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You become mahavirs by having remembrance of God-Father, that is, you become supreme.

Avyakt Murli dated 12.10.2014 in hindi:
Avyakt Murli dated 12.10.14 in English:

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27/10/14    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban   

Sweet children,
The spiritual Father asks you spiritual children: “Are you sitting here considering yourselves to be souls or spirits?” Because the Father knows that this is a little difficult. It is in this that effort is required. Those who sit here in the state of soul consciousness are called mahavirs. Those who consider themselves to be souls and who remember the Father are called mahavirs. Constantly keep asking yourself: Am I being soul conscious? You become mahavirs by having remembrance, that is, you become supreme. People of other religions who come do not become supreme because they come later on. You become supreme, numberwise. To be supreme means to be powerful and a mahavir. Therefore, you have happiness inside you that you are souls and that the Father of all you souls is teaching you. The Father knows that some of you show 25% of your chart and some show 100%. Some say that they only stay in remembrance for half an hour out of 24 hours. Therefore, what percentage is that? You have to be very cautious with yourself. You have to become mahavirs gradually. You cannot become this instantly; it does take effort. Do not think that those who have knowledge of the brahm element consider themselves to be souls. They consider the brahm element, the home, to be the Supreme Soul and they say of themselves: I am the brahm too. One cannot have yoga with the home. You children now consider yourselves to be souls. You have to look at your chart and ask yourself for how long in 24 hours you considered yourself to be a soul. You children now know that you are on God’s service. You are on Godly service.
You have to tell everyone that the Father simply says: Manmanabhav, that is, consider yourself to be a soul and remember Me. This is the service you have to do. The more service you do, the more fruit you receive. You have to understand this aspect clearly. Even very good, maharathi children do not understand this aspect completely. A great deal of effort is required for this. You cannot receive a reward without making effort. Baba sees that some write their charts and send them whereas others don’t even make the effort to write a chart. They have arrogance of their knowledge. They are not able to make any effort to sit in remembrance. The Father explains that the main thing is remembrance. You have to keep an eye on yourself and see what your chart is like and note it down. Some say that they don’t have time to write their charts. The main thing that the Father says is: Consider yourself to be a soul and remember Alpha. For however long you sit here, now and then, ask your heart: For how long did I stay in remembrance? When you are sitting here, you have to stay in remembrance and it does not matter if you also spin the discus. We definitely have to go back with Baba. We have to return when we have become pure and satopradhan. You have to understand this aspect very well. Some forget it the instant they are told. They do not tell Baba their real chart. There are many maharathis who never tell the truth. The world of falsehood has existed for half a cycle, and so it is as though falsehood is fixed inside them. Ordinary ones write their chart instantly. The Father says: By staying on the pilgrimage of remembrance your sins will be burnt away and you will become pure. You will not become pure simply through knowledge. So, what benefit is there? You called out to be purified. For this you need to have remembrance. Each one of you should show your chart with honesty. When you sit here for 45 minutes, you have to check and see for how long during that time, you considered yourself to be a soul and remained in remembrance of the Father. Some are too ashamed to tell the truth. They do not tell the Father the truth. They only give news of the service they did and how many they explained to and that they did this and that; they do not write a chart of their pilgrimage of remembrance.
The Father says: Because of not staying on the pilgrimage of remembrance, your arrows do not strike the target. There is no strength in their sword of knowledge. They can relate knowledge but, without yoga, it is difficult for their arrows to strike the target. Baba says: You don’t have remembrance for even five minutes out of the 45 minutes you sit. Some don’t even know how to consider themselves to be souls or how to remember the Father. Some say that they stay in remembrance constantly. Baba says: It is not possible to have that stage now. If you had constant remembrance, you would reach your karmateet stage and you would be completely enlightened with knowledge. By explaining a little to someone, your arrows would strike thetarget. However, this does take effort. You cannot become the masters of the world just like that! Maya takes your intellect’s yoga from one direction to the other; you remember your friends and relatives etc. When someone has to travel abroad, he begins to remember his friends, relatives, the steamer and aeroplanes etc. The practical desire they have of going abroad pulls their intellects and it completely breaks the intellect’s yoga. It takes great effort to prevent your intellect from going in another direction. You should only have remembrance of the one Father. Even this body should not be remembered. You will reach that stage at the end. Day by day, the more you increase your pilgrimage of remembrance, the more you will benefit yourself. The more you stay in remembrance, the greater your income will be. If you leave your body now, you will not be able to earn this income. You would become a baby and so what sort of income could you earn then? Although the soul will carry his sanskars with him, a teacher would still be needed to remind him. The Father also reminds you: Remember the Father. No one except you knows that it is only by having remembrance of the Father that you can become pure. They consider bathing in the Ganges to be elevated. This is why they continue to bathe in the Ganges. Baba has experienced all of those things. He also adopted many gurus. They go to bathe in water. Here, your bathing takes place in the pilgrimage of remembrance.
