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You have heard a lot, and now put into practice what you have heard and make it practical.

09/11/14    Madhuban     Avyakt     BapDada        02/01/79

Essence:  “The closeness to your completion is the closeness of the time for world transformation.”

Today, BapDada was seeing the alokik confluence-aged life of every child from the horoscope of their moment of birth until now. From the moment they took a divine birth, each child has made many promises to BapDada and to the self. BapDada was seeing what promises you made and to what percentage you have fulfilled them. Sometimes, there is a difference between making a promise and in fulfilling that promise. BapDada was seeing how much difference there is or whether they are both equal. This was the horoscope that Baba was seeing. Every year, each of you children personally makes a promise to the Father according to your capacity. So, what result did Baba see? At the time you make a promise, your thoughts are filled with zeal, enthusiasm and courage. For a short time afterwards, whilst putting your thoughts into practice, you remain an embodiment of success having good wishes and benevolent feelings whilst facing all the problems that come. However, after a while, as you move along, instead of paying full attention, you just pay attention, and so, every now and then, that attention changes into tension. The powerful thought that victory is your birthright gradually changes its form so that, instead of experiencing your birthright, you sometimes let words such as: “Give me my rights! Give me power!”, emerge in front of BapDada. The words “I have” change into “Give me!” Instead of being a bestower, a master bestower and a bestower of fortune, you become one who takes. Similarly, your stage of effort is sometimes one of intense effort, sometimes just effort and sometimes fluctuation between upheaval and stability. You continue to move along in this way and then come to a halt. What has been seen in the result up to now is that when you come to a side scene, you walk away from the path of your destination. Even now, you are still playing games. For how long will this continue?
BapDada now wishes to see you play a new game. So, now, in the New Year, play such a new game that every scene fulfils your aim of victory. The thought “I am victorious and I will remain victorious” should be actually visible in your every act. In your image of the previous cycle, everyone in the Shakti Army is waving a flag of victory. Even today, you elevated souls are still remembered and worshipped by the people of the world as the victorious jewels. You have had a lot of time to make effort, and each of you has been making effort, numberwise, according to your own capacity. What do you have to do now? You now have to become the practical form of effort - an embodiment of success - and be so successful in every task you carry out that you instantly enable all souls to claim a right to their visible fruit. You now also have to change your language. The clock of world transformation is moving fast; the closeness of your completion is the closeness of the time for world transformation. Therefore, now let the past be the past and settle your accounts of waste. Constantly accumulate in your savings account through your every thought. From this moment on, experience yourself for all time to have the crown, the tilak and the throne. To rub off your tilak means that you bring your consciousness down. Now, put an end to these things even in your dreams. Celebrate such a completion ceremony now! Be a true world server through your thoughts, words and deeds - day and night. Whilst remaining constantly engaged in this world service within the gathering, you will automatically experience your stage of ascent. You will constantly experience yourself to be a charitable soul who is attaining the fruit of your charity. According to the closeness of time, the fruit of every elevated act is constant contentment. You will attain this at the present time and also in the future. You will now experience the machinery of attainment to be moving at a fast speed. You will experience what it means to have one hundred thousand-fold return - of both wasteful and powerful acts. Only a short time still remains for you to accumulate one hundred thousand-fold. To accumulate this now means to create a reward for yourself for birth after birth. What do you especially have to do for this? Simply remember two things. Firstly, create every thought and perform every act whilst considering yourself to be a special soul. Secondly, constantly see the specialities in each and every soul. Constantly feel that each soul is a special soul. Together with this, have the feeling of making souls special and have good and benevolent wishes for them. Constantly pay attention to one thing: Never allow yourself to imbibe any defect or weakness that other souls are making effort to renounce. It is not a sign of Godly royalty to pick up something someone has thrown away. Even something beautiful that someone has thrown away would not be picked up by a royal soul. That is a defect, rubbish. Therefore, to imbibe it even in your thoughts, is a great sin. So, pay attention to this aspect. Keep your eyes constantly closed to the defects or weaknesses of others. Neither imbibe them nor speak of them. Since the devotees sing praise of your images; since they even praise each and every physical organ of yours, you too should sing praise of the living form of one another and speak of each one’s specialities. Exchange flowers of love and co-operation with one another. In every task, extend your hand of “Ha ji” (yes indeed) or “You first”. Light an incense stick of a spiritual attitude and spiritual vibrations in front of every special soul. Constantly offer whosoever comes in front of you a variety of bhog, a gift, from your treasures. When you put this spiritual system into practice now, it will then continue later on the path of devotion later. Do you understand what you have to do this year? Today, Baba told you things for self-transformation. Later, Baba will tell you what you need to do on the field of service. Achcha.
To the perfect idols who have the original sanskars of royalty, to the souls who constantly have the tilak, the crown and the throne, to the souls who constantly eat the instant fruit of every act, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.
BapDada meeting groups: 
1. Become an embodiment of success by remaining aware of the magic mantra.
Do you constantly remember the magic mantra? What is the magic mantra? Remembrance of the Father is the magic mantra. Through this mantra, you can attain whatever success you want. Devotees chant a mantra for anything physical they want to attain. Similarly, here too, if you want to attain success, then this great mantra is itself the way. This mantra is so magical that you can perform this magic, that is, you can transform anything within a second. So, do you constantly remember this magic mantra or do you sometimes forget it? When you constantly remain aware of this, you will constantly succeed. If there is this awareness only sometimes, then success too would only be sometimes, not all the time. So, this is the year to underline the word “constantly”. To have remembrance is not a big thing; the great thing is to be in constant remembrance. It is now the time to do this constantly. Add the word “constantly” and you will constantly be an embodiment of success.

