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By receiving one glance from the God-Father, the whole world will receive the inheritance of liberation and liberation-in-life.

Avyakt Murli dated 12.10.2014 in hindi:
Avyakt Murli dated 12.10.14 in English:

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2/11/14     Madhuban     Avyakt     BapDada      31/1/98

Essence: “In order to pass with honours, check the account of all your treasures and accumulate them.”

Today, BapDada is pleased to see the fortune of all the young and old children of this land and abroad. Throughout the whole cycle, no one apart from Brahmin souls has this fortune. Even the deities consider Brahmin life to be elevated. Each of you should examine your life from its beginning and see how elevated your future has been from the moment you took birth. As soon as a child takes birth, he receives the fortune of being sustained by his mother and father. Then he receives the fortune of education from a teacher. After that, he receives directions or blessings from a guru. Who gives you children sustenance, teachings, blessings and shrimat? You receive all three from the Supreme Soul. Look how only a handful out of many receive God’s sustenance! No one, except you receives teachings from God, the Teacher. Only you receive shrimat and blessings from the Satguru. So, do you know your fortune very clearly? Do you continually swing whilst keeping your fortune in your awareness? Do you sing the song, “How wonderful is my fortune!”?
At the time of amrit vela, when you wake up, you wake up absorbed in love for God. Love for God awakens you. The day starts in love for God. If you didn’t have this love, you wouldn't be able to wake up. Love rings the bell of your clock. The bell of love awakens you. Throughout the entire day, God’s company enables you to carry out every task. Your fortune is so great that the Father Himself leaves His supreme abode in order to come here and give you teachings. Did you ever hear that God leaves His home every day in order to teach you? No matter how far away souls come from, no place is further away than the supreme abode. Is there any land further away? Is America or Africa as far away? The supreme abode is the highest land. God, the Highest-on-High, comes from the highest-on-high land to teach the highest-on- high children. Do you experience your fortune to be like this? In the form of the Satguru, He gives you shrimat and also His company in every task. He doesn’t just give His directions, He also gives you His companionship. What song do you children sing? Are you with Me or far away from Me? You are with Me, are you not? If you listen to anyone, it is the Supreme Teacher. When you eat, you eat with BapDada. When you eat on your own, that’s your mistake. The Father says: Eat with Me! You children have also promised: I will live with You, I will eat and drink with You, I will sleep with You and I will return home with You. You mustn’t go to sleep on your own. When you sleep on your own, the dreams you have are bad or have bad thoughts in them. However, because the Father has so much love for you He always tells you to sleep with Him. Do not sleep alone. When you awaken, you awaken with the Father, when you go to sleep, you go to sleep with Him; when you eat, you eat with Him and when you go for a walk, you also walk with Him. When you go to your office or business, you are just a trustee of that business, and the Father is the Master. When you go to work, you know that your Director, your Boss, is BapDada. You are just an instrument, and are doing everything under His directions. When you sometimes become sad, the Father becomes your Friend and tries to cheer you up. He also becomes your Friend. When you shed tears of love, the Father comes to wipe away your tears; He places your tears, like pearls, in the jewel-box of His heart. When you sometimes become mischievous and sulk - and you do sulk in a sweet way - the Father comes to make it up with you. He says, “It doesn’t matter, child. Now, move forward. Whatever happened has now become the past. Forget it! Let the past be the past!” He tries to make it up with you in this way. So, with whom do you spend your whole day? With BapDada. Sometimes, BapDada is amused by the children when they say, “Baba, I forget You.” On the one hand, you say that you are combined. So, can you ever forget the One with whom you are combined!? When you are with someone, how can you forget the one who is with you? So, Baba says: “Well done, children!” You have so much strength that you are able to separate yourself from the One who is combined with you! You are combined and yet even a little bit of Maya separates those who are combined'!