You souls cannot become pure without having remembrance of the Father. This is called yoga, that is, the pilgrimage of remembrance. Don’t think that knowledge is bathing; it is yoga that is bathing. Knowledge is study, but yoga is the bathing through which your sins are cut away. There are two things, knowledge and yoga. It is by having remembrance that the sins of many births are burnt away. The Father says: It is by having this pilgrimage of remembrance that you will become pure and satopradhan. The Father explains very clearly: Sweetest children, understand these aspects very clearly. Do not forget that by staying on this pilgrimage of remembrance your sins of many births will be cut away. Knowledge is the means of earning an income. Study and remembrance are two separate things. Gyan and vigyan: Gyan means study and vigyan means yoga, which is remembrance. Which is more elevated - knowledge or yoga? The pilgrimage of remembrance is very high. It is this that takes effort. All of you will go to heaven. The golden age is heaven and silver age is semi-heaven. You will go there and take your place according to how much you study. However, yoga is the main aspect. You can explain this knowledge at the exhibitions and museums, but you cannot explain yoga. You can only say: Consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Father. However, you give a lot of knowledge. The Father says: First of all, tell them this aspect: Consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Father. You create so many pictures etc. in order to give this knowledge; but there is no need for pictures in order for you to explain yoga. These pictures have been created in order for you to explain knowledge. By considering yourself to be a soul, all your arrogance of the body will completely break. You definitely have to use your mouth in order to speak knowledge. There is only one aspect in yoga - you have to consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Father. However, a body is needed in order to study. How could you study or teach without a body? The Father is the Purifier and so you have to have yoga with Him, but no one knows this. The Father Himself comes and teaches you. Human beings cannot teach this to human beings. The Father says: Remember Me! This is called the knowledge of the Supreme Soul. The Supreme Soul is the Ocean of Knowledge. These aspects require great understanding. Tell everyone to remember the unlimited Father, the One who establishes the new world. They don’t even realize that the new world is going to be established so that they would remember God. Since they are not even aware of this, why would they think about it? You know that there is only the one Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, God Shiva. They say; Salutations to the deity Brahma. Then, at the end, they say: Salutations to the Supreme Soul, Shiva. That Father is the Highest on High, but they do not know who He is. If He is in the pebbles and stones, to whom do they bow down? They speak without understanding the significance of what they say. Here, you have to go beyond sound. You have to go to the land of nirvana, the land of silence. There is the land of peace and the land of happiness. That is the land of heaven. You wouldn’t call hell a land. The words are very easy. How long will the religion of Christ continue? They don’t know this. They say that Paradise existed 3000 years before Christ. That means, there was the kingdom of deities. Therefore, as it has been 2000 years since the Christian religion came into existence, there has to be the deity religion again. The intellects of human beings do not work at all. Because of not knowing the secrets of the drama, they continue to make so many plans. The old mothers cannot understand these aspects. The Father explains: It is now the stage of retirement for all of you. You have to go beyond sound. Although they say that someone has gone to the land of nirvana, no one can go there. They definitely do have to take rebirth. No one can return home. They keep the company of a guru in order to go into the stage of retirement. There are many ashrams for those in their age of retirement. There are also many mothers. You can do service there too. The Father sits here and explains to you the meaning of the stage of retirement. You are all now in the stage of retirement. The whole world is in the stage of retirement. All the human beings you see are in the stage of retirement. Only the one Satguru is the Bestower of Salvation for all. Everyone has to go back. Those who make very good effort will claim a high status. This time is called “the time of judgement”. People don’t know the meaning of “the time of judgement”. You children also understand this, numberwise. The destination is very high. Everyone has to understand that they now definitely have to return home. Souls have to go beyond sound, and they will all come down to repeat their parts. However, if you return whilst remembering the Father, you will claim a high status. You also have to imbibe divine virtues. You must not perform any dirty actions or steal etc. You can become a charitable soul through yoga, not through knowledge. Souls have to become pure. Only pure souls can return to the land of peace. All souls reside there. They are still coming down now. Those that still remain there will also continue to come down. You children have to stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance a great deal. You can receive very good help here. You receive power from one another. The strength of just the few of you children is working. They show the Govardhanmountain being lifted by fingers in co-operation. You are the gopes and gopis. The deities of the golden age are not called gopes and gopis. It is you who give your fingers of co-operation. You connect your intellect’s yoga to the one Father in order to change the iron age into the golden age and hell into heaven. It is by having yoga that you have to become pure. You must not forget these matters. You receive this power here. Outside, there is the company of devilish human beings. It is very difficult to stay in remembrance there. You cannot remain as unshakeable there. You need this gathering. When you all sit here together in a stable way you can receive help. There is no business etc. here and so where would your intellect go? When you live outside, your business and home etc. definitely pull you. Here, there is nothing like that. The atmosphere here is very good and pure. According to the drama, you are sitting far away at a hill station. Your accurate memorial is in front of you. Heaven is portrayed above, on the ceiling. Otherwise, where else could they show it? Therefore, Baba says: When you come and sit here, check whether you sit in remembrance of the Father. You should also continue to spin the discus of self- realization. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada.The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

