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Where there is determination, it is impossible for you not to have success.

30/11/14    Madhuban     Avyakt     BapDada     30/03/98

Essence: “Allow the awareness of all attainments to emerge, experience your unshakeable stage and thereby become liberated in life.”

Today, the Father, the Bestower of Fortune, is seeing His most elevated, fortunate children of the world. God, Himself, is singing praise of the fortune of each child. Souls anyway sing praise of God all the time, but God, Himself, is praising you children now. Did you ever think, even in your dreams, that your fortune could be so elevated? However, it was already created. Although people of the world say that God created them, they neither know God nor His creation. Each of you fortunate children say from experience and with spiritual pride that you are a Brahma Kumar or a Brahma Kumari who belongs to the clan of Shiva. “We know how BapDada has created us.” Whether you are a small child or a mature Pandava or Shakti, if anyone asks you who your father is, what would you reply? You would say with pride that you were created by Father Shiva through Father Brahma and this is why you are God’s children. You meet God directly. Not only do you say that He is God and your Father, but that He is your Father, Teacher and Satguru. Do all of you have this intoxication? (Everyone clapped.) Now, clap with just one hand! Now, this exercise has to be taught to the older ones too. Seeing the children happy, BapDada also swings in happiness and constantly says: Wah! my each and every elevated, fortunate and special soul! From the form of the Father, you experience Godly sustenance. This Godly sustenance is received just once throughout the whole cycle in this Brahmin life through which souls experience being embodiments of all attainments. God’s love enables you to experience all relationships. God’s love enables you to forget the consciousness of your bodies. As well as this, it also makes you forget all selfish love. You are such fortunate souls who are being sustained by God with His love! How fortunate you souls are that the Father, Himself, leaves His home and comes to teach you Godly students.
Have you ever seen before such a teacher who comes from a faraway land to teach you every morning? Have you ever seen such a teacher? However, the Father becomes the Teacher and comes to teach you every morning and what He teaches is so easy! It is the study of just two words: You and Baba. Call it the knowledge of the cycle, the drama and the cycle tree - it is all merged in just these two words. In other studies, you have such a huge burden on your brain, whereas with the Father’s teachings, your brain becomes light. The sign of something being light is that it flies high. Anything light always remains above. So, through this study, your mind and intellect experience the ascending stage. So, your head has become light, has it not? You receive the knowledge of all three worlds. Throughout the whole cycle, has anyone else studied such a study? Did you ever find such a Teacher before? So, this is fortune, is it not? Then, from the Satguru, you receive such elevated directions (shrimat) that your questions of “What should I do? How can I continue? Should I do this or not? What will happen?” etc. all finish. “What should I do? How can I do it? Should I do this or not?” The answer to all these questions is just found in the one expression: Follow the father! For your practical actions in the corporeal form, follow Father Brahma. In your incorporeal stage, in becoming bodiless, follow Father Shiva. To follow both Bap and Dada means to finish all questions and to follow shrimat.
Is this difficult? Is there any need to ask anything? You just have to copy; don’t use your own head. To become equal to the Father means to follow the Father. Is this easy or difficult? It’s easy, is it not? Those who have been with Baba for 30 years or more, raise your hands! Achcha, did you find it difficult in 30 years or was it easy? Now, just look, even those who have been with Baba for 30 years found it easy. Therefore, is it easy or difficult for those who have come later? Is it easy? (Because the weather was very hot, everyone was given colourful fans.) It is good. The colour and splendour of the fans are very beautiful. (All waved their fans.) This scene is very good. There has to be some newness. So, this is the newness of this group. This is also being recorded on the TV. It is good that all of you have come running and arrived here. BapDada congratulates you with love. How many blessings do limited gurus give? One or ten; no more than that. However, you receive blessings from the Satguru every day. Have you ever seen such a guru? You haven’t, have you? Only you have seen such a guru, and you have seen Him cycle after cycle. So, constantly keep the attainment of your fortune in front of you. Do not just keep it merged in your intellect, but let it emerge. Transform your sanskars of keeping everything merged and let this emerge. Keep the list of your attainments emerged in your intellect. When the list of attainments has emerged, no type of obstacle can attack you. All obstacles will simply become merged and your attainments will remain emerged.

When BapDada hears that some children, for one reason or another, are labouring hard or battling, or are trying to have yoga, but unable to do so, that instead of becoming soul conscious, they become bodyconscious, BapDada does not like it. What is the reason for this? You do not keep the attainments of your fortune emerged in your awareness; they remain merged. Then, when someone reminds you of them, you begin to think that it should always be like this; therefore the effort is very easy: Let your attainments remain emerged. Keep in your awareness your fortune from the moment you became a Brahmin. Do not fluctuate! Remain unshakeable, because what is your memorial in Mt. Abu? Is it Achalghar (Home of Stability) or Halchalghar (Home of Fluctuation)? What is it? It is Achalghar, is it not? Whose memorial is it? It is your memorial, is it not? When you find the path of subtle effort to be difficult, or when your intellect fluctuates a great deal, bring your memorial to your awareness. Very often, you children speak points of knowledge: “I am a soul! This is the dramal This is just an obstacle! It is just a side scenel”. Even though you continue to speak knowledge in this way, you also fluctuate at the same time. You fluctuate and speak knowledge at the same time. When your intellect becomes such that you are unable to become unshakeable, then remember Achalghar of Madhuban. That is a physical thing, it is not subtle. It is something that can be seen with your eyes. Remember: “My memorial is Achalghar, not Halchalghar”, because BapDada wants to celebrate this year as the year of liberation for all of you children. It should not be that when you are asked to raise your hands, some of you raise your hands and others do not. No, everyone should clap with great happiness. (All began to clap.) OK, you have now clapped, and so it’s OK now, but BapDada wants to see you clap just as loudly at the end of this year. You have clapped now, and that is fine, but also clap at that time. Will you clap then? Look, you pleased Baba by clapping with both hands, but in the New Year, on the 18th of January - the day when Brahma Baba became free from his body? So, on 18th January, BapDada will make you raise your hands again as to whether you celebrated the year of liberation or whether you just thought about it. You haven’t just kept thinking that you have to celebrate it, that you have to celebrate it, have you? Have you put it into the practical form? Or, while thinking about it, will you still remain thinking about it till the end? BapDada wants to see this result. Will you show this result? Achcha, you will remember, will you not? Keep your attainments in front of you. Together with having remembrance of the Father, also allow what the Father has given you to emerge: what He has made you and what you have received!