When BapDada sees the games the children play, He says: Remain constantly aware of your fortune. What happens is that you think, “Yes, my fortune is very elevated’, but you just become the embodiment of those thoughts, you do not become the embodiment of the consciousness. You think very well, “I am this, I am this, I am this”. You also relate it all to others very well, but you now have to become the embodiment of what you think and say. You lack becoming the embodiment of that. Become an embodiment in every aspect! Experience the form of whatever you think! The greatest form is to become the embodiment of your experience. When you are in the supreme abode in your eternal form, you are not an embodiment of thoughts, but an embodiment of consciousness. You don’t even have to think, “I am a soul, I am a soul”. You are that form. In the beginning, you become the embodiment of the effort you make at this time. You don’t have to think, “I am a deity, I am a deity”. You are that form. Therefore, since you are an embodiment in your eternal form and your original form, now become an embodiment at this time also. By your becoming this embodiment, your virtues and powers automatically emerge. When someone of any occupation is set on his seat, the abilities and duties of that occupation automatically emerge. So, if you too remain constantly set on the seat of your form, then every virtue, power and type of intoxication will automatically emerge. You will not have to work hard for this. This is known as the natural nature of a Brahmin, finishing other types of nature of many births. The natural nature of Brahmin life is to become an embodiment of virtues and an embodiment of all powers. All the other types of old nature are not the nature of Brahmin life. You say, “My nature is like this”, but who is saying “My nature”? Is it a Brahmin or a warrior? Or, is it the soul that has become the embodiment of awareness of his previous birth, who is saying this? The nature of Brahmins is the nature of Father Brahma. So, when you say, “My nature is like this”, consider whether you can have your own nature in Brahmin life. You have to understand that if you are still trying to finish your past nature, if the nature of your past still emerges, then you should understand that are not a Brahmin at that time but a warrior; you are battling to finish the past. So, are you sometimes Brahmins, and, at other times warriors? What do you call yourselves: a warrior kumar or a Brahma Kumar? Who are you? Are you a warrior kumar? You are Brahma Kumars and Brahma Kumaris. You do not have any other name. Do you beckon anyone by saying, “Hey warrior kumar, come here!”? Do you ever say this? Or, do you tell yourself, “I am not a Brahma Kumar, I am a warrior kumar”. To be a Brahmin means to have the same nature as Father Brahma’s nature. Never say those words. Never say them even by mistake. Do not even think, “What can I do? My nature is like this”. This is making an excuse. Even to say this is just making an excuse to free yourself. You have taken a new birth, and so how can your old nature emerge in your new life? It means you are not completely dead. You are still a little bit alive, and a bit of you has died. A Brahmin life means that the steps of Brahma Baba are the steps of Brahmins.
BapDada is looking at your fortune, for it is such elevated fortune. Therefore, those words do not seem right in front of this fortune. You are celebrating this year as the Year of Liberation, are you not? What classes do you give? It is the Year of Liberation, the Year of Freedom. Is it now the Year of Liberation, or is that to come in 1999? The year 1998 is the Year of Liberation. Those of you who think this is the Year of Liberation, raise your hands! Look! It is very easy just to raise your hand. When you are sitting in this gathering and swaying in happiness, what happens is that you just raise your hand. Now, raise your hand and make this promise from your heart: No matter what it costs, you won't break your promise for the Year of Liberation. Have you made such a firm promise? Be careful when you raise your hand! Whether it is recorded on this TV or not, BapDada is having your photograph taken. Therefore, become liberated from such weak words! Your words should be as sweet as the Father's. Your words to every soul should be filled with good wishes. This is known as words filled with significance. You should not speak ordinary words whilst walking and moving around. Anyone who suddenly comes to you should wonder whether these are words or pearls. Words filled with good wishes are like diamonds and pearls. BapDada has indicated many times that very little time now remains for you to accumulate all the treasures. If you don't accumulate at this time all the treasures of time, thoughts, words, the wealth of knowledge, the powers of yoga, the treasures of all virtues of a life of divinity, you won't easily find another time to accumulate all of these treasures. Throughout the entire day, check your account of each treasure. Just as you check your account of physical money to see how much you are in credit, so also examine each account of treasure to see how much treasure you have accumulated. You need to have all the treasures. If you wish to pass with honours, your account of accumulation of every treasure should be so full that you will be able to experience the fruit of that accumulated account of treasure for 21 births. The “too late” bell of time has not yet chimed but it will chime. You will not be told the day or date in advance. Suddenly it will be announced “Too late!. What will you do then? Will you be able to accumulate at that time? No matter how much you wish to, you will not have the time. This is why BapDada gives you this signal many times: Accumulate! Accumulate! Accumulate! Your title of this time is “One with all powers”. It is not just “One with some powers”. In the future, you will also be full of all virtues, not just full of some virtues. You have to accumulate all of these treasures now; you have to accumulate all virtues and powers now. Each and every treasure is connected with a virtue or power. Just as you don’t speak ordinary words but have the virtue of speaking sweet words, so each and every treasure has this connection.