May you be a true server who serves at every moment through your elevated vision, attitude and deeds. 
A server means to be one who serves at every moment through one’s elevated vision, attitude and deeds. Whomsover you look at with elevated drishti, that drishti does service. The atmosphere is created through your attitude. Any task that you perform in remembrance purifies the atmosphere. The breath of Brahmin life is service. When you cannot breathe, you become unconscious. In the same way when a Brahmin soul is not busy in service, he becomes unconscious. Therefore, to the extent that you remain loving, become co-operative and serve to the same extent.

Slogan:  Consider service to be a game and you will not get tired and always remain light 

26/10/14 Morning Murli  Avyakt BapDada  Madhuban 01/01/79

Essence: Determined thoughts the Father made you have for the New Year.

Today, BapDada was very pleased to hear the children’s new enthusiasm and their new determined and beautiful thoughts to bring the new world closer. Each of you children has the special enthusiasm to make yourself complete and bring benefit to the whole world. Today, BapDada is congratulating you for the determination you have, to bid farewell for all time to any weaknesses that still remain within you. Continue to keep the congratulations you receive for this farewell powerful by remaining aware of them every morning at amrit vela. This year, together with making your own form powerful, you also have to bring about a powerful form of service. The group who are responsible for destruction are progressing in their task at a great speed. They are creating a very refined method to liberate souls from the bondage of their bodies within a second, that is, to liberate souls easily from their physical sorrow; they are creating an easy method to save many souls. On what basis?On the basis of the authority of science. Similarly, is this group of master almighty authorities, who are instruments for establishment, ready to liberate souls for birth after birth in one second from the bondage of Maya, and from the many types of sorrow they experience because of Maya, and to give those souls the blessing of peace and happiness for all time, thus enabling them to reach their destination? Even now, the group responsible for destruction is ever-ready; they are just waiting for the order. Is the group instrumental for establishment ever-ready to this extent? When the task of establishment is completed, those responsible for destruction will receive their order. When the hand shows that time is up, the bell automatically chimes. So, too, on the unlimited clock, when establishment is completed, the “hand” automatically shows that it is time for the bell of destruction to chime. So, are you ever ready for this completion? Today, at amrit vela, on hearing the children’s new enthusiasm for the New Year, Bap and Dada had a conversation on a new topic. Brahma Baba said: When are the gates of liberation going to open? Unless Brahma opens the gates of liberation, the other souls can’t go to the land of liberation. Brahma Baba asks: Should I unlock them now? The Father said: Are you going to inaugurate this by yourself or with the children? Brahma Baba said: Hearing the call and sound of sorrow and distress of both the real children and the step¬children, I feel great mercy. The Father said: Is the rosary of the elevated victorious jewels - those who are Brahma Baba’s companions, who play their parts with Brahma Baba in different forms and relationships - is this rosary of such victorious jewels, who are companions, ready? Many have been thinking from the beginning that you will live together, die together and live together again in many different forms and relationships. Therefore, according to their promise, how can you unlock the gates without those companions of yours? So, did you hear Brahma Baba’s new thought for the New Year? What is the victorious group going to do to make this thought of the Father’s practical this year? This year, in order for you elevated victorious jewels to fulfil this thought of the Father’s, you have to speed up the machinery of liberating souls in a second with your special form of master almighty authorities. The majority of souls are now tired of the limited facilities of matter, of the limited places that have been created to experience spiritual peace; they are now tired of the people who say that they can enable souls to meet God. Souls have now become disheartened by them and feel that the truth must be something else. They are searching for the destination of the Truth. They are thirsty for some attainment. Even a single drop of the accurate introduction of the soul and the Supreme Soul can quench the thirst of such souls. Therefore, take the urn of the nectar of knowledge and quench the thirst of those who are thirsty. Constantly keep the urn of nectar with you. As you move