. The desire to become equal is very deep. “Let me become equal to You and come to You”. This was the thought that many children had in their heart-to-heart conversations. BapDada also says to the children: May you become equal! May you become complete! May you be perfect! The method to become this for all time is very easy. The easiest method is to remain constantly merged in the Ocean of Love, just as you were merged in love today. Did you remember anything else? Did you remember anyone other than BapDada? Whilst sitting and walking, you remained merged in love. What did you remember whilst you were walking and moving around? Brahma Baba's divine activities and his image. His image was in front of you and his divine activities were in your awareness. All of you specially experienced this love today, did you not? Did you find it difficult? It was easy, was it not?

Love is such a power that it makes you forget everything else; you neither remember the body nor the bodily world. Love frees you from labouring. Where there is love, there is no labour. Love easily and constantly enables you to experience BapDada's hand over you. Love becomes a canopy of protection and enables you to conquer Maya. No matter how big a mountain of problems there may be, love makes that mountain as light as water. So, you know how to remain merged in love, do you not? You experienced this by remaining merged in love today, did you not? Did you remember anything else? You didn't, did you? There was nothing but “Baba! Baba!” and “Baba”. You remained absorbed in the love of One. So BapDada says: Make no other effort than remaining merged in the Ocean of Love. Do you know how to remain merged? Sometimes, children merge in the Ocean of Love, but they only remain merged for a short and then come out again. One moment, they say, "Baba! Sweet Baba! Lovely Baba", and the next moment, as soon as they come out of the Ocean, they become engrossed in other matters. It is just like someone taking a dip in an ocean: they merge in love, take a dip and then come out. Remain merged! The power of love will easily free you from everything else. The experience of love at the beginning of your Brahmin life made you into Brahmins. Love brought about transformation. You do remember the experience at the start of your present birth? You received knowledge and were taught yoga, but it was love that attracted you and made you belong to the Father. If you constantly maintain the power of love, you become free from labouring for all time. In any case, you are celebrating this year as the year of freedom. Therefore, become free from labouring; the method for this is to remain merged in love. All of you have the experience of love, do you not? Or, do you not have this experience? If any of you were asked: "Who has the most love for BapDada?", each of you would raise your hand and say, "I do". (Everyone raised their hands.) Raise your silent hand, not your noisy one. BapDada is telling all of you today: Constantly use the power of love for every task! It is easy, is it not? You have yoga to forget your body, to forget the bodily world and to become a conqueror of Maya.

When you remain under the canopy of protection of love, Maya cannot come under the canopy of protection of love. When you come out of the Ocean of Love, Maya sees you and makes you belong to her. So, do not come out of the Ocean, but remain constantly merged. Someone who has love for another would not forget the one that he loves, no matter what task he may be carrying out. That one would perform every task whilst remaining lost in love. So, just as you remained lost in love today, are you not also able to remain constantly absorbed in love? Love easily makes you equal, because to become like the one you love is not difficult. You have love for Father Brahma in your hearts. Father Brahma also has deep love for the children. He constantly makes each and every child emerge and gives them a special current of light (sakaash) to make them equal. In his past life, knowing the value of each jewel, he would use a particular jewel for a special  piece of jewellery. In the same way, even now, he constantly considers using particular jewels with their specialities for special tasks. He constantly sings, “Wah! Wah!” for the speciality of each one. Wah, my invaluable jewel! Many children wonder what Father Brahma does in the subtle region. They ask: "We are doing service here, but what does Father Brahma do in the subtle region?" However, the Father says: Just as he was always with the children in the sakar form, similarly, he now stays in the subtle region. He stays with the children there too; he is not alone.