2. The way to protect yourself against any attack of Maya is to be detached from the world and loving to the Father.
Do all of you consider yourselves to have love for the Father and to be detached from the world? Those who love the Father become detached from the world. To the extent that you are detached, accordingly, you will have love for Him. If you are not detached, you cannot be loving. Those who are absorbed and lost in love for the Father cannot be attracted by Maya. Not a single drop of water can penetrate anything waterproof. Similarly, anyone who is absorbed in deep love for Baba becomes so “Mayaproof ” that Maya cannot attack them in any way. You have experienced how Baba’s love is imperishable and selfless, and you have also experienced temporary love. Compared to Baba’s love, that temporary love is nothing. Do you have the stage where there is just Baba and you and no one else? When a third person comes between you and the Father, it means that you have been separated from the Father. When no third person can come between you and the Father, you cannot be separated from the Father. Those who constantly remain merged in remembrance of the Father are constantly successful.
3) With Godly intoxication, the goal of the karmateet stage is very close.
You elevated souls are those who receive all attainments directly from the Father, the Ocean of Love, whereas all other souls attain something or another from elevated souls. You are those who attain all attainments directly from God, so, do you have this elevated intoxication? To the extent that you have this intoxication, so the goal of the karmateet stage will be seen to be that much closer. If there is less intoxication, the goal will seem further away. By maintaining this spiritual intoxication, you easily forget the world of sorrow. In that intoxication (being drunk) you forget everything, do you not? So, by staying in this Godly intoxication, you forget the old world for all time. There is no damage caused with this intoxication: the more your intoxication rises, the better. With that intoxication, the more you drink, the more you finish yourself. Here, with this intoxication, you become imperishable. When observers see someone who is drunk, they see that that one is intoxicated. Similarly, when they see you, they should experience you to be intoxicated. If your intoxication rises one moment and comes down the next, then you will not have the pleasure that you should. Therefore, remain constantly intoxicated. There are all attainments with this intoxication. The awareness of belonging to the one Father and none other enables your intoxication to rise. With this awareness, you also develop power.
You have heard a lot, and now put into practice what you have heard and make it practical. BapDada wishes to see all the children as practical idols who grant a vision in the living form. When the living idols become ready, then non-living idols will finish and this Bharat will become an unlimited temple. All the other many (temples) will finish and it will become one big temple. Achcha.
4) The confluence age has the blessing of being the time to earn an income of multimillions at every step.
Do you consider yourselves to be the multimillion times fortunate souls who earn an income of multimillions at every step? Do you check whether you are accumulating at every step? The confluence age has received this blessing: to accumulate multimillions at every step. So, if you do not accumulate in any second or with any step, then so much damage is incurred. In lokik life too, if you do not earn anything for one day, you worry. That is a limited income whereas this is an unlimited income. One step of the present time enables you to accumulate an income of multimillions, and so how much attention should you pay here? Do you pay this much attention or do you take ordinary steps? Now that this is your alokik birth, every step should be alokik, not ordinary. What would be the sign of those who accumulate an income of multimillions at every step? The sparkle of attainment would be constantly visible on their faces. Just as you see a sparkle of something physical, in the same way, the sparkle of attainment would be visible on their faces.
Those who come into contact with you would feel that you have attained something. They would be attracted to you and come in front of you of their own accord. So, the fullness of your face will be an instrument for service. Do you remain constantly happy or does Maya sometimes snatch your treasures of happiness away? Is the gate of Maya shut or open? Now, put a proper double lock on the gate. Maya will open a single lock and enter. Keep the double lock of remaining busy in remembrance and service. If you simply stay in remembrance and do not do service, then, too, Maya will come. Maya will not enter through a double lock. She will knock, but not enter, that is, she will not be able to attack you. There is a lot of service to be done through the mind. Make the atmosphere powerful with your attitude. The whole world has to be transformed, and so the atmosphere will be transformed through your attitude. Achcha.

Blessing: May you be a constantly powerful soul who attains total success with the concentration of your mind and intellect.   

In order to attain total success, increase the power of concentration. The power of concentration easily makes you free from obstacles; there is no need to work hard for this. Belong to the one Father and none other - you experience this easily and your stage easily becomes constant and stable. You then have an attitude of benevolence and a vision of brotherhood towards everyone. However, in order to remain concentrated, become so powerful that your mind and intellect function according to your orders. There should be no upheaval in your dreams, even for a second.

Slogan:  Remain detached like a lotus and you will become worthy of receiving God’s love.

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