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You have to forget everything.Even if there is the awareness of “mine”,you have become dirty.

18/11/14    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban   

Sweet children,
The spiritual unique Father, the One without an Image, that is, the Resident of the faraway land who is called the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, sits here and explains to His unique children. He comes from the very faraway land and teaches you through this body. Those who study automatically have yoga with the one who is teaching them. He doesn’t have to say to them: O children, have yoga with your teacher or remember him; no. Here, the Father says: O spiritual children! That One is your Father, Teacher and Guru. Have yoga with Him, that is, remember the Father. That One is the unique Baba, the One without an Image. You repeatedly forget Him and that is why you have to be told. By remembering the One who is teaching you, your sins will be burnt away. It is not the law for a teacher to say: Look at me; there is great benefit in that. The Father says: Simply remember Me. Only with the power of this remembrance will your sins be cut away. This is called the pilgrimage of remembrance. The spiritual, unique Father is now looking at the children. You children also consider yourselves to be souls and are remembering the unique Father, the One without an Image. You come into a body repeatedly. Throughout the whole cycle I do not enter a body. It is only at this confluence age that I come from the very faraway land to teach you children. Remember this very well: Baba is our Father, Teacher and Satguru. He is the One without an Image. He doesn’t have a body of His own. So, how does He come? He says: I have to take the support of matter, the support of a mouth. I am without an image. All of you have images. I definitely need a chariot. He would not come in a horse chariot. The Father says: I enter this body. The one who is number one then becomes the last number. Those who are satopradhan then become tamopradhan. So, the Father teaches them in order to make them satopradhan once again.
He explains: It is you children who have to conquer these five vices in this kingdom of Ravan and become conquerors of the world. Children, remember that the Father without an Image is teaching you. If you don’t remember the Father, how would your sins be burnt away? You only hear of these things now, at the confluence age. Once something happens at this time, it will then repeat after a cycle. This is such a good explanation. A very broad and unlimited intellect is needed for this. This is not a spiritual gathering of a sage or holy man. You call that One your Father and also your Child. You know that He is your Father and also your Child. We give an inheritance of everything we have to that Child and claim our inheritance for 21 births from the Father. We hand over all the rubbish to the Father and claim the sovereignty of the world from Him. You say, Baba, on the path of devotion, we said: When You come, we will surrender ourselves to you completely with our bodies, minds and wealth. A physical father also surrenders himself to his children. So, here, you have found the Father without an Image. Remember Him and your sins will be burnt away and you will return home. This is such a long journey. Look where the Father comes! In to the old kingdom of Ravan. He says: It is not in My fortune to receive a pure body. How do I come to make impure ones pure? I have to enter the impure world and purify everyone. Therefore, you should also value such a Teacher. There are many who don’t know how to value Him. This is also meant to happen in the drama. All are needed numberwise in a kingdom. So, all types are created here. The condition of those who are to attain a low status is that they will not study, nor will they stay in remembrance of the Father. That One is the unique Father. Even His activity is alokik. No one else can get His part.
That Father comes and teaches you such an elevated study! So, you also have to value Him. You should follow His shrimat. However, Maya repeatedly makes you forget. Maya is so powerful that she even makes good children fall. The Father makes you so wealthy, but Maya completely scalps you. If you want to be saved from Maya, you definitely have to remember the Father. There are very good children who belong to the Father and who then belong to Maya, don’t even ask! They become very strong traitors. Maya catches hold of them completely by their nose. There are the words: The alligator ate the elephant. However, no one understands the meaning of that. The Father explains everything very clearly. Some children understand, but it is numberwise according to the effort they make. Some are not able to imbibe anything at all. This is such a very elevated study that they are unable to imbibe it! The Father says that they don’t have the fortune of a kingdom. Some are uck flowers and others are fragrant flowers. This is a variety garden. Such ones are also needed. In a kingdom, you will find maids and servants too. How else would you find maids and servants? The kingdom is created here. You will find all types: maids, servants, cremators etc. A kingdom is being established. It is a wonder! The Father is making you so elevated! Therefore, whilst remembering such a Father, tears of love should flow. You are becoming beads of the rosary. You say: Baba, You are so unique! Look how you come and teach us impure ones in order to make us pure. Although people worship Shiva on the path of devotion, they don’t understand that He is the Purifier. Nevertheless, they continue to call out: O Purifier, come! Come and make us into beautiful deities.
The Father obeys the orders of you children, and, when He comes, He says: Children, become pure! There is upheaval because of this. The Father is wonderful. He says to the children: Remember Me and your sins will be absolved! The Father knows that He is talking to you souls. It is the soul that does everything. It is the soul that performs sinful actions. It is the soul that then experiences suffering through the body. There will be the Tribunal for you, and especially for the children who become worthy of doing service and who then become traitors. Only the Father knows how Maya swallows you. Baba, I was defeated, I dirtied my face... Now forgive me! You have fallen and now belong to Maya, so how can there be forgiveness? Those souls then have to make a lot of effort. There are many who are defeated by Maya. The Father says: Having made a donation to the Father here, do not take it back. Otherwise, everything will finish. There is the example of Harishchandra. Having made a donation, you have to remain very cautious. If you take it back, there will be one hundredfold punishment. A very low status will then be received. You children know that a kingdom is being established. All the others who establish a religion do not have a kingdom in the beginning. A kingdom can only exist when there are five to six million and then there can be a large crowd. In the beginning, only one or two come down and then growth takes place. You know that Christ will come in some form. The number one will then definitely exist in the last number in a beggar form. Christians would instantly say that Christ exists somewhere at this time in the form of a beggar. It is understood that he has to take rebirth. Everyone definitely has to become tamopradhan.
