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Whatever work you do, first of all remember the God-Father (not physical companion). After all, the Father is your true Friend.

23/11/14    Madhuban     Avyakt     BapDada     06/01/79

Essence: “Signs of practical dharna in the lives of sun and moon dynasty souls.”

Today, Bap and Dada were having a conversation in the subtle region about the efforts of the children in their ascending stage. BapDada saw two types of children. One type they saw was of those in the first division of effort-makers in their form of sun-dynasty deities; the other type was of those in the second division of effort-makers in their form of moon-dynasty warriors. They saw a difference between the two types of children in both their stage and their speed. Both had the thought of reaching the destination of perfection and they still have this thought. However, there wasn’t much difference visible between the thought and the practical form of the first division, the sun-dynasty souls. There was a greater difference visible between the thought and the form of the second division, the moon-dynasty souls. Their thought was 100% powerful but their practical form was sometimes 75% and sometimes 50%.

The sun-dynasty souls either constantly maintain the powerful stage of a master sun of knowledge, the seed stage, or they stabilise in the second stage of an avyakt angel for a longer time. The moon-dynasty souls are not able to stabilise in the seed stage of a master sun of knowledge for as long, for it is only after battling with many types of obstacles of Maya for a long time that they are able to stabilise in the stage of either an avyakt angel or a victorious soul. Sometimes, they battle against their wasteful thoughts and sometimes with some other problem. They spend a long time trying to defeat Maya. In one hour’s effort, they would experience half an hour or fifteen minutes of success. Therefore, because of their laborious efforts, they sometimes become tired or sometimes they just carry on. They sometimes run, and, at other times, when they see others running, although they want to run themselves, they are unable to do so. In experiencing each virtue of the Father, they only reach half-way in that experience; that stage is only accomplished by 50%. They would say that the Father is the Ocean of Happiness and that they themselves are embodiments of happiness, but they would not experience constant happiness. They experience perfect happiness sometimes, but not at other times. Just as the degrees of the moon increase and reduce, similarly, those of the moon dynasty only sometimes experience the perfect stage with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm, whereas, at other times, they experience themselves to be very far from their perfect stage. Sometimes, in order to experience Baba’s company, instead of adopting the stage of remembrance, they adopt the stage of complaining.

1)       Those of the sun dynasty constantly experience the Father’s company and remain absorbed in experiencing love in all relationships with Him. 2) Sun-dynasty souls do not fluctuate in their stage by sometimes ascending and sometimes descending. They constantly experience the stage of ascent, just as the sun is always experienced as the form of light. It doesn’t go into a cycle of degrees; there isn’t a difference of sometimes being 14 degrees and at other times eight degrees. 3) Maya definitely comes in front of sun- dynasty souls like a cloud, but that cloud comes and then vanishes. 4) Sun-dynasty souls constantly have a stage of equanimity; their own brightness doesn’t lessen when they see clouds. They experience having the virtues of the Father in their practical lives and also reveal themselves to everyone through this form. 5) Sun-dynasty souls constantly experience themselves to be unlimited servers and light-and-might-houses. 6) Sun-dynasty souls constantly follow in the footsteps of Father Brahma in everything they do; they are equal to Father Brahma in their deeds and in the speed of their efforts. 7) The first step of sun-dynasty souls is in following the father - their minds, intellects are totally surrendered to the Father. You saw this speciality in Father Brahma: he claimed his great fortune through his great renunciation. He was the first number to claim the perfect angelic form and the first number to claim the title of world emperor. Similarly, sun- dynasty souls are great and complete renunciates. To be a complete renunciate means that you renounce even the progeny of vice in your sanskars. Such complete renunciates, who follow the father, become angels at this time and the first world emperors in the future. 8) Sun-dynasty souls constantly experience their intellects to have faith and thereby remain constantly carefree and experience themselves to be definitely victorious every cycle. 9) Sun-dynasty souls, whilst fulfilling the responsibility of world benefit, remain double light, even to the extent of their huge responsibility. 10) Sun-dynasty souls, through the rays of their attitude and their vibrations, stabilise other souls in the experience of their original form. 11) Sun-dynasty souls do not use any of the treasures they have selfishly for themselves, but are constantly great donors and bestow blessings on others. 12) There are two special indications of souls who belong to the sun dynasty. Firstly, they only come into sound after being in the stage beyond sound. Secondly, two signs of them are: they always maintain their stage of self-respect and they are humble and constructive in their words and deeds.

Similarly, these are the indications of moon-dynasty souls: they only sometimes fulfil a task to the full extent and at other times to a lesser extent; it would sometimes be 50%. Sometimes, they sparkle like the souls who reach 100%, and, at other times, they constantly turn the beads of their own rosary of weaknesses in front of the Father. Sometimes, they are powerful, and at other times they create waste. Sometimes, they are great and at other times, they are ordinary. Sometimes, they experience themselves to have authority and to be mahavirs, and at other times, they say that they can only move forward, if they are given support and co-operation; they experience themselves to be limping along. So, now, ask yourself: What stage have I reached? Am I a sun-dynasty soul? Have I gone beyond the stage of the moon dynasty and am I on the boundary of becoming a sun-dynasty soul? Or, am I still in the moon-dynasty stage? Those who have reached the boundary of the sun dynasty would sometimes take a jump into the sun-dynasty stage, but would otherwise remain in the moon dynasty. Now check where you are and cross the boundary to become part of the sun dynasty. Do you understand what you have to do? Achcha.

