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can you serve the world with your powerful thoughts and purify the atmosphere by your attitude?Power of attitude is cleanliness,awareness of brotherhood.

16/11/14    Madhuban     Avyakt     BapDada     04/01/79

Essence: “See your original form in the mirror of perfection.”

Today, BapDada is seeing at what speed you Brahmin (descendants of Adam-Brahma) children have been moving along in the special task of destruction and establishment, from the beginning of your lives until now, and is also seeing the speed of that task. To what extent have you fulfilled your responsibility and how much is still left to be fulfilled? The special titles of you Brahmins, on the basis of your task, is: world benefactors, images of support for the world, images of upliftment for the world and world transformers. So, to what extent have you become the practical forms of your titles and to what extent do you still have to become these? Each one of you should see the percentage of your task. According to the time, is your speed fast or does it have to become fast? Firstly, check yourself: in the task of destruction and establishment for the self, to what extent have the past karmic accounts and old nature and sanskars been destroyed? And, to what extent have the new nature and sanskars, that is, the nature and sanskars like the Father’s been established? Have you destroyed those (old ones) completely - or not completely? To the extent that you have destroyed the old, the new sanskars and nature will be imbibed accordingly. So, check the speed with which you are carrying out this task.

Secondly, look but do not look at the old nature and sanskars of the souls who come into connection with you and those who are in a relationship with you. That is, with the awareness of your task and the power of your titles, with what speed are those souls carrying out transformation? Have you implemented “Charity begins at home”? No matter how tamoguni a soul may be, according to the task of Brahmins, do you always have benevolent feelings towards such souls or are there feelings of dislike? Do you feel mercy or bossiness? By being bossy, you repeatedly try to prove to the Father and the instrument souls that those souls continue to do this and that or they say this and that. You continue to prove: Why is it like this and that?

Thirdly, do you always have in your awareness the thought of bringing benefit to all souls of the world? Do you move along while considering yourself to have the responsibility for unlimited service, that is, world service? Do you become a great donor and continue to donate to the world through the mind the treasures of your powers, that is, knowledge, and the treasures of your virtues? Do you consider yourself to be an authority in front of the world? Or, do you consider yourself to be an authority of the town or the country you live in? What service do you do through your awareness in a practical way? Is it limited or the unlimited that comes in front of you? Do you have that much power in your thoughts that you can serve souls of the world with your powerful thoughts and purify the atmosphere with the purity of your attitude? Power of attitude is cleanliness, that it is, purity. The basis of purity is the attitude of the awareness of brotherhood. So, to what extent have you created this awareness? In this way, check the speed and method of your task.
Only when you bring about the practical form of destruction and establishment in yourself will the revelation of the task for the world happen, according to your own speed, because souls of the world today make a deal after seeing everything. They do not accept it just on hearing something. In order for them to believe in your true beliefs, you first of all have to become embodiments of those beliefs. With the sample of that form, they will easily be able to understand the deal. Otherwise, until now, through limited wrong beliefs, the majority of souls believe it to be very difficult or impossible for there to be world transformation or self-transformation and, because of this, there is a lot of illness of disheartenment. Just as nowadays there is a lot of physical illness due to heart failure, similarly, in spiritual progress, there is a lot of illness of disheartenment. Such disheartened souls can only receive courage and power through some practical transformation, that is, through what they see with their own eyes. They have heard a lot and they now wish to see something. They wish to transform on the basis of some evidence. So, for world transformation or world benefit, first of all, show the benefit to the self as a sample. Now, do you understand what you have to check, in order to carry out your task? The method for easy success on the field of world benefit? is the revelation of the Father through practical examples. Others should see what you speak about. You say that you Brahmins are almighty authorities, that you are master almighty authorities, conquerors of Maya, merciful and spiritual servers. People wish to see the practical form of what you say. You are called master almighty authorities and you are unable to finish your own waste thoughts! So who would then believe you to be world benefactors? Who would believe those, who become disheartened in transforming their own sanskars and nature while moving along, to be world benefactors? If you yourself are asking for co-operation, who would believe that you are a bestower of blessings? Therefore, look at your own form in the mirror of perfection. Make yourself complete and become a sample. Do you understand what you have to do? This year, make yourself complete and become a world benefactor. Check and also change.