Because BapDada loves you children, He gives you this signal again and again. In today’s gathering, there are all varieties. There are small children and also teachers, because it is the teachers who have surrendered; there are kumaris and householders as well. There are all varieties.
BapDada has one pure desire for the teachers. Should He tell you that? Will you just listen to it, or will you also put it into practice? Will you just think about it or will you also become an embodiment of it? Will you listen to it? Will you do it? It is a very small pure desire. It is not a big thing; it is a very small thing. Dadi sent a message that all centres should now become free from all obstacles. Teachers are responsible for this. However, even now, there are complaints from the teachers. The Dadis have a file on this. Ishu, who looks after the office, says that, even now, so many unnecessary letters come from the centres that the waste paper basket becomes full. It is like that, is it not? It takes time to read them, it takes time to tear them up, and it also takes time to put them in the waste-paper basket: this is unnecessary effort. Therefore, BapDada’s pure desire is that all teachers become the Father’s right hands - not left hands, but right hands. Is it good if Baba receives so much of this news from the right hands and their centres that the waste-paper basket becomes full? Say, “Yes or no!” Those who think that each of you will claim the three certificates this year- a destroyer of one’s own obstacles, a destroyer of the centre’s obstacles and a destroyer of your companions obstacles - those teachers who are ready to claim these three certificates, raise your hands! The Pandavas who live in a centre should also raise their hands! (All raised their hands.) Thank you!
Now, the waste paper baskets will remain empty. You will not have to read such letters. This one (Ishu Dadi) says that, just by opening the letters, her hands become tired. Therefore, whether you are sitting here, or listening to Baba in a country abroad or in this land; wherever you hear the murli, the one pure desire for the teachers of the entire world that BapDada has this year is: There should be no complaint from anyone. The file of complaints should now stop. BapDada too has many files. So, this year, your file of complaints should stop. You should all become fine. Even more then fine, you should become refined. You like this, do you not? No matter what others are like, learn how to conduct yourself with them. No matter what others are doing, even if they are repeatedly creating obstacles for you, how much longer are you going to spend your time over those obstacles? There has to be a completion ceremony for those too. So, do not look at others to see what each one is doing. What do I have to do? If that one is a mountain, I have to step away from him. The mountain is not going to move away! You should not think, “I will change if that one changes. Only when the mountain moves can I move forward.” Neither will the mountain move, nor you will be able to reach your destination. Therefore, if you have pure feelings for that soul, then, just give a signal and thereby empty your mind and intellect. Do not engage yourself in thinking about those who are embodiments of obstacles. Since everything is numberwise, each one’s stage will also definitely be numberwise. However, you have to become number one. Transform yourself and have good wishes for those who become obstacles and those souls who have waste thoughts. It takes a little time and a little effort, but, ultimately, garlands of victory will be placed around the necks of those who bring about self-transformation. If you are able to bring about transformation in those souls through your good wishes, then do so. Otherwise, just give a signal! Put an end to your responsibility and bring about transformation in yourself and continue to fly ahead. This obstacle is also a golden thread of attachment which doesn’t allow you to fly. It is a very subtle thread behind the curtain of truth. You then think, “This is true, isn’t it? This happens all the time. This should not happen.” However, for how much longer are you going to keep seeing all of those things and stopping? Now, liberate yourself from those subtle threads and celebrate the Year of Liberation. This is why BapDada is celebrating the different functions with you and fulfilling your hopes, desires, zeal and enthusiasm. The last function of this year will be a function for the Year of Liberation. At functions, Dadis are given gifts. So, in the function of the Year of Liberation, give BapDada the gift of your perfection. Achcha.