The Father doesn't enjoy himself without the children. Just as the children are not able to think of anything without the father, similarly, the father too, cannot think of anything without the children. He does not stay there alone; he stays with you. Very few children were able to experience his company in the corporeal form. Now, in the subtle form, he constantly fulfils the responsibility of companionship with every child at whatever time and whenever they want. In the pictures, Krishna has been shown with each and every gopi; that is a memorial of this time. Now, through the avyakt form, he fulfils the responsibility of companionship with every child no matter what time of the day or night it may be, even if it is 2.00 am or 2.30am. In the sakar form, he would only visit the centres sometimes. Now, however, he goes in the avyakt form to visit the pure households too. What else does the father have to do? He has to make the children equal and take them back home with him. This is what he has to do. What else does he have to do? So, he remains busy in this. So, today, BapDada is specially giving the children the blessing of becoming free from labouring. Whenever you carry out any task, do that whilst remaining double-light and you will then experience any hard work to be a form of entertainment because BapDada does not like the children to work hard or battle, or to play games of winning and losing. You are now celebrating the year of liberation, are you not? Are you celebrating it or are you engaged in doing hard work?

Especially remember today's blessing: May you be free from labouring! This confluence age is the age for becoming free from labouring. It is the age for experiencing pleasure and enjoyment. If there is labour, there cannot be enjoyment. This is the only age where souls enjoy a celebration with the Supreme Soul. It is the age for experiencing the love of the soul and the Supreme Soul; it is the age for celebrating a meeting. So, have the determined thought that, from today, you will become free from labouring. You will become free, will you not? However, it shouldn't be that you raise your hand here, but that when you return home, you ask: "What can I do? How can I do this?" BapDada has the complete file of each of the child's determined thoughts. Sometimes BapDada looks at the children's files. You have repeatedly had determined thoughts, have you not? From the moment you took birth up to now, how many times have you thought, “I will do this”, or “I will do that”? However, you have not yet fulfilled that thought. You have very good heart-to-heart conversations and you also please BapDada. Just as you impress the students, you also impress BapDada. However, the impact of that determined thought only lasts for a short time; it does not stay for all time. BapDada's file is constantly increasing. Whenever there is a function, a letter of promise is added to BapDada's file. This is why BapDada is not making you write anything. Even today, all of you have had a thought, but for how long will it last? The Father sees how long the letter remains in the file.

When the children become equal to the father, the file will come to an end and everything will become final. At present, there are many files. So, simply remain absorbed in love; do not come out of the Ocean of Love. You have deep love for Father Brahma in your hearts, and so it is not difficult to follow the one you love. For love, you say: Where there is love, one even sacrifices one's life. BapDada is not asking you to sacrifice your lives. Instead of that, sacrifice the old world! Fix a final date for this. You fix dates for other functions'. “The 20th, the 24th”, so when will you fix a date for this? (BapDada should fix a date for this.) BapDada never says: “When”. He says: “Now!”. Does BapDada ever put anything off to another time? He always says: Now! Whatever you want to, do it now! However, BapDada is the Almighty and, because He is the Almighty, He would say, "Now!". However, children are used to the habit of doing something only sometimes. This is why BapDada asks the children: When will you fix a date for this? You say that you will do it at some time and so the Father also says, “When”. Now, according to the time, everyone has to have an attitude of unlimited disinterest. However, BapDada feels that the time should not become the children's teacher. Since the Father is your Teacher, to become something according to the time means to make the time your teacher. Your marks will be reduced in this. Even now, some children say: Time will teach us; time will change us.

All the souls of the world will change according to the time, but you children must not wait for the time. Do not make time your teacher. You are master world teachers of the Teacher of the World; you are creators. Time is the creation. Therefore, O creator souls, do not make your creation your teacher! Father Brahma did not make the time his teacher. He had unlimited disinterest from the beginning till the end. You saw how he used his body, mind and wealth from the beginning and did not have the slightest attachment. For the body, the words that emerged naturally were: “This is Baba's chariot”. He never thought: “This is my body”. No! This is Baba's chariot. I am feeding Baba's chariot, “not “I am eating”. He had unlimited disinterest in his body. His mind was manmanabhav anyway. He used his money, but never thought or even said, "My money is being used". He never mentioned that his money was being used or that he used his wealth. He said, "This is Baba's bhandara. It is the bhandara of Bholanath Baba." He never considered his money to be his own or used anything worth even a rupee on himself. He became responsible for the kumaris and the mothers. He willed everything to the kumaris and mothers and didn't have the slightest consciousness of "mine". He never used any time or breath on himself, but maintained an attitude of unlimited disinterest even in that. Although he had everything - even nature was his servant - he never used any extra facilities on himself. He always maintained an ordinary life. He never used anything special on himself. Until the end, even his clothes were of the same type. He didn’t change his dress code. He had the buildings built for the children, but did he use them himself? Even when the children requested him, he heard it but remained beyond. Whilst constantly seeing the children's love, the words that emerged all the time were: Everything is for the children. So, this is known as having an attitude of unlimited disinterest in one's practical life. At the end, even though the children were in front of him, and he was holding their hands, did he have any attachment? He had an attitude of unlimited disinterest. Even though the children, the loving children and the most special, beloved children, were in front of him, he had unlimited disinterest. You saw the proof of the attitude of going beyond and having unlimited disinterest in a second. He had just the one concern: to do service, service and service. He remained detached and beyond all other things. This is known as having unlimited disinterest.