along, continue to make souls immortal by giving them this nectar. Only then will you be able to inaugurate the gates of liberation with Father Brahma. At present, just the bhavans are being inaugurated, so now the unlimited gate has to be inaugurated. For this, remain constantly immortal and make others immortal. Become an embodiment of the blessing of becoming immortal. Now, the last effort-making souls, extremely weak souls, don’t have the courage to make any more effort. You have to use your own powers to enable such souls to become powerful and attain something. Therefore, the part of being an image that grants blessings is needed even more than the part of giving knowledge. Souls don’t even have the power to listen. They no longer have the courage to carry on. They just thirst to receive something. Many such souls are wandering around the whole world. You will have to give them legs to walk, that is, youhave to give them courage. So, have you accumulated such a stock of courage? Is your urn of nectar full? Is it limitless? Is it constant? Should we start a queue? Is your own queue finished? If you are still busy with your own queue, how are you going to make other souls complete? Therefore, this year, finish your own queue. Change the language of “Why?” and “What?”. There should be just one language. Your language of thoughts and words should be just of giving blessings; you should be an image that grants blessings and give a lecture showering blessings on everyone. The experience of whoever hears you should not be of hearing a lecture, but of being showered with flowers of blessings. Only then will this inauguration take place. This is the newness you have to bring about in the New Year. Achcha. To those who constantly hold the urn of nectar, to those who give blessings through their every thought, to those who increase the courage of other souls, to the children who maintain courage and thereby receive help from the Father, to those who are ever ready to play their parts of constant companionship with Father Brahma, to such victorious jewels, to the souls who are complete, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste. BapDada meeting Dadis: Why did Brahma have this thought? Do you know this secret? It is said that the world was created through the thought of Brahma. Therefore, the gates will open through Brahma’s thought. So, who is Shankar? This too is a deep secret. Since Brahma is Vishnu, who is Shankar? You should discuss this amongst yourselves. Let there now be a group of images who grant blessings; not of those who have a physical flag in their hands, but of those who constantly have the flag of victory - the flag of victory of their form of Shakti - hoisted in their awareness. There should be a group of those who hoist the flag of victory. This group will be called the spiritual social-worker group. Such a group is now needed on the stage. Everyone’s vision is automatically drawn to those on a stage. At the moment, they are behind the curtain of their own efforts. Now, come out from behind that curtain and onto the stage of service so that when the souls of the world see the hero actors, they will be able to go beyond with just a glance. Now, such a group should make a plan, so that the sound of their authority of truth will automatically reveal the Father. At the moment, you are dropping baby bombs; you now have to transform the land by dropping the Godly bomb. The easy method for this is constantly to have the awareness of “BapDada, BapDada” like a rosary on your lips and in your thoughts. All of you should have just the one concern - BapDada. You should constantly have this concern in your thoughts, words and deeds. This is the soundless chant. When you have this soundless chant, everything else will automatically finish, because you will only be busy in this. When you don’t have any time, anything wasteful automatically stops. So, did you hear what you have to do this year? Know what time it is from today’s thought. The hand (of the clock) is Brahma Baba. So, where has the hand reached? It would of course have gone beyond the subtle region, would it not? Achcha. BapDada meeting double foreigners: BapDada is happy to see the speed of intense efforts of the double-foreign children. The foreign children have recognised very well their real Father, their real land and their real religion. It is as though the fruit is revealed on the prepared land of the previous cycle by simply sowing the seed of the Father’s introduction. BapDada knows that there are some jewels in this group who are the beads of the rosary around BapDada’s neck. The Father is seeing many scenes of such beads being revealed to the world and of such children revealing the Father to the world. They are being revealed now and will continue to be revealed in the future also. Do you all consider yourselves to be such invaluable jewels? Where would the most precious jewel be