To all the special souls everywhere who have a right to the fortune of God’s sustenance, teachings and shrimat, to the souls who are equal to the Father and who make themselves the embodiments of their thinking, to the instrument server souls who easily attain success in service and for themselves through God’s will power, to those who constantly experience the Father in their combined form, to the companion children who constantly fulfil the relationship of companionship, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

Blessing:May you experience all the powers to have emerged in yourself and become an embodiment of total success. 
In worldly life, some people have certain powers, whether it is the power of wealth, or the intellect, or of relationships and connections. They then have the faith: This is not a big thing. They achieve success on the basis of their power. You have all powers. You constantly have with you the power of imperishable wealth. You also have the power of the intellect and also of your position. You have all the powers within you. Simply experience them to have emerged in you and you will achieve success in the right way at that time and become an embodiment of success.

Slogan:Consider your mind to be something valuable entrusted to you by God and constantly use it for an elevated task.

1/11/14     Morning Murli             BapDada             Madhuban

Sweet children,
                The Father has explained to you spiritual children that when you sit here, your intellects should definitely have the thought: That One is our Baba, our Teacher and also our Satguru. You also realize that, by remembering Baba, you will become pure and go to the pure land. Baba has explained that you come down from the pure land. That is called the pure land. You then go from the satopradhan stage through the stages of sato, rajo and tamo. You now understand that you have fallen down, that is, you are in the brothel. Although you are at the confluence age, you understand through knowledge that you have stepped away from this world. If you keep remembering Shiv Baba, Shivalaya (the Temple of Shiva) is not far, but if you do not remember Shiv Baba, Shivalaya is very far. If you have to experience punishment, you then become very distant. So the Father does not give you children too much difficulty. Firstly, He says repeatedly: You have to become pure in your thoughts, words and deeds. Those physical eyes can deceive you a great deal. You have to take great care with them. The Father has explained that trance is totally distinct from yoga. Yoga means remembrance. You can have remembrance even with your eyes open. Trance is not yoga. When you offer bhog, you have to go up according to the directions you are given. Maya interferes a great deal in this. Maya is such that she gets up your nose (harasses you)! Just as the Father is powerful, so Maya too is very powerful. She is so powerful that she has pushed the whole world into a brothel. Therefore, you have to be very cautious. You should remember the Father accurately and with discipline. If you perform any action against the law, she makes you fall completely. You should never have any desire for trance etc. Become totally ignorant of even the knowledge of desires. If you follow the Father's directions, all your desires will be fulfilled without your asking. If you do not follow His instructions and take a wrong path, then it is possible that, instead of going to heaven, you will fall into hell. It has been remembered that an alligator swallowed an elephant. Those who used to give this knowledge to many and who used to offer bhog are not here today. Because of their unlawful behaviour, they were totally influenced by Maya. Whilst becoming deities, they became devils. The Father knows that those who used to make very good efforts and who were going to become deities have become like devils and are living with devilish people; they have become traitors. Those who belong to the Father and then belong to Maya are called traitors. You have to keep an eye on yourself. If you disobey shrimat, you will fall and you won't even realize it. The Father cautions you children and tells you that your behaviour should not be such that you would be taken into the depths of hell. Baba explained yesterday that many brothers hold committees amongst themselves and do everything without shrimat and thereby cause disservice. If you do something without shrimat, you continue to fall. In the beginning, Baba set up a mothers’ committee because the mothers have been given the urn of nectar. "Salutations to the mothers" has been remembered. Even if the brothers create committees, there isn't a saying "Salutations to the brothers". If you are not following shrimat, you become trapped in Maya’s web. Baba had set up a committee of mothers and handed everything over to them. Generally, men, not women, cause bankruptcy. Therefore, the Father places the urn on the mothers. On this path of knowledge, even mothers can become bankrupt. Those who can become multimillion times fortunate can also be defeated by Maya and cause bankruptcy. Here, both men and women can become bankrupt, and they do become bankrupt! So many were defeated and left. That means that they became bankrupt. The Father explains that the people of Bharat have become totally bankrupt. Maya is so