At this time, the whole world is tamopradhan and in a state of total decay. This old world is definitely to be destroyed. Christians also say that 3000 years before Christ there was heaven and that will definitely exist again. However, who would explain all of these things? The Father says: Children don’t have that stage as yet. They repeatedly write and say: I am unable to stay in yoga. Baba understands from the activity of the children. They are even afraid to give their news to Baba. The Father loves the children so much. He salutes you with love, but children have arrogance. Maya makes even very good children forget. Baba can understand it. He says: I am knowledge-full. Janijananhar (One who knows the secrets within) doesn’t mean that I know what is inside each one. Have I come here to teach you or to read you? I don’t read anyone. Even this corporeal one doesn’t read anyone. He has to forget everything. So, what would he read? You come here to study. The path of devotion is separate; there has to be a reason for falling. It is only through those things that you fall.
This play of the drama is predestined. By reading the scriptures on the path of devotion and coming down, you become tamopradhan. You don’t want to stay in this dirty world any more at all. After the iron age, there will then be the golden age. This is now the confluence age. All of these things have to be imbibed. Only the Father explains these things. All the rest of the world have Godrej locks on their intellects. You understand that they had divine virtues and that they have now become those with devilish traits. The Father explains: Now forget all the things of the path of devotion. Now only listen to what I tell you. Hear no evil!.... Now listen to Me alone. I have now come to take you across. You are the Godly community. You have been created through the lotus lips of Adam-Prajapita Brahma. All of you are adopted children. He is called Adi Dev. He is called Mahavir too. You children are also mahavirs who gain victory over Maya with the power of yoga. The Father is called the Ocean of Knowledge. The Father, the Ocean of Knowledge, gives you platefuls of the imperishable jewels of knowledge. He makes you very prosperous. Those who imbibe knowledge claim a high status. Those who do not imbibe it will definitely claim a low status. You receive limitless treasures from the Father. There is also the story of Allah-Avaldin (Aladdin and the magic lamp). You know that you will not lack anything there. The Father gives you your inheritance for 21 births. The unlimited Father gives you an unlimited inheritance. Even whilst receiving a limited inheritance, people definitely remember the unlimited Father: O God, have mercy! Give blessings! No one knows what He is going to give you.
You now understand that Baba is making you into the masters of the world. It is also shown in the pictures that establishment takes place through Brahma. Brahma is sitting in front of you in an ordinary form. When establishment takes place, he would surely be made the instrument for it. The Father explains so clearly. You are unable to explain fully. On the path of devotion, people go in front of Shankar and say: Fill our aprons! The soul says: I am poverty stricken! Fill my apron! Make me like that! You have now come here to fill your aprons. You say that you want to become Narayan from an ordinary human. This study is to change from an ordinary human into Narayan. Who would want to go to an old world? However, not everyone will go to the new world. Some will come into a 25% old world. There will definitely be something missing then. If you give even a little message to someone, you will definitely become a master of heaven. Now everyone is a master of hell. The king, queen and subjects are all masters of hell. There, they were double crowned. They are not that any more. Nowadays, no one believes in religion. The deity religion has finished. It is remembered: Religion is might. Because of them not believing in a religion, there is no power left.
The Father explains: Sweetest children, from being worthy of worship you became worshippers. You take 84 births, do you not? We are Brahmins who then become deities, who then become warriors. The whole cycle enters your intellects. We continue to go around this cycle of 84 births and we now have to return home. No impure ones can go there. It is the soul that becomes pure and impure. Alloy is mixed into the gold; it is not mixed with the jewellery. This is the fire of knowledge through which all the alloy will be removed and you will become real gold and you will then receive such beautiful jewellery. Souls are now impure and so they bow down in front of those who are pure. It is the soul that does everything. The Father now explains: Children, simply remember Me alone constantly and your boats will go across. You will become pure and go to the pure world. It now depends on how much effort each of you makes. Continue to give this introduction to everyone.
That one is a limited father and this One is the unlimited Father. It is only at the confluence age that the Father comes to give you the inheritance of heaven. Therefore, you have to remember such a Father. Do students ever forget their teacher? However, here, Maya continues to make you forget. You have to remain very cautious. This is a battlefield. The Father says: Now, do not fall into vice! Do not become dirty! You now have to go to heaven. Only by becoming pure will you become the masters of the pure new world. I give you the sovereignty of the world. Is this a small thing? Simply become pure in this one birth. If you don’t become pure now, you will fall down. There is a lot of temptation. By conquering vice, you will become the masters of the world. You can tell them clearly that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, who is the Guru of the World, is the One who grants salvation to the whole world. Achcha.

To the sweetest spiritual children who always stay in the intoxication of this awareness, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Spiritual children say Namaste and good morning to the spiritual GodFather.

Blessing:  May you be double light and finish the slightest trace of the consciousness of “mine” by letting everything be “Yours”.   
Any type of the consciousness of “mine”: my nature, my sanskars, if there is anything that is mine, that is a burden and those who have a burden cannot fly. This consciousness of “mine” makes you dirty. Therefore, let everything be “Yours” and become clean. An angel means not to have the slightest trace of the consciousness of “mine”. If there is the awareness of “mine” even in your thoughts, you can understand that you have become dirty. So, now finish this burden of becoming dirty and become double light.

Slogan:  Those who merge BapDada in their eyes are lights of the world.  

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