Now, according to the time, let your attitude of unlimited disinterest emerge. Unless you have an attitude of unlimited disinterest, you are unable to do the service of giving powerful sakaash. Therefore, follow the father! Put aside the aspect of the incorporeal One. In the physical form, you had Father Brahma. Although he had all the facilities for all physical attainments, he was responsible for all the children, and he had to face all the adverse situations and problem, he was able to pass. He claimed the certificate of passing with honours. The main reason was that he maintained an attitude of unlimited disinterest. At this time, there are subtle attachments of golden chains. There is a lot of deep and subtle attachment. Many children are not even able to understand when they have attachment. They do not realize when something is an attachment. They think, "This will happen anyway; this will continue all the time". They do not feel that they have to become free from it: “However, this will continue all the time”. The many types of attachment do not allow you to become one who has unlimited disinterest. You want to become this and you also think: "I want to become this!" However, the desire to become is not balanced with actually becoming. The desire is greater, the actual practice is less. I definitely have to do this - this attitude of disinterest has not emerged yet. It emerges every now and again and then merges again. Time will do this anyway, but you will not be able to pass with honours. You will pass but not pass with honours. The speed of time is very fast and the speed of effort is slow. You are making gross effort, but you become bound by subtle attachments.

When BapDada hears the children's song:

"We want to fly to You", He also wants to make you fly, but wonders whether your attachment will allow you to fly, or whether you will be neither here nor there. Now, according to the time, become free from attachments, become those with unlimited disinterest. There should be disinterest in the mind. The disinterest that comes as a result of a programme is only for a temporary period. Check your subtle attachments. The gross aspects are now finished. Some children are free from gross attachments, but the subtle attachments are very subtle; so much so, that they are not able to know about this themselves. Check, check very deeply. In the mirror of completion, check your attachments. Give this gift to Father Brahma on his day of remembrance. You have love for him, and so what does one do out of love? One gives a gift. So, give this gift. Let go of anything holding you to the shores and become free. BapDada is happy that children have zeal and enthusiasm and you also have very good thoughts for self-progress. Now, fulfil those thoughts. Achcha.

To all the loving children merged in love everywhere, in this land and abroad, to the extremely close souls who are constantly merged in love for the Father, the Ocean of Love, to the elevated souls who constantly inculcate the specialities of Father Brahma into their practical lives, to those who are free from effort and experience pleasure and fly with God's love, to those who put into practice the thought of becoming equal to the Father, to the children who are merged in the heart of Baba, the Comforter of Hearts on this special day, today, please accept multi-multimillion-fold love and remembrance from Father Brahma. BapDada constantly stays in the hearts of the children. Although he lives in the subtle region, he is also in the hearts of the children. So, to the children who have merged such a Father onto their hearts, BapDada gives trays full of the pearls of BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.

Blessing: May you be master knowledge-full and clearly experience the three aspects of time with your trikaldarshi stage.   

Those who remain stable in the trikaldarshi stage are able to see clearly the three aspects of time in a second. “What was I yesterday? What am I now? And, what will I become tomorrow? Everything is very clear in front of them. When someone stands at the top point of a city and looks down on the city, he has great pleasure. Similarly, the confluence age is the top point. Stand here and look at the three aspects of time and say with that intoxication: We were deities and we are the ones who will become those again. This is known as being master knowledge-full.

Slogan: Every moment is the final moment. Remain ever ready with this awareness.   

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