powerful that people are unable to understand what they were and how they have completely fallen. Here, too, whilst some of you are climbing up, you forget shrimat and then become bankrupt by following your own dictates. Those people become bankrupt but can then rise up again after five to seven years. Here, you become bankrupt for 84 births. You cannot claim a high status then. You keep becoming bankrupt. If Baba had photographs, He would show you. You would say that what Baba is telling you is absolutely right. “This one was a great maharathi and used to uplift many, but he is not here today. He is bankrupt.” Baba repeatedly cautions you children. There is nothing to be gained by setting up your committees etc. according to your own dictates. Then, throughout the whole day, whenever you meet, you would just keep gossiping:  "This one used to do this; that one used to do that." Only when your intellect’s yoga is with the Father will you become satopradhan. If, after belonging to the Father, your yoga is not connected to Him, you keep falling; your connection breaks. You should not become afraid and question why Maya is causing you so much distress if your link breaks. You should try to forge a link with the Father again. Otherwise, how would your battery be charged! If there are sinful actions, your battery becomes discharged. In the beginning, so many came and belonged to Baba. They joined the bhatthi, but where are they today? They fell because they remembered the old world. The Father says: I am now inspiring you to have unlimited disinterest. Don’t allow your heart to be attached to the old world. Let your heart be attached to heaven. If you want to become like Lakshmi or Narayan, you have to make effort. Your intellect’s yoga should be with the one Father and you should have disinterest in the old world. Remember the land of happiness and the land of peace. As you walk and move around, you should remember Baba to whatever extent possible. This is absolutely easy. You have come here in order to change from an ordinary human into Narayan. You must tell everyone that they now have to change from tamopradhan to satopradhan because it is now the time for your return journey. The history and geography of the world repeat. That means that hell changes into heaven and heaven into hell; this cycle continues to turn. The Father says: Whilst you are sitting here, become a spinner of the discus of self-realization (swadarshan chakradhari). Stay in remembrance of having been around the cycle many times. You are now becoming deities once again. No one in the world understands the significance of this. Deities do not have this knowledge; they are pure anyway. They can’t blow the conch shell because they don't have knowledge. Because they are pure, there is no need to give them these symbols. The symbols are given when both are together. You are not given these symbols either, because, today, you are becoming deities and, tomorrow, you become devils. The Father makes you into deities and Maya makes you into devils. When the Father explains, you understand that your stage truly has fallen. Many unfortunate ones gave to Shiv Baba's treasure-store, but they then asked for it back and became devils. This happened because of a lack of yoga. It is only by having yoga that you are able to become pure. You call out: Baba, come and change us from impure to pure so that we can go to heaven. You are on the pilgrimage of remembrance so that you can become pure and claim a high status. Even those who heard a little and then died will definitely go to Shivalaya (the Temple of Shiva), no matter what status they claim. Once they have had remembrance, they will definitely go to heaven, but they cannot claim a high status. You should be happy when you hear the name of heaven. You must not be happy failing and claiming a status worth pennies. There will definitely be the feeling that you are a servant. At the end, you will have visions of what you are going to become and you will know what sinful actions you performed that led you to that state, and why you did not become an empress. By being cautious at every step, you can become multimillionaires. In the temples, the idols of deities are shown with the symbol of a lotus. There is a difference in the status. Even the kingdoms of today have so much splendour, although they are only temporary; they cannot be kings for all time. So, the Father says: If you wish to become like Lakshmi or Narayan, the effort you make should be accordingly. How many people do you bring benefit to? For how long do you stay introverted and remember Baba? We are now to return to our sweet home. We will then come down into the land of happiness. You should churn all of this knowledge internally. The Father has both knowledge and yoga in Him; you too must have both in you. You know that Shiv Baba is teaching you. Therefore, this is knowledge and also remembrance. Gyan and yoga are together. It should not be that when you sit in yoga and continue to remember Baba, knowledge is forgotten. When the Father teaches you yoga, does He forget knowledge? All the knowledge remains with Him. You children must also have this knowledge; you have to study. When others see the actions I perform, they will do the same. If I don't study the murli, others will not study it either. They have false arrogance, and