kept? Precious jewels are placed in the tiny container of the heart. They constantly remain in the heart, that is, they constantly stay in remembrance of the Father. Do all of you experience yourselves to be intense effort-makers? In which line are all of you? Those who take a high jump, are you not? Those who are double light will always take a high jump. If you are carrying any type of burden you cannot take a high jump. All of you are the long-lost and now-found ones, because, as soon as you received the Father’s introduction, you easily recognised Him through easy yoga. You didn’t experience anything to be difficult. The way to make anything difficult easy is to sit constantly in front of the Father and you will constantly experience the hand of blessings over you. You will receive a solution to all problems in a second. However, who is able to sit in front of the Father? Those who have seen and understood the Father as He isand what He is through their divine eye and divine intellect. The Father knows that you souls have become examples in front of the world and have taken a very good step to benefit all souls. The world will follow you. Achcha. Personal meetings with BapDada: 1. The sign of coming close to your final destination is that you step away from everyone else. Do you constantly experience your destination to be very close? Do you feel that you are now about to reach the final destination of your angelic life? The closer you come to this final destination, the more detached you become from everyone else and the more you are loved by the Father. When something is nearly cooked, it moves away from the sides of the pan. Similarly, the closer you come to your complete stage, the more detached you will become from everyone. An angel is someone who has all relationships with One. Do you feel that you are moving away from everyone else? When something is not completely cooked, it sticks to the bottom of the pan, but when it is ready, it moves away from all sides. When it doesn’t move away, it means it’s not yet ready. So, are you too moving away from all relationships in your attitude, or do you still have some attachment? If your speed is slow, you cannot arrive on time. If you arrive too late, you cannot be counted in the list of those who have attained something. Therefore, check whether you are becoming free from your bondages from all sides. If you aren’t, it proves that you are not close to your angelic life. When you are able to experience the happiness of having all relationships in One, what need is there to wander around? You should go straight to your destination. To have all relationships fulfilled by One is your destination. Constantly keep your final angelic form in your awareness; as is your awareness, so will be your stage. 2. Serve many by maintaining the awareness of “Wah dramal Wah!” Whilst seeing the drama, are all of you constantly moving along with the awareness of “Wah Drama!Wah!” You are not afraid when you see any particular type of scene, are you? Since you have received the knowledge of the drama and know that the present time is the benevolent age, you know that whatever scene comes in front of you is also filled with benefit. You may not be able to recognize this at the moment, but the benefit merged in the future will be revealed. Remember, “Wah Dramal Wah!”, and you will remain constantly happy and never become unhappy about your efforts. Others will then automatically be served through you. 3. A blessing for co-operative souls to remain constantly full. The souls who make the yagya full with their hearts and their lives, those who have been giving their finger of co-operation according to the time, accumulate multi-fold in return for each one. Time is also of value, and so the souls who co-operated at the time of need in the beginning of the task of establishment have received in return the blessing of becoming full and complete. They have been constantly overflowing and will continue to be so. Achcha. 

Blessing:May you be knowledge-full while seeing the land, the pulse and the time and reveal the true knowledge.   
This new knowledge of the Father is true knowledge. The new world is established with this new knowledge. Let the authority and intoxication of this always be emerged in your form. However, this doesn’t mean that you speak about new things of this new knowledge to someone as soon as he comes, and you confuse him. Consider the land, the pulse and the time - and then give knowledge. This is a sign of being knowledge-full. Consider the desire of souls, feel their pulse, prepare the field, but, internally, definitely also keep the power of fearlessness of truth with you and you will then be able to reveal the true knowledge.

Slogan: To say “mine” means to make a small thing big, whereas to say “Yours” means to make asituation as big as a mountain into cotton wool..

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