After this year, BapDada will see each of you children in the stage of liberation-in-life. In the future, you will be liberated-in-life, but you have to let the sanskars of liberation-in-life emerge from now. Bring into your experience the sanskars of a constant karma yogi, a constantly easy yogi and a constantly liberated soul from this time. Why? BapDada has already signaled that the transformation of time is waiting for you world-transformer souls. The elements are invoking you souls who are masters of the elements, holding a garland of victory for you. Time is holding the bell of victory and looking at you future world-sovereign souls to see when the bell should be chimed. Devotee souls are also constantly waiting for the day when their worthy of worship, deity souls will become pleased with them and grant them the blessing of liberation. Unhappy souls are calling out and wondering when the souls who are the removers of their sorrow and are the bestowers of happiness will be revealed. All of them are waiting for and invoking all of you. Therefore, o merciful, world-benefactor souls, put an end to their waiting! All of them are waiting for you. When all of you become liberated, all souls, the elements and the devotees will then become liberated. So, become liberated, become master bestowers and donate liberation! Now, become souls who wear the crown of responsibility for world transformation. You are responsible, are you not? You are the Father’s helpers. Do you not feel mercy? Can you not feel their waves of sorrow in your hearts? O world-transformer souls, now celebrate the coronation of your responsibility. You have held many Junctions, but what has been the result of those? You simply wore a golden chuni and a crown and celebrated them. BapDada was also pleased with that, but simply to wear a chuni, to put on a garland and to apply a “chindi (tilak on a chain on the forehead) - the Pandavas wore their turbans like crowns. So, to celebrate in this way means to take care of your responsibilities. Children were happy; the Father was even happier, but what is the future? You will put the chunis and tilaks away in your cupboards - is that all celebrating is? No! This chuni (scarf) is a symbol of your golden stage. Do not just put them away in your cupboards, but keep them in your minds and awareness. To celebrate means to be responsible for the Father’s task. Do you like this? Or, was it good for you to wear a chuni? It was good. Even BapDada feels that it was very good. Therefore, now become eternally co-operative.

This year, BapDada gave a signal and, for this, at the end of the year on 18th January (1999), we will celebrate the function of the “Year of Liberation”. Do those of you who were clapping feel that you will become this? So, then, do not say to Baba that you wanted to become that, but what could you do, because such-and-such happened. You now have to become free from those things too. You definitely have to become this. Not, “What can I do?” You have to become free from this language too. It has to happen. You have to become this, no matter what happens. BapDada told you earlier too that, even if you have to face an obstacle greater than a hundred Himalayas, you will not step away from them; you will not be defeated. You will definitely celebrate the coronation and the “Year of Liberation”. BapDada will look at your chart daily. It should not be that, as soon as you leave here, you say in the train, “I don’t know what happened”. Or that, as soon as you return home, the fighting between storks and swans begin. Do not say that this or that just happened. Baba will not listen to that any longer. Baba will put your letters in the waste-paper basket. Baba will hear none of this! Have the determined thought: It has to happen. Where there is determination, it is impossible for you not to have success. So, all of you have determination, do you not? Teachers, raise your hands! There are many teachers. Have you all left your centres empty?

If all of you were suddenly given a direction to become bodiless right now, would you be able to become this? Or, would there be some upheaval? Why? This practice of the last moment will make you pass with honours. So, now, BapDada is saying that you have to step away from everything in a second and become bodiless. (Baba conducted drill). Achcha.

To the extremely fortunate souls everywhere, to souls who have a right to Godly sustenance, to those who have a right to the teachings of God, to those who have a right to blessings from God, the Satguru, to those who constantly claim success by having determination, to those who are constant and unshakeable yogis, to those who wear the crown of responsibility for world transformation, to those who constantly experience all attainments in an emerged form, to such special souls, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

Blessing:May you souls who are bestowers of blessings donate virtues with the cool water of mercy to angry souls.   
When someone who is burning in the fire of anger comes in front of you and insults and defames you, then, with your good wishes, pure feelings, through your attitude and your stage, give that soul the donation of virtues and the blessing of the power of tolerance. An angry soul is under an external influence, and so cool such a soul down with the cool water of mercy. This is the duty of you souls who are bestowers of blessings. It is because you in the living form are filled with such sanskars that the devotees receive blessings through your non-living images.

Slogan:  Those who experience all treasures through remembrance become filled with power.  

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