so very quickly Maya attacks them. You must take the Father's shrimat at every step. Otherwise, there will be one or another sinful action. After making a mistake, many children don't tell the Father; they completely destroy themselves. If you make a mistake, Maya slaps you. She makes you worth not a penny. When you become arrogant, Maya makes you perform many sinful actions. Baba has never told the brothers to set up a committee of brothers. There should definitely be one or two sensible sisters on the committee, with whose advice the work can be carried out. The urn is given to Lakshmi. It has also been remembered that when nectar was being given, there were obstacles in the yagya. They cause many types of obstacle. They spend the whole day gossiping. That is very bad. If anything happens, you must report it to the Father. Only the one Father can reform everyone. You must not take the law into your own hands. You must stay in remembrance of the Father. Keep giving the Father’s introduction to everyone, and you will then become like that. Maya is very strong, she doesn't leave anyone alone. You must always write your news to the Father. You must keep taking directions. Actually, you constantly receive directions anyway. You children think that Baba knows all the secrets inside you when He explains a particular aspect that happens to be in your mind. However, Baba says: No; I only teach you knowledge. There is no question of knowing the secrets inside you. Yes, I know that you are all My children. The child in each body is Mine, but that doesn't mean the Father is present inside each one. Human beings have understood everything wrongly. The Father says: I know that you souls are seated on your thrones. This is such an easy matter! All living souls are sitting on their thrones, yet they still say that God is omnipresent! This is the main mistake. It is because of this that Bharat has fallen so much. The Father says: You have defamed Me a great deal. You have insulted the One who makes you into the masters of the world. This is why the Father says: I come whenever there is defamation of religion. People abroad learn the concept of omnipresence from the people of Bharat. The people of Bharat learn skills from them and they then learn wrong things. You have to remember the one Father alone and give everyone the Father's introduction. You are the sticks for the blind. A path is shown to others with a stick. Achcha.
                 To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Blessing: May you be an intense effort-maker who flies in the flying stage with the wings of courage, zeal and enthusiasm. 
The flying stage has two wings - courage and zeal and enthusiasm. In order to achieve success in any task, it is absolutely essential to have courage and zeal and enthusiasm. Where there is no zeal or enthusiasm, there is tiredness and those who are tired can never be successful. According to the present time, you cannot reach your destination without the flying stage because the effort is for one birth whereas the attainment is not just for 21 births, but for the whole cycle. When you have the recognition of time in your awareness, your efforts automatically become intense.

Slogan:Only those who fulfil everyone’s desires of the mind are Kaamdhenu (the cow that fulfils everyone’s desires).

31/10/14    Morning Murli      BapDada             Madhuban

Sweet children,
                The spiritual Father, Because you know that Baba has come to take everyone back with Him. We are now to return home with our Father. After the cries of distress, there will be cries of victory. By receiving one glance from the Father, the whole world will receive the inheritance of liberation and liberation-in-life. The whole world will go beyond. Om shanti. Spiritual Shiv Baba is sitting here and explaining to His spiritual children. You know that there is the third eye. The Father knows that He has come to give the souls of the whole world their inheritance. There is only the remembrance of the inheritance in the Father’s heart. In the heart of a physical father too, there is the remembrance of the inheritance; he remembers that he will give an inheritance to his children. If he does not have a son, he is confused as to whom he should give it to. He then adopts a child. The Father is sitting here and His vision is drawn to the souls of the whole world. He knows that He has to give an inheritance to everyone. Although He is sitting here, His vision is on the whole world and on all the human beings of the world because He has to take the whole world beyond. The Father explains that this is the most auspicious confluence age. You know that the Father has come to take everyone to the land of peace and the land of happiness. Everyone will go beyond. Cycle after cycle, according to the drama plan, they will go beyond. The Father remembers all the children. His vision is drawn to everyone, but not everyone studies. According to the drama plan everyone has to return home because the play is about to end. As they go a little further, they themselves will understand that destruction is now to take place. The new world now has to be established because, after all, souls are sentient beings and it will therefore enter their intellects that the Father has come. Paradise will be established and we will return to the land