First, Gujarat should begin. Since you are experiencing so much happiness on just hearing about this, how much happiness would you experience on becoming this? In any case, the land of Gujarat is very pure, and so those from Gujarat should prepare a sample. Whoever you look at should be seen to be a sample. Gujarat has brought about good expansion. There is good expansion; so, what else now remains to be done? Invent a way of making the atmosphere so powerful that any obstacles are destroyed and souls of the world can be attracted by your spiritual atmosphere. Make Gujarat into a lighthouse. Let it not be just Gujarat that is a lighthouse but let the world be a lighthouse, through which all souls of the world receive the light of the introduction of the self and the Father. Now, begin to drop this Godly bomb. Release such a bomb that, from that one explosion, all souls will come running to this asylum. Gujarat should first start this queue in Abu. Those who take the initiative will become Arjuna. Arjuna means number one. Achcha.

To those who are constant servers and are unable to rest comfortably without serving for a second and in every single thought, to such constantly yogi servers who show the practical fruit of all types of service, to those who become practical samples and thereby benefit the world, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting a group:
At the confluence age, you have the chance to accumulate multimillions at every step.

Do you constantly stay in remembrance of the Father at every step?; do you accumulate multimillions at every step? To whom does this praise of ‘earning multimillions at every step’ refer? It is your praise. It is only at the confluence age that you find the mine which enables you to earn an income of multimillions. You don’t get this chance throughout the rest of the cycle. The confluence age is the age for accumulating, and the golden age is the age for experiencing the reward, not for accumulating. Now is the time to accumulate! Therefore, you can accumulate as much as you want. How much have you already accumulated and how much are you continuing to accumulate? Are you accumulating as much as you should, or is there a difference between what you should accumulate and what you are accumulating? You should not take even one step without accumulating; not even a second should pass by, that is, not even a second should be wasted. Do you pay this much attention?

The basis of becoming a world emperor or a king in the golden age is how much you accumulate at this time. So, what will you become: a great emperor or a small king? The great kings will have countless wealth, and so have you accumulated such countless wealth? Is your treasury constantly full? Do you have the sanskars at this time of lacking nothing? Are you such a constantly satisfied soul that nothing is lacking? Now, cut all your bondages. You should not ask for co-operation. It should not be that it is only when you are made to move forward that you move forward. This proves that you are not a soul who is full. It is when you lack power that you are only able to move forward on the basis of others making you move forward. So, would you call such a soul one who is fully content and full? BapDada is naturally the Bestower who continually gives; you even have no need to ask for anything. Such satisfied souls would be the masters of all unlimited treasures in the future. Only if you fill yourselves with these sanskars now will you have them with you in the future. Achcha.

The means to reach the complete and perfect stage of the first birth is a high jump.

The time for making effort has now passed, because the speed of time is very intense. Those who have come later have to finish the whole of the study in a short time and they therefore have to make intense effort and take a high jump. In order to make intense effort, simply pay attention to one thing: Keep your perfect stage in front of you and check your present chart. If the perfect stage is 16 celestial degrees, then out of the 16 celestial degrees, how many have you imbibed? Continue to check yourself in this way. Continue to fill the gap. This is known as effort. Achcha.

At the time of leaving:
Just as the Father is pleased to see the children, similarly, each child should be constantly dancing in happiness. A happy face does more service than words. Let your face become a living, mobile museum. Just as you have different pictures in a museum, similarly, all the Father’s virtues should be visible from your face. When you serve through words, you have to go there physically and speak to them, whereas when you serve through your face, you can go there even without being invited. So, all of you should now make yourselves into living museums. When all of you become museums, heaven will then be inaugurated. Father Brahma is waiting for this inauguration to take place. Therefore, get ready quickly so that the inauguration can take place quickly. When will you carry out the inauguration? Can the date be fixed or will it take place suddenly? What will happen?

The confluence age is good, but you also need to have the thought that you have to give everyone happiness and peace. When you see others unhappy and desperate, you should feel mercy. Achcha.

May you be a Brahmin and so an angel, who experiences spiritual pleasure by staying in imperishable intoxication.   

You Brahmins who are to become angels are even higher than deities. The Father’s knowledge will not emerge in your deity life. You will not even experience a meeting with God. Therefore, always have the intoxication that you are even higher than the deities; you are Brahmins who are to become angels. This imperishable intoxication will give you the experience of spiritual pleasure. If you do not have this intoxication at all times, then you will sometimes be in pleasure and sometimes confused.


Surrender to the Father the service that you do, for only then can you be said to be a surrendered soul.

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