To those who constantly enable themselves to have a right to the sun dynasty and who follow in the footsteps of the father, to those who constantly stay in the angelic stage like the father, to those who become master suns of knowledge and whose rays of attainment bring light to dispel the darkness of the world, to the children who are master suns of knowledge, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

Those of Gujarat have received the blessing of being easy yogis. Because the land of Gujarat is satvic (pure), it is already prepared. When seeds are sown in prepared land, the harvest emerges very easily. According to the drama, you have received the blessing of being easy yogis. Keeping this blessing in your awareness, make yourself into easy yogis and inspire others to become the same. Constantly hold the flag of victory in your hand. Now serve the special people who are special, not in terms of knowledge, but in terms of the world and by doing so, the newspaper, TV and radio media will automatically spread the sound. BapDada constantly has this hope. You now have to put this hope into practice and fulfil it. Very little time remains and there is a great deal of service yet to be accomplished. The method of service should now be such that many are served just by visiting that place once. Such a speed is now needed. Although those who are to claim a kingdom will claim their fortune anyway, you must still continue to give everyone the message, so that there are no complaints afterwards. Achcha.

BapDada meeting groups: 

1) Serving the whole world through the seed stage.

The seed stage is the most powerful stage. All other stages after that are numberwise. This stage works like a lighthouse. Through this stage, you become instruments to spread light over the whole world. The whole tree grows automatically, when the seed receives water. Similarly, when you stabilise in your seed stage, the world automatically receives the water of light. A lighthouse stays in one place and spreads its light in all directions. Similarly, in order to become such a lighthouse and a world benefactor and spread your light over the whole world, you need to have a powerful stage. When a physical light bulb is not powerful, it is unable to spread light everywhere. A bulb with almost zero power can only spread light over a limited area. Therefore, become a lighthouse, not just a small bulb. The children of the unlimited Father have to be unlimited servers. At present, unlimited service is needed, because the unlimited world has to be transformed. In order to bring about world transformation, you first have to transform yourself. Let there be the awareness of benefitting the world in every thought.

2) Signs of souls who are constantly full.

Those who are constantly full of all treasures are constantly content. The reason for any discontentment is a lack of attainment. Souls who are full are also able to give something to other souls. If you lack something in yourself, you are unable to give that to others. Contentment means to be full. The Father is always full and is therefore praised as the Ocean. This indicates that He is full. Therefore, become a master ocean like the Father. A river sometimes dries up, but souls who are full will constantly dance in happiness. Nothing but happiness would be experienced by those souls. Because contented souls are full, they never become distressed by anyone. They would have no conflict with anyone in their relationships. Even if they do have conflict, they do not become affected by it. They would experience any type of obstacle or confusion to be a game. Even problems would become a means of entertainment because they would see them with a knowledge-full vision. Because their intellects constantly have faith, they are constantly victorious and constantly cheerful.

3) Experiencing a constant stage by considering yourself to be a world servant.

BapDada constantly remembers His server children, because the Father’s duty is also that of the World Servant. Just as the Father is the World Servant, so are His children too. A servant always remembers his service and his master. So, such server children remember nothing but the Father and their service. Through this they experience a constant and stable stage. They find all relationships other than their relationship with the Father to be tasteless. Because they experience the sweetness of belonging to the one Father, they are not attracted by anyone else. This is their effort and their destination. BapDada sees each one with the vision of an intense effort-maker. If you simply remain an effort-maker, you won’t be able to reach your destination.

4) Only those who experience the sweetness of all relationships with the one Father can become destroyers of attachment.

Have you made the Father belong to you in all relationships? Not just in the relationship of the Father, but you now belong to Him in all relationships. To make Him belong to you means that you belong to Him. So, all your relationships are only with the one Father and none other. What special virtue should be seen in those who have all relationships with the one Father? They are constantly free from attachment. When you have no attachment and are not subservient to anyone, you cannot be defeated by Maya. To become a destroyer of attachment in this way means to be a constant embodiment of remembrance. Each day at amrit vela, remain aware that you will experience the happiness of all relationships with BapDada and donate that to all souls. Experience the happiness of having all relationships with the Father. Become one who has a right to the happiness of having all relationships with Baba and make others the same. Those who have a right to this relationship will always move along with the Father as their Companion. Whatever work you do, you should not remember your physical companion, but first of all remember the Father. After all, the Father is your true Friend. Therefore, stay in the company of this true Companion and you will easily become detached from everyone else and loved by all. When you love the one Father alone, you are able to become a destroyer of all attachment.

BapDada meeting teachers:

BapDada constantly gives the return of love to the loving souls who remain constantly absorbed in love. At what time does He do this? He does this especially at amrit vela. You receive blessings easily at amrit vela. In fact, you have a right to them throughout the whole day, but that is the special time. You sometimes have special times for certain bargains. Because it is the season, you know that you will pay less for something. So, amrit vela is also a special season; therefore there is easy attainment. All of you teachers are free from obstacles, are you not? Now, make the fortress of yoga very strong. When you have a particular obstacle somewhere, then just as you have the international meditation hour, in the same way, make a programme everywhere for everyone to have yoga all together at a fixed time once a month. The whole zone should donate yoga through which the fortress becomes strong. When a task is first begun, special disciplines are observed in terms of cleanliness. Therefore, all of you most elevated souls should also have just the one pure thought of victory. Because of your cleanliness, you are able to use the right method. Make all the walls of the fortress strong at the same time and you will become victorious. Achcha.

Blessing: May you be worthy of receiving everyone’s blessings by putting a full stop to any situation and transforming yourself.   

In any situation you can only put a full stop, when you have the awareness of both the Father, the Point form, and the soul, the point, and you have controlling power. Those children who offer themselves to transform first and put a full stop become worthy of receiving blessings. They receive blessings from their own selves, that is, they receive happiness, and they receive blessings from the Father and the Brahmin family.

Slogan:  Put the stamp of determination on the thoughts that you have every now and then and you will become victorious.

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