of peace. Everyone else will receive liberation but you will receive liberation-in-life. Baba has now come and we will go to heaven. There will be cries of victory. At the moment, there are a lot of cries of distress. In some places there is famine, in other places there is war and in other places there are earthquakes. Thousands of people continue to die. Death has to take place. These things do not happen in the golden age. The Father knows that He will now go and that there will then be cries of victory over the whole world. I will only go to Bharat. Bharat will be like a village within this whole world. For Baba it is like a village. There will be very few human beings. In the golden age, it is as though the whole world is like a small village. There is now much expansion. The Father has everything in His intellect and He is now explaining to you children through this body. Your efforts now are the same as they have been in every cycle. The Father is the Seed of the kalpa tree. This is the corporeal tree and up above is the incorporeal tree. You know how this has been created. No other human beings have this understanding. Just see the difference between sensible ones and senseless ones. Sensible ones used to rule the kingdom of heaven. That is called the land of truth, heaven. You children should now experience a great deal of internal happiness. Baba has come and this old world is definitely going to change. However, whatever effort you make, you achieve a status accordingly. The Father is teaching everyone. Your school will continue to expand. There will be many. Not everyone can have the same school. Where could they all live? You children remember that you are now going to the land of happiness. When someone goes abroad, he lives there for eight to ten years and then returns to Bharat. Bharat is poor. Those from abroad would not be happy here. In fact, you children are not happy here either. You know that you are studying a very elevated study through which you become deities, the masters of heaven. There will be so much happiness there. Everyone remembers that happiness. You would not remember this village (iron age) because there is limitless sorrow here. Today, in this kingdom of Ravan, this impure world, there is limitless sorrow, whereas in tomorrow’s world, there will be limitless happiness. We are establishing a world of limitless happiness with the power of yoga. This is Raja Yoga. The Father Himself says: I make you into kings of kings and so you should remember the Teacher who makes you become that. You cannot become a barrister or an engineer without a teacher. This is a new aspect. Souls have to have yoga with the Father, the Supreme Soul, the One from whom you have been separated for a long time. How long has it been? The Father Himself explains this. Human beings say the duration of this world is hundreds of thousands of years. The Father says: No, those of you who were the first to separate come here to meet the Father again after 5000 years. You are the ones who have to make effort. Baba does not give you sweetest children any difficulty. He simply says: Consider yourselves to be souls. You are human beings. Souls are imperishable and bodies are perishable. A soul sheds a body and takes another. It is a wonder how a soul never becomes old. The One who teaches is wonderful and the study is also wonderful. However no one remembers this; everyone forgets. Does anyone remember what he studied in his previous birth? You study in this birth and you receive the result in the new world. Only you children know this. You should remember that this is now the most auspicious confluence age. You are to go to the new world. If you remember this, you will also remember the Father. The Father shows you many methods to remember Him. He is the Father, the Teacher and the Satguru. Remember Him in all three forms. He gives you many methods for remembrance but Maya makes you forget. The Father establishes the new world and it is the Father who tells you to remember that this is the auspicious confluence age and yet you are still not able to have remembrance. He shows you many methods for remembrance and, along with that, He says that Maya is very powerful. She repeatedly makes you forget and makes you body conscious. Therefore, to whatever extent possible, continue to remember Him. As you walk, sit and move around, instead of considering yourself to be a body consider yourself to be a soul. This requires effort whereas knowledge is very easy. All the children say that they are unable to stay in remembrance. You try to remember the Father and Maya pulls you to herself. There is a play created about this. Although you understand that your intellect’s yoga should be with the Father and with the subject of this study, you still forget. However, you should not forget. In fact, there is no need for these pictures, but you do need something in front of you at the time of teaching. Many pictures continue to be made. Just look at the plan of the Pandava Government. That Government also has a plan. You understand that there was just Bharat in the new world, and that it was very small. The whole of Bharat was the master of the world; everything was new. There is only one world and the actors are also the same. The cycle continues to turn. You can count how many seconds, how many hours, how many days and years have passed by as the cycle continues to turn. Saying today, tomorrow, today, tomorrow, 5000 years have passed by. All the scenes and sceneries and games continue to take place. It is such a huge unlimited tree. You cannot count the leaves of a tree. This is a tree and its foundation is the deity religion and then three main tubes (religions) emerge. However, there are countless leaves on a tree. No one has the strength to count them. At this time, the tree of all the religions has reached its expansion. This is an unlimited, huge tree. Later, none of those religions will exist. The whole tree is now standing, but the foundation no longer exists. The example of the banyan tree is absolutely accurate. This is the only wonderful tree. The Father uses this example to explain the drama. It is a matter of understanding how the foundation does not exist. The Father has made you so sensible. There is now no foundation of the deity religion, but there are some signs of it. They are like a pinch of salt in a sackful of flour. Everything has disappeared; only those signs remain. Therefore, all of this knowledge should enter the intellects of you children. There is knowledge in the Father’s intellect too. He gives you all the knowledge and makes you equal to Himself. The Father is the Seed and this is the inverted tree. This is an unlimited, huge drama. Your intellects have now been drawn up above. You have come to know the Father and creation. Although these things are mentioned in the scriptures, the rishis and munis do not know. If even one person knew this, it could exist eternally. Then, there would be no need for it since salvation would have taken place. No one is able to return home in between. All the actors will continue to be here until the play is over and for as long as the Father is here. Then, when that place (soul world) is completely empty, the procession of Shiv Baba will return home. No one will go and sit there before that. Therefore, the Father sits here and gives you the whole knowledge. He explains how the cycle of the world repeats. There is the golden age, the silver age, the copper age and the iron age, and then there is the confluence. This has been remembered but no one knows when the confluence age existed. You children have understood that there are four ages and that this is the leap age. This is called a midget. Krishna has also been shown as a midget. So this is knowledge; by changing and moulding it, just look what they have made on the path of devotion! The whole thread of knowledge is totally tangled. Only the one Father can explain to them. People go abroad to teach ancient Raja Yoga. This is in fact that yoga. Ancient means the very first. The Father has come to teach easy Raja Yoga. There has to be so much attention paid. You also pay attention to heaven being established. The soul remembers this. The Father says: I will again come and give you the same knowledge that I give you now. This is new knowledge for the new world. By keeping this knowledge in your intellects, you will experience a great deal of happiness. Very little rime now remains. You now have to return home. On the one hand, there is happiness, and on the other, there is also the feeling that we will not see such a sweet Baba again until the next cycle. Only the Father gives you children so much happiness. The Father comes to take you to the land of peace and the land of happiness. If you remember the land of peace and the land of happiness you will also be able to remember the Father. Forget this land of sorrow. The unlimited Father tells you unlimited things. When attachment to the old world is removed, there will be happiness and then, in return, you go to the land of happiness. You will continue to become satopradhan. Those who have become this every cycle will do so again; they will experience happiness and then they will leave their old bodies. They will then go to the satopradhan world and adopt new bodies. This knowledge will have then finished. These things are very easy. At the time of going to sleep at night, churn these things and there will be great happiness that this is what you are becoming. Examine yourself to see if you performed any devilish acts throughout the day. Did the five vices cause you any distress? Was there any greed? You have to keep checking yourself. Achcha.
          To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children. To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Blessing: May you be a specially beloved prince of the present and so the future by receiving God’s loving affection. 
At the confluence age, it is only you fortunate children who become worthy of receiving the loving affection from the Comforter of Hearts. It is only a handful out of multimillion souls who receive this loving affection from God. Through this divine affection, you become the specially beloved princes. “Raj dulare” (beloved prince) means to be a king now and also a king in the future. Even before the future, you claim a right to self-sovereignty at this time. Just as the praise of the future kingdom is one kingdom, one religion, ... similarly, each soul has a united rule over all the physical senses..

Slogan: Only those who show the Father’s character through their own faces are loving to God.  

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